Stockton, CA Cops Assault & Arrest Black Teenage Boy For Allegedly Jaywalking (Footage Included)

stockton ca police dept

STOCKTON, CA — Who knew “jaywalking” could cost a harmless teenager to pay such a painful price?

A police officer spotted a Melanoid teen crossing the street, and decided to use brute force to detain him, as featured in the following video clip. According to the footage, the officer can be heard yelling “stop resisting (arrest)” to the boy, although the footage simultaneously shows that the boy is merely defending himself from the brutal assault by way of the officer’s baton.

Shortly after the incident occurred, several other officers come rushing in to apprehend the boy, only for him to be released later that day to his mother. He will be charged in juvenile court for resisting arrest and trespassing. One bystander, Edgar Avendano, recorded the incident, and posted it on his Facebook page.

According to a story on, Avendano was quoted from his Facebook page with the following: “The cop was telling him to take a sit (sic) but the teen kept walking to his bus but the cop kept grabbing his arm & the kid took off the cop’s hand off his arm so the cop took out his baton & that’s when I started recording because everything happened too quick.”

Just in case Facebook takes down Avendano’s video, it has also been posted on YouTube, which you can see in the clip below.

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14 thoughts on “Stockton, CA Cops Assault & Arrest Black Teenage Boy For Allegedly Jaywalking (Footage Included)

  1. dc1969 says:

    There will some buffoons who will defend these slave catchers actions. What happened to that youngster,despite the fact that he was allegedly jaywalking,more than likely would not have happened if he was a caucasian boy. All i know is if i had a child,and that would have happened to he or she,those slave catchers would have to really watch their movements when leaving their shift. Real talk. These savges have been doing this for too long. All they they know is violence. So they would have to get a taste of that of which they live by. No forgiveness or pity for them.

    1. dj says:

      What hurt my heart the most about this footage is that a group of black people watched the entire incident and did not step in to stop the child from being brutalize. That group who watched that $h!t go down are the same black folks who would immediately get violent with another black male for stepping on their sneakers or just by simply making eye contact with them…We are straight up cowards…That young child could have died in front of them. No other race allows this to be done to their children.

      Can you picture a so called jewish child “jaywalking” and being brutalized for it while the jew community watches and does nothing but scream and video tape the incident. Those so called jews would have bum-rushed those cops and then brought the rest of the drama to the nearby precinct without fear of any consequences.

      This incident and many others was exactly the reason why the original BLACK PANTHER PARTY came into existence. The Black Panther Party of the sixties and seventies patrolled their own communities ARMED and made sure that black people interacting with the cops was not brutalized and if they were there would be consequences.

      The BPP is a reminder as to why they don’t want organized black people with firearms who are not afraid to use them against the real enemy(so they give you groups like the NAACP who haven’t done anything for black folks that is ground breaking and worthwhile mentioning). And that is why the BPP had to be eliminated by the U.S. govt. thru inside trickery, informants, agents, propaganda, murder, frame-ups, exile, drugs, and etc…

      I know it is easy to say what you would have done if you was there, but honestly, I would like to truly believe that if I was witnessing a child getting beat down by a cop for jay walking I would have a smattering of courage to intervene physically, even though I may have to take a bullet for it. Stuff like this will only continue to happen if we allow it to…bottom line….(The young, the old, the woman and the man of the black people are under attack so at this point what do we really have to lose by protecting ourselves and our own???…?It’s not like we are free so we can’t really be afraid of losing our freedom…)

      1. dc1969 says:

        You are totally correct,dj in everything you wrote.the way that the very few of who think on that level makes the majority of our people quiver with fear.we are looked upon as punks with no heart by every other group who is classified as non black,period. The majority of our will keep forgiving and praying for those beasts who do ill will towards us. I cannot and will not. All i will say is,physical,painful karma is real and when it happens to the enemies of us, i will be very happy! No compassion,empathy nor sympathy at all.

        1. dj says:

          We can’t forgive…no other race does when they are attacked, so why should we???

      2. fiorella says:

        my god no, if they got themselves into that first off the officer would 100 percent not allow that and tell the person to back off

  2. sam says:


  3. Hadj says:

    @dc1969 , I concur !! Even that first cop , just a damn bully , smh. Just the sight of that first minute alone makes me wanna go toe to toe with that ! … & the rest of those pigs fell right on in , as if that young brotha was Really bein aggressive … Anger doesn’t even begin to describe my senses right now; & im speaking as a man of melanin Nubian descent, & as a parent !

  4. Hadj says:

    * makes wanna go toe to toe with that first pig !

  5. Hadj says:

    @ dj ….you Do make a strong point, entirely

  6. SkyChopper says:

    Clearly this is a case of ignorance which is understandable given he’s a teen. Yes the police used excessive force but that’s understandable as well. If only he knew that being taken into custody for refusing to accept a jaywalking ticket is not a serious matter. After a day or two he would be released free of any charge.

    1. Ted says:

      Wait so this kid is suppose to go to jail for a day or two because of jaywalking? For one Jay walking is bullshit. Number two have you ever been to jail? One or two days is not something easy to get through. Even if you spend on night you will have been stripped, deloused and cavity searched. Do u want to know own what a strange man’s hands feel like in your asshole and anus? Once he is in general,population a small 17 year child lik that is pure bait for the real criminals. In 1 or 2 days he could easily have been sexually assaulted. If he he is lucky he can fight the rapist off. Ahh,but guess what a fight gets you a 90 day rip and a record. So,now he is doing great more time, he has a record and for 3 more months he has to fight for his butthole and his mouth to not be sexually violated. So let’s just say he only has to get strilped, deloused and cavity searched. I say that is no small thing and he had every reason to not want to go to jail for a few days.

  7. kno says:

    the worse thing is that the more the filthy pigskins get away with this type of behaviour the worse it will get for american blacks, I’m in london u.k and i can safely say you all look like you’re living in hell, its a totally backwards country from my standpoint, you need to follow farrakhan he’s the only one right now with a clear plan.

  8. Ray says:

    I live in Japan now but , I’m from Stockton and I have friends who were defending the cops. Idiots were saying the kid should have listened to the cops and there would have been no problems. Bottom line those cops were racially targeting that teen. I’ve been in Japan 10years and not 1 police officer ever beat me, shot at me…or even pointed their gun at me.

  9. Ted says:

    Scary man. It’s like a pack of wolves. The first cop got him cornered and injured him. Then the pack comes in and swarms. Why did 5 cops have to slam a kid down who was crying and injured. Sick people see that situation and think they need to abuse that child more. What kind of fucked up police forces are out there.

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