No Black Person In America Should Shop On Black Friday


The verdict has come down in the situation of Darren Wilson,and the message is crystal clear: in the eyes of the dominant society,Black lives do not matter. We live in a system of white supremacy where Black lives can be taken or destroyed with impunity at any given moment.

The white supremacists have shown us that they feel that they can do anything they want to Black people and we can’t do anything about it. And they have the military muscle (police,swat,national guards,etc) to back them up. Many Black people woefully accept this narrative because trying to replace they system of white supremacy with a system of justice is indeed quite challenging.

The primary way the system of white supremacy is used to control and disempower Black people is through the economy of the white supremacists. So the way for Black people to empower themselves is through economics. Melanoid people are going to have to utilize the income they use to empower every other group (particularly groups who turn around and disrespect Black people in return) to empower themselves.

The main thing Melanoid people should do is start creating businesses within their communities. Dr Claud Anderson has several books such as Black Labor White Wealth and Powernomics,on how Black people can accomplish an economic base.


The first thing Melanoid people can do this week is boycott the Black Friday shopping day. If we are going to live in a system where white supremacists can murder Black people with impunity, we need to send a message. If people who murder Black people are protected by other suspected white supremacist  law enforcement,media, jury, financial contributors,and political representatives,then Black people should limit the circulation of our dollars to these institutions.

So this Black Friday do not spend money anywhere in the United States unless you are going to shop with a Melanoid establishment.



50 thoughts on “No Black Person In America Should Shop On Black Friday

  1. Geechiedan says:


  2. says:

    Best way to support. Count me in!

  3. Sony says:

    I dont’ know how many “wakeup calls” it’s going to take for Black people to get the message. Too many of us are just plain APATHETIC and it’s beyond SAD! I know most Black folks are prepared to carry on just as they would normally do on this day after the verdict. Women will still help to send the Asian’s kids to college with weave purchases and nail salon visits. And the men will contine to buy their Jordans and put money into the hands of a Black man who gives less than a “you know what” about the Black community. And the Black men who have the money and power..who are the taking care of…..let’s not even get into that today. We have the POWER to weaken these people, if not put them out of business, but we do NOTHING!

  4. James says:

    BLACK POWER!!!! I will support an encominc boycott!!!

  5. Mr-blac says:

    sending that type of message, amounts to an ongoing raped victim, picking what they would consider the perfect day to tell their present master that they are on their cycle. will it change anything? probably not. i’m certain in times past they showed little to no regard for a female slave during her cycle.

    if we really wanted to stop the ongoing bloodshed that our enemy cares little to stop, we should come to together as one, reach out, touch the garment of CHRIST.

    the rest would be history.

    “No one waiting for you will be disgraced; disgraced awaits those who break faith for no reason.” Psalms 25:3

    “Bless our GOD you peoples! Let the sound of his praise be heard! 9. He preserves our lives and keeps our feet from stumbling. For you JAH have tested us, refined us as silver is refined. 11. You brought us into the net and bound our bodies fast. you made men ride over our heads; we went through fire and water. But you brought us out to a place of plenty.” ~Psalms 66:8-12

    1. Brother rdc says:

      Stop it man cut that religion stuff out praying ain’t the answer.
      All it does is keeping us distracted and docile so we can keep getting spanked and turn the other cheek while praising the “lord” Smh.
      Black folks been praying heavy for years but ain’t nothing changed.
      Besides that don’t forget who gave us this religion and for which purpose.
      You’re better of quoting verses out of Dr. Claude Anderson’s books about group economics so we can get back on track.

    2. Michael says:

      uch the garment of Christ”?!…you can’t be serious.So your solution for the problem of black people is that we need to double down on our worship of white Jesus?That’s not the solution that’s the problem.Imho black people will never accomplish anything as a group until we break the mental slavery of worshipping a white God.

      1. Lady says:

        I am so sick of the religious mess, he needs to go pray with the white supremacists.

    3. Michael says:

      “Touch the garment of Christ”?!…you can’t be serious.So your solution for the problem of black people is that we need to double down on our worship of white Jesus?That’s not the solution that’s the problem.Imho black people will never accomplish anything as a group until we break the mental slavery of worshipping a white God.

    4. Anwar L says:

      Religion/spirituality will not stop the white supremist actions towards Melanoid people. Economics is the only way.

      1. Black Capital says:


    5. x says:

      Lol, really? I don’t think touching an imaginary garment will solve the problems that blacks face in america. Thinking like that will get us all killed. The real solution is to hit them where it hurts which is the pockets. We also have to get our financials together and be more self sufficient as a whole.

