Reparations are Long Overdue


Written by:

Tiffany Tubman and Amoun Jamilu Mahmoud

August 21, 2017

The U.S. government is long overdue in paying reparations to the Black people of America and or Africans in America that are the direct descendants of slaves currently being held as POWs, for the harmful, damaging, long lasting results of racism / white supremacy that have impacted our community financially, emotionally, and psychologically for decades post the partial abolition of slavery in the 13th Amendment to the US Constitution.

For centuries, this nation’s “Government of, by and for the people” did not include the Black race of Africans in America. To present day, the slogan “justice for all” found in the pledge of allegiance and various other court documents has proven itself to be untrue for all Melanoid people currently in America.


Without government support, neither Slavery nor Jim Crow Segregation could have long endured. These practices have been empowered and emboldened by the global system of white supremacy. All of these factors have contributed to the inappropriate distribution of resources, wealth, and power to rest predominantly in white communities with the white members of America.

The economy we have today was built on nearly 400 years of legal chattel slavery  and black oppression.  England/America brought over kidnapped / stolen Africans  to America as Free labor which is illegal, where America extracted wealth from the lives of enslaved Africans in Americans. Blacks now in America have historically accounted for 13% of America’s total population. This continues to be true today according to the US Census Bureau.


After the civil war, institutional injustices through the system of white supremacy focused on stealing our land and jobs and ensuring that African Americans did not build wealth as fast as the rest of Americans. Any community we had for economic/cultural empowerment (Rosewood, Black Wallstreet) were burned down to the ground and destroyed by white Americans.


Furthermore, an example of Government help refining racism / white supremacy is the result of the Bill Clinton administration’s legislative policies and Hillary Clinton infamous speech, (clip): ‘They (thugs / Blacks / Africans), are super predators and need to be brought to heel’ led to higher imprisonment rates or the refinement of Jim Crow / Slavery.

High imprisonment rates of Melanoid people have been documented at 70% of the total prison population, while Black people only make up 12% of the total American population as of 2010 as the result of such racist / white supremacist oriented policies.

In contrast 62% of the American population is White (non-Hispanic) and 17% White (Hispanic) for a total of 79% and while 70% of those White people are arrested only about 35% go to are punished with sentencing to include probation.

White on white crime statistics have been erased from any narrative and are a mystery to the average American while Black on Black crime statistics, (the result of Racism / White Supremacy and or deceptive statistics), are the main stream American narrative.


The government has apologized to all other groups to whom it has committed offenses and provided reparations to those groups except Black / African people.

Throughout Americas history, Black people have borne the burden of every obligation this nation has had since 1619. Black people did not confiscate nearly 2 billion acres of land from Native Americans. White people did. However, for more than four centuries, Black people in America paid taxes and their lifeblood so that White people who did confiscate the land could develop and enjoy the benefit  and reap the profits of it.

Money out of Black Americans pockets supported a Federal Native / Indian Bureau and State Commissions that gave Natives / Indians benefits, (Including $5 fake White people impersonating Indians), that Black people in America never received.


Black people in America did not start WWII, but money from Black people in America’s pockets made up the $13 billion that rebuilt Germany under the Marshall Plan and as well as Japan under the Point Four Plan. Black people America did not intern Japanese in America during the 1940s but helped to pay $22,000 in reparations awarded to each descendant in 1992.




The U.S. government, that Black people in America pay taxes to, has given reparations to every other group except Blacks in America! The first reparations were given to white Americans in the form of the English Poor Laws in 1601. The English Poor Laws were then revised in 1834 and  a second distribution to White Americans was granted. Thus yielding two forms of reparations granted to the same group for the same purpose, to benefit White Irish, Italians and English (England enslaved it’s own people) Americans that were originally enslaved.


History of Reparations Payment


Year Paid Country Amount Ethnic/Racial Group Paid
1995 USA $2 Million Surviving Blacks in Rosewood Massacre of 1923
1990 USA $1.6 Billion or 20K each Japanese American
1990 AUSTRIA $25 Million to Holocaust Survivors Jewish Claims of Austria
1988 CANADA 250,000 sq. miles of land Indian & Eskimos
1988 CANADA $230 Million Japanese Canadians
1986 USA $32 Million from 1839 Treaty Ottawa’s of Michigan
1985 USA $31 Million Chippewa’s of Wisconsin
1985 USA $12.3 Million Seminoles of Florida
1985 USA $105 Million Sioux of South Dakota
1980 USA $81 Million Klamath’s of Oregon
1971 USA $1 Billion+44 Million Acres of Land Alaska Natives Land Settlement
1952 GERMANY $822 Million to Holocaust Survivors German Jewish Settlement
1865-Present USA $0 Slavery & Jim Crow Era & Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome African American Black Decedents

Information extracted from: Source

Real racial Justice for Blacks in America does not have to begin with an apology. As it is meaningless without policy changes, action plans and delivery of the reparation / compensation.

