Racist Law Enforcement Official Makes Video Threatening Black Citizens

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A suspected white supremacist law enforcement official from Texas by the name of  Nathan Ener made a 6 minute video (that he has since deleted from his Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/nathan.ener ) going on a dangerous racist rant against Black people.

In the video Nathan Ener is seemingly trying to use a recent shooting of a white officer by a mentally ill Black suspect,as justification to express the racist views he appears to already harbor for Black people. In his rant,he tries to blame others in Black society for the lone wolf shooting of white deputy officer Darren Goforth that happened in Texas recently.

In the video,he encourages white people to assault and ambush Black people,and later in the video,he holds up a shotgun,and vows to “take care” of Black people who he promises to “hunt down”.

In the video,he tries to use different code words for Black people,such as “Black thugs”,Black Panthers,Black Lives Matter,NOI,etc. But as he goes on,he stops using code words and says what he really means,by referring to African Americans as “Black bastards”.

And just when you thought this race soldier’s rant couldn’t stoop any lower,he refers to Sandra Bland (a Black woman who was unjustly pulled over by a cop in Texas,and later found hanging dead in a jail cell) as a “thug”.

Many people are wondering how is it possible that a person can get on Facebook and make blatant terroristic threats upon a certain race of people and the mainstream media is quiet about it?


Watch the video below.



68 thoughts on “Racist Law Enforcement Official Makes Video Threatening Black Citizens

  1. daniel says:

    He sounds like a verified card carrying white supremacist…

    1. Antwaun says:

      he sounds like a dumb ASS!
      You cannot go to jail for a Sling shot but you can for destroying private property.

  2. What says:

    And he’s still employed and being payed by the state????

  3. Karlin Carney says:

    Welcome to the New Jim Crow!

  4. R8sing A Nation says:

    I’m not shocked in the least bit, he’s just not being vague with his hate. If he does get fired his white supremacist supporters will set up a go fund me page and he’ll become an overnight racist cop hero spokesperson . He still will be winning in his book.
    Black people need to wake up and insulate themselves from these racist and understand what time it really is. I feel half of our people just want to keep their head in the sand.

    1. dj says:

      You are so right. He is winning either way and it is sad.

      I guess we can thank our Post-Racial President for this. And wait until he leaves office, you think it is bad now…forget it…it’s gonna be a rap if melanoid folks don’t band together to start building our economic and self-defense game now (No Tenemos Amigos!!!…).

      It is funny how this white thug is inciting violence by telling people to pelt peaceful demonstrators (who are within their constitutional rights to exercise their freedom of speech) with rocks. Isn’t that what they did to King and his civil rights striving followers (and look where it has gotten us… right back to square one)?

      It is funny how the more things are said to have changed, the more they really never changed and have instead remained the same (or have gotten worse), and this guy just proved it with his silly @$$ self.

  5. AB says:

    Most white racist folks have never really had a true encounter with a black person and if they did I guarantee they said or did something for a black person to go off on them…White Men Period are afraid of Black Men…In their heart, soul and mind they have done some terrible things to black people even though they may not have done it physical…Any way white folks need to wake up, they know they are our genetic mutation, that’s why they want BLACK EVERYTHING, hair, lips, melanin, ass, etc…

    1. scott says:

      you have not traveled much. or at least to see the real world out there. you are a genetic mutation of the genetic mutation that made us, read a fucking book, people need to wake up and understand that our diversity is what makes the human species so special. let start honoring it. its good that we have differences. we need them but we need to really cut out this clan mentality. its not us vs. them it’s us all vs. the universe. the fact that you think white people are scare of black people tells me you don’t really know that many white folks.

      1. Tadar says:

        We are sent here to “till and keep” the only true Deity’s creation, so your statement of – “its good that we have differences. we need them but we need to really cut out this clan mentality. its not us vs. them it’s us all vs. the universe.” – would be better stated as: …it’s us united to represent Him as we manage His creation.

        1. Greg says:

          Nicely put Tadar.

  6. Lmao says:

    So wait… What do u think the black panthers will be doing while u loading you sling shot??!! You moron try it!!! We ain’t afraid of u and our arms sound just like yours!!! Lego

  7. Jay says:

    He speaks for majority of white america.

