Race War NOW…How to Survive Part Intro


Written by Tiffany Tubman


Family, we have been listening to the teachings of respected elders (like Tariq Nasheed) and others heavily involved in Black Empowerment and understanding white supremacy.  Since the start of the Trump Administration, we have all witnessed more of the overt white supremacy; however, we should all be aware that covert white supremacy is still increasing and being practiced at an all-time high. These practices have been illustrated through policy on both the local and national level, as well as attacks on prominent members of the Melanoid community such as Zach Randolph of the Sacramento Kings. Brother Randolph was maliciously charged with intent to sell marijuana based on the “I’m white and I say so” law governing the new Jim Crow 2.0 in the continued war on Melanoid People. This is a show by white supremacy and main stream media news outlets to make the charges more severe and costly for him to fight. The latest attack on Melanoid sports players such as Zach Randolph, Colin Kaepernick, and LeBron James further prove that socioeconomic status, having money, or fame does NOT exempt you from systemic white supremacy. Check out this powerful diagram below outlining some major actions in what you can expect during this current climate of mixed overt and covert white supremacy and the attack on Melanoid people. (Table 1)


Table 1. Overt and Covert White Supremacy Actions 2017


Historically, there have been four major battles of this Race War under the system of white supremacy in the United States, starting in 1625 with the first recorded inception of chattel slavery orchestrated as a genocide attack on African people, kidnapped and forced into enslavement by people today commonly called white people. Our battles and fights (as explained in depth by Dr. Umar Johnson) have included:


  1. Humanity-Battle Phase 1 where Melanoid people fought to get non-melanoid people to understand we are human. We are not property to be bought, sold, traded, or inherited for their demonic purposes.
  2. Liberty-Battle Phase 2 where Melanoid people fought for freedom from slavery
  3. Equality-Battle Phase 3 where Melanoid people fought for the end of Jim Crow 1.0, desegregation, and items that non-melanoid people lumped into a term called “Civil Rights” that includes basic human rights.
  4. Survival- Battle Phase 4 where Melanoid people currently fight for survival against genocide through the attacks of both overt and covert white supremacy.


Family, while the phases of the battle can be overlapping and ongoing, our current phase of Survival is the most critical fight that we have ever encountered. The purpose of this article series to is help us with Battle Phase 4.


To better understand this series, I am asking all persons interesting in helping with special emphasis on all Melanoid people to engage this article series. Learn from the articles, but also bring something to the articles. Provide feedback and engage the topics.


I have provided you with the basic background and relevance. To prepare for future articles and survival for our families and communities, we are making a few requests. “Stop marching! Unless you are marching to the nearest Black Owned Business and balling out!” in the words of Professor Kaba Hiawatha Kamene. I will request one march from you in all seriousness: March to a Black Owned bookstore and purchase the following:


  1. There is a required reading list that every family member of Melanoid Nation must have:
    1. Racial Matters: The FBI’s Secret File on Black America 1960-1972 by Kenneth O’Reilly
    2. The United Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept: A Compensatory Counter-Racist Code by Neely Fuller, Jr.
    3. The Isis Papers: The Keys to the Colors by Dr. Frances Cress Welsing
  2. There is a required documentary list that every family member of the Melanoid Nation must have:
    1. The Wannsee Conference
    2. Hidden Colors 1: The Untold History of People of Aboriginal, Moor, and African Descent
    3. Hidden Colors 2: The Triumph of Melanin
    4. Hidden Colors 3: The Rules of Racism
    5. Hidden Colors 4: The Religion of White Supremacy

These materials will enlighten you and encourage you as we progress through the solutions for survival during these trying times. As seen in Table 2 below, we have come a long way, yet we have so far to go. We can make it, we will make! We have seen that the system of justice and the system of white supremacy cannot co-exist. We will not stop until we have created a system of justice in the United States and beyond. All Melanoid people across the world will benefit from this new system.
Table 2-Survive

Table 2. The History of Melanoid People in the United States of America.