    6. itsogone says:

      I once believed in this handed down religious fairy tale. Please black people do your research and stop accepting the generational teachings which are just not true. Take a look at the man that wrote these scriptures. If all that praying was a reality blacks would not continue to suffer under the same hands that told you that garbage.

    7. Ariesone3221 says:

      Honestly, that Church and religion s*** is exactly what has made black people apathetic. But yet the dollars that flow out of the hands of your brothers and sisters are going into the coffers of a pastor/church institutions that continually pushes the hustle of “heaven” after earth. Back in the days they called “indulgences”, now-a-days…it’s called “bulls**t”. These same pastors then go out and use their church money to buy fast cars and beautiful properties, while watching their constituents (because it’s similar to a politicians), neighborhoods decay and rot. And everyone knows that pastors thrive when there’s misery and poverty. They are the leeches that watch as the world burn but do nothing to put out the fires. At least back during the time of thriving economic businesses, churches and religious leaders actually did things to help the people: teaching, community centers..etc. But now we have nothing but snakes, pedophiles, leeches, turn-coats, sell-souls and vultures. But what more could we expect from an ethos that was rooted in mental confinement and the absence of self-accountability and self-determination, because that responsibility is placed in the hands of “Jesus”, “Muhammad” , “Jah”, “Liberace” or whom-ever. The facts are clear…we have money, we need use it for us and damn everyone else. This is the new and only standard We can’t pray out of this. We’ve been praying for justice for over 400 years now. At this point…it’s safe to assume their God doesn’t give a sh**. (that’s what we’ve been praying to right?).

  6. MindMuscle says:

    Indeed…1st step boycott, 2nd step create our own, 3rd step support our own.

  7. Madonna Joseph says:

    Can you show me where Christ is, so I can touch his garment? Tariq is providing a tangible solution, but you had to crash the party with your intangible ‘Christ’. Wow, just wow!

  8. dj says:

    I hope a lot of people do this but to be honest, the people who are reading this article are probably already hip to this broken, unjust system in America. This message should be broadcasted everywhere to reach the masses!

  9. JayBay says:

    It needs to go further. We can’t just skip one day and then end up buying from the establishment a few days later. The money that I would’ve spent on black Friday is going to be used to benefit black people in some way.

    1. Thinker X says:

      I totally agree with you! We need to stop spending money with anybody/company/organization that aint steppin up for us. Why make people who dont respect us or even think our lives mean anything rich? All them name brands can get it too if they aint showing proper respect.

      Just think if we had some black companies designing clothing or jewelry and all these rappers that like to waste their money making white folks rich would rock their stuff. We could make our own sh*t hot since we always doing it for everyone else who doesn’t do sh*t for us in return. Most of the youth globally look to blacks for trends and what not. Thats power! We need to be utilizing that into bringing business globally into our black businesses then taking that money and investing in ourselves some more.

  10. JayBay says:

    With all due respect on the topic of praying to Jesus, I’m not really the most religious guy in the world but if that’s your thing fine. There is one thing I believe though and that’s Jesus/God/whatever you believe in works with you and not for you. We can pray all day and all night but unless that’s accompanied by some sort of strategy and action then it’s not gonna amount to much. Black people need to realize that at pretty much all levels in society we’ ve been getting screwed over by other groups. If you want something done right, you’ve gotta do it yourself. Black people understand black problems the best and we’re the only ones who can make a difference in that area. In Japan where I’m typing this, Christians out here are very few in number. But they do believe in action and that’s what’s been sustaining them. That’s what needs to be the end goal. Action.

  11. JayBay says:

    Last comment! Sorry but this is just something I’m very passionate about so I comment a lot. A lot of our problem isn’t necessarily from outside either. Mentally we’ve been conditioned to hate each other and coon in a false effort to protect ourselves against white supremacy. There’s a brilliant video I’m listening to right now that breaks it down in detail. If you’re interested, check it out.

    1. Beth says:

      Bullshit. Get over your selves.

      1. emory says:

        And that’s why we need to riot so the world can give their input because not everyone is as inhumane as whites whose only response is BULLSHITS. GET OVER YOURSELF.

  12. Beth says:

    Yah you won’t post what I said before I’m sure but this is a bunch of crap. Keep spreading hate. Nobody benefits everybody loses.

    1. JayBay says:

      Hey Beth, this Thanksgiving make you have an extra large serving of “go fuck yourself” with your turkey.

    2. emory says:

      Again, this shows the importance of riots because ppl like you will spread the gate then expect us to be just as delusional as you so we are going to make it where ppl with sense to see.

