New Children’s Book Portrays George Washington As A Beloved Slavemaster


If there’s been any doubt about the power of media, than perhaps this children’s book will cause you to reconsider your skepticism.

With the celebration of former U.S. president George Washington’s birthday approximately a month away, a book has been released that depicts a highly disturbing narrative. The title of the book is A Birthday Cake For George Washington. In the book, readers will almost be immediately discover that the main characters in the book are Melanoid house slaves who are scrambling throughout the book to bake a cake for Washington, whose birthday is the occasion.

The featured characters are named “Hercules” (the first White House chef), his daughter Delia (who narrates the story), and a goofy little child simply named “Kitchen Boy” who follows Delia around for the duration of the story. The book was written by New York Times food writer Ramin Ganeshram, and it has already received rave reviews from organizations such as the Children’s Book Council.

The premise of the book emphasizes the featured characters’ sense of urgency to appease their slavemaster, which in this case involves them attempting to bake a cake.As it relates to the topic at hand, the question for those in Black Society should be: Are you ok with your Black children consuming literature such as A Birthday Cake For George Washington?

While much concern has been expressed over the need for more empowering Black narratives (especially for our youth), you can be sure that a solution is right around the corner.

B. Clark

15 thoughts on “New Children’s Book Portrays George Washington As A Beloved Slavemaster

  1. m.garvey says:

    These non black/white races always do this to us!It is their wink to whites and white supremacist

  2. William says:

    This is counter to the ebony doll….when you catch the young mind, it’s like a sponge…and have a long lasting effect. It can get into the belief emotion of a person. The belief system of a person is a powerful tool. Belief can control one’s action. I believe Carter G. Woodson said ” you control a man’s mind, you don’t have to worry about his actions”

    1. Carnell Bonner Jr says:

      Yes indeed. My lil girl is 6 now but 2 years ago i picked her up from daycare and as we were on our way home, gazing out of the window she uttered a statement that greatly shocked me… “I wish I was white”… As I gathered myself I asked why would you say that baby girl? Her reply was…”Because white people have money”. 4 YEARS OLD!!! And because of the perspective of the world through tv and general interaction so far in her experiance she already hates being black. We have a ton of work to do as melanoid people to wake up and cure the generations to come. To hell with marching and praying, hoping and wishing, its time to build and fight with our intellect… I Love You all Melanoid Family… Peace.

  3. Erica P says:

    No I don’t want my children to consume this type of literature. This proves that nothing has changed.

  4. eco says:

    After a while, you begin to anticipate these types of book literature by both those who are virtually ignorant about Melanoid People, as well as those whose entire intent is that of continuous defamation about us and our history.

    I have enough hope to believe that parents are who now equipped with the right information will use their tools for their children’s education. We know now that just because a book cover features a non-white or melanated face does not necessarily mean that its contents wiil always follow through with truth. Therefore, as parents, teachers, publishers, writers, and all others involved in the business of our children’s literacy, there will always be much work that needs to be done. If I could offer any advice, I would say we should become less emotionally reactive and more logically proactive. As they say, the best defnse is a good offense. We know for a fact that when we focus on excellence, we are unstoppable. This has been proven time after time after time.

    With the available technology we have within reach today, the best comeback would be that of creating, publishing and distributing self-authored children’s books that are enjoyable, educational, and veritable about the actual record of MP’s history. Grasping and directing young minds is paramount for their success in fighting and suppressing global racism. Our job is to ensure that they have the best tools, skills, and information they’ll need to avoid falling for the deceptive tactics used by their destractors.

  5. michelle says:

    First, let’s stop with thinking this woman is a white woman. Just looking at her name, if we know anything about epistemology, we know that with a name such as “Ramin Ganeshram”, that she is not anglo-saxon, or “white”. After looking up her background, I came to find that she is of Trinidadian and Iranian decent, thus making her too, one of a African decent, no matter how she may try to deny it.

