Sikh Internet Troll Has A History Of Using The N-Word To Impress Whites

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This week, we ran a story on an East Indian internet troll who’s twitter page was deleted because of his racial antagonism. Now Annand Virk, who goes by the online handle Bunty King, issuing on a failed online campaign , pretending he was “censored” because of his “views”.

Bunty King  is now being embraced by those in the Alt-right, and other white supremacist circles who share his anti-Black views.

Bunty King Corresponding with Alt Right figure Milo

Bunty King Corresponding with Alt Right figure Milo




Bunty King is also known to flash the white power hand signal, which is an “inside joke” within white supremacist circles, seemingly in an attempt to show allegiance. Many non-white victims of white supremacy will engage in this type of behavior in an attempt to not be targeted themselves.

Bunty King is trying to build his followers up online by claiming that he was banned from twitter for “speaking out against racism”, but below are a series of tweets from his terminated account where  Bunty King repeatedly used the N-word. Also in these tweets, he specifically says that he is “not Black”, so the “I used the N-word as a term of endearment” is not applicable. This is how Bunty King “speaks out against racism”:



























In this following exchange, Bunty King makes a reference to victimizing a Black person.















In the video below, Bunty King admits in his own words, how he grew up thinking that “brown people weren’t cool”, and he admits when he is with his white friends, he tries to be “the whitest guy ever”. The pathetic display of self hatred can be seen below.



32 thoughts on “Sikh Internet Troll Has A History Of Using The N-Word To Impress Whites

  1. Natasha says:

    Black people are the least successful people in the world because they read websites like this

    1. Terry says:

      A website is what keeps black folks from being successful? ……WoW

    2. manani says:

      so what brings you here?…lack of success?

    3. Anthony Cooper says:

      Bitch dumb you mean read articles on a website 😒

    4. Khaliyl Ali says:

      There aren’t enough websites like this Natasha.
      One of the reasons why we are unsuccessful is because we are in denial about the mere existence of, one, if the not the biggest factor and unrelenting forces, racism-white-supremacy.

      1. John Doe says:

        You are literally an insane person.

  2. Oriva Reese says:


    What crap

  3. Teo says:

    Hasan Minhaj told a little white girl he loved her and she responded by telling him that he looked like poop, this has marked him so deeply that it changed his perspective on white people at a very young age. If you go to India, you will see people pooping everywhere, the whole country is an open toilet that stinks and smells so bad. When i saw this guy without t-shirt with his sagging slimy disgusting hairy body i thought to myself, damn that little white girl was right, Indians do look like shit, and on top of that, they’re racist as f**k.

  4. Babajide says:

    He hopes that by hating black people white people wont hate him. Its common amongst indians and even black people to do these things

  5. Jesus says:

    Wow,this website is my new favorite thing ever. Everything that comes out of tariqs stupid fucking fingertips is comedy gold. YOU LITERALLY TOOK TWEETS PLANNING OUT A SKIT AS THREATS. YOU LITERALLY CALLED POC WHITE SUPREMACISTS. Christ all mighty,I never thought someone would be able to Out-Retard Donald Trump but you fucking slam dunked that shit,You unbelievablely dense faggot.

    BTW I’m white.
    Fight me.

    1. J. M. says:

      You have your all-white websites like Daily Stormer, leave us with our websites

      1. Jesus says:

        See this exactly the fucking problem though. Why is your first assumption from reading this that I’m a white supremacist? I think Andrew Anglin and Tariq are two sides of the same retarded homophobic racist coin. Is there any way another person can disagree with you on race and NOT be a white supremacist or a “coon”? My ideal future is one where everyone is mixed race and there’s only one dominant culture. I cannot be a white supremacist if I support “White Genocide” (or at least the white nationalist/supremacist version of it). you guys are a bunch of whiny,paranoid,retarded,racist,homophobic,
        faggots. The fact that people this fucking dumb exist is a mixture of hilarious and terrifying.

      2. Dean says:

        You say that like all white people go into the daily stormer. Like its not one of the most dumb sotes on the Internet

    2. Ace boogie says:

      You know what so sad about you hoe ass bitches y’all talk so much shit online. But y’all be them same bitches walking with ya pops in times Square steady looking in stores or at the floor scared to death to look a real man in they eyes

    3. Troll Smashing says:

      Jesus, We will be waiting for your Heroin overdose video on Youtube. I mean these stories never stop and they keep piling up. I also love reading and watching videos on how white men of middle age are killing themselves at alarming rates. You trailer apes took a major L with that video on FB with the white girls talking about fucking dogs (lol). If that was a war tactic to stop Black men from looking at white bitches, then it worked on me!! Yuck.

  6. Bri says:

    I recently dealt with an Indian man who was a white supremacist at my job and its sad to think that they are dark and try to impress white people knowing that white people don’t like them either. Pathetic,really. I feel sorry for them. He quit and then once he got fired from that job tried to come back and they didn’t take him. Karma is karma,man.

  7. manani says:

    this is why black people need to unify with one another. because thats were are true strength is. as dr john henrik clark said, black people, you have no friends among this white ass kissing minorities. notice how in his (bunty king) youtube video, his recent one, how he tryed to act like he gives a damn about black woman being called bedwenches. lol.

