Ku Klux Klan Spotted Recruiting Students At High School Football Game


KKK fliers were stuck on car windows at a high school parking lot during a sports event

By Kenny Anthony


Onlookers at a high school football game saw the Ku Klux Klan attempting to recruit new members. However, the KKK is not alone, and similar domestic-terrorist hate-groups have been following this white supremacist recruitment code.

As we reported in August, Confederate Blood and Honour (C28), international white supremacist terror-group, were seen at the Indiana University campus passing out leaflets and stickers to white students, which is a recruitment scheme that they refer to as “Operation Brickyard”.

On October 6th at the 44% non-white Gray’s Creek High School, KKK pamphlets were put on cars and handed out to individuals that attended the football game. The fliers were filled with racially derogatory comments, specifically targeting Black athletes that were kneeling during the national anthem and “Black Lives Matter”, which is a code word for all Black people.

The message on the flier also stated: “Removal of Confederate monuments and memorabilia is a sign that people do not respect the white majority in America”.

This generational obsession with treasonous confederacy validates what Black people have always known. White supremacists do not love America, and their counterfeit patriotism is simply a smokescreen for white supremacy.

In addition, it seems that the Ku Klux Klan were successful in Southern Iowa at Creston Community High School, as a photograph of multiple students burning a cross in KKK attire circulated on social media.




The five students involved were suspended.

More white supremacist propaganda brochures were dispersed in Florida, Mississippi, Alabama and Kentucky. On October 9th, KKK notices in Jacksonville, Florida, made threats towards Black men that weremaking eyesat white women. Also, death threats directed at Black people were included in the notice, which has allegedly led to an ongoing criminal investigation.

In other words, the KKK in Jacksonville have put a target on the backs of all Black people, especially Black males that are having interracial relations with white women.

Iconic Black liberation figure, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, eloquently exposed the hidden psychology behind white inferiority, guns and white supremacists. Dr. Welsing stated: “The gun as a symbol in the white supremacy system/culture… Cannot be banned because it is the symbolic phallus substitute for the white male. The white male’s penis and testicles genetically cannot annihilate Black and other non-white males, but his gun can. Therefore to ban the gun for the white male is to castrate him symbolically, to remove his defense mechanism for the ever present threat of white genetic annihilation.

This partly explains why sexual and non-sexual interactions between Black men and white women are viewed as rape by the dominant demographic, even when it’s consensual. Throughout history, white supremacist males have used interracial unions as an excuse to terrorize and murder all Black people.

Black sexuality & masculinity is fetishized, dehumanized, demonized, and has been constantly viewed as a threat for centuries.

Neo-Nazi Alt-Right leader and president of the National Policy Institute, Richard Spencer, is one of the more “open” personalities in the white supremacist community. Spencer supports “ethnic cleansing” (Black genocide), and legal access to abortion because he believes that it would reduce the number of Black people, and he stated: “It would be a great boon for white people”. He also admits that their fear is “white annihilation” and the “deconstruction of European culture”, while ignorantly claiming that white people are “underrepresented”.

White supremacist news outlets such as Fox News have not been able to run away from the truth, and in 2008, they published an article proving that white people are genetically weaker than Black people: http://www.foxnews.com/story/2008/02/22/whites-genetically-weaker-than-blacks-study-finds.html.

Scientific reports show that non-whites will be the majority in America and Europe by 2050. Whites are the minority worldwide, making up less than 8% of the world’s population and they have a consistently declining birth rate.

Many white supremacists try to use these facts to justify their degenerate views and inhumane behavior. In reality, they are too incompetent to compete on an equal playing field, and their survival is dependent on how well they subjugate, oppress and disenfranchise Melanoid people.

While we continue to be at war with white supremacy, our number one target as Melanoid people should be self-preservation by any means necessary. Our advice: Be alert, do not let your children go outdoors unsupervised, connect with like-minded Melanoid people, create international allies, and exercise your Second Amendment.

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