    1. dj says:

      Of Course He Does…that is why he felt so bold and comfortable to come out with that video.

      Black people in that area need to remember his face, find out where he lives, and find out who are his relatives because he sounds like a home grown old school terrorist from the good ole boys gang (KKK).

      I am not an advocate of aggressive violence but I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that black people need to do their research on folks like him and be ready to protect themselves when silly @$$ holes like him attempt to (in his own words) “come in your God-Damn house”.

      1. annmarie says:

        It’s people like this that keeps so much hate alive, People are not born to hate . Blacks feel hurt and angry when this happens to them, as it has for hundreds of years . This man was taught to hate.

        1. dj says:

          But when black people respond to this type of hate with hate we are accused of being the racists by the dominant society and the coon train.

          I guess they still want us to combat the hate with love and forgiveness.

    2. Adam says:

      As much as I hate to admit it, he is 100% correct and on point. Black people don’t like to admit that they are a bunch of loud mouth ignorant bastarda who can’t be civilized. They know they are and they blame white America for it. I’m Hispanic, this has nothing to do with me but so many people think destroying private businesses is ok to do in a protest. I don’t think so, trust me if it was my family owned business and they tried destroying it. I would of obviously let off a few rounds and then what? More protesting for those idiots I just guned down by me for destroying my business. Really, you guys are mostly under age and you kids need to go home and quit it already. And naming a street in texas after a crack head woman?really?? Shows you the class they have. Name a street after Tupac who at least tried to make a difference. I’m not racist at all but this is just stupid already, and believe me I’ve had my share of beef with black people when I did a year in County jail. And two of those black guys I had to beat down to the ground when it was time to rumble. We are now good friends, till this day so don’t title me as being racist. I’m not with black people or white people, I’m with what’s right. It’s sad to say that these thugs can’t see what they are doing here and can’t see the wrong in their protesting, this guy is right though. Thugs life don’t matter, black life’s matter! But not these lames. Even about 3/8 of black people disagree and don’t like what they are doing so they can’t say black life’s matter in their protest. Most of the people getting killed by cops get killed for acting like they don’t have to listen to anybody or cooperate with law enforcement. That’s why!! And the wrong is a better place without them anyway.

      1. Greg says:

        Hey Adam, you’re a racist a–hole yourself. I’ve been around a lot of your people, and all I can say is a lot of you are arrogant as hell. You need to stop thinking you’re better than blacks and get your damn head together because you sound just like a damn racist white kkk member. Because the racist whites, blacks, Chinese and any other racist idiot have a name for your people too… and it’s not a pretty one either. You need to stop looking at skin color and look at people for being people. In this life there will be racist folks in every nation. So “don’t spread it, dead it”!!!

  8. dc1969 says:

    Personally, what this insecure,evil,peckerwood,redneck male said does not bother me. This is what the overwhelming ,if not all,caucasians,in particular the males think about us anyway. We got to stop being surprised and hurt by asswipes like him. Just be ready for the likes of him if and when his kind come in our face. I know i am. White supremacy at its best or worst,depending on how we face this fucked up reality. Most of african,black,melanoid people seem to be confused,hurt,bewildered by buffoons like this race soldier. Better wake the fuck up,people. These savages are not for us and are not our friends. Wake the fuck up and stand our ground against this species of genetic mutated savages. I know the fuck i am!

    1. scott says:

      if there are people out there killing black people because they are black then i will be killing them, you are so very very wrong if you believe that the majority or even a small percentage of white people feel this way, you dont really know many white folks if you think they really feel that way, or you just live around white people i have never met

      1. dc1969 says:

        To you,scott: history shows what i am saying is true. The majority of caucasians really do not care about us. I personally don’t give a fuck about that.just leave me and others who know the history of this united states of america the fuck alone. Strictly business and that is it.if your feelings are hurt,so what. We did not start this shit.

        1. dj says:

          Scott is an obvious troll…don’t even bother

      2. Tadar says:

        What was the complexion of the majority, if not all of those who opened their houses and put their lives on the line to have an operational “Underground Railroad”?

