Suspected Female Terrorist Detained For Mass Shooting Plot

Nichole Cevario

A mass shooting plot in Thurmont Maryland was uncovered and thwarted last week after the suspect’s father read the woman’s plans in a diary and informed local officials. Nichole Cevario the 18 year old suspected terrorist allegedly detailed her plans for a Columbine style mass shooting at her Maryland high school, according to law enforcement.

And officials are convinced those plans might have come to fruition if one of her parents hadn’t told school officers about them, the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office said on Monday.

Police searched her home and found a shotgun with ammunition as well as materials for making pipe bombs, including pipes, shrapnel, fireworks, magnesium tape, and fuse material, police said. Cevario allegedly scheduled her act of terrorism to be carried out on April 5th.

April is a very significant month for domestic terrorism acts in the US because April is a very special month for white supremacists. Many activities that are historically significant to white extremists, such as Patriot’s Day, Hitler’s birthday, the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, etc, all happened in the month of April.

Whats interesting about the coverage of this suspected terrorist Nichole Cevario, is how the mainstream media is staying on this white supremacist code by appearing sympathetic to her case. Most news outlets keep referring to her as a “teen” when in fact she is an 18 year old woman. When Black teens or even pre-teens are covered in criminal cases, they are often referred to as adults.

Several media outlets have also repeatedly pointed out that Cevario is an honor student as the school she planned to blow up. These media outlets never, ever refer to the “good grades” non-white criminals suspects have.

And literally none of the mainstream media outlets have shown photographs of Nichole Cevario. Whenever Black suspects are accused of a crime, there are pictures of them plastered all over the tv, print, and online media. But Melanoid Nation is the only media outlet that is posting a photograph of this suspected terrorist Cevario. See the picture below from her high school yearbook.

Nichole Cevario

Nichole Cevario

143 thoughts on “Suspected Female Terrorist Detained For Mass Shooting Plot

  1. Eric Wright says:

    Excellent work MN!!! OUR REAL NEWS OUTLET.

  2. What says:

    Real News here, time to donate….

  3. lisa says:

    i knew she was going to be ugly. although i did picture her fatter

    1. Sue says:

      I knew she was going to be ugly…although i did picture her fatter…Really?? thats what you have to comment?

      1. Ryan says:

        That is the best comment by far. Hahaha currently dying of laughter

      2. Meagan says:

        Right think maybe she was bullied enough to kill people.

        1. Coptic777 says:

          Translation: “she dindu nuffin I reckons!”

          1. Kevin S says:

            Stay on ur code white supremacist. Lol! We see u!

        2. Kenneth J Franklin says:

          She’s just a terrorist. If she was black, would you have made that comment? Stop giving her an excuse.

      3. Shane says:

        Isnt it sad …its people like that , that are stupid to relaize they bread this type of thing..DUH! Im with you Sue.

    2. Rachel McFarland says:

      Really?! You have issues!

    3. Rachel McFarland says:

      Really Lisa?! You have issues!

    4. Stacey says:

      What a real piece of shit you are to make such a childish, immature, and uneducated comment as this.

    5. Brandie says:

      Real mature

      1. TB says:

        Dear white women,

        Stop raising serial killers.



        1. Jillian says:

          Hmmm…what about the black taxi driver white girl murderer?? What about all the gangs violence in predominantly black communities?? You’re an idiot…

          1. Khufu says:

            what about brock turner who rapes unconcious woman? what about daniel holtclaw the police officer who raped over 30 woman? what about Everyone in South Africa who’s a part of apartheid and the videos of police raping black kids in prison? what about the meth problems in the white communities?

          2. TB says:

            Violence that stems from global white supremacy?

            The same system of global white supremacy that offers middle class white women some respite from their group depression?

            This is the voice of so called “good” white people.

            The “good” white people are really just lazy white people.

            They enjoy the fruits of global white supremacy yielded from the work of “bad” white people.


          3. Brian purvis says:

            What about the white supremacist’s who created those environments ?!!!

        2. JDP says:

          Why are you instantly blaming the mother ? Or blaming the parents. If you read up on the story he would know her father is the one who turned her in and she failed a psych evaluation and is in the Frederick Memorial Hospital psychiatric wing

          So she has some mental issues but it has nothing to do with her family or how she was raised because her family is the reason this shooting was stopped .

          Somebody’s in mature on educated comments just amaze me like the one from Lisa making a comment about the girls appearance at her size what in the hell does that have to do with this at all ?

