R.I.P. To The “Conscious Community”


Written by B. Clark

What a time to be alive.

There’s a change in the air, yet the sensation can’t be felt physically, but rather metaphorically. The same way that we are currently witnessing a literal shift from winter to spring, we are also experiencing another transition; perhaps it’s a shift that even the sharpest minds of Black Society have yet to pinpoint. It is a slow death of what many of us have perceived to be the “conscious community”.

Before you, the knowledgeable reader of Melanoid Nation reaches an untimely conclusion about the context of this particular story, please be mindful of the fact that there can never be a true death of tried and true information, hard scientific data, and the efforts brought about by Melanoid people to evoke genuine change in our own respective ways. However, We’d be remiss to take note of the fact that there is a steady growing wave of frustration that is sweeping across Black Society. What is this frustration, you ask? The frustration that we speak of at the present moment is our collective “fed up” approach to many of the semantics, over promising/under delivering, and a vomit-inducing disgust with the overall theatrical production that has billed itself as the “conscious community”.

It was Yours Truly who, in 2014, wrote about essentially the same movement–with a much more heightened sense of optimism with this “conscious renaissance” that would surely shake Melanoid people worldwide at our cores to rally us to a call to action. While the same optimism and love for my people never waned, it has simply been re-channeled into more constructive outlets…but my outlook on the concept of the “conscious community” definitely has.

I am quite confident that the frustrations I have suffered with this once-promising movement are also shared with a substantial number of other progressive-minded individuals throughout Black Society, who at this point, want nothing more than just a tangible solution for remedying the ills brought upon African people worldwide by the lingering effects of racism/white supremacy. In spite of all of the vivid concerns expressed to this point, all hope is not lost on Melanoid people’s salvation. Certain individuals have stood the test of time, and used their God-given talents and resources to contribute to the repairing and uplifting of Black Society. Whether these people are business owners, activists, educators, or filmmakers, they have exemplified what it takes to bring about authentic change (for the better) for our people.

If I appear to be overly skeptical of the “conscious community”, then don’t take my word for it. For instance, just take a look at some of the recent dialogues occurring on your social media timelines. Black folks are asking questions, and demanding legitimate answers from (not all) the key figures associated with the “conscious community”, even using their platforms to openly express their own concerns with this ‘movement’ that was slated to bring about something that we haven’t seen in our lifetimes as Melanoid people.

The perpetual bickering among some of our most beloved Brother and Sisters in the “conscious community” would prompt many a person new to the information to feel as if they were better off ‘unwoke’. The “conscious community” has produced religious/spiritual sects that clique up and take sides as if both sides were preparing for an actual knockdown/drag out fight — all because of minor ideological differences. You might come across another person affiliated with the “conscious community” who will seek to shame the rest of Black Society through excessive dogmatic commentary and/or passive-aggressive preaching that would be fit for soapboxes everywhere. The foul stench of the “holier-than-thou” aroma has permeated its way throughout the “conscious community”, which has only hastened its demise.

Perhaps the most unfortunate–and downright terrifying–thing to consider as we witness the “conscious community” crumble to pieces is that all of this dysfunction is occurring in a time in which we can least afford to entertain such behavior. The current political and racial climate in this country has made no bones about its anti-Black agenda.

The so-called “conscious community” is even being denounced by some of the greatest minds that Black Society has ever produced. This is food for thought, and they aren’t the only ones escaping a burning building known as…the “conscious community”.

From this point on, here’s to a more practical and sustainable approach to Melanoid Empowerment.

What a time to be alive, indeed.

38 thoughts on “R.I.P. To The “Conscious Community”

  1. LeLe Swift says:

    i am glad that the mindset is shifting because being conscious is a state of mind not a community. and if we were all in that state of mind, we would be able to bring our people to a much better place.

  2. Keith says:

    I think this an opinion and it valid but we must run the race to the end. Too many will suffer right before our eyes to ignore, the sins of our father which embodies the neglect

  3. Vangie Griffin says:

    I hate to say this out loud but I’m beginning to feel this way about Dr. Umar. He’s doing a lot of talk, bickering, complaining but still….NO SCHOOL!!! I’ve stoped listening to him.

    1. lwazi mliswa says:

      Dr Umar is trying to do something. I think he’s problem is that he is not wealthy enough to build the school. if he was maybe things would be different .

      1. quinna says:

        He might not be wealthy and I can relate to that. However if you call yourself Pop and brag about getting flew in by kings, Queens, Politicians, High profiles figures all around the world, getting love from athletes, entertainers etc….how come you can not even raise a simple 4 million usd.