        How many melanoid people have owned slaves down through history, some evidence is carved in stone.? How many people of African descent owned slaves in the USA – check before answering, because there were laws passed that started limiting the types of people that Negroes aka Coloreds and Indians could own, – and what was the complexion of the person who owned the land that the battle of Gettysburg was fought on? How many melanoid people were involved in capturing, kidnapping, etc. melanoid people and selling them to others of any complexion? How many so called White people struggled to stop “the peculiar institution of slavery”, and how many of them lost their lives in that struggle? What would we be right now if those non-melanoid people had not taken the stand that they did then, and as some are doing now?

        There are exceptions to every rule. And when one speaks of a whole, the whole should be involved in the subject under discussion. If the whole is not involved in the situation, then the intelligent, and respectful, language will let the hearer/reader know that it’s only that segment of a group that is the problem.

        That’s why Bro. Min. Louis Farrakhan spoke about those officers who are killing unarmed melanoid civilians, and the federal justice system lets them escape justice, as the ones who are to be sought and brought to justice – using a higher law. The laws that the Founding Fathers of the USA recognized as standing the test of time and for which they fought the Revolutionary War with England to establish, as quoted from The Declaration of Independence, which is the foundation for the Constitution of the USA that manages it: “…the laws of Nature, and of Nature’s God…”; He allows for every living thing within His creation the inalienable right to defend it’s self.

        Who is this only true Deity? Semantically, we call Him or It by different names, due to our languages being different – human infants speak the same language, and laugh, smile, make sounds of pain, and cry for the same reasons (and this trait carries on throughout the lifespan of humans – English was not around in the land of the Bible. But using the Bible we get this representative sampling of the only true Deity, and how Jesus thought of ‎and taught of himself and his mission. And his relationship to and with the only true ‎Deity as the one that we are to have. ‎

        Deuteronomy, 32:(39/{40}); and 33:26/27; Numbers 23:17-(19)-26; Isaias (CB)/Isaiah ‎‎43:({3}-{10-13}); 44:1-(6-8)-9 45:1-(5/6)-(12)-(15)-(18)-(21-23)-25; 57:1-(11-{15}-21); ‎St. Matthew 4:1-(4)-(8-{10})-11, 20:(20-{23}-24; and 21:1-(10/11)-(13)-(33-{42-44}-‎‎{46}); St. Mark 10:17-(18)-25; and 13:10-(19)-(32)-37; St. Luke, 4:1-(4)-(5-{8})-13; ‎‎7:11-(16)-(26/27)-28; 22:35-(40-{42-44})-51; and 24:13-(19)-21; St. John, 4:1-([10-‎‎14])-({19}-{26})-(29)-(34)-(42)-(44); 5:(19-21)-(24), and (30-32)-(36/37)- 8:12-(26)-‎‎(28/29)-(38)-(40)-(42)-47; 10:1-(14-16); ([chapters]14-16); 17:1-(3/4)-({6}-{11/12}-‎‎(17)-({19}-23)-(26); and 20:1-9-(17); Acts 2:1-(22/23)…]; Romans 1:(18-{19-21}-25); ‎‎2 Corinthians 11:30-(31); 1 Timothy 1:(1/2), and 12-(17); 2:1-(3/4); and 6:1-(15/16)-19; ‎‎1 Thessalonians 5:(12-{21}/22); Titus 1:1-(2/3); Hebrews 6:13-(18)-20; Ephesians 6:1-‎‎(12-{15}-18)-20; 1 St. Peter (CB)/1 Peter 5:1-(6-{10/11}); 1 St. John (CB)/1 John ‎‎4:(12/13); 5:2/3, and 19/20; and Philippians 2:11-(12-14)-16.

        Let’s be what we once were within the cocoon of “separate but equal”‎ when we interacted with each other regardless of our “$$$ status”. And found out that those who were considered as our enemies – that we may have hurt badly, or may have hurt us badly – later own became our close friends. And that because we knew each other the poorest of the poor could still have a shot at marrying one of the richest of the rich’s child, because they knew the quality of the poorest of the poor, and that that child only needed a hand up.