          It just shows your immaturity Lisa and just shows that you sadly far and I’m an educated person or else you would know the facts of the story and know that this girl has psychiatric issues it’s not that this girl was picked on or bullied she had mental problems and also because Of those mental issues she had the mindset of wanting to be the first female mass shooter which she wouldn’t have been there I’ve been to other shootings that we’re done by a female one was a teenage girl who shot two people in her school

          But seriously some of these ignorant ass comments and people cracking jokes just amaze me and show me how an educated some people are you read a story about a teenage girl whether she’s 15 or 18 it don’t matter if she’s considered an adult she still a teenager but you hear that she had Botton items and a shotgun and was planning on trying to murder as many students and faculty as she possibly could and your comment is making fun of her parents or cracking a joke ?

          no wonder this country is so screwed up it’s because of the mindset and immaturity some people like Lisa and some of the other states made immature comments about something serious is this .

          And nobody can blame how she was raised or blame her family because the moment her father found her diary and realized what she was going to do he went and turned her in and stopped this, they said she has a history of mental issues

          1. Eleanor. says:

            AMEN. beautifully said. Thank you. God bless

          2. Raven says:

            While I agree with a lot of what you said … You need to learn how to correctly construct a sentence.. And as far as the “first female mass shooter” 2 people doesn’t count as a mass shooter, so sadly this girl would have been the first

          3. Raven says:

            Also her father is the one who turned her in and put a stop to what could have been a nightmare! She has mental problems and has been admitted to psychiatric observation

          4. S. Shepard says:

            Stop trying justify wht this killer was planning, becuz if she was a young black woman, everyone would be blaming her up bring and or parents. N their trying to band Muslims from this country, when 95% of terrorist is home grown (amerikkkas)

          5. TB says:

            White people sure are attention-dependent.

            What other reason could there be for so-called “good” white people to hijack a story and subsequent discussion about the white terrorism that melanated people are experiencing right now?

            Where are the good white people that are thanking Melanoid Nation for investigating and exposing the face of domestic terrorism?

            Even when that domestic terrorism AFFECTS MOSTLY WHITE PEOPLE, they are silent.

            Let’s play the white supremacy challenge: it requires one white person to link to their Facebook or Instagram account and stand with Melanoid Nation for the work it has done here to deter domestic terrorism.

            We know that dozens upon dozens of white people have posted their thoughts here.

            Will the “good” white people please stand up?


          6. Barry says:

            How is it that mental health is only considered when the perpetrator is White….anyone else is automatically considered a thug or terrorist from the jump

          7. Tammy says:

            I agree.. what does her appearence or looks or weight have to do with it.. or her family. Peoplr dhould be thankful her dad turned her in. But either way, her parents would have gotten blamed somehow.. lile now its their fault how she was raised, if her hadnt turned her i , cops would have found her diary and then parents would have been blamed for not watching her or knowing what she was doing. Tx to the dad that read her diary… he saved a bunch of people… she is the one to blame, she has a mental issue and she needs help… its not a race, sex, weight, religion… thing.

          8. shauntay says:

            Because that is what they do to us,period.

        3. YOUNG STYLE says:

          They can’t help it , evil reproduces evil

        4. Taenesha says:

          Dear black women:

          Stop having so many children and raising them on welfare because you’re to lazy to get a job.



          1. S. Shepard says:

            Dear white trash ur race is the majority on welfare sincerely hard working STRONG POUR BLACK MAN….

          2. shauntay says:

            Dear white psycho paths,

            Please check welfare’s true statistics before speaking such foolery with your feeble minds.

            The real Humanity

        5. Fed_Up says:

          Dear Men:

          Stop blaming women for the patriarchy (which includes racism)



    6. Me says:

      That’s all your concerned about is her weight?! Grow up and catch a clue. The problem is much bigger then her waist size!!

    7. Laurie Shuff says:

      Grow the hell up!!

      1. TB says:

        Dear Laurie,

        I know it’s difficult for white women to parent while they are undergoing “the change”.

        I know your white husband has either already left you or is in the process of leaving you for an Asian woman that treats him right.

        But if you could train your children not to shoot up the school, church, movie theatre and mall, we would appreciate it.



        1. Jillian says:

          Wtf is wrong with your stupid ass?? It’s people like you that other people want to shoot because of your ignorance. It’s people like you that should be breeding.

          1. Jillian says:

            Signed humanity?? You have none.. and quite frankly we have no more room for people like you.. ugh all of you posting ignorant things are a bunch of monkeys slinging poop.

          2. TB says:

            This white woman

            Needs attention.

            She must have ran

            Out of Valium.

            Who will replace he ignorance

            With Knowledge?


        2. Gabrielle says:

          You sir, are a racist idiot.

          1. TB says:

            Dear white woman,

            I am an intersectional racist to be clear.

            White men

            Are not the object of

            My venom

            In this thread.