        I got much love for Umar, but I think that the only thing that holding the building of his school is himself.

        1. Robert says:

          Its easy to party with well to do blacks but when it comes time to investing in the black community they opt out. Have you ever tried raising money from only black people before. Getting to 4m will take a lifetime unless your selling jordans

          1. d.g. weston says:

            It is. I know cuz I’ve tried it before. I’ve run businesses one of which where I had to rely on Black consumers n it was hard as hell. U’d get Black folk comin in browsing n looking around and not spending a damn dime. That could go on all day, 5 days/ week where you’d get about 35% of the customers comin in spending money about 35% tellin u how much they appreciate what u do n how they’ll be back n do business then n then the 30% that come one time, complain n then never return.

            But Umar’s problem is that ppl tried reachin out to him n give him some sound economic n finaincal advice n he rejected it. He’d block them on social media n then get on video n tell em how he knows everything they’re talkin about. That’s his biggest issue is his damn ego. Ppl would offer him advice n he’d take it as a insult.

        2. d.g. weston says:


        3. knighthonor says:

          Because PRO-BLACKNESS is looked at as sinful in both American Society, and Black Society. Especially in the Black Church. Most rich Blacks are afraid to give money because their reputation can be damaged if their White Business partners found out that they give money to a Unapologetic black cause. Look at what happen to Kapernick for proof of this.

          Thats why he not getting massive funding in. Carter G Woodson talked about this in 1930s in the book “The Miseducation of the Negro”. Dr Umar wasnt even born back then, when Carter G Woodson said “Black People will not put large sums of money into building their own institutions.”

          That right there is still in play to this day. Lets be real here. Dr Umar is frustrated like the rest of us. He always been a down guy. Thats never changed. He just tired of this same fake hotep consciousness that claim to be enlightened compared to our situations in the past, but still follow that same statement Carter G Woodson said in the 1930s….

      2. d.g. weston says:

        Bullshit! Dr. Umar is only looking out for his damn self and I’m sayin this as somebody that was 1nce a big supporter of his. But after watching n listening to him over this past year, I became turned off by him completely.

        I now call him Umar Trump because he wants to be the center of attn and claim all the glory. He’s also mad unprofessional. U don’t invite Black parents who been contributin to ur school the FD&MG Academy, n other concerned Black parents to listen to ur live video n then use it to go in on another brother in the Conscious Community for damn near a hour. For that act alone, nobody should give another damn dime to his school IMHO.

        N what a damn shame it is that it took other young ppl to contact him n tell him they was embarassed by his behavior for him to issue a public apology n even then he was still braggin on himself just like Trump does @ press conferences. Now we’ll see what happens wit the school which he tells us is gonna open on August 22 of next year I think which is also his BDay. Talk about ego. Dude thinks he’s Kanye or Biggie n that’s probably what he always wanted to be rather than a school psychologist.

        None of us is perfect or without or flaws but a lotta the stuff Umar be doin is just unprofessional n not fittin of a grown Black man who’s conscious.

        1. Kay says:

          Nah Umar want to be like Garvey. Actually DO something for his people. He the only one I see doing actual things with the kids

        2. knighthonor says:

          You do know Marcus Garvey did the same thing and even got physical with other blacks from time to time… Dr Umar hasnt gotten Physical. So chill out on that nonsense propaganda you speak.

    2. Neicey30 says:

      I agree

  4. Chris Stallworth says:

    It’s sad that other races threat my people this way after knowing what we’ve over came and still overcoming! When the tables turn don’t cry for help, learn to addapt and over come……


  5. Paul says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with the article. I think we must also revisit history with all these so called conscious minds and organizations causing confusion. Just like it was doing the Black Power Movement . The Federal Government funding all these different people and organizations to cause confusion amongs the people.

    1. N says:

      Yes, you have to be able to discern who’s real and who’s not. Listen to your intuition. Some people were placed in the community to cause confusion like you said. If they are scamming or just causing back and forth arguments or talking the same stuff to keep you inside of a box (mind frame) with no progression, then they are not real.

    2. Kay says:

      Thats because you havent donated to the school yet ignorant black people are holding him back thats

  6. Nathan Brown says:


    Hip Hop is dead. Now so is Conscious Community. We let it become taken over by agents and provocateurs to the point where we cant get so much as simple debate done.


