Spokesman For Gaslamp Bar In Houston Defends Racist Door Policies

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Last week, Melanoid Nation ran a story about a group of Melanoid lawyers who were discriminated against by a nightclub/bar in Houston called Gaslamp. Gaslamp, like many other white-owned nightlife establishments that wish to engage in systematic white supremacy, is accused of enacting arbitrary dress codes and cover charges for non-white patrons as a way to deter them from entering the establishment.

Today, Gaslamp has gone on the defensive, by having their attorney Tim Sutherland post an inflammatory video on youtube defending the suspected white supremacist policies of the establishment. In the video Sutherland tries to dance around the fact that Gaslamp has violated to constitutional rights of Black citizens by using terms like “property rights” and “freedom of association.”

In an attempt to shift blame onto the Black victims of Gaslamp’s suspected racist door policies, Sutherland arrogantly claimed  “some customers may bring with them, a lifetime of race based issues they have experienced.”

Sutherland also makes the false claim that “federal discrimination laws does not apply to nightclubs”. But Title II of the Civil Rights Act specifically applies to places of public accommodation, such as bars, restaurants, and hotels. Only private night clubs and establishments can discriminate against or allow people in based on their own discretion. Gaslamp is not a private establishment. It is a public bar and it failed under the Civil Rights Act as well as the Constitution. So Gaslamp should be investigated for violating the Constitutional rights of Black citizens.

Below is the full video statement from Gaslamp’s attorney Tim Sutherland:





Below is another video from a few weeks ago of a Hispanic patron was allegedly denied entry of the Gaslamp bar based of race. In the video you can see the victim get into an altercation with one of the race soldiers in law enforcement hired to enforce the suspected racist policies of the establishment.

7 thoughts on “Spokesman For Gaslamp Bar In Houston Defends Racist Door Policies

  1. recordtwist says:

    No surprise and they will get away with it. That’s why we need our own economy.

  2. Reggie says:

    Stop spending your money in dumps?

  3. Abu says:

    @reggie your 100% right were the only ppl that will fight somebody to get in a place where not wanted

    1. dj says:

      I know it is sad, right? We are always fighting to be accepted. And we are always fighting to give our $ away to people who hate us. We are a lost cause.

  4. Jay says:

    The guy in the video sound absolutely stupid. I’m surprised that he, as an attorney, would post an idiotic video like that on youtube.

    1. dc1969 says:

      Crackers will be crackers. They cannot help it. It is a disease called white supremacy. So until they change their ways,they will be crackers,filth,two faced cretins. Their arrogance is digusting. Karma is a real thing. When shit hits the fan for them,i will be in my glory.

  5. dj says:

    I told you from the last article about how this attorney looked too comfortable spewing his crap? I said, “LOL…Look at the club’s attorney…He has that $h!t eating grin on his face as he talks…He knows himself what them black men are saying is true…He is laughing to himself while he is being interviewed….LOL”

    And now he puts this youtube video up basically confirming this b.s. He’s loving being racist and thinks that his semi understanding or legalese will confuse people with basic common sense…

    Fuck him and gaslamp!!!…

    P.S.- Why would they waive the cover charge until October if cover charges are what they normally do??? He knows himself that he and gaslamp are flaming racists caught with their hoods off and a hand around the tighten noose (while the other hand holds the GASLAMP that was used to burn the cross). Again, fuck them, BUILD AND SUPPORT YOUR OWN…AND FUCK Y’ALL STUPID COONS WHO INSIST ON BEING AROUND THEM CASPERS…

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