            If white women knew how to parent,

            White boys would learn how to be men.


          2. Fed_Up says:

            No, he’s a *sexist* one

  4. Lee says:

    Nice work!! I love it melanoid nation.

  5. Profit30 says:

    Thanks for keeping us informed Nation! These people have lost the lil bit of mind they may have had left!

  6. Alex says:

    Yeah totally because the media reports cater to protecting white people… Lol GTFO here all you see on mainstream media 24/7 is how people of color are everytime unjustly discriminated against. It’s the hate on white people/segregration never ended/ inequality bandwagon. Where in her plots to blow up the school,which mind you has people of all races state that she is specifically targeting black people? Racism is real but on both sides of the equation. Where is you’re moral compass at when you see whites getting jumped by blacks and pulled out of vehicles for everyone’s first amendment rights of freedom of speech on who you choose to vote for? You cry fowl and seek pity and act like shit is so one sided. Where is the praise for the white father catching this before it became a tradjedy? No love, just simply another reason to “Blame The White Man” for all you’re problems.

    1. Imani says:

      Shut up ass face

      1. Alex says:

        Take 2 and walk it out bitch

    2. Marie says:

      You idiot !! The difference is the HISTORY behind racism !!! No, white ppl do not experience racism they experience prejudice and No it is not the same !! You really need to be educated, take a sociology or ethnic diversity class and then maybe you can understand the difference. Take a history class to understand WHY !! White ppl are NOT oppressed people !! White ppl are the majority and there is not a comparison to what black minorities experience every day !! You sound like an ignorant cry baby !! This article is absolutely right in the fact that news outlets do cover white crime vs minority crime differently- it’s not a matter of opinion that’s a FACT. And the history of racism especially in this country is not a debate but a fact as well. This is a great example of white privilege ! White privilege is not money or materials, it’s not something tangible. It is the treatment and perception of a person based solely on race/skin complexion. The way news outlets publish articles is a great example of that, and the way you think of a person based on that, is EXACTLY the definition of that privilege. You’re clearly self absorbed, and obviously ignorant to all these things to be able to leave the type of comment you did. Your perception is so out of touch with reality it’s amazing ppl like you really exist. Get your head out of your ass !

      1. Mike says:


      2. ONE HUMAN RACE says:

        So all the white kids getting sucker punched, teeth knocked out, violent;y assaulted by blacks (yes this is happening a lot and it’s not being reported) is justified because blacks are discriminated against? You are aware that this is a thing right? That current narratives have emboldened these teens to feel it’s ok to act that way, and you know all about it right? Not just teens, adults too. How many cases can I think of off the top of my head recent cases where black perps raped (2 cases) and told their white victims this is what they deserved for slavery) cases of robbery and battery where the white victim was told “black lives matter” or “black power” during the situation. One man had stopped to help who he thought was a stranded motorist just to be attacked and a gun put in his face by a group of blacks. During numerous ‘demonstrations’ which are more accurate;y described as riots, anyone who was white was battered.

        Got any words of wisdom for us?

        1. TB says:

          Use your complexion to disband global white supremacy and maybe and perhaps more people will be sympathetic to white whining.

        2. Coptic777 says:

          Lol any data to back up this wave of black on white crime? Basically you are deflecting. Whites are the ultimate “dindu nuffin’s”!

        3. Khufu says:

          Please provide the cases where white kids are getting beat up? what about the black girls being beaten by police for not having a cell phone in class…what about the white kids who assault black /indian/asian kids in white schools? you know that’s a thing right…what about the kkk who hasn’t been labelled a terrorist organization? i can think off the top of my head of white rapist…brock turner just got off..or what about that white kid who raped a baby..yes a BABY and got off…explain.? how about Daniel holtclaw who’s a COP who raped over 30 WOMAN….explain!?

      3. Alissa says:

        This is great!

    3. Rachel McFarland says:

      Amen! I went to that high school. I would say about 80% are white.

    4. ONE HUMAN RACE says:

      exactly. Were it a black student we would be hearing about how white racism made her do it.

    5. Tina says:

      Second that the article was all about the colors so stupid lol

      1. Laurie Shuff says:

        Agree with Tina, terrible article…Terrorist….really are they that freakin stupid to print such garbage

        1. TB says:

          White woman – complete strangers from one another – but still have each other’s backs.

          This is how global white supremacy works.


    6. TB says:

      Global white supremacy is the only racism.

    7. Me says:

      White people…..the only race you can legally discriminate against!!

      1. Coptic777 says:

        That must explain why white Neanderthot females got a whopping 80% of affirmative action benefits because whites are the only race you can legally discriminate against right? A program designed to help right the wrongs against blacks systematically went to white b*#tches and you all still chimp out and complain? You can’t make this up!

