Suspected White Supremacist Is Convicted For Senselessly Murdering His Stepdaughter’s Black Friend

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La FAYETTE, GA — Several months ago, a story was featured here on Melanoid Nation which revealed the unfortunate incident that happened in a small Northwest Georgia town on the night of October 20, 2015.

The aforementioned incident involved 31-year-old Johnny “JJ” Montgomery being murdered in cold blood at the hands of a suspected white supremacist by the name of Michael James Gobert. Mr. Montgomery and two friends (also both Black) were visiting the home of a white woman by the name of Nicole Carroll on the evening of October 20, at a mobile home next door to the mobile home of none other than Gobert, who is Carroll’s stepfather.

When their visit to Carroll’s home took a turn for the worse because of one of the young Melanoid men’s alleged dispute over what is said to be a discussion of graphic implications, it was the late Montgomery–who was not in confrontation with Carroll–who attempted to de-escalate the situation by convincing his friends to leave, only to have been shot dead by Gobert.

Seven months later, on the afternoon of Friday, May 27, 2016, Gobert was convicted of felony murder. Gobert is facing life in prison with the possibility of parole after serving 30 years. Gobert’s victim, JJ Montgomery, was a loving father who left behind not only his children, but also his entire family that includes his father, Johnny Montgomery. The elder Montgomery serves as pastor of a church in nearby Dalton, GA.

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3 thoughts on “Suspected White Supremacist Is Convicted For Senselessly Murdering His Stepdaughter’s Black Friend

  1. Nofool says:

    Leave that Cave Couch alone it ain’t worth it.

  2. R8sing A Nation says:

    I’m sorry that young man was murdered in cold blood what a horrible nightmare for his family. My black fam we got to know who the people we are dealing with …deal with. Meaning when anybody tells me they got racist family members I stay really far away. Not saying this young man knew this ladies stepdad was a raving racist but the lady knew her stepdad was…..moral of the story, know the company your company keeps.

  3. Thinker X says:

    Many of these white people are more easily brainwashed than ignorant black folks when it comes to media brainwashing influence. They watch tv and take in all this bullsh*t and look for any excuse to act out after media tells them thru repetition who to go after, who’s taking their livelihood, etc. Then you have some who are so use to everything being catered to them and the more they have to hear or see information about others, they’re ready to throw a tantrum because they aren’t getting enough attention.

    We have to realize this and be prepared to out think and outsmart them as many of them think they are smarter by default and years of being conditioned into thinking as such. We have to become more wiser and strategic in how we move because we have too much working against us. Brothas got to stop seeing themselves as only “dicks” and learn how to live with more purpose than sliding up in something. The hope of attaining and attracting possible “action” is ruining too many of our lives. Too many decisions we make are governed by increasing our chances to get at something. This is creating bad relationships, misery, unproperly cared for children, violence, prison, and death. We got to stop selling ourselves short and find things to do with our lives instead of anything we think that will get us a hot piece. Its real out here, family!

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