School In London Tells Black Students To “Dress Like Slaves For Black History Month”


White supremacy is detrimental for Melanoid children all over the globe, especially in the racist school system

By Kenny Anthony


An East London school in the United Kingdom was placed under scrutiny over letters that were sent home regarding students between the ages of 6-7, instructing them to dress like chattel slaves to “celebrate” the UK Black History Month.

Students at St. Winefride’s Catholic School were ordered to wear “fabric heads-wraps and straw hats”. Also, the class were told to sport “dirty and worn out” garments, preferably stained with coffee or tea to make it look more “authentic”, according to the Newham Recorder.

One of the parents had this to say on the issue: “Would Jewish children be asked to re-enact the Holocaust?”

However, many suspected white supremacist parents came out to defend the letter. Samantha Peters being one of those parents, stated that the backlash and criticism was “unfair”, and gave the teachers praise for their actions.

A spokeswoman for St. Winefride’s Catholic School responded with this statement: “We deeply regret the offence caused to our pupils and school community. This letter was sent out without the approval of the school’s senior management team or governors. We have written to those who received the letter to apologize and we have also spoken to the members of staff involved and taken steps to ensure an incident like this does not happen again. We understand the importance of Black History Month and celebrate this by studying the success and achievements of black role models.

White supremacy in UK schools is an open secret that negatively impacts Black students and Black teachers.

A survey conducted by the Nasuwt Teaching Union and the Runneymede Trust found that Black teachers in British schools are subject to deep-rooted, endemic and institutionalized racism. Two-thirds of Black teachers have admitted to being verbally abused by white students, and 79% were not paid at a level commensurate with their skills and experiences. In 2015, more than 54% of Black teachers were subject to discrimination or harassment at work because of their race or ethnicity.

In addition, students at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London (SOAS), confessed that older white academics were racist and unable to connect with the student body. The under-representation of Black people among staff at SOAS led to students feeling isolated and unable to engage with their studies & lecturers.

The Most Honorable Minister Malcolm X once stated: “Only a fool would let his enemy teach his children.”

Melanoid people worldwide should be working towards creating group home schooling to ensure that our children are being properly educated. Teachers are able to easily access and indoctrinate the minds of our future, so we have the responsibility of being one step ahead and monitoring their development.

11 thoughts on “School In London Tells Black Students To “Dress Like Slaves For Black History Month”

  1. Akala says:

    Great post.

    As Dr Umar has said, this is a global fight and we need to be globally organized.

    These stories from all over the world are critical in teaching non-white people there is one overarching system that needs to be changed.

    If Melanoid Nation is open to suggestions, contemporary black issues in China and India would be great to explore as these appear to be the two big players with which white supremacy is trying to team up.


    1. I’m never surprised when I come across these kinds of articles anymore. It seems like every other day now, the tentacles of white supremacy pokes through to reveal the ugly truth about how far and widespread these devils have been able roam. I hope the brown skinned people in The UK realize that it’s no accident that their children had to experience that kind of racism. Throughout the planet, where ever they’ve settled and colonized in the past, nowadays they’re trying to use tactics to see what can be done to regain as much ground to spring up those behaviors we’ve thought were dead or dying out due to the idea of “a color blind society” theory sold to us primarily by them to make people of color feel like these pale skinned people should no longer be looked at as a threat.
      Although the article mentions how the school took action towards the perpetrators of the offense, I’m of the opinion that the consequences weren’t strict enough, and more than likely some other faculty members may try to pull that type of behavior in some other capacity in the future. I could be wrong, but I highly doubt that this was an isolated incident only known to happen in this area of the U.K. I would say to those good brothers and sisters in that community, be vigilant and continue to call out that kind of racism and bigotry so it’s known throughout that area of the globe that white supremacy is be stamped out all over the planet, it shouldn’t be tolerated.

      1. EbonyMaw says:

        Thank you David, I can assure you that many of us are hip to the stunts that white supremacy is pulling over here in the UK. The biggest one is the homo agenda to homosexualize black people and principally black men. One thing I will say is that blacks over here have drunk too much liberal kool aid and are quick to take onboard liberal agendas. Hopefully they will realise the liberals are our worst enemies.

  2. SugarBrown says:

    If it was about the Jewish holocaust, the school would be talking about FIRING people but since it’s about blacks—We have also spoken to the members of staff involved and taken steps to ensure an incident like this does not happen again—.

  3. Culture Error says:

    Thank you for pushing this out there, people need to know that the streets are not pave with Gold In London, and that White Supremacy Is at work very much over here.

    1. Brono bing says:

      This would never happen in uk.fake news

  4. Told you so ,stay strong brothers and sisters.our day is coming.

  5. Brono bing says:

    Fake news

  6. Brian says:

    This would never happen because everyone knows blacks are constantly on the look out for excuses to play race card and a excuse to riot.

  7. Christopher Mosley says:

    Turnabout is fair play.

  8. Rosina says:

    I wonder how the whites would feel if the African/black countries turn around and treat them exactly the same way they treat black people in their countries. The truth is they will never change or learn. They are in our countries. If they so much hate black people what are they doing in black countries? They should go back to their white countries and stay there and leave blacks alone.

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