We are asking all Melanoid Nation family to stay safe, stay on code, and get your Second Amendment game strong. We have the right to protect ourselves. We will be posting more articles on survival methods during this high alert times.


Tiffany Tubman

Twitter: @montswife16

Email: TubmanFights@gmail.com

18 thoughts on “Race War NOW…How to Survive Part Intro

  1. wamboi says:

    Nice article Tiffany. And you are right. Its time to counteract this injustice system.

  2. Dotbtruths says:

    This was a great read with a lot of helpful information. Thank you sister for words of encouragement. Individually we are weak, together we can be strong.. here’s to a new system of truth and justice.. Ase’ to the Ancestors.

  3. excellent article, sharing this!

  4. knighthonor says:

    Hi Tiffany. I have some solutions and ideas that I will share.

    1)Need somebody with good Rap and Music making skills to make a RAP SONG ABOUT WHITE SUPREMACY.
    Note, I said about White Supremacy, not a Rap song about Coons like WIllie D did, even though I liked that. But most Black People recognized that those characters in Willie D’s Coon rap video are sambos. Also not Rap songs about Black Empowerment, like David Banner. Although Black People seem to act dumb most of the time, we are very logical people. Which is why Black Empowerment songs are more of a gospel type thing that entertains us, but nothing more. We need Scary to the core, harsh truth Rap songs about White Supremacy. No Coon Raps, and no Black Empowerment Raps. Just straight Rapping shitting on White Supremacy, and Scaring the fuck out of sleeping Negroes. We need that scare.
    Thats call Warfare Propaganda. That goes to part 2 below.

    2) We Need a Propaganda Team.
    For a Propaganda team, we need serious dedicated people. That can include people that some say are slumming, like a THOT or something similar to Black Chyna who can use their body to infiltrate certain members of the White Supremacy Nation, and get us Information and Photos to be used by the Propaganda Team to shame and degrade the White Supremacist and even be dangled over their head for assets that we need. Now a propaganda Team isnt just about stocking White People. Thats just one part. The Propaganda team also has the role of helping spread our unique messages.
    This includes:
    *Creating New Hashtags and getting them Trending, Hashtags with clever names with clear purpose to spread our message and agenda, such as #BlackIsTheNewJew . See how it cleverly compares Black People with Jewish Holocaust of Nazi Germany, and if it was gotten to the level of trending, we would have our Historical scholars break down all the similarities between Black People in Nazi America and Jews in Nazi germany, and what actions were taken to free and help Jews, and next we lead that into “Hey if that helped Jews recover from Nazi Germany, then we should get that as well to help us against Nazi America”. “Is treatment of a Holocaust victim different depending on their Skin Tone? Black Victims of Nazi America vs White Victims of Nazi Germany” See clever subjects like that can be placed all throughout the Social media and kept up by the Social Media sub division of the Propaganda team.
    *We Need Fake Accounts. – White Supremacist are some of the greatest tactical minds in the world. And when they say something about making fake Black Women accounts to push their racist Agenda in Black Online circles, we should use that same tactic. Fake Black Women online accounts help promote certain Propaganda tactics of our own, into Black Women circles and Black Men circles, who under normal circumstances would not bother listening in the first place. Very clever tactic. Also need Fake White Accounts, may this be a fake White Supremacist account, or a Fake White Liberal account. Better yet, how about a Fake White Supremacist Female account. That would be magical. You saw how easy those White Supremacist Females like that Tomi Lahren was able to get Black people to want to interview here and take her out for dinner and all that stuff? and Remember how the White Supremacist Females from that ihollaback Street Harassment campaigin were able to convince Black Women to side with them to legalize Stop and Frisk of Black Men, once again. That is powerful .Lets use that to our advantage.
    *Need People to Make Street Signs and Stickers and post them up. –
    We can make signs with political sarcasm, etc, to push our agenda while also shaming Nazi America in the process. Whites did this with the Black Muslim guy that shot that White Lady in Minnesota. They had signs warning of trigger happy cops. We should be doing that as well but in regards to Race Soldiers as the warning.

