Racist Trolls Hijack #BlacksOnCampus Twitter Buzz


This week, the Black players on the University of Missouri’s football team took a stand because in retaliation to the ongoing disparaging treatment they have been receiving…because they’re Black. As this week comes to an end, the Black athletes and fellow Black students on campus are receiving death threats by white extremists…because they’re Black. Campus has been all but shut down, and the young students there are rightfully afraid for their lives.

In light of a heart-wrenching story on Raw Story about how terrified these young Melanoid students are about the possibility of them getting killed by white extremists on campus, many of the same racists have taken to Twitter, letting their presence-and racist intentions–be felt by all who cares to read. On Twitter, there has been a hashtag named #BlacksOnCampus, which has been trending heavy on the popular social media site. However, white supremacist trolls have begun to use the hashtag in their own way, resulting to name calling and an outright display of disrespect towards the brave Melanoid young men who have stood brave in the face of the adversity. Here are just a few of the Tweets left by the trolls:

As you can see, white supremacists are in an uproar over the simple fact that the Black football athletes of the University of Missouri realized that their purpose in society meant much more than just scoring touchdowns and sacking quarterbacks. It’s no secret that for years, Black basketball and football athletes have been accepted–and even celebrated–under the condition that they remained seen and not heard. This means that they’ve been expected to be good athletes, marginal students, and racially transparent.

In conjunction with these laughable expectations placed upon Black athletes by members of the dominant society, it should be noted that in the competitive hierarchy of the NCAA, the Mizzou football team is part of the Southeastern Conference (SEC).

This collegiate sports conference has long been recognized as ground zero for its athletic programs which recruit young and impressionable Black males from the rural areas of places of the South such as Alabama and Mississippi, notoriously racist coaches (who are celebrated to this day) like Paul “Bear” Bryant & Adolph Rupp, and last but not least, the extensive network of the “good ol’ boys” who seek out young able-bodied Black “bucks” to lead their respective athletic programs to the promised land (which is a national championship).

In hindsight, after knowing all of this about the University of Missouri’s athletic conference affiliation and its home state’s recent history of racial calamity, it comes as no surprise that this campus was primed and ready for this past week’s series of events to occur in the first place.

B. Clark

29 thoughts on “Racist Trolls Hijack #BlacksOnCampus Twitter Buzz

  1. minkpink says:

    These people are just poison to the entire planet, the Constitution gave them ‘Affirmative Action’ as it was written. These animals demonstrate on a daily basis how uncouth they are, bringing there poisonous presence anywhere they step foot. Whyt’s are a poision.

  2. dj says:

    This is typical for them. You really can’t expect anything else from them.

    I ain’t even mad. I just wish they would get some new material for their jokes/memes. The whole affirmative action, fatherless children and black on black crime rhetoric has been played out for some time now.

    1. dj says:

      When are black people going to learn to stop worrying about what racist people say about us and start worrying about what we need to do as a people to better our situation around the planet. Stop reacting to silliness and start acting for empowerment. It is just that simple.

  3. So you saying black on black crime is played out and we need new jokes about it? Lmao OK…I think its funny too how much you shoot and kill eachother on a daily basis hehehe! :)

    1. TAbrafo says:


    2. Nothoughts Kahunna says:

      i think its funny how much you kidnap,rape,and murder white children on a daily basis hehehe.

    3. dj says:

      There was an old commercial when I was young where the little girl’s voice says…”R. I. F….Reading is Fundamental” Please take that little girl’s advice and scurry your trolling behind back under a rock…thanks in advance

    4. Real Talk 101 says:

      We are genetically superior to you. If one year every black guy in the US impregnated 2 white woman each, your race would be a memory. That must sting.

  4. I swear white racists have to be the dummest people on the planet…how you going to ridicule the very people you come from if it wasn’t for black original people you white people wouldn’teven exists it really sad the state that the european mind is in…and the fear of your true god…the black man…and not some mystery god that backwards europeans created such as Jesus christ…yall are a small minority on the planet and the brief power we gave europeans is fading….and we are not going to save you no more like we have done count less times in the past its in the best interest of the human famlies of the planet earth to just let you dumb fucks die off!!!

    1. TAbrafo says:

      They’re obsessed with us. Our talent, our beauty, our intelligence, our melanin… these are all things that they’ll never have an it burns them. They just cant leave us alone.