        Let’s be what we are sent here to be, and let’s start getting that together like yesterday?

    2. Pam says:

      This is just disgusting and despicable. If ANY of them work up the nerve to have some kind of confrontation with me or any other black person, they’ll regret it. Come in people’s houses? That @sshole has completly lost his racist mind.

  9. dj says:

    I wonder if he feels the same way about the white dude who shot a cop recently?

    1. ereka says:

      I can understand he upset but how he thinks us African Americans feel when the cops kill innocent black people for nothing. Black lives do matter you white bitch

  10. autry says:

    it’s crazy

  11. Calvin says:

    Man fuck that evil ass white devil take that shotgun and stick up yo ass and pull the trigger u piece of shit!

  12. The Airmen says:


    enough said

    1. scott says:

      how sad. if you really think like that how in the heck are you any better than this dude

      1. dc1969 says:

        Once again,scott: wake the fuck up. I have known people like you in my 46 years on this earth. Always defending and or deflecting from reality. White supremacy is a harsh reality. I don’t forgive nor do i forget. Let the chips fall where they may. You think about that.

        1. Pam says:

          I don’t believe in that weak-@ss “forgiving and forgetting” either. Not when it comes to THEM, because they deserve nothing of the kind from us.

  13. Lissen_Up says:

    Ladies and gentlemen I give you the degenerate cave Neanderthal savage in a nutshell. Ol’ boy there be talking tough when he with his boys or got some heat. He fails to realize he’s still only 8% of the world’s population & his mutation seed is dying out by nature. He & others like him depend on the military to come save them when they start $hit. But, does he actually know who makes up the military?. Do Troglodytes like him really think a race as powerful as us in genetics & historical significance would just allow imbeciles like him to take us out?. Let him try it would be his last day breathing..

    1. dj says:

      Unfortunately, I think the majority will. There are only a handful of “real” black people who would put in that work against our true enemy (and history has shown us this, from slavery up until now).

      Case in point, a recent example is in N.Y. where we (our people) videoed Eric Garner’s death. The moment of Mr. Garner’s death should have been a breaking point where all the black people who witnessed that live murder on that sideway should have dealt with all of them cops on the scene, not just the idiot racist cop (Daniel Pantaleo) who choked him to death. But guess what??? We did nothing but standby and watch. And even after the no indictment, we did nothing.

      There are other recent examples but I feel there is no need to go through each one. The 99.9999% is ready to kill over and die because they think they will get their “pie in the sky” in their afterlife. The 0.0001% will be the few who will be brave enough to stand up and resist until the end.

    2. Tadar says:

      That is the main reason that those of them who fear us, fear us. To those of them who think like that we are walking “weapons of mass destruction” via our genes. They even teach that science proves that the “black gene” is the superior gene, and the “white gene” is the recessive gene. They can be eliminated via sex, which is what they push every where you look, even in selling cars, and animal food.

      But do their guilty ones think about it – the ones who raped or are raping our sisters aka females – we have to get back into realizing that we are one human family – with loyalties to those who deserve it starting with the immediate family, then the extended family, then friends, then acquaintances, then the hood, then the town, then the larger society, etc., etc., etc..

  14. shineboyzBloodgang says:

    Kill all kops in teaxs kill all the whites we will be there marching

    1. K says:

      How are you going to be able to get there you can’t even spell texas

  15. OK my people, this is the face and the sound of a Grand Dragon of the KKK. What we can do is file complaints against this Sociopath for attempting to incite, intimidate and influence violence upon himself and others…….The typical attitude of entitlement amazes me and the so-called balls that he assumes he has. Let us help him understand that he is delusional…..

    Blak Lives Will Always Matter…..


    1. Tadar says:

      UHURU SASA, and As-Salaam-u alaikum!

  16. Jay says:

    What about the black man that went missing in your city? The one that you claim overdosed on drugs, but was clearly MURDERED, and then you frame another black man for selling him the drugs. Please.

    1. Tadar says:

      The government of the USA has been found guilty of bringing in drugs to finance the Iran/Contra War, and doing their version of “Fast and Furious” during that same time period of President Ronald Reagan.