      2. ttt says:

        white people tears are so delicious

      3. chris pruitt says:

        Poor baby! No sympathy here!

    8. Moya says:

      You might wanna research Thurmont the school is 99% white..race definitely wasn’t the motive. I know you’re not saying it was but i wanted to point that little bit out to you. Just to help your case.

    9. Momof5 says:

      My son goes to this school….. not a lot of black kids, but white or black…. crazy has no color. I am forever indebted to this father for making the tough choice to turn his daughter in..not only saving her life (she planned to die that day) but also the lives of staff and all the kids I have watched grow up since preschool… That father saved my son’s life… .

    10. S. Shepard says:

      Dear Alex, white amerikkka has never done any wrong sorry for the misunderstanding .

    11. troy says:

      Alex that is a bunch of horse shit and you know it.. You also know that if this girl was Black, that mental issues garbage that they are trying to use to shield her from her crimes; would not fly. I am thankful for outlets like this that tell the damn truth for once.

  7. Debbie says:

    Thank you to her dad. Thank you to law enforcement and school officials. What a sad, sad situation. I truly hope that this young lady gets the help she needs. I am so happy that this plot was nipped in the bud before anything tragic happened.

  8. Mark says:

    The level of this writing is actually embarrassing, so many conclusions are jumped to and its cringey to read. She planned the attack on April 5th and April is a big month for White Supremacists so therefore the media is condoning white supremacy by the way they report the story? Really? This is horrible journalism, mainstream media is not the reason journalism is dying people.. although it is part of it, another large part are hole in the wall websites like this that get away with reporting lackluster material that abides by nothing and passing it off as insightful things the mainstream is afraid to tell you. It’s all a bunch of bias junk, the internet has given any idiot the ability to post persuasive crap like this. Did it ever occur to the “journalist” who wrote this story to extend the story like a proper reporter would and maybe go and dig and find out why other outlets have chosen not to post the girl’s picture rather than just writing a dangerous assumption and passing it off as credible fact?

    1. Jennie REDROSE says:

      How dare you be so ignorant and blind as to question the author’s ethics when throughout history all the way up til present day the media has been biased against African Americans. U people are really unbelievable. Do you realize that most prices of scholarly so called empirical studies were done by the most evil racist pieces of crap and published by like minded racists, and placed in our history books and psychology books! If this article criticizes the media of unfair biased, and it makes an assumption here and there, THAT IS NOTHING COMPARED TO THE GROSS INJUSTICES that are in each History book that is passed off as facts and not opinion. I don’t see you attacking the history books that say Columbus discovered America. Or the books that say African slaves were actually immigrant workers. So get out of here with that, let me defend my racist white pride vibe you have going on. I AM NOT BLACK AND I still see the constant mass injustices levied against them. Thank God I’m conscious enough to see clearly what’s going on.

      1. Me says:

        “You people”?! Really?! You sound as though you are the racist one. Please don’t forget white people (well Irish really) where the first slaves NOT African Americans!!

        1. TB says:

          The white supremacist tactic of being white when it’s convenient.

          The Irish were not white when they were the “first slaves”.

    2. Coptic777 says:

      Yet melaniof nation so far is the only news source to publish her photo while the white media refuses to show the white snowflake? She is 18 and a terrorist but hey let’s blame black peoole for pointing this out! “We dindu meth-in’s!”

    3. troy says:

      You tell me that if this girl was anything other than white that her face would not be plastered all over the news..

  9. Trisha Robertson says:

    None of you people know anything besides what you’ve heard. I’m currently a senior at Catoctin High, I know more then you claim you do. You don’t need to call her ugly and say that she’s fat or thought she was fat I mean really? That’s really mature. And who ever made this really shouldn’t have taken her picture without confirmation with her parents.

    1. Jennie REDROSE says:

      So she is about to murder hundreds of innocent kids and u are saying, people shouldn’t call her fat. THAT is what disturbs u.
      See, this is what our screwed up world has become.
      This dude could’ve been one of the ones murdered and he is criticizing her picture being released. As opposed to criticizing the evil deed she was going to do.
      🙏 for this nation.

      1. Trisha Robertson says:

        The evil she was gonna do to the nation?? It was only happening in Thurmont. And don’t tell me what I already know.

        1. Me says:

          Only in Thurmont?! Um hello we are part of the nation to dumbass!

    2. Leesa H says:

      Thank you Trisha . Everyone thinks they know everything but they dont look at the currently enrolled students . This whole situation is ridiculous . Shes put away now and getting the help that shes needed for a while . There is nothing that can happen to us now . Just thank god that her father shared what he found when he did .

