Race Soldier in Vallejo Caught on Video Brutalizing a Surrendered Black Citizen

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A video is circulating online of a suspected race soldier viciously beating an unarmed Black man who has clearly surrendered. The video took place this week in Vallejo Ca., and in the video, there are several bystanders witnessing this abuse of force coming from the race soldier acting as a police officer.

The race soldier in the video appears to be “officer” Spencer Muniz-Bottomley. According to the City of Vallejo website:

“Officer Spencer Muniz-Bottomley was born in Suisun City and attended school in El Dorado Hills, California. He volunteered as a Vallejo Police Ex- plorer during high school, and after graduation in 2009, enlisted in the US Marine Corps.”

Suspected race soldier Spencer Muniz-Bottomley.

Suspected race soldier Spencer Muniz-Bottomley.

This article further proves that cities with a sizable Black population are hiring marines and other military veterans to implement a war zone occupation upon Black citizens. Unfortunately, too many people in the dominant society are fully onboard with the type of militaristic brutality that race soldier like Bottomley and others are unleashing on Black society.


Spencer Bottomley was also one of the “officers” named in civil rights violation lawsuit filed by a Black man named Derrick Lamar’s Shields back in 2016. The lawsuit claimed that Bottomley and other officers engaged in unconstitutional excessive force.



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In the video, “officer” Bottomley can also be seen pulling his gun out on other innocent bystanders who were protesting his unconstitutional brutality. The reason why race soldiers like Bottomley and other commit these blatant, and unconstitutional acts of violence against Black citizens, is because they fully understand that white supremacist society is not going to punish or reprimand them.

And standing around telling them that “they are being filmed” will not deter them from committing these tyrannical acts of violence. So the question that every Melanoid victim of white supremacy and race soldier violence must ask is, what can we do to curb these racialized attacks?


Watch Part 1 and 2 of the video below.


14 thoughts on “Race Soldier in Vallejo Caught on Video Brutalizing a Surrendered Black Citizen

  1. IfUrReadingThisURACoon says:

    Look at this wonderful Black/Brown Alliance we have…

    1. yosef kwote says:


      1. Dion Klein says:

        They are just people with something 2 loose and reaĺly does not know what kind of climate their living in. These people think they are going
        to live forever #stupidpeople

  2. BP says:

    Don’t talk in absolute, Latinos don’t cape for murderers specially if they’re their own race/ethnicity.

  3. Ian says:

    I ćan’t understand why with so many people around why some one just one person didn’t shoot that bastard because that would be justice because if he had died that race pleb would have got away with this injustice and instead of shouting do something i don’t like murder or any thing like it but this no one could tell me this is right were is the church in this how comes they are silent, no other peòple would put up with so much injustice, show me were i’m wrong?

    1. WisdomOnAPlate says:

      Your taking without sound logic, if you shoot a police officer you will die, you don’t shoot a police officer because they are arresting someone too roughly. (Your logic will lead to #5 on the map) what You do is work to change the laws, you work to get the right people in positions of power to end such brutality. Start by building up your economic power, all power starts with an economic base (the USA was poor and was getting oprresed “attacked in war” by other nations before the slave trade and economic power was given to them)

      Let me show you a road map to your logic of shooting a police officer in the line of duty.

      1. The police will send more police and they may shoot and others on the scene

      2. The shooting of this officer will be shown nationally on TV

      3. Anyone browner then a paper bag will be blamed for the officer being shot indirectly

      4. Trump will be a step closer to send the Feds to that and similar black neighborhoods

      5. If your logic spreads and shooting officers become the norm, the whole of black society will soon be on lockdown, forget what your face looks like – if your are darker then a paper bag you will be on lockdown.

      Below is a road map to sound logic

      1. Blacks have to organize and economic base

      2. That base will be able to “purchase” politicians for our cause

      3. That base will be able to purchase judges and jury’s “sympathetic” to the black plight, if not we stop our donations and they are voted out etc.

      4. Those judges and jury’s will put police brutes in jail or out of job

      5. We move closer to getting police brutes off of black people. And if the trend continues solve the police brute problem through and economic base.

      would this work ?? Ask the Jewish man, ask the Chinese man, ask the Spanish man, most of all ask the Italian man if this works or not, let them answer you and you listen to them.

      1. troy says:

        Very, very well said.. In today’s climate it is extremely easy to allow anger to cause us to act foolishly.. But in the end the thinking and committed person will win the day.

  4. Asha says:

    I am soooo disgusted at these nasty ass pigs….
    If we start slaughtering them then we’d be wrong huh??!! They continue to send us a message and if we continue to ignore the message, we will keep being victimized by their system of white supremacy and they will keep living freely like this is a slavemaster/slave relationship we are having!!! Helllll naw! We must respond like we recognize the reality of war. It’s almost like kill or be killed……how much can we take?

  5. Therese Gallegos says:

    It’s crazy cause Officer Bottomley was recently in the drive thru of my job (Starbucks). He told me it had been so long since he’s been there so I said “you must be busy!” As any friendly barista would say. He says to me after he looks me up and down “no, a bunch of us at the PD are Trump supporters and we are boycotting Starbucks cause we don’t like the fact that they are hiring refugees and immigrants.”

    If that doesn’t tell you the character of that asshole pig then idk what will. Fuck that puto.

    1. Mr.X says:

      you lying man

    2. ClaspReality says:

      Ironically his name “muniz” indicates a self hating wannabe Aryan “mudblood” admixture as his white supremacist colleagues would agree but the way he’s tossing Hitler’s salad post mortem would out even the best gay porn star to shame it must be hard to be what you hate the most, murderous loser.

  6. Mike says:

    SEE What happen when other Race of ppl live & wrk in ur (So-called)….Community.. The Results Are NEVER-NEVER NEVER fair……..Wake Up.

  7. Shelbz says:

    They need to file lawsuits ASAP, like Tariq said. Cause they need to see how serious we are TOGETHER!!!!

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