    Second, we should be used to people such as this author doing something that would be pleasing to the dominate culture, because often, when people such as this woman, are indoctrinated into “Western” culture, they lose themselves within the dominate culture and placate their works to appease and appeal to that culture.

    Third, as a self-published author of children’s books, there is no way, I would ever allow my child’s mind to be swallowed down that rabbit hole. There is too much information out here, pertinent information out here regarding our history and culture, to allow for this type of rhetoric to continue to permeate the minds of our children. It is our responsibility, as with any form of media, to censor certain materials and the debrief our children on the ill effects of this type of lying counter culture.

  6. Renee Fussello says:

    I wanted to post the authors response to criticism and she is going all in for the happy slave trope…

  7. Jason says:

    The bottom line is this book should never enter into the collection of any Melanoid child’s library. In a lot of ways I’m not that shocked that this book was published. Haven’t white supremacy been attacking our children’s minds through media and education with this kind of propaganda. At this point in the game no Melanoid person can claim ignorance to whats happening to our people globally unless they are blatantly choosing to be a coon. No one on this Earth knows white supremacy better than Melanoid people. White supremacist are never going to stop seeing us as anything other than an inferior creature lower than a dog. So it’s not constructive of us to try to prove how great we are to them as if they are Gods. Imagery is powerful especially with children. I’m an Artist i know how a painting or image can invoke thoughts and feelings. Why do you think white supremacist go out of their way to make everything including our great ancestors in their image? To raise themselves to a higher superiority a superiority that is almost god like in the eyes of the world. All of this to get people to worship and bow down to them. We have understand or overstand( for all you ultra conscious brothers and sisters) that they have been using the same tactics to colonize minds for centuries now and they running out of ideas. If you keep doing the same thing over and over eventually people catch on. That’s what they are afraid of the most. We have to be like brainwashed drones when it comes to the empowerment of our melanoid people just unwavering and willing to die for ours. By any means necessary. Because they willing to die for white supremacy but their fight is more out of fear of losing their status in the world than a noble fight for justice.

  8. A Danner says:

    Hey, folks! I’m supporting the effort to get Scholastic, Inc. to pull the ridiculous ‘A Birthday Cake for George Washington’ book. I published a petition (1000+ strong in one day!), and need help from black people to keep the pressure on.
    I’m asking Black folks to tweet about their experiences of literature growing up black, and to talk about the kinds of stories they needed to hear, using the hashtag ‪#‎TellBetterStories‬, tagging @Scholastic. I hope you will support the effort!

  9. August Noone says:

    If you have children and those children watch TV, then you have already lost. Hitler and it is rumored, Ray Kroc said: “Give me a child when he’s 7 and he’s mine forever.”
    If your child has been sitting in front of the TV, then his/her indoctrination is assured. You can control the types of books you bring into your home. The war for your child’s mind didn’t just start with this children book, it’s been going on for generations.

  10. dc1969 says:

    Nothing surprises me with this nonsense.this mixed breed author is doing what most of them do:trying their best to appease their caucasian masters. This is why whenever i deal with them as well as caucasians and those of us Melanoid,black,”colored,etc who try to justify this dumb racist shit,i cut them off real quick and go with logic,not emotion. When i do this,everytjing goes quiet on their end because facts can stop ignorance real quick.

    1. dj says:

      I agree.

      We can’t expect nothing less from them. That is why parents must make sure they teach their children true history so that when they see these silly stories it won’t take toll on their mental.

  11. Mr. Siggs says:

    Scholastic pulls George Washington book over slave cake controversy:

    “The trade publication School Library Journal called the book “highly problematic” and recommended against its purchase. Another trade journal, Kirkus Reviews, labeled the book “an incomplete, even dishonest treatment of slavery”.”

  12. R8sing A Nation says:

    Glad to see it pulled. However I really like to see a list of books put together that are questionable.

  13. Nick says:

    If any melanated person is still on the fence as to what white America actually thinks of you (and I specifically mean the Negro bed-wenches, bed-bucks and all coons), I encourage you to read the reviews your white idols have posted about this garbage on Amazon. And then tell me what you think.

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