Student In California High School Posted KKK Lynching Message, Creates Student Walkout

berkeley high school

BERKELEY, CA — A crowd of nearly 2,000 high school students took to the streets of Berkeley this past Thursday (Nov. 5) to protest the threats of terrorism delivered by a white extremist at Berkeley High School.

The students marched to UC Berkeley, where they voiced their displeasure for what had just transpired at their school that day. According to reports, a student was found creating a memo in the school’s library that read, KKK Forever Public Lynching December 9th 2015. Once questioned about committing such an act, the male student confessed to doing so.

In reaction to the threat that was made via computer on Thursday, the school has opted to use the exact same date of the threat’s manifestation (Dec. 9) to allow the Melanoid students of the school the opportunity to openly discuss issues of race with school district officials. Possible solutions to this issue will also be proposed among the students.

The Black Student Union of Berkeley High School posted the following Tweet in response to the terroristic threat made that day.


To show support and well-wishes for the young students of Berkeley High School’s Black Student Union, here is there email address:

B. Clark

41 thoughts on “Student In California High School Posted KKK Lynching Message, Creates Student Walkout

  1. luvSumKkk says:

    And whats the email address to show the young white man support and well wishes who wrote that wonderful message? Damn that a perfect add for a roach bomb in that picture! Or raid….or a tainted watermelon stand. Damn..

    1. Abraham Africanis says:

      Funny, there’s actually a link between Racism and Low IQ!!!! So Latinos will be the majority in the U.S. Country is getting darker, in other words, the natives are taking back their land!!!!!

      1. Michael J. Benardo says:

        The Latinos are indeed taking back the Southwest, but they took it from the Indians. The Latinos are not the natives. The Indians are.

    2. Nothoughts Kahunna says:

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  2. BlksBstupid says:

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    1. bbking says:

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  3. BlksBstupid says:

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    1. JayBay says:

      You gotta love that a white guy is coming onto an article about a WHITE boy saying he wants to have a day to lynch black people and yet says we’re the bad guys. LOL! The stupidity of you white supremacists never ceases to amaze me! That both your posts are full of spelling and grammar errors. Dumb cunt. Now that, is some accurite (or do you mean accurate? I guess spelling wasn’t your best class?) information!

    2. Ebi says:

      where in this site does it say to kill all white folks?
      We are trying to replace the system of injustice with a just system, and if there are people who want to stop that from happening, then heck yeah, we will have to rid of them. It doesn’t matter the race, whether Black, white, asians and questionables. If you want to keep people suppressed, and YOU think you are better than them… then YOU are the problem that we are trying to get rid of/punish.

    3. kate says:

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  4. emma says:

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  5. BlksBstupid says:

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    1. jason says:

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  6. BlksBstupid says:

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    1. fws says:

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    2. dc1969 says:

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  7. crazx says:

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  8. BlksBstupid says:

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  9. BlksBstupid says:

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  10. JayBay says:


    Normally I just ignore trolls like you but then I remembered something I read on BBC news a few days ago

    Why is death rate rising for white, middle-aged Americans?

    Here’s a few highlights
    While non-whites, younger people and people in other countries are seeing falling death rates, a new study shows the reverse is happening for white men and women in the US aged 45-54.

    National data sets from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention used in the study show that middle-aged whites are committing suicide at an unrivalled rate.

    The New York Times reports that 90% of people who tried heroin in the last decade were white.

    “It is striking that suicide rates are highest in white females and white males.
    In the study, researchers found increased numbers of declining self-reported health, mental health and ability to work.
    Middle-aged whites reported problems with walking a quarter of a mile, climbing 10 steps, standing or sitting for two hours, shopping and socialising – some of which are risk factors for suicide.

    Hmmmm…..So now the big question. Where do you fit into this? Is this your last resort before putting a bullet in your head? Going onto black websites and calling us niggers as if that scares us? This is a minor annoyance to us at best but people like you spend hours of their free time hitting the refresh key just waiting to throw out your next insult thinking that you “got us” and make us feel bad about ourselves. Just food for thought. So go ahead, keep up with the insults. You and I both know that the white male is going through the roughest time they’ve had in decades and it’s only gonna get worse.

    1. Vampire Hunter G says:

      LOL! I pointed out the same thing in another article. Did you notice the crickets!?

      1. JayBay says:

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        1. Vampire Hunter G says:

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    2. TAbrafo says:

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    3. Mr. Siggs says:

      In addition to that the white fertility rate is low worldwide, that’s why they are constantly allowing non-whites to immigrate into European countries. Those European governments know that their countries don’t have enough people to remain viable due to white infertility. Globally whites are a shrinking minority. Blacks will never go extinct, thanks to steady birth rates, dominant genes, and a presence on almost every continent. Whites on the other hand are disappearing and becoming mulattoes. Karma?

      1. Nothoughts Kahunna says:

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    4. Roger says:

      Great response.

    5. Karen ford says:


  11. BlksBstupid says:

    Damn I read the newspaper before work this morning I know I know you don’t know what that word work is but anyways 3 more shot dead and one caught for auto theft! 4 more down! And that’s just in my little town :) but this happens every single solitary day here. So nothing new to us white folks. Good job negros! Keep up that good work! Lol

    1. TAbrafo says:

      You were given an assignment. Get to it.

  12. BlksBstupid says:

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  13. BlksBstupid says:

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  14. dj says:

    Trolling for attention is the new currency. This website is doing its job that is why the trolls partrol this site regularly. I love it!

  15. Vampire Hunter G says:

    @BlksBstupid Ooooh Oooh now it’s my turn. I read that several more white people died from heroin today. Whites are so superior they don’t even wait to get killed, they kill themselves.Rushing to die, all day everyday. Go team heroin!

    1. Nothoughts Kahunna says:

      good one lol….but they wont acknowledge the drug and pedophile issues in their community,or the suicide rates.and for some reason they really dont notice that we work and go to school alot more than they want to admit.they are probably even mad about the zero down on cars now lol

  16. The only thing you mongaloids have right is that we are the superior race. Now get out there in them streets and go shoot up some more of your nigger friends! Go monkeys! Go apes! Go shoot your kin folk! Keep that black on black crime up! :)

    1. minkpink says:

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  17. Greta says:

    Stop all this marching bullshit, shut the athletes down, marching WILL NOT HURT THIER POCKETS!!

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