    3) We should organize Mass Stock purchases of specific Corporations.
    I like to use the 5% rule, like of the 5% nation. the 2010 USA Census said there was 37,685,848 million Black/African Americans. So 5% of that would = 1884292.4 million. Now imagine what would happen if on one sudden day, or on one sudden week, 1884292.4 Million Black People bought 1 stock in a fortune 500 company like Apple, Google, Tesla, etc? We as Black People could get a nice size Black Share in these White Corporations, as well as trigger a mass inflation on the company’s stocks or trigger something that could negatively effect White Dollars and these White Corporations long term.

    1. Felicia says:

      Wow. I had to read your reply like 5 times but it got my mind going

    2. Paris says:

      Brother i got the rap game on lock as far is disrespecting white supremacist is concerned… But my my shit reckless so if you really asking for that type of show then i can bring it! im based out of my home town in Baltimore Maryland
      im a aspiring artist at this point trying to promote to the right crowd an played by a non discriminatory white supremacist run media outlet. if any one is truly interested or intrigued in the art let me know, iv been writing raps for 4 years now perfecting this musical alchemy that my ancestors evoke… you can follow me on IG as Sereus_black where some of my art is posted see for yourselfs

  5. Bobby Mugabe says:

    Very well written article. My suggestion is a Counter Flagging Strike Group. We must Punish those that harm us. Even online. There must be a price to pay. I am currently organizing this very thing, begrudgingly.
    Next we MUST Must Must settle upon a new coded language.

  6. grand wizard says:

    yah lets get dem white cave demons we was kangs n shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

  7. grand wizard says:

    this is all nonsense to sell more of your idiotic hidden colors “docudrama”….and yes tariq this was obviously written by you #kangsnshit

    1. shimmyshimmyya says:

      Hmm! Did his 4 must have documentaries give it away.

  8. Ty H. says:

    Your writing is a godsend Tiffany
    Keep up the powerful work
    Shout out to brother Flex for providing you the platform
    Ashé ✊🏿

  9. Y’all asked for a formal code of conduct well here is part one. There are no more excuses.

  10. Great read! It’s a shame that it took an imbecile like Donald Trump to push this all to the surface.

  11. Patrick says:

    1865-1625 is not 265. Duh.

  12. Menac says:

    Just wanted to point out two things about the last picture.

    Most of the time people are arguing with people under the age of 51. So people who have never lived through segregation or slavery. Nobody would ever say that to someone who has actually gone through these horrible systems.

    Humans have been on Earth for 200,000 years. But the Earth was formed 4.6 billion years ago so that was not too long ago. Thats the problem with that statement. If slavery lasted for 5000 years and then we had 1000 years of no slavery, would we be able to use that argument. And how long exactly does it have to be from slavery and segregation. How many years exactly? For the people who lived through segregation I apologize too. Not on behalf of white people. But because I feel bad for them. But how long is long? how long is short. Its subjective, and what people are trying to say with these statements is you have not lived through it and should not be complaining about it.

    1. Running for my life says:

      Right even a day is to long getting raped and beaten and spit on and called a nigga and called trash and call no good and eat when you eat sleep when you sleep you a House. Nigga sold to the next buyer… Does it matter how long? Cant even imagine 15 minutes let alone years wake up 5mins matters heartless remark unless you’ve been there which you probably never have don’t speak on it

      1. Menac says:

        Apologies but i’m having a hard time understanding your comment. No disrespect but they’re a lot of spelling errors and things that just don’t make sense. This whole comment seems to just be an argument from experience. I must ask, do you know what its like being white? Cause your not white, so you can’t say that blacks have it harder and whites can’t say otherwise because they are white. You don’t know what its like to be white. If you want to follow that argument.

  13. Adekunle Adewunmi says:

    This is one of the best articles I’ve read

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