Oregon Judge Has A Picture Of Hitler On His Wall


When it comes to the religion of white supremacy, many of its devout followers live by a code that causes them to practice their creed in a covert fashion. However, there are exceptions to many rules, and one of the religion’s practitioners has decided to take an overt path to show what he believes in.

Vance Day serves as a judge for the state of Oregon’s Supreme Court. According to an article featured on Raw StoryVance has allegedly been known to abuse his authority as an official in the court of law. Some of his most questionable actions include having inappropriate contact with convicted felons, using his judicial powers to postpone a wedding to determine if the couples he was supposed to marry were gay, but perhaps his most despicable offense involves him hanging a portrait of Adolf Hitler in the “Hall Of Heroes” gallery–a gallery of portraits which was his idea.

Although he eventually took the portrait down, his notorious reputation in Oregon has received the attention of the national media last year.

B. Clark

7 thoughts on “Oregon Judge Has A Picture Of Hitler On His Wall

  1. sam says:

    and negroes will be surprised about this

    1. Dj says:

      what, they thought he would hang a portrait of black jesus???…this isn’t a surprise…smh

  2. dc1969 says:

    Typical of them to love their true heroes. Why get upset? These lovely Caucasians are just showing what they’re really about.after all,Adolph was committing white on white crime on a grand scale,supposedly. So fuck them like they say about us. I don’t care about my enemy. I just analyze and observe their actions and misdeeds so i know how to handle them.

  3. ZeneColey says:

    I’m relieved this asshole shows his true colors and isn’t afraid to show people he is a white supremacist! Makes keeping an eye on this people a lot easier!

  4. Agatha says:

    Artcelis like this make life so much simpler.

  5. KJ says:

    Just business as usual…..nothing to see here folks….

  6. KJ says:

    Oh and most whites with german heritage are proud and unapologetic of hitlers actions. I had this white supervisor at my job joke about hitler recently, while talking about whiteness and her german blood.

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