    2. JayBay says:

      What’s messed up is is that Jesus isn’t even white. Go to churches in Europe and ALL of the people of the bible are shown as black, afros and all. It’s just more of their BS. They want to be Gods chosen so bad yet the commit the most evil on the earth despite being only 10 percent of its population.

      1. Infamous says:

        If Jesus was actually white, he’d be molesting children, stealing from the church, smoking hallucinogenic drugs. Just plain ole robbing, stealing and raping. He be catholic

      2. No says:

        Crazier part is the bible is a book of hodgepodge myths and Jesus doesn’t even exist or have an original story. Read: “Jesus Christ and the 16 crucified saviors” for more on these myths… Also remember the bible is not a history book.

  5. JayBay says:

    I don’t mind at all. Every time one of these cave dwellers trolls posts like this all it does is prove our point even more and wake people up. At least a few of the people at that university are gonna go from “whites are my best friends” to looking at them sideways. That’s how I started to wake up. So let the white supremacists speed up their own destruction!

  6. Nothoughts Kahunna says:

    so white supremacist create statistics and polls and then try and use them as a crutch.where are the stats on pedophile cases? not including the catholic church incidents.

    1. dc1969 says:

      All white peoples ain’t bad.whenever i hear that statement,it makes me cringe. Maybe there are some ok ones,but they definitely are the minority.these ignorant racists trolls are making me laugh as i am texting this now. Actually,i am sure it is out of fear and shame as to why they get so bent out shape.they are the real crybabies of the world! Wah,wah!

  7. You black people wouldn’t have shit if it wasn’t for the white man taking care of you and using our tax $. And you know its the truth. But you’ll never admit it. The victim card is played out. Your race destroys your own race

    1. dc1969 says:

      Wah,wah! Shut your face,you clown crybaby.

    2. dc1969 says:

      Hey,creampuff?why are you so angry and violent? You are a racist goon,hoodlum and last but not least,a thug. You need a hug, you creampuff. Crybaby! Wah, wah! Also,you know that statistics do show that your so called “white”peoples do commit the most crime in this “great ole USA”. Look it up,dummy. Also,what about white on white crime? You are your own worst enemy.every ethnic,racial group mostly commits crime against each other. And yoi know that,fool.think about that,angry male and,or female. Stop bitching and go back to Europe if you don’t like it here! Ha,ha! God bless this “great ole country called the USA! Yee haw!

      1. dc1969 says:

        Good night,troll creampuff!!! Sleep tight,boy or girl. Bad dreams! Ha,ha!

    3. dc1969 says:

      Hey,by the way,can you spare a dollar,creampuff? Ha,ha! Can’t we all get along?

    4. JayBay says:

      Ah, the classic “you should be thanking us for enslaving you, killing you, raping, you and keeping you in poverty and not try to correct it” argument. Yep. This sums up exactly why we don’t like you. It would be one thing if your bullshit ended after slavery but your people just keep fucking with us and have the audacity to expect us to be grateful for it. We’re gonna keep posting about your peoples bullshit and racism here. We’re gonna keep coming together and get more of your racist leaders fired. We’re gonna take our talents away from your organizations and form our own causing you to lose billions in the process. And there’s nothing you can do about it. Except troll that is. Or turn to heroin since according to the BBC, 90 percent of all heroin users are white. Have fun hitting that refresh key and posting the same arguments over and over. Cave dweller!

      1. dc1969 says:

        On point,bro. I definitely agree. I am waiting for that creampuff to come back on. This shit is fun going back and forth with this buffoon. Peace , bro

      2. dj says:

        instant cosign…

      3. Profit30 says:


      4. unapologetically black says:

        Well stated bro. I have no more to say.

    5. Infamous says:

      Coming from a race who got its riches from robbing and stealing, y’all are unclean.people, white folks wouldn’t have existed past the Black Plague (a plague created because y’all didn’t wash y’all asses) if the black man (moors) didn’t teach y’all mongrels how to bathe. The white man is the true subhuman.

  8. Ebi says:

    i mean… in stats.. i’ve fudged up some numbers before…. “just sayin”

  9. Arzell says:

    All those white folks pissed off because them young black boys refused to entertain them LOL! Instead of getting mad, they should’ve suited up and got out on that field they goddamned selves

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