Popular Youtube BodyBuilder Rich Piana Goes On Racist Rant


Youtube has become the preferred platform for online white supremacists to build an audience. And this week, another popular youtuber-a steroid injecting, white supremacist bodybuilder named Rich Piana, has been exposed in a racist rant posted online. The audio of the N-word filled tirade was directed at Piana’s ex-girlfriend, who he claimed “let a Black man kiss her on the cheek.” Listen to the audio of the racist rant below.






After the audio of Piana’s racist rant started circulating online, Piana made a video apologizing for his white supremacist verbal outburst. Watch the apology video below.




In his apology video, the comment section is filled with other white supremacists commending Piana on his racist, anti-Black rhetoric. We have entered into a new era where white supremacists are being outed each day, and victims of white supremacy should always remain on alert.

72 thoughts on “Popular Youtube BodyBuilder Rich Piana Goes On Racist Rant

  1. Jarrad Luckey says:

    You’re sorry you got exposed. I don’t believe for a minute that’s the only or last time this dude said some shit like that. I absolutely was a fan of dudes lifting videos but those days are long gone. Moral of the story is, I hope his steroid induced nuts explode in his body and they get replaced with some nigga nuts.

    1. Dog says:


      1. Regina R says:

        Who cares…hes a freak, he looks like a cartoon, he probably cant even wipe his ass. white men are jealous. It’s like they’re stalkers. What does that do for them? What do they want? We arent going anywhere. Weak ass pansies always having to apologize . Apologies not even necessary, they are lucky blacks have more compassion than they do because many honkeys would be dead or missing. WP have no convictions or moral fortitude. Look at that guy….freakazoid.

        . ..

        1. Brantly Carlyle says:

          “…theres this AUDIO tape floatin around on the internet [bout me SAYIN some f*cked up sh*t], and when i first SAW it”… #NUFFSAID 😒

        2. ERIC says:

          Hmm, yeah respond with racism of your own, typical hoodrat piece of shit, go kill yourself

        3. Ozman says:

          Youre no better you fucking dumbass. Who the hell are you to be calling people out for racism when youre using the word honky and throwing out empty threats.

        4. Carlos says:

          Wow Racist much, talk about a double standard.

          This guys a moron, and your not far off

    2. Donavan says:


    3. Dianna says:


      1. F. Miles says:

        He spoke what was in his heart and he will use it again and he is not sorry!!

      2. David Trolio says:

        I can’t. hate on that , we all say shit when it comes to being mad at your girl. I have white friends. I except his apology and think he says it with sincerity

    4. Big A says:

      Agreed! He’s Exposed

    5. Rezzy says:

      He a white supremist who is just sorry he got caught. What is on the audio is his real feelings towards black people.he blames it on a female who had this on him for 10 years now he won’t comply with what ever it’s out now ,he tryna act like he don’t have any recollection of it which is bullshit

    6. F. Miles says:

      He spoke what was in his heart and he will use it again and he is not sorry!!

    7. F. Miles says:

      He is just another pussy with a penis!! He probably has a custom made klans sheet! Who cares about those dickhead pussies?!

    8. Sparatic says:

      Right. Lol

    9. J says:


    10. Frank White says:

      He’s just upset that his nuts look like raisins and he knows where that kiss was headed, he knows once she goes black and steroid free she’ll never come back!

    11. Ngrh8rBill says:

      Bleh. Down boy. Get back in your chains!

  2. Something to think about says:

    Once you say there’s no going back because that’s the real you. You trying now to clean it up won’t work cause the damage has been done. I just hope the the people of this great country can forgive you from their hearts ♥️!!!

    1. The man says:

      Fuck the people and fuck you

  3. Something to think about says:

    Once you say the N***A word there’s no going back because that’s the real you. You’re now trying to clean it up won’t work cause the damage has been done. I just hope the the people of this great country can forgive you from their hearts ♥️!!!

    1. Bigpoppapump says:

      Please… you black people use that word a million times a day and call whites crackers and honkies. Stop being a butthurt pussy and thinking that every white girl that is nice to you wants anything to do with that ugly thing you call a cock. Truth is a lot of people feel like Rich and the more you get mad the worse itll get.

  4. Elle says:

    Hmmmm… he looks miscegenated. Maybe he just found out and it was an unexpected blow.

    1. Sal vandiver says:

      Are you crazy.

