NYPD Officers Now Required to Issue Receipts During Stop-And-Frisk Attempts


For the entirety of its existence, the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk policy has been deemed highly questionable and controversial in the way that it targets Melanoid people in New York City.  According to the New York Civil Liberties Unionthe first half of 2015 saw New Yorkers getting stopped by the police 13,604 times, with 11,124 of them being totally innocent. 7,158 of the people stopped were Black.

In what appears to be an attempt to curb such a heavy trend in NYC, police are now required to give a slip with a title that reads “What Is A Stop?” to the people they stop for questioning. As of Sept. 21st, NYPD cops will no longer be able to stop-and-frisk a person because they “look nervous or suspicious”. Stop-and-frisk is an ongoing problem that has even caused long-term trauma among Melanoid people who were targeted by this policy. Watch the following video to see the report about the debilitating affects of stop-and-frisk on Black Society.

Here’s a link to the story.

B. Clark

3 thoughts on “NYPD Officers Now Required to Issue Receipts During Stop-And-Frisk Attempts

  1. dj says:

    Well, you don’t say…

    1. dc1969 says:

      This shit still will not stop these thugged out idiots in blue from acting disrespectul,discourteous,rude,obnoxious and basically jerkoffs.this is about 95 percent,regardless of racial or ethnic background.i live in nyc,so i observe these morons almost everyday in action. Lazy assholes!

  2. Jeremy says:

    I was stopped and frisked several times throughout my life…once the white officer was kinda man handling me and i got into a shouting match with him afterwards…Another time i was at a church carnival in my younger days…me and several friends were walking around, i was wearing a hoodie with my hands in the front pockets. An officer walked infront of me and stepped on the tops of my shoes n held me there and searched my hoodie pocket…another time i got pulled over driving my car with an expired registration..the white old cop pulled his gun out and held it on his side yellin at me “IS THIS CAR STOLEN”! …..i also had a cop threaten to shoot my dog cause he banged on my front door and my old doberman barked through two doors…morale of the story is im the whitest(proud to be) white guy youd ever meet…the officers were only doing their job and while a few times they messed with me and really pissed me off i never lost my cool and caused the situation to escalate…police got a tough fucked up job…they are people just like you…except alot of the time they are actually tryin to bring the community up instead of draggin it down…they put themselves in danger and deal with the worst and craziest everyday…not cause they want to but because the community called and they stepped up…when YOUR FAMILY IS INTROUBLE FROM SOME MANIAC OR YOUR LOVED ONE SCREAMS FOR HELP AND YOU CANT BE THERE…black or fuckin white the police are gonna show up and do their best to bring justice to the situation…im a white man and i approve this message

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