Open Season on Injustice


Open Season on Injustice: Presidential Pardon for Racism, Sierra Leone Mudslide Ignored, and Attacks by Hate Groups and Domestic Terrorism on the Rise!

Written by: Tiffany Tubman

August 27, 2017


On top of the injustices in economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, religion, politics, and sex, the week has proven that we are moving towards an open season of overt racism and injustice worldwide. We focus on events in the United States, as they are world leaders, but we must all remember the SYSTEM OF WHITE SUPREMACY is global.

As Melanoid people, we need to be aware of every situation going on around us. This does not revert the HYON mentality. However, knowledge is power and we can study other group discrimination and reactions to improve our tactics. Think about being a member of XYZ football team. This week XYZ is playing ABC Football team. Last week ABC played AA Football team. So, you might not really care about AA football team because your focus is on ABC; however, you study that footage to learn.

This is the footage in review:

  1. Transgender troop ban-No more acceptance AND removal of current transgendered officers
  2. Trump pardons Arpaio
  3. Gorka resigns/WH states he was fired
  4. North Korea missiles launched
  5. President request open war support for Afghanistan
  6. Mueller on Flynn and Manafort in Russia investigation
  7. Hurricane Harvey
  8. Sierra Leone Mudslide
  9. MSM explores connections between alt-right terrorism and Russia

As we review these events, of highlight is the Sierra Leone Mudslide. As Sierra Leone battles a major tragedy, the world does not seem to care. Preceding Hurricane Harvey in Texas and parts of Arkansas, on August 14, after 3 days of heavy rains, a massive landslide in and around Sierra Leone’s capital Freetown created a national emergency that is fast becoming one of Africa’s worst disasters in recent memory.

The city’s cry for urgent support was largely met with silence. There have been no celebrity appeals, concerts, or large funding campaigns, beyond the typical appeals from relief agencies. No outpouring of sympathy, Facebook photo filters to show support, or one-minute silences observed before major sports events in Europe—or in Africa for that matter. At least 500 people are dead, 800 are missing, and 20,000 people have been displaced from their homes. Thousands of children have been orphaned.

AS of August 24, 2017, Sierra Leone has received $100,000 in aide from USAID and Canada is expected to send an additional $250,000 but that has not yet been received yet. As opposed to the disasters that hit Paris and Beirut in 2015, the US provided $20 million in aid to each city. There was a dramatic difference in response and coverage of disasters and terrorist attacks that were met with global empathy and coverage.

The famine endangering 20 million lives in South Sudan, Nigeria, Somalia, and Yemen this year has also been met with a slow response—amounts donated to the UN have valued each life at roughly $43. Additionally, the Trump Administration has approved 10 civilians, including 3 children killed in a raid by foreign and Somali forces in southern Somalia.  The United States is backing Somali raids for counter-terrorism operations.

There is a growing US military involvement in the Horn of Africa after Trump approved expanded operations against the al-Qaida-linked extremist group al-Shabab. The farmers and children were killed one by one after soldiers stormed into Barire village early Friday, August 25, 2017. Their bloodied bodies left on display. This is another example of the global system of white supremacy and the global epidemic of mass genocide on Melanoid people. These lives do not matter.

Another highlight is the Trump Administration Pardon on Sheriff Joe Arpaio. In his 20 years of power Arpaio referred to his jails as “concentration camps” and prisoners died at an alarming rate without explanation. One of his jailers nearly broke the neck of a paraplegic man who had the temerity to ask for a catheter. He often marched Latino prisoners into a segregated area with electric fencing. A black woman, Ambrett Spencer, was forced to give birth shackled in a cage with no medical support.

Sheriff Joe had a Phoenix New Times reporter arrested for covering his heinous and egregious acts at the Maricopa County Jails. This is something we can be sure Trump supports as he is known for his hostility towards media, CNN, and all noted “fake news” outlets. Under Arpaio, the MCSO failed to investigate hundreds of sex abuse cases, many of which involved children.

