Not One Dime: Black America Takes Buying Power Into Its Collective Hands

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The social media age has made it easier than ever before to convey messages, spread the word(s) of movements, and create platforms. In spite of some notoriety that this recent method of communication has received by detractors, social media has given birth to the #NotOneDime movement, a movement created last year in response to innocent Melanoid citizens being murdered by race soldiers who usually walk away from the courts unpunished. The premise of the response was to not only boycott the dominant society’s businesses, but also to encourage a time period of action and service from Black Friday through Cyber Monday.

Although the concept of the “Not One Dime” movement appears to be both a noble and revolutionary act in itself, we’d be remiss to acknowledge that boycotting non-Black businesses alone doesn’t necessarily equate to Black Empowerment at its full potential. As a matter of fact, many concerned Melanoid citizens have made it their responsibility to not only refuse the patronizing of non-Black establishments during this time period, but they’ve also made a conscious decision to “Buy Black” at a higher rate during this same time period–more so than they usually would at any other time.

While the “Buy Black” concept has been in discussions for many years, perhaps it is because of Internet’s far-reaching power that it has become a more commonplace activity. Last year, we featured a story which profiled several ways to locate Black-Owned businesses throughout the country, and this year we will be taking a slightly different approach to giving your Black-Owned business the shine that it deserves. If you are a Black business owner, please list your business info (and link to the business’s site) in the comments section of this story.

Let’s not limit buying Black to a short weekend alone. Remember to buy Black, and sell to the world as much as possible. Much success to the hardworking and entrepreneurial minded Melanoid people who exude top-flight professionalism and have provided goods and/or services of excellent quality.

B. Clark

6 thoughts on “Not One Dime: Black America Takes Buying Power Into Its Collective Hands

  1. dj says:

    sounds good

  2. MrsT says:

    Need list of Black Owned Businesses in all Arena’s .Food,Clothing , Beauty ,Skilled Trade, Etc?Business Opportunity?

    1. MrsT says:

      Please Send List of Black Owned Busi nesses.Food,Beauty,Skilled Tradesmen,Etc?

    2. Sid says:

      For anyone who is interested there is a great site to find black owned clothing including shoes here:

  3. blksRnazty says:

    Hmmm only black business’s I can think of is all the drug dealers in this country. So show your support to your people and go buy yourself some crack.

  4. blksRnazty says:

    Or instead of them having to actually put in the work of stealing the car you could just give them yours….

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