      1. Me says:

        Where you there?! No? Yea I didn’t think so! But I was. None of you know the facts. Unless you were involved please keep your idiotic comments to yourself!

      2. TB says:

        Actually she is not getting the help she needs.

        In her psychological evaluation, race will not be considered a factor when the external environment – global white supremacy – should be acknowledged if the goal is sound mental health.

        The majority of humanity needs to start racially profiling middle class white people and assume there is a dormant serial killer, church shooter, mall sniper and movie theatre murderer in each one of you.

    3. Jenna B says:

      Trisha I fully agree. Plus if the family sees this they could take this and do a law suit since there was no waver for them to put her picture up on this media. I’m a former class of 16 grad from Catoctin. Sheriff officer Jenkins said in his press conference to give the family privacy through this tough time to the family so with this they could do a law suit

      1. Coptic777 says:

        Jenna B now you just proves our point. Had this been “Ahmed” does anyone think this pale inbred part Neanderthal snowflake Jenna B would be sitting here talking this nonsense about protecting the identity of a dam terrorist? Again whites are the ultimate “dindu nuffin’s!”

      2. TB says:

        I am white woman.

        Hear me roar!

  10. I am currently a Freshman at Catoctin High, and I didn’t know Nichole personally but I do know more about This than any of you. To think about how I had my lunch shift with her is scary. its even scarier to think next week April 5th would have been my last. I don’t know for sure what made her want to do this either family issues, relationships, or bullying that made her want to do this but these comments could have been a reason why also. This could happen to your school. Always the unexpected ones.😯😐

    1. TB says:

      Actually white people are pretty consistent with this behavior.

      Which is why the mainstream media will go out of their way to accentuate ANYTHING that negatively affects people that classify themselves as white and downplay ANYTHING that negatively affects people classified as non-white.

      1. Me says:

        Really cuz I see more crime amongst other skin colors than whites! I don’t know how many stories have been hiden or kept out of the media of whites as the victims!

        1. Coptic777 says:

          Me, can you back up any of this “black on white crime wave”? You chimping out reading stormfront does not count by the way….

  11. Erica says:

    I bet ya’ll wouldn’t be sticking up for this “honor student ” if she shot your kid. Stop . Psychos come in every color. Why is it all about race? Get you heads out of your butts and wake up and join the real world. WE ALL ARE RED ON THE INSIDE. WE R DIFFERRNT COLORS BECAUSE WE ALL ORIGINATED FROM DIFFERENT AREAS OF THE EARTH WHICH TONED OUR SKINS. Go get an education “honor student”. I hope they tear your ass up in the feds since you 18 and think your tough trying to kill a bunch of your friends family and people you go to school with.

    1. TB says:

      “Why is it all about race? ”

      Because every human being born is born into global white supremacy?

      If everything was not about race, white people would have been genetically annihilated off the planet by now.

    2. Me says:

      We aren’t sticking up for her we are sticking up for our race! Like I posted before white people are the only race that the nation can legally discriminate against!

      1. TB says:

        If “anti-racist” is code for “anti-white”, it logically follows that “racist” is code for “white”.


  12. ONE HUMAN RACE says:

    Love how black people say that the media is slanted against them. The media has been protecting black criminals and violent behavior committed by black teens in particular!!! There is a huge disproportionate amount of violence being committed by black teens but who knows this? Need examples?
    Google the following:

    Teens flash mob mall
    Mall fights
    School fights
    (You can find even more using terms such as 30 girls arrested at school, girl dies fight at school, dozens of students fighting, some of these involved over 100 students fighting!)
    Student assaults teacher
    Flash mob convenience store high school
    Carnival flash mob violence
    Pool party violence
    After concert violence
    4th of July violence
    Spring break violence

    I could go on but that will have you busy for hours.
    And guess what? You will not find cases in mass (I was hard pressed to find ANY) involving white teens.
    So go ahead and cherry pick but don’t deny what is going on in the black community. Numerous businesses are failing such as the carnival business because the black teens are getting them shut down all over the USA. Cities which have had carnivals for decades are now choosing to discontinue it, because it’s too much to deal with.

    I’ve also seen over and over and over where the media is purposely not mentioning ethnicity in criminal case reports. The only time ethnicity is mentioned now, is when a cop is involved or if the perp is white and the victim black!

    The same day that 6 whites were killed by cops we only heard about a black perp who was killed by cops that same day!!

    The same day a white man killed a black man recently, there were numerous other cases of blacks killing whites. PLURAL. but no one made an issue out of those cases.

    So yeah, I’m calling BS.

    1. TB says:

      Why are you assuming the author is black?


    2. Me says:

      Couldn’t have said it better!