An acknowledgment from the government that millions of Blacks in America were wrongfully used and killed as a result of racism / white supremacy is a start.

Economic justice and reparations in the form of compensation is the constructive / productive result that must naturally follow the race discussion, policy changes and action plan.

The financial compensation model:

The value of the stolen labor, for the period 1790 to 1860, at today’s US minimum wage of $7.25 per hour is as follows. (Note that using today’s minimum wage automatically corrects for valuing the historic currency to its present value.)

70 years (1790 to 1860 period only)


2 million slaves (average number in the period used)


365 days per year


10 hours of work per day (at a minimum)


$7.25 per hour


$ 3.7 trillion

Next, we apply the 2% interest rate (compounded annually). This gives a multiplicative factor of (1.02)^140 = 22.4, for the 157 years from 1860 to 2017. Further compounding could be applied to bring us to the present. (Again, this is a minimum estimate.)

Compounding to 2017, therefore, gives:

$ 3.7 trillion




$ 82.88 trillion

The latter one-time payment would be easy for the USA to make, since its annual GDP is $15 trillion. (Think of a wealthy person’s annual salary relative to buying a house in a safe neighborhood.) The USA would not even need to sell any assets to achieve this modest payment.

For the 40 million Black slave descendants in the US today, the calculated reparation means that US white society owes each and every Black slave descendant a MINIMUM payment of $2.2 million, which is long overdue.


The policy changes and action plan in addition to monetary compensation should include:

  1. Wholesome Housing for Generations without threat of imminent domain
  2. Useful, Constructive Education with No Debt resulting
  3. Health Care from Birth to Death
  4. Useful Transportation and Maintenance Free


It’s not just about the erasure of Confederate Statues / Symbols of racism / white supremacy. It’s about the repair, the reparations / compensation for the abuse and death that resulted from racism / white supremacy and the end to the POW/political prisoner model that the United States has long ago implemented for Blacks in the United States since Jim Crow ended.

Replace the system of racism / white supremacy NOW with a System of Justice along with forwarding the reparations / compensation to the Blacks in America that are the descendants of enslaved men and women from Africa.

JUSTICE guarantees that NO person is mistreated and that ANY person who needs HELP the MOST, gets the most CONSTRUCTIVE HELP.  Justice is better than Racism / White Supremacy.

The debate regarding Civil War Monuments is irrelevant. All conversations need to be focused on long term correction of the core of these racist policies with the solution being reparations.

Strategically, this is our best chance to start pushing our agenda for reparations.

Reparations Timeline

Questions/Comments and to get involved with the grassroots push for Reparations please contact Tiffany Tubman (Twitter: @montswife16 and Email:


Thank you,

Tiffany and Mahmoud

11 thoughts on “Reparations are Long Overdue

  1. JFK says:

    America is the greatest military power in the world and African Americans comprise a disproportionate amount of that military muscle.

    Will African Americans pay reparations to, for example, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan etc for supporting the wars of white supremacy?

  2. Amoun Jamilu Mahmoud says:

    Who and what policies managed Blacks / African American soldiers in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan etc. I’LL WAIT.

    Most Blacks / Africans in America joined the armed forces because of no prospects after high school or to get support for a college education. All due to racism / white supremacy control systems.

    Only to die or come back to America from abroad and be treated less than patriotic and to be treated less than American.

    White Supremacist / Racist kept Blacks / Africans in America out of the military. White Supremacist / Racist allowed Blacks / Africans in America into the military. Blacks / Africans in America were and are never in control of the military no matter the rank. They always have someone white to report to above them with White written policy to manage them.

    As usual there are exceptions.

    However, the rule was there were no better choices to make for Blacks / Africans in America who chose to enlist in the armed forces from the revolutionary war, Civil War to Afghanistan conflict today.

    America is the greatest military power in the world due to the tax dollar / resources allocated to the military to police the world and change regimes. Destroying foreign infrastructure then contracting to private White owned contractors to rebuild infrastructure.

    There were Native Americans who’s land was taken from them. Native Americans, some, were patriotic and joined the armed forces. Their families still on reservations. Still suffering from the highest incident of alcoholism. Still were paid reparations federal Native / Indian Bureau and State Commission and some own casinos. There were Japanese Americans born and raised in America, patriotic to America only to be interned in concentration camps during world war 2 by white supremacist decision. Japanese decedents were still paid reparations at the tune of $22,000 each in1992 after Japan was rebuilt under the Point Four Plan paid with American money with Black / Africans in America contributing who did not make the decision to intern Japanese American Citizens in concentration camps.

