Racist Thug George Zimmerman Sells Lynching Memorabilia For $120k


Whenever Black people were lynched in our society, it was common practice for the perpetrators to take souvenirs away from the ritualistic murder scenes. The white supremacists would take the ropes and other weapons used to lynch the victims with them to display them as trophies. It was more common for the white supremacists to castrate the victims or cut off other body parts to keep as mementos.

In a long standing tradition in white supremacist culture, the weapon used to lynch an innocent unarmed Black child was auctioned off for $120k. The auction was orchestrated by racist career criminal George Zimmerman, who now spends his time on social media making racist comments about President Obama and Black society in general.

Zimmerman made headlines again last week when he announced he was going to auction the gun used to violate the Constitutional rights of  Trayvon Martin. The initial gun site that was going to host the auction backed out, but another suspected white supremacist gun  site agreed to host the auction. According to TMZ, the lynching weapon was sold for over $120k this week.

Despicable acts like this should force Melanoid people to realize that we are in a complete system that is dominated by the non-justice system of white supremacy. This is a system where racists can still lynch innocent Black people with impunity, and have the support of other white supremacists. We have to remember, there was a suspected white supremacist police force in Florida who supported Zimmerman. There were suspected white supremacist jurors who acquitted Zimmerman-who we now see has a career of crime and violence. There are several white supremacist organizations and donors who support Zimmerman.

Many people in the dominant white society will try to denounce or distance themselves from the despicable and racist behavior of Zimmerman, because now he is going off-code and being blatant with his racist views . But Zimmerman is simply a reflection of the entire system of white supremacy.

18 thoughts on “Racist Thug George Zimmerman Sells Lynching Memorabilia For $120k

  1. Michael says:

    America is just an awful country. I don’t feel sad for them when the next anniversary of 9-11 is coming up

  2. Yeison says:

    In order to truly understand the nature of Whites you must know their true origin.

    1. Nene says:

      Which is what? Because I am curious about this my damn self. The things they do are mind-boggling to me. They are strange and are emotionally odd.

  3. J says:

    World wide Universally known system is crumbling. The same way it has entered World and Universal time. Is the same way it will exit. Prepare your Minds Spirits Souls and Bodies to Adapt Defend Protect and Respect The Ancestors and Deliver Justice at every step, and waking moment. WE ARE AND HAVE BEEN AT WAR! WAKE UP AND ADAPT OR DIE!

    1. Nofool says:

      Spook nigga’s copping a plea with white Jesus, Rapture and FEMA camps on this one.

  4. Stringer says:

    In order to know anybody you must first know they self

  5. Mr black says:

    Many of us delude ourselves into thinking that this society has changed for the better but it is instances like this that reinforces the fact that we have not moved an inch when comes to our attitudes towards the lives of the Melanoid race, hopefully this serves as a wake up call to those of us who still live in denial.

  6. MagnumBoom says:

    Only the most vile of the White supremacists would even consider purchasing anything even remotely related to George Zimmerman’s heinous crime. Smacking the Melanoid community over and over in the face is a favorite pastime of the supremacists nowadays. Don’t get ruffled. Don’t get angry. It’s part of a much grander scheme. This is a drop in the bucket compared to what we will continue to see done to Melanoid people. Save your outrage. There will be others. There will be more, we need to be ready when that happens, not tapped out and exhausted from getting riled up over minute White supremacist activity. I assure you, George Zimmerman is the least of your worries.

  7. yungworldz says:

    Not surprised by anything that happens in this racist society and the fact this clown is bold enough to sell his murder weapon should tell black folks all they need to know about white supremacy.

  8. I’m an unwitting, nonconsensual US Human Subject of unethical Evperimentation. They still experiment on Melanin enriched people, there hundreds all over the United States being Targeted and Tortured. . NO one hears us. We are Tortured by Space and Military Weapons. Thank you. FREE THE LAND !!!

  9. Clounie Milan says:

    George Zimmerman is a complete idiot! he’s brainless. No worries here folks, some one will make him disappear very soon…..

    The Spoken one

  10. JayBay says:

    I’m not surprised at all. Zimmerman isn’t brainless and he knows that he’s in a system where the majority of people are going to support him. He’s not going to disappear or end up bloody in a ditch because, sorry to say this, most of our men turn into total cowards when it comes to confronting anything to do with white supremacy. This is going to keep happening because we have to realize that we are in CAPTIVITY in America. We never have been and never will be citizens and voting and praying to a white jesus isn’t going to save us. Obama couldn’t save you and Clinton isn’t going to either. We need to go back to the laws of God (NOT christianity or any of these other religions that have only held us back) and realize that as long as we’re in sin and supporting America then our captivity will continue. That means reject American holidays and this American YOLO culture that teaches our people that just do whatever the hell you want and things will work out in the end. Take care of and support each other when we’re at a low point in our lives instead of looking for the government to do it (we’re worth over a trillion dollars collectively). Do everything in our lives with the sole purpose of building each other as a nation and stop spending every dime you make back into the hands of other nations. This is why they walk all over us and will continue to. Talk is cheap and if we aren’t willing to do anything different than we did last year then what makes anyone think 2017 will be any different?

  11. R8sing A Nation says:

    Time for talk is over as far as I’m concerned. Zimmerman is cancer that needs to be aggressively treated. All these “thugs” killing each other makes zero sense , when here you have public enemy number one.

  12. sambo says:

    If you could sell crack for $120k I’m sure you would. What ever the market bares.

    1. sambo says:


  13. sambo says:


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