    Destroy and Rebuild

    1. d.g. weston says:

      Well then that says that we aint learned from the past if we keep allowin the same destructive elements to keep destroying our movements.

      We got no code of conduct as Neely Fuller teaches us n Tariq talks about all the time. We don’t know how to spot a agent n then root tehm out n that’s why we keep seein em destroyed generation after generation.

      1. knighthonor says:

        Problem with Neely Fuller codes is that it doesnt punish Sellouts/Sambos. I prefer a mixture of Neely Fuller’s Codes and Dr Claud Anderson’s codes.

  7. Brian says:

    I agree 100% the “conscious community” has become a clown show. I became aware of this “community” via hidden colors and looking more into ppl like umar and sharazard ali, but then i came across clowns like polight, etc and I realized its mostly a clown show. As you said, there will always be demand for solid facts pertaining to the black experience, but this CONcious community has gtg

    1. d.g. weston says:

      N this is why u never see Tariq debatin other Black folk unless its a str8 up coon like Jesse Lee peterson. But he’s doin it in the tradition of Dr Welsing, John Henrik Clarke in debating other white so called scholars n white supremacists.

      1. knighthonor says:

        nothing wrong with debating. And nothing wrong with informing us about history an stuff like that.

        The problem is we keep telling the community information that may make us feel good about ourselves, but it doesnt tell us valuable information about what we should do NOW and HOW TO DO IT.

        Most of us here learned from somebody how to talk, how to write, how to type and use a computer.

        Well most of these Conscious Community tell us stats, facts, and history, even tell us we need to start businesses, etc.
        But nobody tells us how to do it. How do we start businesses when most of us dont have capital?

        How do we use out money to buy politicians legally?

        stuff like that. These are things that we are just told to do, but nobody teaches us how to do it. Just like somebody taught you how to tie your shoes, and read. We need Conscious Scholars to teach us how to do the things we need to be done.

        I can read many books, but thats not enough. Especially when most books are not from a disenfranchised perspective.

    2. Ray says:

      Tariq And Umar are a big part of the clown show. They both take advantage of the most vulnerable of our community. Both pose as scholars and authorities on academic subjects. But Hidden Colors is a poorly put together diatribe of falsehoods, pseudo science, pseudo history , and feel good propaganda. It’s. It taken serious by ANYONE with ANY inkling of historical or scientific discernment. Furthermore, each are egomaniac loudmouths with no real vision for the betterment of our community. In fact they are dangerous to our community

  8. Willie says:

    Everyone takes what they learn and apply it to his or her own situation. There is nothing wrong with questioning people and the information they spread. The problem is some people take information and regurgitate it without fully understanding what they are saying, and that leads to other people being misinformed. The goal should be to obtain absolute fact so everyone is on the same page. It should be scientific almost. Other races have historians and experts to fact check and it should be no less in our culture.

  9. Kevin Wharton Price says:

    Peace And Blessings From


    I find this article to be somewhat ridiculous.

    This article speaks like this was a prophetic vision or something.  Is that the case?  Did they have a Prophetic Vision that said that the Conscious Community is dead. Did the Ancestors communicate with them and confirm  their assertions. 

    At any rate, just because you’re Melanoid doesn’t mean that you speak for all Melanoid People.

    What is this Slow Death of the Conscious Community?   I don’t see the Conscious Community dying.

    And what is this talk of a foul stench?  Must be talking about a cave dweller.

    Oh and by the way, it would be foolish to believe that the salvation of Melanoid People in America or in the Diaspora would be so contingent upon the Conscious Community WOW what a revelation!

    Let me tell you about the frustration that is sweeping across Black Society.  A lot of cowards sit back in our society, in the back ground and throw rocks. 


    1. d.g. weston says:

      Thing is we gotta also be careful not to join in with the Negro community that is known for doggin the Conscious community. See us informed n aware Blacks, criticize the Conscious community mainly bcuz we havent seen any fruit come outta it. No schools, no businesses, no industries, no collective wealth, no communities, no land or resources. All we got at the end of it is a buncha feel good sayings n made to feel like we’re a family which is cool n all but we need more than just that at the end of the day.

      But see the Niggro community hates the Conscious community bcuz they’re xposin that racism/white supremacy is real, that religion n how its practiced in this country is a sham n that all religions, frats, soros n all those orgs is all based off principles from Ancient Kemet n for a Negro who hates all things African, they don’t like hearin that. They also put out lies tha tthe Conscious community is rippin off the Black community n gettin rich off of us which is far from true bcuz aint no money in liberatin Black folk. None!