      Col. Ollie North, was granted immunity to testify against the corruption that was going on and as filmed live on CSpan admitted to bringing in drugs from Central and South America, and selling them in the ghettos to get $$$$ for the Iran/Contra War. He makes tens of thousands of $$$$ in speaking engagements, and media presentations and he’s not ever been called a THUG by the exact same media hypocrites who call the melanoid people to whom the drugs are sold, for distribution, and those who do what they have to in order to get their fix THUGS.

      President Ronald Reagan’s pilot, named Gunther, I forget his first name and I used to talk about this situation of bringing in drugs by the plane load, while he was in Protective Custody in the Missouri State Penitentiary, and he had made a booklet about it.

      Let’s use positive info to overcome all of their negative BS that is scientifically proven to hold you back if one keeps on repeating it – one’s subconscious takes it as a signal that the person wants to be what it allows to come to it unchecked. Then it shouts it out to one’s conscious mind to make it a reality. If that’s not what one really wants to be then an internal problem is created that causes one to have psychological problems. And if left unchecked will cause one to become an unwilling thug, hoe, whatever – similar to a zombie, and there’s a scientific reason why this word is being used more today, and more books/movies are being made on the subject.

      Google: fluoride, aspartame, Monsanto, genetically modified organism, and the Georgia Guidestones? Then ask yourself, how can the mandate on the guidestones be met without the masses of people realizing what’s going on?

      What will happen, if and or when the masses of people quit drinking the kool aid? What should we be intelligently doing now, and then? Why?

  17. Terrence L says:

    Get that gun game up black folks. Protection is needed.

    1. Tadar says:

      They have weapons that can drop a whole crowd with one impulse, and it will not harm any infrastructure. And they still use biological and chemicals to take out their enemies. Go on the U. S. Patent Office site and check out “Ebola”? Why is this patented, and can it be done without having an effective cure before hand? If so, why do we allow it. If not, who qualifies to get the cure?

      Don’t get lured into an ambush, for their further experiments on us? Read “Medical Apartheid”?

      Google: HAARP, and electro magnetic pulse?

  18. Nick says:

    It’s getting vicious out here in Texas. Over the past year the racism against melanated people has gotten to the point where we are seeing a “black flight” from Eastern to Western/West-Central-Texas out of areas like McKinney, Frisco and Jasper. This is due in part to cases such as the following:
    http://www.dailykos.com/story/2014/02/11/1276596/-Black-Man-in-Jasper-Texas-Found-With-Cut-Throat-And-Missing-Ear-Ruled-Accidental-Overdose#. They are slowly being pushed out to areas like San Angelo, TX, a town that was designed to be a retirement community for the elderly dominant society and now there is tension out here as the flight has swollen the black population of a city that was never expecting it. City response? Increase the size of the police force. I truly believe we need to localize and develop our own areas with our own industries and maintain our own security and document that development in the international media; show the world that the conflict here is no different than what the Israelis are doing to the Palestinians, because the racial tension in this country is clearly coming to a head.

    1. Tadar says:

      When we set up our own communities in unincorporated areas, we can incorporate the area – make it a “person” just as the USA with all of it’s relative incorporated states, counties, cities, and towns are.

      Then we will have the exact same responsibilities as any of them.

      One thing that we overlook that has “DY-NO-MITE!” power is the power of a fully informed juror. It’s the jury that has the final say on any law as it applies to each case – that means that the jury has the final VETO, and it can not be overturned.

      In the past when juries were FULLY INFORMED of their powers, rights, and expectations some of them went against the corruption that the prosecuting attorneys and or judges wanted as an outcome, they were put in harsh circumstances, almost like being in the “hole” in prison. A few of them caved in to the injustice on themselves and the defendant(s) and allowed injustice, in the name of justice, to prevail.

      There can be no law made in the USA that goes against human consciousness. It is NULL and VOID! Corrupt so called law enforcers will try to weed out those who know where the REAL POWER OF THE PEOPLE LIES, and choose those who seem to be ignorant of their true power as a JUROR.

      This site was founded by “White” ex-cons who want the system to be what it is supposed to be. One of the founders in now deceased. But before he died they were able to have some prosecutors and at least one judge FIRED. They have had many cases reviewed due to “procedural errors” which abound at almost every step in the system.

