Raging White Supremacist Cop of McKinney Pool Party Resigns

eric casebolt

Eric Casebolt, the race soldier who assaulted Melanoid teens at a pool party in McKinney, TX this past weekend, resigned.

The race soldier, with his history of racist bias, has turned in his badge upon news that an investigation will be carried out after the pool party incident. Here is the complete story here.

In the video below, McKinney police chief Greg Conley delivers a statement regarding the resignation of Eric Casebolt.


by B. Clark

5 thoughts on “Raging White Supremacist Cop of McKinney Pool Party Resigns

  1. Griotman says:

    Methinks there is a secret fund for all race soldiers. It’s a fountain to take care of them when they did their job of being extremely racist. They can no longer do public crowdfunding, but there are other ways….

  2. zeek says:

    I think the Slave Code and the Black Codes of yesteryear are still in effect. These police incidents with black teens and others is a form of Du Jour Jim Crow racism. Dred Scott is still the law of the land and no one can police white cops arrogance. The only crime these teens committed is the gall if challenging police authority.

  3. Di says:

    The mayor nor did the police chief express in any way how they did NOT condone the actions of what Casebolt did. Instead it appeared that they were sending a direct message to the residence and police officers that what occurred is right. The mayor and the police chief represents those individuals in that gated community. Evidently they are securing any future re-election into the mayor or police chief title. The Melanoid people in that Community need to be tight when it comes to voting who their mayor will because that one right there in the video does not represent them.

  4. R8sing A Nation says:


    Take a read or listen to this…it speaks to the issue of why white supremacist hate blacks at community pools.

    1. Ish says:

      @R8sing A Nation Good point. I think White people don’t wanna share pools bc they sub-consciously feel inferior around Black people. People if you all haven’t you gotta read Dr Frances Cress Welsing’s The Isis Papers to better understand white supremacy behavior. In it she points to documentation in Western literature that explain white collective alienation. Mark Twain wrote “The advantage is with the Zulu….I think there is no sort of chance for the average white complexion against that rich and perfect tint.” Burroughs in his book, ‘Tarzan at the Earth’s Core’ wrote “…the whiteness of his skin that had made him seem so naked by contrast with other creatures, for his whiteness had suggested softness and weakness, arousing within him a disturbing sensation of inferiority.” Like James Franco said in The Interview, “they hate us cuz they ain’t us!”

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