    3. Coptic777 says:

      Lol no cases of anything with white teena doing mass anything? Really? Just mass shootings that’s all but that don’t count. Ok since you want us to google things I got ONE google search that outweighs all the ones you just mentioned showing white violent genocidal behavior which is the norm. Google “Madeline Albright 500,000 children Iraq. You will see typical white behaviour of her SMILING ON CAMERA WHILE SHE BOAST THAT KILLING 500,000 NON WHITE CHILDREN WAS WORTH IT! A war crime by the way. So happens to her? Nothing as usual when whites commit mass genocide. Then claim blacks are hr problem as if the rest of the world is buying that.

      Hey how many non white civilians have you 2-4% inbred genetic Neanderthals killed in Mosul Iraq on the last week or so? You know the war you waged based on lies the whole world knows about? The count was 200 or so last time I checked. You are the most violent people on Earth. Two world wars where you killed 100 million most of your own kind has proven that. Hey one bright side to that is you killed so many of your own it has helped lead to your negative birth rates today. Yay!

    4. JamesEarlMoans says:

      If no one made an issue of all those cases how did you find out about them?

  13. Sue says:

    Idiots!! Really you are making this about race? Have you done your research? Our school is at least 95% white.
    , add to the fact she had NO ONE on a “hit” list.

    1. TB says:

      Why would your school be 95% white when the global white population is under 10%?

      Illogical white people are too easy.

      1. Me says:

        Actually you are extremely misinformed. The White global population is at 28% while the global population for Africans is 9%. Please read facts before opening your mouth!!

        1. Coptic777 says:

          Me, you are a moron. Whites do not make up 28% of the world and whit S have negative birth rates. What happened to the “higher white IQ” you people brag about so much? Anyone can look that up and see you just said nonsense.

  14. Concerned Parent of a Senior Catoctin High Student says:

    When this story broke, my world was rocked. For I have a child who is a Senior at Catoctin High. I could not comprehend what I was reading in an e-mail from the President of the school. My only thought was the safety of my child. But now that a few days have passed, and things have sunken in, I am so thankful for Nicole’s parents. They did the right thing, and by doing the right thing saved lives of students, teachers and every person in that school. I can’t even to begin to imagine what her parents, friends, family and anyone who knew her is going through. Parents hug your children a litter tighter and get involved in their lives. Know their friends, and what and where they are going. This wasn’t about race, religion or hate. It was about a girl with very bad emotional and mental problems who needed help. I pray that she receives the help she desperately needs.

    1. TB says:

      Actually it is about race.

      What are you doing to replace global white supremacy with justice?

      Probably nothing.

      And enjoying a comfortable white life in the interim.

      It’s interesting how white people want to dance around “mental health issues” without directly addressing the biggest mental health issue on the planet: global white supremacy.

      On the bright side, depressed white people are hilarious.

      1. Me says:

        You are a complete dumbass! This has absolutely nothing to do with race! Where you there?! No? Yea i didn’t think so. But I was. So please keep your mouth shut when you clearly have no facts as to what even happened!

        1. TB says:

          “It has nothing to do with race!!!”

          I guess this is why white people invented the race card.

          So they could race bait invisibly.


  15. Keith says:

    Her picture wasn’t posted because she wasn’t charged with anything yet. They sent her for mental evaluation and is going to charge her after that. I am a graduate of that school and my son who is my young est is a senior. We are grateful to the girls parents for doing what they had to do. Wow, that was probably the hardest decision of their lives. I’m tired of everything becoming a race thing. I lived it & know how racism feels. When my mom packed up the station wagon with 5 kids in 1979 and left my abusive dad we had nothing. We were 1 of only 2 white families that lived in Pioneer City in Severn Md. my older sister & I had to sneak home & to school cause we were white. We were called crackers and beat up by gangs of kids, it was never one on one. I remember being beat by shoes, sticks, hit with rocks. This has nothing to do with race.

    1. TB says:

      It’s getting so hard to be white these days.

    2. ttt says:

      boohoo white tears

    3. Michelle says:

      I totally agree. This has NOTHING to do with race. She needs charged the same as everyone else would be.

  16. Beth bumgardener says:

    TB you obviously are a hate-filled person who thinks they know everything…so sorry dude!!! YOU DONT

    1. TB says:

      The most loving and humane thing any human being can do is stand up against global white supremacy since it is the most hate-filled organization in world history.

      The fact that a lot of white students and parents are coming to this forum with their white supremacist rhetoric and convenient obliviousness is further proof as to the inhumanity of the majority of white people.

      And it has to be a majority otherwise global white supremacy would not against.

      Democracy rules!

