Mainstream Media Outlet Attempted To Protect The Identities Of White Arizona Teens Who Participated In Racist Stunt

Desert Vista AZ

PHOENIX, AZ — For the past day, a story has gone viral which has raised eyebrows and concerns of many. Desert Vista High Schoolprominent educational institution located in Arizona’s largest city (and state capital), has been under well-deserved scrutiny because of a leaked photo which featured six white female students of the school posing in shirts–with one letter on each shirt that spelled the word “nigger” with the students standing side-by-side.

While the story itself is national news, perhaps a more subtle detail of the ordeal is that ABC15 Arizona–the Phoenix affiliate for the ABC network–has a Facebook page which openly portrays the racial epithet spelled out by the white females’ shirts, yet has strategically blurred their faces as if to protect the identity of the female students. What’s more interesting about the network’s editing of the photo is that for years, underage Melanoid people have often been wrongfully accused of crimes that they didn’t commit, yet their faces are displayed everywhere for anyone in the world to see.

Much to the disappointment of certain Melanoid people in this country, many of us expect a higher morality from white females for the simple fact that they are white. On the contrary, these white teens are citizens of Arizona, a state which has long rejected the observation of Dr. King’s holiday. Maybe their racism is more than a joke, but rather just a way of life for them. White supremacy is a religion, and these white female high school students are nothing more than just faithful parishioners in the “church” of racism/white supremacy.

Here is the screenshot of the racist white teens with their faces edited out of the photo.

Here is the screenshot of the racist white teens with their faces edited out of the photo.



 B. Clark

48 thoughts on “Mainstream Media Outlet Attempted To Protect The Identities Of White Arizona Teens Who Participated In Racist Stunt

  1. JayBay says:

    For those of you who still think that not all white people are racist and that we can hold hands in friendship, i encourage you to look at the comments on the video page. It doesn’t matter how young they are, ALL white people think this way and will defend these girl’s bullshit. And even if you don’t think it’s all of them, better safe than sorry.

    1. ETERNAL says:


    2. Ashoka23 says:


    3. Corey says:

      I agree.. The unreasonable, cannot be reasoned with.

    4. BlackPanther says:


    5. Amber says:

      All white people think this way my ass.

      1. sam says:


      2. King oF No1 says:

        Not all whites are racist, just a whole lot of them are…word.

    6. FlipFlop says:

      That comment was racist!!! EVERYONE IS RACIST TO AN EXTENT AND U JUST PROVED IT!!!!!

      1. JayBay says:

        Hmm…..tell you what. Give blacks a couple hundred years of enslaving whites, raping them, having our police shoot them, deny them jobs, force them into ghettos, and just generally treat them like shit in any field they try to get into or excel in and then we can talk. Till then, don’t give a fuck. It’s the same cycle over again. Whites treat blacks like shit, black person says we should learn to take care of our own, white and/or negro coon says we should forgive them and hold hands, and the cycle repeats itself. Been there. Tried that. It doesn’t work. And this is coming from a black kid who grew up in the suburbs and had a majority of white friends growing up.

        1. JayBay says:

          Get enough nigga wake up calls and you’ll change your mind too. Remember, just because someone white smiles in your face and invites you over his house occasionally does NOT mean he actually likes you as a person. Blacks have been so used to going to white people for EVERYTHING that we just automatically assume they’re good even when events like this show otherwise. And no, it wasn’t an unfortunate arrangement. White kids are always doing fucked up shit like this (like I said, lived around them my whole life) and when you complain about it say “hey dude, it’s just a joke! Why are you so sensitive? My mom’s, boyfriend’s 3rd cousin is black. So there’s no way I can be racist. If anything, you’re racist for saying i’m racist!”. Same bullshit, new year.

        2. The Nubian King says:


        3. Profit30 says:

          I couldn’t have said it better myself…great post!

      2. Beachbaby says:

        That was a racist comment by JayBay! I am a white older female and do not believe all whites are racist. You cannot generalize on this! Not all whites are racist and not all blacks are racist! Simple as that! I never have been …was in the Army with a few black girls and a couple were more my friend than a couple of the white girls. What some do is not what all do. That is that!

        1. dc1969 says:

          You supposedly may not be racist,but you sure do benefit past racist misdeeds. So think about that real deeply.

      3. Johnny Blaze says:

        Sorry but black people can not be racists or practice racism under the system of white supremacy. We can however be prejudice but never racist.

    7. Beachbaby says:

      What these dippy chicks did is wrong! Ignorance is bliss in some people’s minds and that is sad! This is the kind of crap that gives black people ammunition against other white people who don’t think or do shit like this. I am in the belief that God created all men equal and it’s up to each individual to treat their fellow man/woman with respect until they show you that they have no respect for others. Do not assume that all people of one particular race is bad, racist, etc….”To assume is to make an ass out of you and me! ” I could say that all Blacks hate Whitey and act like thugs! Well!?? Do you?
      See what I mean! ?

      1. JayBay says:

        To assume is to make an ass out of you and me! ” I could say that all Blacks hate Whitey and act like thugs!

        Think of it like this. We were called violent savages, rapists, etc. during slavery. That pretty much shows you that although the times may have changed, the people haven’t. We still are on the whole despised by white society. And thanks to that message being pumped into most forms of western media, we’re despised in countries that barely even have black people. I should know, I’m living abroad now.

