Latest Police Report From Ferguson Reveals Disturbing Information


A 102-page report released from the Justice Department yesterday show highly discriminatory practices on behalf of the police department of Ferguson, Missouri. There are several items from the document that revealed information that racially motivated actions (such as being hit with fines, tickets, and brute force) taken against Melanoid citizens of Ferguson.

One of the items on the report showed an unlawful arrest made which involved a Melanoid man who was allowing his body temperature to cool down after participating in a basketball game on an outdoor public court in the summer of 2012. The arrest resulted in the Melanoid man receiving eight charges, one of the charges implied that he was not wearing a seatbealt, although he had been sitting in the parked car. Because of the charges that he faced, the Melanoid man lost a high profile job that he was employed by for years.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Justice Department will not convict former Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson with federal civil rights charges, who senselessly murdered Melanoid teenager Mike Brown in August of 2014. The news from the Justice Department has re-ignited much of the outcry for justice from the Melanoid community of Ferguson that was heard and felt around the globe for much of the second half of 2014. U.S Attorney General Eric Holder stated Wednesday, March 4 that the animosity between the police officers in Ferguson and its Melanoid residents had created a “toxic” environment throughout the city.

Perhaps the most telling  statistic of this story is that between October 2012 and October 2014, Ferguson’s Melanoid community, which constitutes nearly 70 percent of the city’s overall population, were recipients of a disproportionate 85 percent of all traffic checks by the officers of Ferguson and were twice as likely to be searched after being stopped.


by B. Clark

2 thoughts on “Latest Police Report From Ferguson Reveals Disturbing Information

  1. Jeremy says:

    The blacks recieved 85 % of the tickets because the surrounding Ferguson towns are almost all black…people traveling to work have to go through Ferguson…thats the reason for more blacks being ticketed..but like the racist justice dept you arent gonna mention the surrounding all black towns…typical

  2. Jeremy says:

    After all the rioting and bullshit the best Obama, Eric Holder and the racist justice dept can come up with is this total misleading bullshit…the DOJ investigated Darren Wilson and the whole case for months and this is the best you can makeup? Black people get 15% more tickets? Lmao ok ok…u black people can have it if u want it. Black people got more tickets so That clearly means Darren Wilson killed the gentle giant because of the color of his skin. Imagine the sound of a coo coo clock and apply it…

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