    3. Ariesone3221 says:

      The hate that hate brought….go and tell the “Jews” or “Arabs” , “Latinos”, and “Indians”, and “white” America to stop spreading the hate then.

      We’ll be over here still looking for the f*** to give about your comment.

  13. Gary Johnson says:

    No more marching, no more chanting.

    The boycott must extend far beyond “Black Friday.” We need to target specific companies that are influential, and rely heavily on black patronage.



  14. courtney02161980 says:

    Touch the garment of Christ, man if you don’t get the hell outta here with that bullshyt!! We steadily getting our brains blown out and you on some other shyt that you using as a crutch.

  15. courtney02161980 says:

    Your right. We need to buy black and have our best interest at heart.

  16. Lol & Smh At “Touch The Garment Of Christ”.
    This Is The Equivalent Of Bringing A Bible To A Warzone And & Being Surprised After Youve Been Shot That It Failed To Protect You. In Order To Stop Being “Negroes” You Gotta Get Off YOUR KNEES & GROW.

  17. Great article! Lets hope enough of us get the message and not pass up on this great opportunity to unite.

  18. spacelord says:

    Fuck jesus christ, fuck christianity, fuck islam its a arab supremacy system over all races, and fuck judaism n gods chosen people its a egyptian imitation religion n jewish supremacy system. Jews were slaves to the god pharoh on earth the black god. Black people are better off beeing atheists or worshipping ancient egyptian gods or worshippping your fucking self as self empowerment or the voodoo african religions that praise uplift n energises the black races psyche and collective group mind. Stop worshipping your slave masters religion n stroking their ego, you fucking whire jesus lovibg brainwasb fuckin sleepin idiot black gods

  19. LCF73 says:

    Yes!!! I’ve already reposted this to my social media pages.

  20. tabF says:

    Umm I don’t know how far your white Jesus will carry you fighting the white supremacist if that be the case MLK strategies would be working in place and we wouldn’t be here 50 years later having this talk

  21. emory says:

    Plz stop telling whites about the Melanoid site or else it will end up like wshh with nothing but white trolls.

  22. Queen Annes Revenge says:

    Decent blow in a monstrous war… But people must know the entirety of their condition to even begin to come together to accomplish things like this… Step in the right direction tho… Off with their heads… Economic birth definitely an essential key to our protection, human rights & great progression. Will not shop either.. keep waking up the land lovers…

  23. Chris40 says:

    I don’t fool with “black friday” But I won’t spend money anywhere that day!!!!

  24. I 100% agree with this. I will not be partaking in any Black Friday sales or anything like that. We need to show America that we will hit businesses where it hurts – in the pocketbook. This maybe a small step, but it is a step and one that we need to take.

  25. tmack says:

    I will be using my dollars today for sure. I will donate to this site. I want to do more than talk. I saw those donations from white people along with their comments. That’s words followed by action. Let’s not only fight with words alone. Let’s make sure they understand we mean business. No hatred but nation building. Show our people that we can come together and support ourselves without white permission.

  26. regie says:

    “If you do not understand White Supremacy (Racism)-what it is, and how it works-everything else that you understand will only confuse you”. Neely Fuller Jr.

  27. tman says:

    we are on it no shopping no more talking it all about the action..

  28. Michael says:

    This is a great idea. And I have made it a point not to shop today. But from I’ve seen today Black folks lack the discipline to make this happen. Which makes me wonder if the few of us willing to boycott can truly make a difference.

    1. tmack says:

      I also want to add that when we talk about systematic racism this does not mean the white people on this site or any blog. If you are just saying nigger or honky you are not the problem you can’t make any laws or control the outcome of others lives the real power is the eugenics movement and people like Hitler and Bush who can kill a million and smile. They want petty arguments between the so called races they invented to keep us separate and distracted. Wake up and see the chess game. We are all being fooled like children. None of our words mean nothing. The elite don’t care about this as long as we don’t start talking unity. Remember they didn’t kill Malcolm or Martin until they realized we are one human family. PEACE

    1. Michael says:

      @Renee :Great thanks…another simple way to support black owned businesses is to just go get your haircut.if you’re bald let your hair grow and go get it cut.if your female stop giving money to the Koreans and let your hair grow natural.let’s start from there.

  29. Ebi says:

    I’m so excited! Not one cent was spent on Black Friday… unfortunately, I wasn’t able to support the black businesses, but… I wasn’t about to go through the commotion. My philosphy is, why can’t that be an “here on out” thing…everytime I shop is a black business support day?

  30. Noreen says:

    Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wished to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again soon!

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