Historical Overview Connecting to the Present Charlottesville, VA Domestic Terrorism Event

The Face of Domestic Terrorism

Lynching and Hate Crimes

Let us be clear. On Saturday, August 12, 2017 we all stood witness to the largest government approved and sanctioned act of domestic terrorism ever recorded in the history of the United States of America. The 14 largest white supremacy organization, kindly called white nationalists by the main stream media, united to enact the terroristic event to distract and increase fear of violence to all non-white people stemming from their fear of extinction and genetic annihilation. The #UniteTheRight hate rally fulfilled the intent of the terrorist cell despite the event being shutdown ahead of schedule. Understand that modern day lynching’s are ever present and we must be vigilante in protecting ourselves.


The legal definition of lynching is when three of more people (considered a mob) put someone to death illegally without court order (due process) to execute their version of justice. The image associated most with lynching is the rope tied in a noose. However, the definition of lynching does not call for a rope. It seems logical that in the late 1800s, when lynching’s became a common societal norm in the US, rope was used as an economical approach to this vigilante justice. The lynching method became a local form of justice when courts were too far for sheriffs or wronged citizens to travel, to give the community power to address their own criminals. Initially, blacks and whites were executed in this street justice system. In 1886, black victims exceeded white victims and by 1892, black victims peaked to the highest level known in the US for these illegal executions prior to 1900. Ida B. Wells, an investigative journalist, did successfully prove and expose this trend and the reason so many blacks, mostly men, were executed for what it was. Racism and genocide based on skin color and gender. Her investigations conclusively proved that the increase was due to false acquisitions by white women that black men were raping them (or white men claiming their wives were raped).


The modern-day movie “Rosewood”, directed by John Singleton released February 21, 1997, is a great depiction of how these allegations worked in America.  This conclusive finding is important for many reasons and we will dig into this deeper in the days to come. One key importance for today is the constant attack on Black men which continues to present day. Per the Cress Theory of Color Confrontation and Racism (White Supremacy) details and explains the etiology of such lies and the deep resentment that white people have against black people. The Lynchings in the United States of America evolved from vigilante justice to social entertainment for white supremacists.


This deep-rooted hatred stems from jealousy of the melanin and ability to produce color (subconsciously or consciously) and permeates the need to exact power over Melanoid people. For the white person that is suffering from this psychological crisis, the act of lynching fulfils the need to feel powerful. This act serves as a physical method to distinguish black people from white people. This constantly creates an imbalance of power that each group becomes in opposition to each other. White people suffering from this condition find there is too much equality in segregation and would rather co-habitat areas with Melanoid people and exact terror and dominion to create a constant feel of power. Tuskegee Institute conducted a retrospective study and observed 1882-1951. Researchers found that 4,731 blacks were lynched by being tortured, hung, dragged from vehicles, and dismembered.


However, based on poor record keeping, it is reasonable to believe this number is under-reported. Historically, the mob responsible for the lynching have not been charged or convicted on any crime. All the murders have gone unpunished and un-condemned by the United States government. The fact that lynching has been tolerated for so long and occur with impunity, may very well be the reason race soldiers and other white supremacists continue to murder Melanoid people with impunity and even when an arrest is made for show, there is never any conviction or meaningful act of justice against the murderers.




Because the lynching process does not require a rope, some Americans have forgotten this ugly history that still repeats in modern day. From the legal lynchings executed by race soldiers on unarmed black men to white supremacists like James Alex Fields Jr. acting with his domestic terrorist cell in Charlottesville, VA, lynching is still a chronic problem haunting American culture. James Fields (born April 26, 1997) carries the name junior but was raised by a single mom in an apartment and never knew his father. He is registered to vote in Lucas County, Ohio and his party affiliation is Republican. Although he is chronically unemployed, he is the registered owner of the Gray 2010 Dodge Challenger that ran into 19 innocent bystanders, 2 vehicles, and murdered Heather Heyer. Per the New York Times, James moved to Ohio within the last year with his mom for her new job.


