Prominent Black Pastor Defends Donald Trump’s Most Recent Racial Remarks

pastor darrell scott

Yesterday, a CNN television program held a brief interview with a panel of several people–consisting of pundits who discussed GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s racial remarks towards a Melanoid man during his visit to California this past week.

During the interview, Pastor Darrell Scott, who presides over New Spirit Revival Center  in Cleveland, vehemently spoke out against any implications of Trump being a white supremacist. “It’s not racial, it’s cultural”, Pastor Scott says in regards to Trump referring to one of his Black male supporters in attendance for his Redding, CA rally as “my African-American over here”.

“It was a term of endearment”, Scott adds.

Last night’s CNN appearance hasn’t been the first time that Pastor Scott has openly voiced his support for Donald Trump. Back in September, Scott and a number of other Black clergy members met with Trump in his New York office to ‘pray for him’, showing their support for him in the process.

Here is the video of the CNN interview.

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8 thoughts on “Prominent Black Pastor Defends Donald Trump’s Most Recent Racial Remarks

  1. Nofool says:

    If anyone’s watched the movie “Soldier’s Story” you’ll have a good idea what should have been done with these types for decades. Their mouths commit and condone treason.

  2. MagnumBoom says:

    White supremacy has a way of repeating itself. “Useful Negroes” like the Reverend Scott seem to parallel what we have seen before in history.

    In Nazi Germany there were Jews called Jüdischer Ordnungsdienst, which were Jewish police that essentially did a lot of the thankless work that the Nazis did not want to do. Their main function was maintaining order in the ghettos among their fellow Jews especially as it pertained to the congregation and transport of Jews to places like the notorious Auschwitz concentration camp.

    “There were several classes of Jews serving the Nazis. Among those outside the camps, the GREIFER or HAESCHER was, in effect, a policeman–a “grabber” of Jews. Wyden adds: “Jewish collaborators were ranked according to a loose hierarchy. In addition to ORDNER (order keepers) and JUPO (Jewish police), there were FAHNDER (scouts) and SPITZEL (stool pigeons).” –

    The roles of these turn-coat Jews, I can imagine from the perspective of the Jew, was at the very least, counter-intuitive to the survival of the Jewish people.

    Today, Melanoid people are the ones at war. The war is being waged from every front, in every respect and in every degree. White supremacy and its mechanisms work 24/7, and it doesn’t have an off switch. That means mitigating the impact of White supremacy is the job of every Melanoid man woman and child since it affects every Melanoid man woman and child.

    There will be those, however, that for whatever reason, most likely self-interest, are willing to go against the best interest of their own people in support of the enemy. Case in point, Reverend Scott.

    The Reverend, either suffering from some sort of hypnosis or denial, has convinced himself that Donald Trump, the presidential hopeful that has been under fire for inflammatory, racist comments is now suddenly a friend to Melanoid people. We can only speculate as to the reasoning behind this endorsement but the fact that it exists adds more credibility to the notion that there is something to gain for the Reverend should Trump actually win the election.

    Just like the Jewish-Nazi commissioned police squads, work done at the expense of one’s people is reprehensible even to the Nazis who did stand to gain the most. . Do you think the Nazis respected these Jews? They likely thought even less of them and I wonder how many Jüdischer Ordnungsdienst found themselves sharing a train car to the gas chambers with some of the very people they helped condemn.

    After the war, many of these collaborators were prosecuted for the same war crimes as the Nazis. The Jews made certain that these traitors didn’t get away with their collusion. They all were charged with crimes against humanity which usually carries a death sentence.

    Let that be a lesson for people like the Reverend Scott. Ill gotten gains are fleeting, but memories are long. Traitors, no matter what culture, what time period have never been excused, and rightfully so. The traitor represents the common denominator for failed revolutions and successful coups alike.

    1. str8_talk says:

      @MagnumBoom – Plain & simple he’s a whore selling himself for some crumbs from Donald the Duck Drumpf <- his real name.. Just like he's a daily whore to the white Jeebus who in turn pimp out the black community out of their cash for a pie in the sky hereafter con game…

    2. Jack Reacher says:

      We’ll said.

  3. L-Nice says:

    This man….this pastor should be ashamed of himself. Where is his dignity and self respect as a Black Man? You can tell he will do anything for his Massa Trump…”Dont ya be talking bout him Ol Massa Trump good white folk”.

  4. AaRonYa says:

    This looks just like the ignorant paid off nigga that Roland Martin had on his show a few months ago that he tore into his ass and dude could not answer any question intelligently. He has no substance to his answers only emotionalism. And t hat won’t buy bubble gum!

  5. ebi says:

    Pastor! You are practicing idolatry.
    It’s the against the commandment. How dare you?

  6. cathy says:

    Trump has got to have something on this miserable looking man (Darrell Scott).

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