      So let’s not go wit this whol thing about “Hoteps” cuz most niggros usin that word don’t know what Hotep even means 1st of all. Some troll out there created it to diss n dismiss a Black thought movmement. I think they should xist just like u got white spirital n religious n cultural ppl but notice those aint the ppl thats leading the white community either. We need doers n builders leading us regardless of how muc they know about ancient civilization, language n stuff like that.

    2. Michelle says:

      I must say, I love your last statement….

      1. Michelle says:

        The comment was for Kevin W Price.

  10. d.g. weston says:

    BTW what also cause me to lose respect for Umar Trump is when he said he n his crew gonna bumrush the documentary game n put all others to shame. Now if u didn’t think that was a direct diss to Tariq then it was.

    Tariq introduced him to the world. Made it so he could travel round the world n lecture n then he gonna turn around n bite the hand that fed him? Nah. Notice Tariq is stayin outta it n not commentin on it but here u got a great vehicle in Hidden Colors n he wanna try n reinvent the wheel. Rather than focusin on the FD&MG Academy, he trynna compete with other brothers out here doin right…Smdh…

    1. Kay says:

      Tariq did not put him on the map boo boo I love both Tariq and Umar. They are both doing actual things. Umar has a big idea and theres nothing wrong with that. Why start small? Black people are too comfortable and satisfied with less than and starting out small. We need to work as a collective it doesnt take much at all only one dollar. 5 million black people 5 million dollars and FDMG is in existence thats all it takes.

  11. Mike Love says:

    This Social Media thing was Only to share Information, so that those who wanted to could pass it to the next generation. I don’t know how you have a “Community” that only exist online anyway. It’s a process , unfortunately this part of the process is taking too long. It’s gonna be the proverbial 40 years in the dessert.

  12. Ipriama Kwan says:

    This is unfortunate, so many are talking pros and cons about a black “conscious community” that doesn’t even exist! What I see are a bunch of ego tripping demigods, needing to be worshipped for what little valuable information they might possess. It seems to me, that most of them are seeking self importance and followers, who will prop them up with compliments, praise and honor, so they can sell books, products, and whatever they can use, to motivate their public audiences, to buy from them. They are seeking financial support and self importance! How is this any different than white supremacist system, that uses fake and false rhetoric, to obtain a constant cash flow, that supports more lies, misinformation and unnecessary rhetoric! Why do they compete? Why is the so called “conscious community” not conscious? Any concsious person or group should work hard and vigilantly to unify, one with the other for the purpose designing a cohesive agenda, for the benefit of the people, they’re suppose to serve. Besides, we need a “spiritual community” (meaning spiritual, not religious), an economic community, a psychological community, and an educational community, to work hand in hand with a conscious community (meaning conscious, not historical) I hope, because consciousness has very little to do with historical rhetoric. Anyway, a glass ceiling is necessary to build a stronger community of black people. The same old well-known scholars, should not be the only sought after wisdom and knowledge, for our development as a people. When I see this happening, I see us copying the same aristocratic and bureaucratic exclusionary practicing of white supremacist, that we claim to despise. So, I don’t see a real conscoius community, because there is no working together or efforts attempting to make that happen. WAKE UP people! Stop the competition! I’m bored with the ego tripping! Whose got the biggest brain? Unite! Oneness…Wholeness…One Black Nation…Please 💘

  13. Shane Shua says:

    I stopped listening to ALL speakers in the so-called “Conscious Community” back in December after all the beefs went public. If I have beef with another Black man I certainly don’t go making a YouTube video about it. I personally don’t believe that any White people infiltrated the community and planted shit-starters (although it could be possible) but I believe Black people’s own egos are what caused the demise of the community.

  14. Bham says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with Kevin Price and Dg Weston’s first comments, this man didn’t do anything but waste his time just to throw a rock. I feel like anyone who is genuinely for the cause whether they consider themselves to be conscious or not and take out time to speak or do ANYTHING towards black peoples cause (THE CAUSE) would ask themselves “what is this ultimately going to do for the cause” and to me the article is lame because he has no clue what a conscious or whatever he calls it, community is about. It wasn’t a article that did anything for the cause because genuinely he ain’t about that life.

  15. Aprille Harris says:

    Why are you looking to someone else for your own consciousness? Plant the seed and move on.

  16. If the Conscious community is dead, we are doomed. Left behind are Hebrew Isrealites, flat earthers, mumble and gangsta rap. This simply can not be.

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