NBA Player Nixes His Team’s Suspected Racist Marketing Campaign

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SACRAMENTO, CA — The National Basketball Association (NBA) has been known to acknowledge the diversity of its players and fans by celebrating various holidays and months dedicated to them.

For a number of years, the league has celebrated such occurrences as MLK Day and Black History Month. However, the Sacramento Kings organization took steps that have been deemed questionable in the eyes of many Black fans, and especially one particular Black player. Demarcus Cousins is a five-year vet who plays center for the Kings. Known affectionately to fans as “Boogie”, Cousins is considered one of the NBA’s elite players, perhaps one of its most outspoken as well.

Earlier this week (Feb. 1), it was announced by the Kings organization that they had planned to give away shirts commemorating the “Year Of The Monkey”, in conjunction with February 8th’s Chinese New Year. Cousins, sensing the suspicious intentions of his team’s marketing campaign, immediately stepped forward to announce his distaste for the t-shirt giveaway.

A photo of the shirts that were slated to be given away to fans this past Monday

Photo of the shirts that were slated to be given away to fans this past Monday

According to the Sacramento Beethe team actually had placed the “Monkey” t-shirts on seats in Sacramento’s Sleep Train Arena in the hours leading up to that evening’s game against the Milwaukee Bucks. Fans in the dominant society were outraged by Cousins’ stance on his team’s promotion, engaging in slanderous and sarcastic posts via social media. Below are just a few examples of the backlash that Demarcus Cousins received from white supremacists and suspected white supremacists alike.

While people outside of Black Society were in an uproar over the teams’ decision to scrap the giveaway, it should be noted that the originally planned date of the giveaway coincided with the first day of Black History Month–a month in which all of the NBA’s players are already wearing pre-game warm-up shirts in honor of.

Given the longstanding history of white supremacists’ false claims that Blacks and monkeys are related and/or resemble one another, it was necessary that the shirts were not given to the general public. It was an even better move that the team’s best player (who also happens to be Black) stood up in opposition to what his team wanted to do.

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19 thoughts on “NBA Player Nixes His Team’s Suspected Racist Marketing Campaign

  1. Norris says:

    Who recognizes the ‘Chinese new year’ at all in the states like that? The timing, placement, and organization (which is damn near all black), is so suspect anyone talking about cousins is a coward and/or a bigot masquerading as someone for everyone’s expression of culture. The could give a f**k about the Chinese and their new year.

    1. Patricia says:

      Very suspect. I can’t remember when in the past ‘Chinese new year’ was ever a priority for America.

  2. onehunnid says:

    that was no accident they did it on purpose shout out to Demarcus Cousins or speaking on it they knew what they were doing.

  3. Ty says:

    Eat a monkey’s dick if you are too dumb to understand where this young man was coming from.

  4. John says:

    Stupid ass crackers you thought you were so smart… Just like the devil to appear as a lamb in wolves clothing….

    1. Dick says:

      And you are just as ignorant and racist. BTW the term is “A Wolf in Sheep’s clothing”

      1. jdean says:

        Dick get a life. You are pathetic to troll on black websites. Learn something instead of being what you call people.

  5. JayBay says:

    Good. Don’t apologize for anything. If there’s one thing i’ve realized in my short life its that if you as a black man are pissing of a large group of white people it’s probably because you’re doing something RIGHT not wrong. The white people that were complaining about this don’t give 2 fucks about Chinese society and it shows in how they’re portrayed in media yet all of a sudden they’re so concerned about offending them? Fuck that shit.

    1. August Noone says:

      I was feeling pretty down until I read your post. Thank you

      1. JayBay says:

        No prob

  6. MindMuscle says:

    Boy these white supremacist think they’re real slick.

    1. MindMuscle says:

      Much respect to Demarcus Cousins.

  7. Darnell says:

    Lol all these ignorant fools, keep saying Chinese New Year!!! It’s actually the Lunar New Year, and has absolutely nothing to do with the USA…. I’m certain Asia doesnt celebrate what we call New Years. On another note quoting Mr.Fuller “If you don’t understand racism and how it works, everything else will confuse you”. I’m paraphrasing family.

  8. Zein says:

    I feel as if demarcus is so hypersensitive, that even putting a fucking lemur look alike on a shirt, thinks that it’s racist to African Americans, its all relative, we all see in different filters.

  9. Judy says:

    Thank you Demarcus Cousins, good looking out!!!! Nipped that racist ish right in the bud.

  10. OwenK says:

    Thank you Boogie! Everybody in the NBA and NFL should follow your lead.

  11. garveepowa says:

    Respect to Demarcus Cousins need more high profile athletes to speak up when they observe injustices

  12. R8sing A Nation says:

    Chinese New is celebrated real big out here in the bay it there Mari Gra. but I do support D.C forcing the hand and eff everybody getting all out of sorts. All it takes is a couple of drunk fans to start talking shit waving those monkey shirts and all hell will break loose.

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