Sheriff Blames Black Girl Victim For The Firing Of Ben Fields

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COLUMBIA, S.C. — It has been announced this morning that Ben Fields, the white cop who assaulted the Black teenage girl in Spring Valley High School, has been fired.

Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott spoke at a news conference in which he addressed the incident. According to the video in this link, Lott says that Fields has been placed on suspension without pay, and that he has asked the FBI to look into the investigation. He says that the student was “disruptive”, and that “she started” the confrontation with Fields.

Although Fields has held an extensive reputation for being a race soldier in the past, it has been revealed–or contrived–out of nowhere that he has been dating a Black woman “for quite some time”, according to Lott.

Many suspected white supremacists and Black supporters of Ben Fields say that the race soldier had every right to act in the way that he did because the young girl provoked him to use brute force against her. However, new information has surfaced which should have us questioning the supporters of Fields. The photo below is a screenshot of a social media post which delves into the personal life of the child who was beat up by the cop on Monday:

It appears to be likely that this young girl was simply “acting out” in class on Monday because of a tumultuous year which has inflicted enormous emotional and psychological damage on her. It is well-known that victims–especially children–who suffer from such trauma usually engage in what’s known as “rambunctious” behavior because they often are unable to cope with everything that has happened to them.

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14 thoughts on “Sheriff Blames Black Girl Victim For The Firing Of Ben Fields

  1. SkyChopper says:

    Things like this will continue to happen because parents/guardians aren’t involved PTA’s and school committees. As tax payers, we have a right to dictate and oversee policies. Hello… Has any one been following Dr. Umar Ifatunde???

    1. Ebi says:

      no, because they’re too busy accusing him of his latest “scandal” .
      Which by the way I personally feel it’s not a scandal… just blowing little things out of proportions.
      Negros… I just can’t with them as of lately.

  2. dj says:

    wow, so now we are reverting back to kindergarten with the whole “she started” it first routine.

    Typical caspers…it never fails

    1. rm says:


  3. Brother Tom says:

    A member of the dominant society shoots up _________, they immediately put together a psychological profile. I guess teenage sisters don’t go through. Guess we’re supposed to just do like the Kirk Franklin song says and smile, no matter what.

  4. Malik says:

    Im fed the fuck up its official 📷 dont mean shit when it comes to us its time for my people to get our money up groups up and study the law alot!! Vote more also and get in shape the people inside tbat ckassroom didnt say shit not even the other adult i pray i keep my cool and dont go Nat turner because its coming i love my kids but i cant imagine when they grow up All my blacks brothers get the fuck away from me with that soft as dog shit ❤ yall have

  5. minkpink says:

    this should let us know when they come at you they coming like animals with subhuman strength, with no compassion and zero regard. I’m on ‘Nextdoor’ in my neighborhood and blks are referred to as ‘. bounty’. This sheriff would have to acknowledge all the past aggression displayed by his force to fully blast this POS.

  6. Ray ray says:

    It amazes me that the teacher didn’t do anything and allowed this to happen. I can not, as a man, see this and not do anything. Shame on him.

    1. dc1969 says:

      Well the problem with that situation is that the “brother” happens to be the principal. He is truly a sad sack of shit for even allowing that pale brutish thug school safety officer to attack that girl as he did. I keep hearing that this jerkoff security officer has a “black” negress bedwench as his main squeeze. This is truly a tragic arrangement. Also,even if this teenager did “act up”as what is being put out there,it could have been handled in a more professional manner. Also,this teenaged girl lost her mom and grandmom a while ago. Who knows where her dad is,sadly.all i know if i had a child,female or male,and a race soldier like this savage laid hands on them,the soldier would really have to be on the”swivel”. I don’t forgive white supremacy and/or the people who abide by it. Payback would be mine,real talk.they only understand pain and violence,nothing in between.there is no such thing as peace with these pale savages. And any other ethnic/racial group who supports them.

      1. Sa Ra Asuar says:

        What you said is so true, I learned from Malcolm X. You have to speak the language of your oppressor, if the oppressor speaks french, then in order to communicate effectively and intelligently you must learn french as well.

  7. Jamar says:

    So sad.

  8. Nothoughts Kahunna says:

    The Race war is in full effect…children are not even safe with these savages.

  9. Ebi says:

    Feel better little girl. You’re in our prayers.

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