      They will let you know the real “nitty-gritty” on how the system works, and how to use it to your best freedom loving advantage.


      Love, Truth, Freedom, and Justice must and will prevail, but they all come with price tags. Are you willing to pay the price for your, your loved ones, and your posterity’s liberty rights?

  19. goodfella blk unite says:



    1. dc1969 says:

      Real talk,goodfella.

  20. Dindu nuffin says:

    So let me get this straight. None of you are angry over the NUMEROUS videos of black people calling for open season on whites? Fucking hippocrites.

    1. JayBay says:

      While I personally am not calling for black people to go out and start murdering whites I will say one thing….If the situations were reversed, I mean all the injustices that black people have gone through at the hands of whites from slavery up to today were instead inflicted upon whites, can you sit here and say that white people wouldn’t be sitting around and saying they should have open season on black people?…..Exactly. We didn’t start this shit, you did. Whether it’s Arabs, Native Americans, East Indians and so on and so on, whites are always the ones to start oppressing and then get mad when people start fighting back. Your people started this shit so deal with the consequences. All things considered we’ve been extremely forgiving of you up to this point.

      1. Tadar says:

        That’s the key reason that the Hon. Elijah Muhammad called them the Devil. I don’t know if he was taught that by his mentor the Hon. W. D. Fard Muhammad or not.

        He explained what he meant by the term Devil as a contraction of “doer of evil”; because everywhere he went he created problems for the indigenous people.

        He also made a challenge to the “Devils” that if anyone of them could prove him wrong that he would give that one “$10,000.00” from his brother’s vest pocket, no one claimed the money up until the time of his demise. And back in the 1940s $1.00 would get you so much groceries that you might need a couple of big bags to bag them.

        He also stated in one of his last “Savior’s Day” conferences that we should respect him – the ones called devil – because they respected us, and we didn’t respect ourselves. You would have to know more of our melanoid history to understand where he’s coming from on that statement.

        He went from being once chased all over the country so that he could be murdered, to having escorts voluntarily given to him by local governments that are reserved for visiting people of “state” political positions. He is listed by Chicago’s media as being one of it’s 100 most influential people.

        We’re climbing up “the rough side of the mountain”, but we will make it if we try as we can and should.

  21. YuRaceBaitn says:

    This video is no different than the videos Farrakhan made. The only reason its seen differently is because It’s a “white” guy, and it’s actually no where near as violent. An example of black privilege, is that they can get a pass on hate messages. It’s unfortunate we’re set back 50 years all of a sudden. Exactly what the democrats wanted. Why is it that red states have better race relations than blue state. That’s a fact and super ironic.

    1. IwillFightBack says:

      This is not Farrakhan, this is cop, a public official, that’s expected to uphold certain standards when it comes to dealing with citizens period! People are entitled to their opinions, and make videos everyday, but to know it’s a cop talking this way, someone that’s expected to protect and serve all….. I have a major problem with this. So leave Farrakhan out of this. This is a prime example of white supremacy, and confirmation that cops have no problems killing our people. Wake up you fool!

    2. Tadar says:

      Not when you know the history.

      The Democratic Party is the party of the old South (KKK), and it was the Republican Party that physically fought against them, with a by product of eventually freeing melanoid people – with the passage of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution of the USA – the Emancipation Proclamation didn’t free a single slave.

      There were slaves in the North, the area that President Lincoln had authority over, not one of them was set free by the Emancipation Proclamation – a political ponzi scheme – that was worded only for the slaves in the states that had seceded from the Union, of which Jefferson Davis, was it’s President. It caused the turmoil and upheaval as planned and helped to end the war. The former slaves, and slaves, fought on both sides of the war for different reasons.