  17. Beboppin Skylarkin says:

    Damn, she’s a ugly white bih… I would want to shoot up a school too if I looked like her. That’s why the white media didn’t want to show her face because she’s an ugly wench.

  18. Az gal says:

    Thanks for posting her picture. Nobody else has yet.

  19. ttt says:

    Ugly ass rhesus monkey could be stopped in time, the biggest terrorist on earth are wypipo.

  20. Jay Gwaka says:

    Thanks Tariq

  21. Catoctin Mom says:

    These comments are disgusting. As a Catoctin mom who’s son was in class with her, I am shocked that this is made into a race bait. This had nothing to do with race. If it did, then why would she plan an attack against a predominantly white school? Why are we as a community showing support for her family? They saved our children’s lives. We are a community that rally’s together in love to support those who are struggling. Calling any of us white supremacist is ignorant. That’s not the case at all. Articles like this are what breeds hate and divides us. Instead of bashing each other, why are we not praying for each other and lifting them. I look at the post on here from the students on here from Catoctin and I’m so proud. This has been devastating to our community, yet they show compassion and maturity that many adults on here do not.

    1. Catoctin says:

      Thank you!!! nothing but respect to you I’m a Catoctin student and I’m 100% with you

    2. TB says:

      ” I look at the post on here from the students on here from Catoctin and I’m so proud. This has been devastating to our community, yet they show compassion and maturity that many adults on here do not”

      A white person that denies global white supremacy is a white supremacist.

      “Maturity” is the last word reserved for white supremacists.

      Riddle me this: why are white people, despite the stolen affluence that global white supremacy offers them, as violent as they are?

      What is it specific about YOUR culture and YOUR people that causes YOUR children to shoot up schools, malls, churches, movie theatres…

      If you are actually a concerned white mother from a white community that rallies together in white love, surely you would want to get to the bottom of this.

      But you’ll probably pop a couple of Valium and move on with your day.

    3. Hope says:


  22. Hope says:

    Oh and to whatever dipshit wrote this article, it is not about racism, put down your race card, stop diluting the issue and causing a greater divide between races, you are inspiring hatred that will lead to violence, and that makes you no better than the girl you wrote the article about. Let’s stick to the topic at hand instead of trying to dilute the truth and twist it into something else. This was a tragedy that needs awareness, but you have ruined an otherwise perfectly good article by making it about something else that has nothing to do with it and is a lie..Bet my comment don’t make it up here ,because you’re evil, one sided with an agenda, you don’t care about the truth and how to help fix something. You only care about oppertunizing to make your money and make a name for yourself. .if you build on lies than your partner will be the devil enjoy the hell you are making for yourself.

    1. TB says:

      The purpose of classifying people by “race” causes division within the human race.

      Therefore, why do a tiny minority of people on the planet (under 10%) have a need to classify themselves as white?

      And why do people that classify themselves as white feel a need to classify the majority of humanity as non-white?

      White people need to improve their literacy skills.


    2. Linga la Bosso says:

      Interesting how you spin the issue at hand. Everything written in the article is a truism.
      Imagine it being a black terrorist he wrote about, you would have an otherwise comment.

  23. Rmm says:

    TB you are whacked! Get off the race wagon…go do some more research about white ppl. You seem to be infatuated about em…#whackjob #needalife #probablyajobtoo

  24. TB says:

    A white person playing the race card.



  25. Linga la Bosso says:

    There’s always the mental element game as pertains to white terrorists. There’s always an excuse. They are even privileged to be taken to an evaluation hospital where they get ‘treated’ with tax payers’ money. Shame on so-called white people. Your devices are open for all to see.

  26. Tw says:

    I went to catoctin she is not the type of person who goes about race sure i dont truly know her but i know someone who does and they wouldnt be friends with her if she was a “white supremacist” so this is just a race baiting article who picks and chooses what they want as long as it turns this into race issue

    1. TB says:

      The white supremacist tactic of confusing a white supremacist with a white extremist.

      Dare I say EVERY SINGLE WHITE PERSON posting on here is a white supremacist.

      All of the white people posting on your believe in thought, speech or action that white people should be in a dominant position to non-white people.

      Which is why the white people coming on here are supporting domestic terrorism…as long as the terrorism is performed by a white person.

      The white people posting on here have the ability to not only expose the white extremists, but expose themselves by standing with the necessary work Melanoid Nation does in exposing domestic terrorism.

      This is for the family.

      White supremacy does not operate on logic.

      Dare I say that over 90% of white people are not against the global prison of white supremacy.

      And remember, these are the “liberal” white people.

      They don’t say ‘nigger’.

  27. Billy says:

    Excellent job. Melanoid nation did their research and found her picture, but the news media won’t even put up a picture of this woman. White privilege does exist.