      2. dc1969 says:

        Listen,beachbaby. Once again,you may or may not be racist,but you and your fellow “non racist”whites are reaping the benefits of your violent,deceptive,conquering peoples past. Look it up in the history books.

    8. abdulwali chestnut says:

      Well said me and my boy was talking about this and he said that not all white people are prejudice, I said look fam they ain’t good none of them are how can you say they all good when they all benefit from our ancestors and not one of them gave back what they had stolen. Not in the lifetime nor any will white people give up the race card that bends the rule in their favor so sayless my g I’m not confused one bit on what side I stand on

    9. William Reight says:

      All these nasty cunts need bullets in their head.

    10. dc1969 says:

      Yep. But there are still those of us who think there are some good ones. They are masters and mistresses of deception. I learned that from the time i was 17 years old and that was 30years ago!.so i learned to play that game with all of them after matter how cool,nice etc they may seem,i am always on guard.this is the real world of white supremacy.

    11. MagnumBoom says:

      Indeed. In a kennel full of dogs you can’t tell which one will bite you. But they’re dogs, they bite. Why take the chance?

    12. irony says:

      im white and this is fucking horrible. they deserve prison time

  2. fuccboi to the max says:

    But it doesn’t spell nigger though, it’s just an unfortunate arrangement of t-shirts.

    1. dc1969 says:

      Ok. If you say so, definitely are a fuckboy. Peace out,bitch.

    2. dc1969 says:

      Shut of , fuckboy. Damn troll.

  3. Liz says:

    I’m white and I think these girls are disgusting. They should be charged for hate crimes as adults.

    1. Wil says:

      I agree this was wrong but I don’t think you go that far, I’m black and Im saying that… Why ruin they whole life over a mistake… Get them help maybe they dont no better because that how they was raised

  4. Arzell says:

    All white people aren’t bad. Only about, oh, shall we say, 90-95% of em!

  5. Hannibal says:

    This was done to create outrage …
    This doesnt rattle my cage at all….
    This Racially Based Social System..”white supremacy ” is based off of Fear and Ignorance..
    This picture and comments from the actual post proves it…… Depressed Souls…Its falling..failing..and running out of tricks..

  6. Jacob says:

    As a Black person I am not ignorant enough to paint all caucasian people as white supremacists……But I am not naive enough to not realize that many people in their community are indeed white supremacists.
    Thankfully people are not turning a blind eye to these girls fuckery and calling the school out as they should.

    It’s really almost laughable how deeply insecure many Whites are that this is what’s on their minds most of the time. But it’s not Black peoples job to fix their insecurity. This is an issue that caucasian people are gonna have to fix in their own community.

    Until then; Black people don’t have time to play the guessing game of “who is and who isn’t a White Supremacist.”

    All Black people can do is get a stronger economic base to protect themselves from those that are.

    1. DSmooth says:

      Amen Brother Jacob….Amen!

    2. Profit30 says:


  7. Seirra says:

    After reading the article all I can say is I just find it ironic how the state of Arizona doesn’t even recognize dr. Martin Luther King Day is a national holiday I show no sympathy towards these girls I just graduated from high school and I find it disgusting how a bunch of seniors could put this picture together and to know that they wanted this picture to be in the yearbook is disgusting for people who think these girls should walk across the stage I disagree if that was a bunch of black teenagers spelling out cracker there will be no graduation nothing

  8. Seirra says:

    I am personally sharing the names and pictures of these girls on all my social websites I honestly feel like as me just graduate from high school and starting to go to college these girls should be known for their disgusting antics and everybody should know who they are everybody should know how to use girls feel about black people I’m going to continue to sharing the picture of them and their names because people should know who these girls are it should go around the world honestly

  9. garrett says:

    All white people are white supremacists until proven otherwise. It is irrefutable and non negotiable.

  10. Leonard says:

    I just can’t believe how much they are being protected. They should be punished and embarrassed. This 2016 but again we are talking about a state that won’t honor Dr. Martin L. King. So that speaks for its self

    1. JayBay says:

      Not gonna happen. This country (as is is now before it was stolen) was founded by and for whites. Having MLK day is just to keep blacks quiet and make America look good to the rest of the world.

  11. Michael L. Cooper says:

    @ Beachbaby

    Ignorance is not bliss. The unwillingness to learn is bliss.

  12. Michael L. Cooper says:

    Beachbaby is unknowingly racist.

  13. Cracker Barrel says:

    All you niggers need to chill out and get back to work.

  14. Cracker Barrel says:

    Go back to Africa if you dont likes it here…

    1. JayBay says:

      Go back to the Caucus mountains first cave dweller

    2. dc1969 says:

      Shut up,cracker. You’re just mad because you are a cracker! Ha,ha!

  15. Hazel says:

    Sooo theres no blk people in the skool? Wheres the black girls that go there?? They need they ass beat buy sum “Nigger” chickz preferably the onez that go to their school. Good old “Nigger” ass whoopin!! The Becky that dated the blk dude needz her follow the leader ass whooped the most. I hope they get taunted nd tortured, beat up everyday, bullied to the point that they cant even leave their houses bcuz theirz blk people everywhere waitin to beat them nd their families asses. #WishfulThinkin #ThatShitWouldntFlyAroundMyWay

  16. Big money says:

    I it would have been them dis playing a Jewish slur there would be sanctions on the school kids would have been suspended and all hell would have broke loose but they will call me a racist for saying this Black people fall out of love with these people and fuck em do your own thing work with them smile in their face and go home with little or no energy given to them save you energy

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