  8. J. M. says:

    Typical brown white supremacist ass kisser rethoric, shitting on black people and then one’s self people and claiming how perfect whites are, but the real truth and the only truth is that white supremacists see them just like they see us: Nigg**s but with different names.
    I was checking an openly white supremacist YT channel, so openly that it was whining about The Rebel Media, they were attacking the video made by this somalian sellout called Jay Fayza who was claiming the Alt Right is stupid, and there was a comment which really brought my attention:
    As you can see opened white supremacists know that coons are only a puppet, they’ll never be what they dream to be.
    Coons will soon be white supremacists obsolete equipment, they know that they only count with themselves for their surveillance, they can’t keep it with coon/bedwench compensation because they have to sacrifice some of them, they really lack of numbers know, so the sacrifices will be stopped sooner than later.

    1. Sharmake says:

      Jay Fayza is a christian Ethiopian not Somali. Maybe you need to watch Black Hawk down. Somalis are muslim and crazy racist towards anybody who isn’t in their clan. A Somali shitting on black people to be liked by Alt-right white supremacists who probably be killed by s/o who assumed he insulted his clan, that’s how crazy they are, these people been fighting for almost 30years because they are crazy people who only bow down to their clan and not even God as Islam could not unite them too. It’s usually the christian Ethiopians who ally themselves with Whites and it’s unfortunate that many African Americans like the Ethiopians over the Somalis because they are christian but also because they think these Ethiopians are ancient people when in fact they are just inbred Arabs who come from Yemen in as little as 500 BC.

      1. J. M. says:

        It doesn’t really matter from where they are or what’s their ethnicity, what’s matters is that white supremacists are finally being honest about their thoughts on the bootlickers in the black community, coon’s will either have their wake up calls or will still cooning, no matter if white supremacists finally admitted they despise them, which is possibly what will happen.

      2. Liban says:

        Jay Fayza is a Christian member of the Oromo ethnic group, they are the biggest coons in Ethiopia. He is cooning for white acceptance because his people are the most mistreated in the horn of africa. A Somali would never coon against other Black people. That is a Habeshea and Oromo trait.

        Somalis were the biggest fighters against the European Colonialists

      3. Liban says:


        Jay Fayza is a Christian member of the Oromo ethnic group, they are the biggest coons in Ethiopia and the most mistreated. He is cooning for white acceptance because his people are the most mistreated in the horn of africa. A Somali would never coon against other Black people. That is a Habeshea and Oromo trait.

        Anytime you see an OROMO CHRISTIAN = AUTOMATIC COON, since they want Habesha acceptance, the people that ENSLAVED THEM

        Somalis were the biggest fighters against the European Colonialists

  9. Rezagrats says:

    Lol white supremacists coming here deep

    1. Dean says:

      Aproppiate pic is Aproppiate

  10. Sim says:

    If black people actually want the ‘N’ word to be used less frequently, they should look in the mirror.

    Akala gives a good explanation of why it shouldn’t be used when ‘brother’ is a perfectly adequate word.

    Of course, Tariq will NEVER give this up. Nor will he ever tell black men rapping about killing other black men to stop “cooning”.

    One cannot expect a man who built his empire by promoting dysfunctional black relationship habits to change in middle age.

    Why do you think China and India are on the path to returning to the two dominant economies on the planet?

    Hint: they do not call each other ‘chinks’ or ‘shitskins’ as terms of endearment.

    As Frances Cress Welsing taught us, black people will NEVER be respected by others or, more importantly, respect themselves so long as they call each other ‘Niggers’, ‘Bitches’, ‘Coons’, ‘Dogs’, ‘Thugs’, ‘Bedwenches’ or Gangsters’.

    Tariq can’t be trusted until he starts following the code as laid out by Neely Fuller.

    “Stop name calling each other” is one of the primary tenets of Mr Fuller’s groundbreaking works.

  11. J dawg says:

    Congratulations you figured out the davinci code, everyone is racist no matter who they maybe, oh except you, your the pariah that shows the world why everyone is racist against black people. You win I can’t handle your ignorance, have a good life see you in hell I know you made that list

  12. Paul Denino says:

    Garbage writing, garbage research, garbage accusations.
    All-around garbage. Garbage outta ten

    1. Troll Smashing says:

      Paul Denino, Are you Italian?

  13. Jay Z says:

    East Indians created the Caste System which is the origins of racism.. I guess it is time to read Camp of the Saints again.

  14. Nigga_hater says:

    LOL! this is the most pathetic thing on the internet. Sure, Tyrone, evil whitey is stealing your history and keeping oppressing you. Nothing to do with sub-human IQ of yours, just blame evil whitey. Makes things way easier for you.

    1. J.M. says:

      And how do you use this self-proclamed higher IQ you claim to have sir?. Do you use it for the self-betterment of your race?
      Of course, you don’t, you just go to a ghetto gaggers porn site and later you go on all of those white supremacis webistes like 4chan and Daily Stormer and start making nigger jokes.
      Such great activities for a high IQ race…

    2. Troll Smashing says:

      Nigga_Hater Could you please provide us your administered IQ score please? Matter of fact, can any of you white trailer apes provide us proof of your high IQ?

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