    1. TB says:

      I guess the white parents are the white saviors.


  28. chs student says:

    I am senior at CHS and not all the information has been released yet stop hating on the poor girl I did not know her personally but I have gone to school with her all my life she is nice girl she has mental problems and she is getting them solved now. now I am not agreeing with what she did she needs and will be punished by law but there is need to be that hash. if everyone was nicer in this world this might have never happened.

    1. TB says:

      Dear white people,

      If you tell us who the “bad” white people are, this can be a much nicer world.



    2. Unapologetically Black says:

      This is exactly the point. “she is a nice girl she has mental problems”. White privilege at it’s finest. U don’t even see the hypocrisy in your comment.

  29. troy says:

    I looked all over the internet for this chicks face before coming here.. The MSM definitely knows how to protect these suspected white supremacists.. Good work Melanoid Nation.

  30. ThoughtCloud says:

    Just a fat round turtle faced looking demon.

  31. Crystal says:

    This was extremely REAL and SCARY for my family and I. My youngest sister goes to this school and it’s in walking distance from my home. We r now terrified to send her to school. They say she was acting alone but how can anyone b 100% sure. It’s just too close for comfort. Thank u to the parent that turned her in. I know it must have been very difficult to do so as that is ur child. But u potentially saved thousands of lives as well as ur daughters. Glad things went smoothly but still scared for my baby sister. Also, they released her mug shot on Frederick News Post prior to this article.

  32. Amber says:

    Actually her picture was posted in the newspaper so you are not the only article to do it. I live in the town this girl is from and we are blessed that her father was paying attention and saw her behavior was off. He decided to check around the house and read her diary. My town could be grieving for something bigger then this. Very sad that some people have rude comments and judgments. Doesn’t make you look any better!

  33. Jon says:

    More blacks kill blacks in this country than any other race stop hollering white supremacist this is just one messed-up person

    1. Unapologetically Black says:

      Look, where ever there’s poverty people tend to be more violent no matter the race.
      Listen, Why don’t u advocate funneling some of those resources u use at your leisure to some of these impoverished neighborhoods. Spare yourselves of some of your luxuries. This will enable poor people to stop killing themselves. It’s that simple.

      As far as Poor people committing crimes across all of the racial categories. That’s not exactly true.

      It seems that middle Black people commit virtually no crime at all , but middle Whites do across every economic bracket,

      no matter poor or Rich. They commit crimes.
      Sex offenses, Stolen property, Fraud, Vandalism, Weapons carrying, possessing,
      Prostitution, Offense against the family, Forgery and counterfeiting, Drug abuse, just to name a few,
      I mean, u White people rule that shit. Committing crimes.
      Despite White people pulling themselves up out of poverty, U still commit the majority of crimes.

      and by the way, the latest crime statistics show that White people were arrested 3,689,565 and Black people 1,515,266.

      554,237 White people were arrested for drug abuse and violation and
      232,736 Black were arrested for drug abuse and violation.

      Why aren’t the prisons filled with White people?

      Because the majority of the time,

      U White people in conjunction with each other by osmosis,

      it’s seems will go into code and protect your criminals. By,

      1. In most cases, not even acknowledging the crime,

      committed by a White person.

      Most arrests in your communities go unreported.


      2. And when it is verified that a White person committed the crime, most of the time you refuse to reveal a photo of the criminal.

      Until All of u White people,

      including THE GOOD ONES

      take responsibility and rid this planet of Global White Supremacy,

      it will only get worse!!!

  34. Leo says:

    Excellent work MN.

  35. Bill Payer says:

    I feel for this girl. She was making great grades, parents still together, but the problems white girls face in this country are too hard for some to bear……..hahahahahahahaha. No really, I get it, her name ended in TWO vowels and she didn’t dye her hair blonde, so she had to put up with racism at school so she handled it like many student who endure racism handle it….wait…..most don’t handle it that way?……oh, I guess she just a terrorist.

  36. POCsUnited says:

    White genocide. Denial will be the death of white people. What is in your community that is influencing white high schoolers to go and mass murder at predominantly white high schools? White men walk into daycareand murder the children? White men raping and murdering white female children? This is self hatred white genocide! Stop deflecting on to the black community when we want answers! What is really going on? At least the black community can address why their young men are engaging in crimes against each other which always stems from white supremacy oppression but we have yet to understand the reasoning behind why white people are the highest on welfare, constantly abusing goverment services, opioid addicts, mass shooters, the original terrorists, white people are the first gangsters of America, first bank robbers, first drug dealers, hell even the first crackhead was a white man-Albert Niemann. White people created racism and crime. What is going on?

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