  22. Black man says:

    NATHAN ENER – the white supremacist racist fat pig should be gutted and left for dead as he so implied on every black person. FUCK this racist fat bastard and son of whore who’s mama is a Dirty Harry cunt who smells like Pork Chops…

  23. Lawless Land says:

    Please tell me why a White person and threaten every black citizen and their lives and nothing happens. Someone needs to take legal action against this fat walking talking pig who is less then a human being and should be sentenced to jail for his hate crime words. Otherwise we can do the same and hunt the hunters

  24. IwillFightBack says:

    Black Privilege!!!!. Get real you clown! Honestly, I don’tunderstand why we want to livev amongst these devils so bad. They have such disdain for us, they’re not trusting at all, not even to their own people. They wish us back to Africa, yet they’ve managed to take it over as well. If there was somewhere to go and get the hell away from them, never having to deal with them again, I’d be the first in line.

    1. JayBay says:

      They wish us back to Africa, yet they’ve managed to take it over as well.

      This is where I’ll disagree slightly. They don’t want us back to Africa. They just want us dead or on a plantation or doing prison labor. White people’s need to destroy literally every creature on this planet is ingrained into their DNA. Other people, the oceans, land, you name it and white people are the main contributors of destroying it. If white people truly wanted us to go back to our homeland they would be tripping over themselves to teach us our true history and where we came from and then give us the need to leave and create our own economy. Instead they’re working to erase slavery from modern textbooks and increase the prison industrial complex.

  25. IwillFightBack says:

    Whites can make disrespectful videos like this–videos disrespecting Trevon Martin, Michael Brown etc. Post videos on social media like this, yet nothing happens, their account stays open. Yet this college student made a post (that wasn’t to everyone’s liking), about the cop that was shot in Illinois; her page ended up deleted. The media also continuously protects these racist bastards! Off with their heads!!!

    1. Tadar says:

      Who do you think the racist media is?

      We need to establish our own, and make them keep their hands off of the internet.

      When the common person can communicate with other common people world wide, wars have a hard time getting started without “Black Ops, and or False Flag” event(s) to trigger one’s psychological passions for revenge.

      Check out these sites: InfoWars.com, and PrisonPlanet.com?

  26. K says:

    Got to love it !! How do you know he is a cop for one and @5:47 he says black lives , white lives , cop lives ,ect matter he’s talking about thugs killing thugs but you all and sites like this wana keep the racist shit going . If he say’s black lives matter but not thug’s he’s not a racist !!

    1. Tadar says:

      Some missed what was stated.

      But some of the ones called thugs are victims of disproportionate justice, which is an injustice.

      Statistics show that about 80% of drug stops, etc. are non-melanoid people, but about 80% of them who get sentenced are melanoid people. The non-melanoid people who miss that are usually of high status and or go through rehab training, often more than once.

  27. D says:

    Racist like this guy are promoting violence like this and their are quite a few groups. He’s post is not the first time either. Reps and the NRA have been promoting violence using race for gun sales for awhile now.

    Do you remember ”
    Dan Savage, Trayvon Martin Deserve To Die, Conservative Talk Show Host Stan Solomon Claims” and there are more cases. People love to shout “about Black lives matter” but what about the real evil. like Fox, whitegirlbleedalot, The Tea Party, Solomon, Reilly. Where is the conservative mouth piece on those guys. ?

  28. Keith Ziegler says:

    So he’s advocating felony assault and battery…he needs to go to jail

  29. Keith Ziegler says:

    BTW, if he acts on his threats, hope he goes to the hospital….in the basement.

  30. Profit30 says:

    Penis envy and good ole white supremacist bigotry is what this clown represents. Let him roll thru the hoods of Dallas or Houston are any city with a sizeable Black population spewing his devil hatred and they would be carrying this peckerwood out in a body bag! It’s time to let these bastards know that we’re about business my ppl!

  31. poochie says:

    you spina bifida clep lip ass self seving cave beast i could go on but whatever

  32. If it ain't ..... It ain't right says:

    Wow I’m actually proud of yall people. I never knew any of yall could use computers. Especially this many of yall. But then again, I’m sure it was just to steal credit card numbers online or apply for your food stamps. Hell, if yall keep it up yall might be able to steal a nice chunk of capital from us, and actually own something. O wait, too bad you all spend it all on crack, and cars. O well.
    But to be fair, it is our fault for bringing yall over here from Africa. If only we would have shipped yall back…. But we didn’t so now we gotta take care of ya. 😉

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