His mom, Samantha Bloom, admitted James is an avid Trump supporter and that she has called the police on him several times over the last few years for violent irrational behavior.  They are already pushing the troubled teenage narrative. However, his teachers have described him as racists, extreme, rude and problematic. James has had military training but after 4 months, he was sent home from boot camp. He is a proud member of Vanguard America and can be found in several images supporting his group. Based on his history, continuous failures and his chosen terrorist group, Vanguard America, one could infer he met the members of the white supremacy group around the time of boot camp.


The leader of Vanguard America, Dillon Irizarry, is military veteran from New Mexico and has been leading the terrorist cell since 2016.



Other groups of unnamed mob groups were randomly beating unarmed black men and spraying urine on them. Many of these gang thugs are still at large or have been released from police custody. There have been no reports on the total number of arrests made, if any. The police were operating a catch and release program over the course of the entire weekend, when they were present. There were long periods of time, no identifiable police officer could be seen either with badge or uniform during this period of terror and civil unrest.


The White Supremacy propaganda team via the website (DailyStormer) admitted that they sat out for a historical day in American History. They admitted feeling accomplished because the world has changed. They are currently celebrating a different world. Melanoid Family I say this, yes it has changed and they have no idea what they have done. The covert white supremacists are trying to appease all non-white people and lullaby us back to sleep because the overt white supremacists are making too much noise. I say to you the Ancestors are waking us all up. It is time to rise and restore the world to a just world order. We are going to destroy the system of white supremacy.

WS leaders




Dr. Frances Cress-Welsing effectively speaks our current climate in Black America today. She states, “Black people are going to have to stop moaning, rocking, crying, complaining, and begging…All of these behaviors, and many more, have absolutely nothing to do with addressing the challenges and conditions of open warfare continuously being waged against the Black collective. Black people do not see the war being waged against us because we don’t want to and because we are afraid.” The Isis Papers (p. 183-184). Although her words were written in the 1980s, here in 2017, we remain stagnate because our fear paralyzes us. If it is not fear, then the hurt, denial, and Stockholm Syndrome must be conquered. We are all victims of the World’s longest and greatest Holocaust/Genocide attempt and should have reparations just for mental health.


Now is the time to strategically plan and prepare so that we can work create a new system that actually works in America, the system of justice to replace the system of white supremacy. The current system is not broken, it is working exactly as it has been designed to work. It is time for a new system. Let the woke say Ase’!


Wake up because there are many more events planned. Here is the rundown on what we know so far:


Event Date Location
Saturday, August 19, 2017 Boston Free Speech Rally, Boston Common, Boston, MA
Saturday, September 2, 2017 Dixie Freedom Rally in Austin, TX
Monday, September 11, 2017 Rudder Fountain at Texas A&M, College Station Texas-CANCELLED
Saturday, September 16, 2017 Save Southern Heritage at Lee Monument Richmond, VA

Melanoid Nation will continue to monitor this situation because they are expecting and encouraging more rallies. Every rally has a counter rally planned. We are urging Melanoid Family Members to stay safe. Remember, we are done with the rallying and protesting outside. We must stay on code always. We will be exploring these GEMS to get ready and establish what the code is in clear terms. In the meantime, do your homework, check in with Melanoid Nation.Org every time, stockpile your essentials for survival, and stay healthy.


GEMS-Knowledge is Power: Read, Write and Study!

We as Melanoid Nation Family need to be keeping up on our reading. Please acquire and study the material for Survival. We should be staying current on the events around us both locally and globally. We should all be writing and recording our observations in places beyond Twitter or Facebook to preserve our progress for future generations. A politician or an “Actorvist” cares about attention, likes, follows, and how many people they can manipulate for personal gain. A leader cares about future generations. Contribute to Melanoid Nation and make this a part of your legacy.