  5. deese knutts says:

    Not a racist..never been a racist…. Hmmmmm LET’S GO TO TAPE! #FUCKHIM

    1. The man says:

      Fuck you#####

  6. Rick H. says:

    Head on over to Bodybuilding.com, general forum. Place is stormfront for muscleheads.

    1. Mike John says:

      So is GetBig.com.

      They intentionally have degrading pictures of Black female bodybuilders being compared to gorillas and chimpanzees.

  7. Rhadames ortiz says:

    He made video a few years ago about how he defended a blk person from a racist Mexican girl, at first I didn’t k ow why he would make a random video like that, but then I found that there were rumors about rich being a racist. Now this happens, if he was truly sry he should cut a check to a positive blk organization or donate to this website. Because like he said, it happen years ago, those views never leave.

  8. Guy Miles says:

    It’s a shame all that muscle but no Brain Mass!!!!

  9. Guy Miles says:

    It’s a shame all that muscle!!! But no Brain Mass…..

  10. PD says:

    Not surprised by any of these folk. The ” true spirit” is coming out everyday and they are being exposed. I love it!! Keep it coming, the more we know, the more we grow!!!

  11. Nina says:

    Becareful how you treat people…..be real on or off the set u are clearly a racist individual……Blessings to you and I wish u well….no apology needed the mind speaks what’s in the heart….don’t apologize when deep in ur heart u hate people of color…..u just lost one!!!

    1. Lou henry says:

      Hay brother no worries I know women are cheaters just like some guys are cheaters when you think you have trust in someone are that trust is lost anyone would lose their mind especially if you have been together for some time and you’ve made future plans together no worries to many women out their to choose from better looking and more trusting life goes on no matter what happens .
      so move on with your life and be well

      1. To nys says:

        Not the same. People may go off but Athe repeated N word, N lover all comes from a racist placed. He was enraged about he cheated, but super enraged it was with some black(if cheating is even the backstory as he seemed mad she was kissed on the cheek).

        Actually I would say his ass was outraged because a black guy kissed her on the cheek. Sorry the cheat stor and I was on steroids doesn’t take anyone to those words unless you use all the time.!

  12. Jackie says:

    What’s done is done..What’s said is said …We all say things in anger…just can’t keep on punishing people for their wrongs or rights doings ..You’ve apologized now move in to other news…

  13. Thomas says:

    Fuck his musclehead apology. We gotta quit excepting their apology when they do shit and get caught. Thats what they are really sorry about,getting they ass exposed!
    These mothafuckas only worried about the money they gone loose. Thats where we have to hit these bitches at,their pocketbooks. Thats when the real message is sent. So if your black or supportive of equality and despise racism,quit supporting this asshole. Let’s break him.✊✊


    He’s sorry he got caught. Words are like a tube of toothpaste.

  15. Cheryl says:

    You spoke from the heart….No apology needed…Now people know where you REALLY stand…

  16. oktagon says:

    He’s white. What do you expect.. They born weak…

    1. Strong says:

      You obviously were born stupid. Bring your ass on and I’ll show you weak.

  17. Susan says:

    It’s a damn shame you said and you meant it..

  18. You sorry you got caught..smh

  19. sue says:

    So the bitch had an out of body experience? keep your lame ass apology.

  20. Marvin Desloge says:

    No surprise to me. All white people should be treated as racist suspects.

    1. Bob says:

      Well I’m white I’m not a racist suspect so how about this go eat a dick and fuck yourself racist motherfucker

    2. Truth says:

      You blacks are the most racist people in the planet. I love some of you but most arent worth killing.

  21. Mike says:

    Well i think it was an outburst, i mean us black people are the most racist we just dont have any momentum behind our words, we have all used racist terms, that doesnt determine our hatred for humanity, even if we are easily imposed upon, we say the most hateful things and expect a pass, but when someone else says the same words that we have made common speech, now we in an uproar, well if thats the case let us as a people, banish that word from our vocabulary, then we will move forward

    1. Lydia says:

      I agree, we have all gotten mad and used racist words even against our own race!… I here blk ppl in my neighborhood use that word towards each other every day, and they’re laughing and kicking it together. If he apologized just accept it and move on

    2. Dee says:

      Sorry. Blacks arent racist just prejudice as hell and we have the right to be. Our “racism” doesnt stop no other race as they try to progress. You need to do lots of researcj. Also look up devil’s punchbowl (natchez ms) It will open your eyes to some more of our history that is if you are black. Ive heard and believe there are whites trolling pretending to be blacks. Also my bro, open your TRUE history book the 1611 KJV Bible. Take your time reading it. It will tell you everything you need to know my Israelites/Hebrew bro. Follow the instructions and all will be well. Much peace and love to us (the unwicked) all

    3. Nicole says:

      I don’t think so. Never have black people treated white people the way they treat us. When we get mad and go on a rant, it’s because of remembering how we are treated by them. We have a reason to be angry. Mostly comes from anger not true feelings.

