Off Duty Officer Shoots at Children Causing Protests to Erupt


By Amy Lukau

Yesterday, Wednesday February 22, 2017 in Anaheim, California video went viral of an off-duty police officer firing a gun during a scuffle with a child after the adolescents walked on his lawn according to reports.

The young teen at the center of the incident has been identified as a 13-year-old boy named Christian.

The videos shows the off duty officer firing a single round during a physical altercation with Christian. The teen’s friend then steps in and tries to break the officer’s hold on Christian. During the same time another teen rushes the officer, where he loses his balance and stumbles, still holding Christian in his grip.

The route where the altercation occurred is used to go to and from school by local children attending three schools in the area.

Christian was booked at Orange County Juvenile Hall for criminal threats and battery. The 15-year-old friend was arrested for assault and battery and was released to his parents.

Meanwhile, the unidentified off duty police officer was placed on administrative leave while the incident is being investigated said the LAPD.

Demonstrators gathered outside the home of the unidentified off duty police officer and then took the streets of Anaheim blocking traffic near Disneyland for several hours. It was then that the Anaheim police advised the public to avoid the area as officers in riot gear were sent into the area.

As of this morning, 24 people have been arrested, six of them juveniles, on suspicion of misdemeanor charges for failing to disperse, resisting arrest and battery on a peace officer, according to Anaheim police.

Anaheim’s mayor, Tom Tait said “Anaheim is committed to a full and impartial investigation. Our city will move forward without delay.”

“The case will be presented to the Orange County District Attorney’s Office when it is completed. The names of the involved parties are not being released at this time,” the statement said.

Jennifer Rojas, a policy advocate at the ACLU of Southern California, told NBC Los Angeles the organization is “deeply disturbed” by reports and demanded “a full explanation of why, in an altercation between the police officer and youths, the youths were arrested but not the officer who fired his gun.”


10 thoughts on “Off Duty Officer Shoots at Children Causing Protests to Erupt

  1. Vangie Griffin says:

    I am glad to see that the other kids didn’t just stand there and do nothing..we as black people should take a page out that book!!

    1. Del says:

      It was a black child that helped him so……

    2. Rochelle Wallace says:

      Time to start Poppin back. They won’t hesitate to kill us..

    3. Dz says:

      Yeah your clearly an idiot the child was black

  2. lisa says:

    only the black kid tried to help him. i’m thinking black people should not risk their safety for a non black. if you’re going to put yourself in the line of fire do it for ANOTHER BLACK PERSON.

    1. Brown sauce says:

      Why???even if he a asshole,like yourself 🖕🏿

  3. BRSMITH says:

    I am glad it want my child, that officer would have got a beat down.. They should put the officers in a cage with that child father so the child father can give that officer a good old ass whipping. It’s a law that you can’t put your hand on your child, now how in the hell the law going to let that police officer put his hand on someone else child pulling on that child and get away with it. Then he going to pull his gun out. Damn it’s just grass. Plant some more, put a sign up saying no trespassing. WTF was that officer thinking O’ he want thinking, what if some one was doing that to his child.. SMH..

  4. BRSMITH says:

    That child should have kick him in his nuts..

  5. Donnahue Rowe says:

    I have to look at the situation in a responsible way. Was there an urgency and necessity for the officer’s engagement. What really gave rise to his engagement in the first place. Did the officer mention his authority by identifying himself, was he exerting his property rights. Does he have a “stand your ground” right and therefore did not disengage as a response option. Did he discharge his firearm unlawfully or in response to a perception of eminent threat. As the young people became more emboldened to rescue their friend did this officer fire a warning shot or intended to cause harm. Did the officer call for police response prior to the engagement or did the situation quickly escalate before he was able to de-escalation techniques. There was resistance, there was subtle threats mentioned, and there were threatening postures and gestures. The officer probably could have de-escalated or disengaged as a crisis management strategy.

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