One-Legged Homeless Black Man Brutalized By San Francisco Police

It took 14 San Francisco Police Department officers to take down and restrain a one-legged, Black homeless man, who was “armed” with crutches and apparently “dangerous”. The incident is the latest embarrassment for the US police, who face constant accusations of illogical brutal use of force.
The confrontation was captured on video and shows white police officers taking down a one-legged homeless black man on the city’s central Market St. According to witnesses, police were called in to the scene to take care of a suspicious man waving some “sticks” around in the middle of the street.
The video was shot in August by Chaedria Labouvier, who is heard calling out to police throughout the video, shows the extent of humiliation and brute force exercised immediately after the man was wrestled to the ground by SFPD officers. As the disabled- and believed to be mentally challenged  Black male struggles to move, 4 cops pin him down,  after  officers called for an Extended Range Impact Weapon (ERIW) which is a less lethal use of force due to the circumstances.
“These are my crutches. I use these to walk,” the man tried to explain. But even after realizing that the man had a prosthetic leg, the police officers continued to use overwhelming physical restrain and man-handled him, forcing his head to the ground.
In the video you can clearly hear the homeless man complying with the cops and asking them to get off his prosthetic leg while hand-cuffed, as well as a Woman saying “Oh my God –you´re on his prosthetic leg?”
The video shows that the officers used their body weight to subdue the subject by attempting to hold him still for no reason-since the man was restrained.
San Francisco police spokeswoman Grace Gatpandan said officers encountered the 42-year-old man waving around wooden sticks and detained him for a mental health evaluation as he walked toward street traffic.
Witnesses in the video can be heard saying the man used the sticks as his crutches and was simply crossing the street.
Police chief Greg Suhr and others would “look into this situation thoroughly and determine if there were any violations of department policy”. She said the case was also sent to the independent office of citizen complaints.
This incident comes after a recent incident where San Francisco’s chief of police has moved to dismiss eight officers who sent and received racially charged and homophobic text messages that included references to lynching’s, white power and burning crosses.
Here’s the video of the incident below.

Written By Carlos G 

8 thoughts on “One-Legged Homeless Black Man Brutalized By San Francisco Police

  1. What says:

    Can You believe those “KIDS” start off at $80K a year???
    There Bullies…..
    Oakland & San Francisco

    1. dc1969 says:

      This is going to eventually come to a boiling point. These race soldiers,modern day slave catchers are going to fuck the the wrong ones and get what happened to those 2 nypd “honest” thugs got last december. This shit is so disheartening. Those thugs in blue have no compassion for us. I expect none. I keep saying:karma is real. Those pale pigs are going to0 get bad ,wicked karma. Hopefully,they,their family,acquaintances and the like will get dealt with in the most harshest,painful way that they could never,ever imagine. White supremacy is real,for all of you naysaying coons and coonettes,sambos and sambettes who may be reading my comment. And for you racist trolls: that karma is gonna get your punk asses,too.


      1. dj says:

        Who was the idiot who called the cops. If the homeless man was not menacing anybody then that person who called the police should be held accountable too.

        Those pigs think they are so slick…they pulled the homeless man’s pants down so they can try and hit him with an indecent exposure charge (since they know they was dead wrong for what they did) sorry, not this time silly pigs…

        They called all those cops to the scene meanwhile you probably got a woman being raped or someone who is being robbed or assaulted somewhere but you have a quarter of the precinct present here to harass a homeless disabled person…

        The sad part of this situation besides the disabled guy getting roughed up is that you had a few black officers there participating in this unjust abusive scenario. When its time for just reprisals…those black cops should get it the worse for turning their backs on their own black people while aiding white supremacy. And those same black cops would be in the same predicament as the disabled homeless guy by their fellow white partners if their black @$$3$ wasn’t wearing a badge…smh

        1. dj says:

          Hopefully after his lawsuit he won’t be homeless and he can get a built in gun holster (with the gun of course) on his prosthetic leg like Robocop so when he police fuck with him again they won’t live to regret it.

          And on another note this situation shows the world once again that if you are black anyone can call the police on you and say anything and without common sense on the police part they will immediately detain, arrest, shoot and kill you.

        2. GQ Rugged says:

          There are a lot of businesses on that main strip-which is called “Market St.” I could have been more than 1 person calling the cops since there was so many of them, plus “The Tenderloin” Police stations is very close from the scene.

          I agree with the comment you made about the Black officers partaking in the injustice, but I guess they just value their life and their paycheck more than acutally helping a human being.

  2. sam says:

    Sexting while black smh

  3. nik says:

    There’s no longer a black man all is left is black male homos and black male rachets n dusty bums loosers see them all around town more n more everyday

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