  22. Todd says:

    That’s comes from been in the weight room with some afro american body builder’s and feeling extremely tiny and helpless! First person he tbought about was his girl! Like if she seen these fucking dude’s she would look at me like a little girl!! What’s his girls face book page I just bought a gym that was owned by an afro american body building champion and i have a lot of picture of the guy’s and girls that came thru his gym, maybe she would be interested in some of them! Don’t let this peanut brain balloon bodied steroid sippy cup junkie tell you what to like and not like!!

    1. Nicolas Thomas says:

      Afro American huh?

  23. Ricky R Whitney says:

    Well I’m supporting his products.

  24. Yahaira diaz says:

    Just like every other closeted racist that gets outed! I’m sorry I should have never ever etcétera etcétera……. Look if those are your feeling than deal with the consequences of your feeling !!! Just don’t fucking lie about who and what you are !! Apologize not accepted.

  25. Halima Robbins says:

    I wish they would stop apologizing for saying how they truly feel. Be yourself with no apologies. I love it when they reveal themselves. It’s the ones who keep it inside that we have to keep an eye on, lol! #FakeApologiesMeanNothing

  26. Linda says:

    There’s No going back, you said it, you were exposed. You’re a RACIST, your apology means Nothing to me , that was the Real you, angry or not. How DISGRACEFUL, get right BEFORE you leave this earth

  27. Banging whites says:

    Lol he feels inferior, his girlfriend likes black guys and his conscious has him visualizing a long fat black sick stretching her out. When in reality it was a kids on the cheek. Lol

  28. Tina says:

    No need what’s understood don’t need explaining you are what you are Racist

  29. David says:

    Yo you went way to far had it been another white guy then what it would have been Ok! You basically went way back to the past with that bullshit! You are definitely a racist and if you were with a group of white racist on a fucking rant it would be easy for you to join in on that mob mentality.

  30. David says:

    Your definitely a racist ,your opinion on black people is obviously embedded deep in you. Had it been another white man who kissed your girl it would have been a little better? So you could deal with your jealousy better had it been a white man. Your 100% racist no question about it.

  31. Will says:

    You are racist, from the heart the mouth speaks. You are like a lot of others you are probably all up in black peoples face smiling and laughing, when secretly how really feel you hide. I would have more respect for you if you can just be real and say I said it because this is how I feel. No like many other closet racist you are two faced. You are sorry you got caught. I however am glad you did because it validates what I have known, and I’m sure what everyone of your​ so called black friends know now. That even though they smile and call you friend to your face, secretly they can’t stand your black guts. They can’t help
    themselves, eventually there hiden truth comes out, just make them mad enough and they can stop the niggers from flying out of there mouth. My hope is that the blacks that know him isn’t fooled by this the roids made me do it half ass apology. Please learn a lesson, he is not the only one. Please Learn!!!!!

  32. Star says:

    Just FyI… In Ancient Kemet (Egypt) N-G-R means God! The slave masters took the word and used reverse psychology to give it a new negative meaning. So yea… when black people say it, it has a different connotation/meaning. Just FYI … and yes… he is still a racist… but who cares. We are the gods… I’m a goddess why should I care what he thinks. LOL.

  33. Lisa says:

    Wow. Sad man. This well goes well beyond racism. She simply reminded him of what he feels, he is not. His verbal abuse is classic, forget what he calls the cheek kissing suspect. I’m tripping over what he’s calling her. Interesting-
    Sad man. Major evidence of too much plastic surgery and physical displeasure. If he feels this about himself on a good day, I can imagine what he feels when he adds what HE believes of himself to her mind. After all, that kind of self awareness doesn’t consider that others, outside of themsethemselves, have thoughts of their own.
    Oh well.

  34. Danny Provenzano says:

    Rich is right. He is absolutely correct. Date your own women.

  35. Hitler Was A Hero says:

    Im not a racist. Because racism is a crime and crime is for black people.

  36. Kek says:

    Fuck niggers 1488

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