    Vietnamese, Iraqis and Afghanistan immigrants get resources and open up stores in neighborhoods that the white supremacist allow them to open in.

    Blacks / Africans in America are not afforded the same opportunities to open businesses in those enclaves where that demographic lives in America in the same way.

    Reparations demanded for all Citizens that are Black / Africans in America is real and tangible Justice!

    There is no one speaking up for Blacks / Africans in America in Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan. If Blacks do not speak up for reparations for Blacks, no one from those countries will and no where else for that matter. Blacks / Africans in America have no friends. We are our family / friends. Whether we know it or not.

  3. JFK says:

    So it’s acceptable for African Americans to support America’s global dominance because of “poverty”, yet it is not acceptable for non-black people to use “poverty” as an excuse for…anything?

    If poverty is a legitimate excuse for African Americans, it is a legitimate excuse for non-black people as well.

    Of course, your alter ego (Tariq Nasheed) is incapable of anything beyond grade school logic and word games.

  4. Amoun Jamilu Mahmoud says:

    White Supremacy / Racism is not acceptable.

    The System of White Supremacy / Racism must be replaced with a Better System that We call a System of Justice.

    With a System of Justice, there is no ‘poverty’ amongst people.

    As an author named Neely Fuller Jr. explains the compensatory meaning of Justice: ‘Justice means balance between people, guaranteeing that no person is mistreated and guaranteeing that the person who needs help the most, gets the most constructive help.

    So, ‘Justice is Better than White Supremacy / Racism’ – Neely Fuller Jr.

    1. JFK says:

      You are deflecting.

      If poverty is not an excuse for groups of non-white people, it is no excuse for African Americans to slaughter other non-white people in Americas various wars of domination.

      Poor black and poor non-black people are controlled in the current system of injustice.

      However, African Americans supporting one branch of white supremacy (Orientalism/Othering) is not conducive to creating a system of justice for all.

      As far as I can tell, the only reason Mr Nasheed cares about black prisoners as opposed to ALL non-white prisoners is because he understands a stronger black collective is good for his personal wealth.

      This is the same reason why he would not vote for Hillary Clinton (because she is connected to Bill) but would vote for Michelle Obama (though she is connected to Barack).

      Tariq is playing a dangerous game telling all these other groups to “hold their own nuts”.

      Watch what happens when African Americans have pissed off every other group and have to hold their own nuts.

  5. Amoun Jamilu Mahmoud says:

    You are projecting.

    The subject is ‘Reparations are long overdue as other groups have gotten their reparations’.

    White Supremacy / Racism, (A corrupt system), must be replaced with a System of Justice.

    Its business. Not personal.

    You have been attempting to change the subject with your projections and suppositions.

    Melanoid Nation Is on subject and on code.

    Its time to avoid contact to avoid conflict.

    What you are attempting is not productive or constructive.

    You can project by yourself.

  6. JFK says:

    Projecting what?

    Let me give you an example (I hope links can be posted):

    Dr Shashi Tharoor makes a case for Britain to pay reparations to India as the British Raj turned India from the second richest country in the world to one of the poorest.

    However, he notes the impracticality of expecting Britain to actually pay reparations to India.

    I am not saying African Americans are not owed reparations.

    I simply do not think it is good strategy to expect reparations to be paid.

    If America did not pay reparations when they were the number one economy in the world, why would they do it when the country is declining?

    For the record, Tariq is never on code.

    He name calls and teaches black people dysfunctional relationship/sexual habits.

    Neither of which respect Neely Fuller’s code.


  7. grand wizard says:

    yah we wuz kangs n shiiiit give us our money u white cave beasts!!!!

  8. Lisa says:

    yes very long overdue!

    Connect with black owned businesses at

  9. Kekistani conquerer says:

    Black person assaulting and robing a white person, is this really the image you want for yourselves?

    Anyway, slavery was more expensive than regular labor. If the us government is responsible to pay back black people for the work then black people should be responsible to pay back for the cost of travel, runaway slave returns, food, etc. Which is almost twice the cast of labor easily. Slavery wasn’t cheap labor, it was forced labor as nobody wanted to pick cotton. Consider “indentured servants”. There were far more people willing to volunteer to essentially be a slave for 7 years than were needed. Again, it was amazingly expensive and Europe was severely over populated. People really wanted to get out. But there was only enough room for the jobs nobody would do without being forced to.

  10. Bin says:

    This is stupid

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