While Joe lacked money to provide adequate care to inmates, many going without enough food or medication, he somehow found time and money to send a deputy to Hawaii to look for then current President Barack Obama’s birth certificate. By 2013, a federal judge confirmed what literally everyone in Phoenix knew, Joe had been racially profiling Latinos, so he hired a PI to investigate the judge and his wife. He also kept on profiling people, which is why he got charged with contempt of court and was found guilty.

Joe also tried to destroy some of the hard drives containing material that was supposed to be turned over to the court and by 2015, his fondness for racial profiling has cost the county more than $44 million on top of the lives her ruined. His deputies also cost the county millions to settle lawsuits, where his deputies stood by as an inmate was brutally beaten among many other inhumane acts towards non-white people.

No surprise Trump could identify and sympathize with this blatant white supremacist. Per Congresswoman Maxine Waters, “Trump disrespects minorities, lifts up white nationalists, demeans women & every day finds a way to undermine civil rights. He is deplorable”. By pardoning Arpaio, Donald Trump just declared war on justice, equality, and the rule of law. We have a true villain in the White House. This Presidency is a direct threat to the safety and well-being of people of color in this country and worldwide.

On the pardon, Trump tweets the following:

open 2

Yet another reminder that we are living with the goal of survival in this government approved and led Racial Holy War. Again, your melanin makes you a target and apart of the war regardless to your desire to be included or not. There has been recent video footage released from the Charlottesville Terror Rally showing that a race solider stood idly by as a white supremacist shouts “Hey nigger” and attempts to shot an unarmed black man. However, the safety was on so he withdrew the weapon, released the safety and shot towards the unarmed black man into a crowd of people.

Video of Attempted Murder

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Thus, Charlottesville Police say the man in the video, later identified as KKK Imperial Wizard, Richard Wilson Preston, was charged with discharging a firearm within 1,000 feet of a school. Clearly after viewing the video, the charge should have been attempted murder with a hate crime penalty added. He came to the march wearing a Kevlar vest and with a loaded firearm. At this point, all Melanoid people need to be protecting ourselves and practicing our Second Amendment right. Domestic terrorism is at an all-time national high and white supremacist are murdering non-white people with impunity.

Also, Donald Trump has weaponized the local police departments with military grade arsenal, a move unprecedented in U.S. history. This presidential pardon to Sheriff Arpaio is a dog whistle to the white supremacists that either way, they will be free to continue these horrible crimes. Even if a jury convicts, the president will pardon the offenses of these “very fine people”.

There are now several investigations ongoing to link the Charlottesville Terrorism incident to Russia and Nazi activity worldwide. So far, investigations have identified Richard Spencer’s wife, Nina Kouprianova, a Russian propagandist whose writings (under the pen name Nina Byzantina) mirror the Kremlin’s rhetoric, according to the Daily Beast.

CNN Covers Alt-Right and Russia Connection

Melanoid family, we have open discrimination on all once thought to be protected groups and an active criminal mob in the White House. Despite all levels of federal investigations, we must plan for this Rahowa to continue. Do not get your hopes up on the impeachment the dominant society has been discussing for the past 8 months. Although some people openly condemn his actions, no government leader or group has taken any action to stop Donald Trump. At this point, we must demand action. We must demand meaningful action that will destroy this system of global white supremacy and replace it with a system of justice for mankind, both domestically and internationally.

As Hurricane Harvey unfolds, Melanoid Nation will keep you aware of the impact to our communities and what we can do to help. If we want to ensure our people get help, we must donate to our people directly. The plan will be communicated to you and we will keep you up to date with the situation affecting Melanoid people in Texas and Arkansas.

We cannot depend on the federal government to provide the necessary aid as it has now been discovered that Trump withdrew infrastructure requirements just days before the hurricane.


For those boycotting the NFL, we have provided a list of their sponsors. Not watching the game may not have a significant enough impact so we have to make sure we do not support NFL merchandise or sponsors.







Tiffany Tubman

Twitter: @montswife16



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