Homework: Watch Hidden Color 4. Read “The Isis Papers” by Dr. Frances Cress-Welsing Pages: 53-61, 145-152, 231-239, and 291-301 by Tuesday. Action. Join a Gun Club, practice at the range. Make sure your second amendment game is strong. Invest in knives and pepper spray as well. We will be kicking off a book club, hosted by Tariq Nasheed on the “Tucker Diaries” by Andrew Macdonald. Pick up a copy of this book ASAP.



Today’s Response to Comments and Emails:


  1. What does a system of justice look like? How is it different from the system of white supremacy?


Response: A system of justice is best illustrated during the period of the early Egyptians through the concept of Maat (truth, balance, order, harmony, law, morality, and justice). This system is total balance and fairness with the absence of double standard. In the system of justice, we seek equality. In the system of white supremacy, blacks would be forced to seek equity. Equity and equality are two different concepts. Therefore, we demand a new system and we will create a new system. This is how we justify the statement that the system of white supremacy and the system of justice cannot co-exist.


This is not the site or the group for crying and complaining, this is the group for education and action. We are changing our environment. Everyone should look at the pig and the hippopotamus. Both member of the same Kingdom, Phylum, Clade, Class, and Order but differ in Family. This is the same animal. The hippopotamus is held at a higher social status. Pigs are deemed nasty and dirty. They both have the basic desire to have moisture on their skin. The hippo has the water and has not been removed from it’s natural environment. The pig has been “domesticated” for as such, is not housed by the water. The pig then wallows in the mud and dirt to keep that cool moist skin. These animals differ in the environment and that small change turns a positive into a negative. For far too long we have been the pigs. No more, we create justice and assume our God ordained place in this world so that we can restore order on earth as it is in heaven.


We are asking all Melanoid Nation family to stay safe, stay on code, and get your Second Amendment game strong. We have the right to protect ourselves. Family, it does not matter if you take the Martin non-violent approach or the Malcolm by any means necessary approach. You will still be a nigga. Try not to be a dead nigga. I am not saying start anything, simply finish everything. Melanoid Nation is not condoning or supporting violence, merely survival. I look forward to tomorrow’s discussion on Hate Symbols.

tubman 1

Tiffany Tubman

Twitter: @montswife16

Email: TubmanFights@gmail.com

Article Updated: 8/14/2017 @12:24 EST to add another domestic terrorism event of hate planned for 9/16/2017

4 thoughts on “Historical Overview Connecting to the Present Charlottesville, VA Domestic Terrorism Event



  2. Amoun Jamilu Mahmoud says:

    Just found this website. I think that what is being done here is constructive and a good use of time and energy. I have bookmarked this web site and will continue to read your posts.

    I read the ISIS Papers a long time ago and I will re-acquaint myself with it. I made a mistake and loaned it out. I think they really needed it as they have not returned it. I will purchase a new one. I see you referenced Neely Fuller Book on an earlier post, the united compensatory code system/concept. This is a good book and I have not loaned it out.

    I have seen Hidden Colors 1,2,3. I must purchase Hidden Colors 4 to see it and will purchase 1804 as soon as it is available and or when I am able.

    This site is a real good find for me as, you cover one of my favorite subjects. Studying Racism which is White Supremacy. The only form of Racism that counts and countering suspect white supremacist in every interaction.

    Of course I agree that the system of white supremacy must be replaced by a system of Justice. As you already know, Truth+Justice+Correctness=Peace Thats the formula I use as an individual in every interaction with people.

    Working to effectively persuade Melanoid people as group to get on code is a process. Something all involved are going to have to do 24/ 7 / 365 until the goal and objective of producing Justice is established.

    Have a productive day!

  3. Canadian and Melanated says:

    For those living in Canada, The United Compensatory Code is available north of the border as well.


    Along with Hidden Colors 1-4 and The Isis Papers, it is essential reading.

    Stay safe all.

  4. Cee Jay says:

    I heard they are having another racist march in Laguana Beach, CA, this Sunday, 8/20/17. Peace.

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