Race Soldier Cop Rewarded For The Brutal Assault Of Black Man

thomas webster iv

DOVER, DE — Last year, we reported that a race soldier cop by the name of Thomas Webster IV inflicted severe damage on a Melanoid man by the name of Latif Dickerson. Webster broke Mr. Dickerson’s jaw, and knocked him out in the process.

Fast forward to this year, and we have learned that back in February, Webster was handsomely rewarded a six-figure gift for his time on the force. According to The News Journal, a news publication based in Delaware, the city of Dover reached an a settlement with him, agreeing to pay him nearly a quarter of a million dollars over the next few years. The race soldier was acquitted of all charges this past December. As if that wasn’t enough, Webster was even briefly reinstated as an officer with the city of Dover until resigning in late June.

Although this story unfolded several months ago, it was imperative that it was referenced in regards to the most recent wave of race soldier violence towards Black men, and how they are excused–and even rewarded–for their thuggish behavior. Below is a video on the ordeal.


B. Clark

19 thoughts on “Race Soldier Cop Rewarded For The Brutal Assault Of Black Man

  1. dc1969 says:

    For those of us who think that we have caucasian allies and friends,think again. They,too,live by the code of white supremacy. Sorry to burst your bubbles.

    1. Pete says:

      What about Arab slave traders ?have you forgotten about them?or is it just that black people are the biggest racist hypocrites and your just after the whites.some of you are just uneducated dumb asses and are easily manipulated..

      1. Easy says:

        Arabs never participated in Chattel Slavery for generations, nor did they intentionally engage in biological warfare on natives, consistently rape, “buck break”, or manipulate a religious practice to justify the atrocities the perpetrated. Stop trying to deflect

      2. JayBay says:

        Typical white people. Won’t take responsibility for anything they do no matter how many facts you present to them. This is why I have zero sympathy for any of the bad things that happen to your people. Men, women, children (aka racists in training), I don’t care. Or did you think that you would be allowed to commit genocide all over the world (hmmm….don’t see Arabs invading other people’s countries or poisoning their water now do you?) and get away with it while people still love/fear you? You deserve every act of evil that comes against you. But while you’re still in power, live it up! Troll the black websites. Keep telling yourselves that you are righteous and that white jesus loves you and all the wicked things you do. Because after your people are destroyed and serving my people (yes, it’s going to happen whether you believe it or not) I don’t want to hear any complaints about fair and unfair and who did what. Your people are a cancer on this earth and the sooner you’re destroyed the better.

        1. John says:

          This persons obviously neither black or white,just a Muslim nut, stirring up hatred.

          1. JayBay says:

            Muslim is a religion not a race. The stupidity of people on the internet never ceases to amaze me.

          2. Amos says:

            Muslims are a disease on the anus of humanity .

          3. JayBay says:

            And yet when you look at the WORST atrocities in human history white Christians always seem to pop up. Hmmm. Strange coincidence huh?

        2. Orlando says:

          Maybe atrocities were committed by whites in past,but all in future will be considered by Muslims.

  2. Rej says:

    Clearly hatred in his actions. Really White people?

    1. J says:

      I will answer for them “Yes really! How else do you expect us to act? Why would we just let you “surrender” to us? We would rather have you fight us so that we can blow your brains outs.”

      The sad thing is – this guy had no reason to kick the guy. If I am on the jury – I would ask WHY did the officer feel the need to kick someone who had surrendered and was in a subordinate position.

  3. R8sing A Nation says:

    This should surprise not one black soul! It’s their system……

  4. Magnum Boom says:

    Frustration, hopelessness, disillusionment can all be used the describe the feeling among us today. Another race soldier has been acquitted in the mysterious death of Freddy Gray leaving the prospect of justice in an even more precarious situation. This, all in the wake of violence against police for that very reason. We are on a collision course with history making change…either for the better, or for the worse.

    We are at a crossroads in our history. Melanated people have to prepare for the worse. This starts at home.
    Money – Start the process of stashing every little bit will be helpful.

    Health – Stay fit, avoid drugs and alcohol as much as possible, eat healthily and exercise.

    Self-defense – If you can get one legally, exercise the 2nd amendment by arming yourself to protect you and your family.

    Politics – Ignore the big election, that’s a controlled farce, focus on the local elections and senate and congressional races, those areas can and do affect day to day life far more and are easier to influence.

    Media – Turn that shit off. It’s a mind game that uses inciting rhetoric and false narratives. The media has seen a spike in viewership in the wake of all the current events, they make money every time someone is killed and it can be sensationalized.

    Unite – All of us won’t answer the call, but many will. It’s not true that we CAN’T come together, we just haven’t. if you’re on this site, reading, commenting, sharing, then we are already half way there.

    Let’s organize a convention of out very best minds every year for collaborating and strategizing. Even the idea of such a thing would send shivers down the spines of the supremacists, and would be a step closer to dispeling much of the Frustration, hopelessness, disillusionment that we feel today.

  5. Jamal says:

    White people are the devil,Iwhrn I drink my good stuff I see the devil and he white man sucka need some devil juice to sort out whites and get my groove on bitch.smoke them white peops and take the groove back.

  6. Brotha Peace says:

    Peace, Magnum Boom this is Brotha Peace from Reelhiphopheadz Conscious Radio. Your reply to the atrocious act perpetrated by that white supremacist/kkkop was articulated well. I would like for you to call into the show and share your views on the current status of black people in america.

  7. Rigger says:

    All this racism is a myth,I seen a white man and black man in the park bushes making love.

  8. Orlando says:

    The devil makes work for idle hands.

  9. BlksBdumb says:

    Should of taken more than just one out Thomas Webster!!! Anyway congrats to that one!!!!!!

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