Just Due: Possible Reparation Provision Scenarios for Black America

In Black Society, the case for reparations has carried much weight and well-deserved validity for many years. The proverbial “40 Acres and a Mule” concept has been one that has been proposed to Black America since the abolishing of institutional slavery in 1865. Of course, this was the dominant society’s promise given to Black America in the wake of over 200 years worth of slave labor, and the gruesome human rights practices that stemmed from it.

Surprisingly, there have been many of Black Society’s notable figures who have taken an opposing stance on reparations for the descendants of Melanoid people who served as slaves to the wealthy white slave owners. Concurrently, white supremacists–and suspected white supremacists alike–are vehemently against Black America’s case for reparations as compensation for our racial group’s subjugation in this country.

In spite of whether detractors of reparations exist or not, the fact of the matter is that slavery in America was an oppressive and demonic institution that has traumatized the descendants of its immediate victims to this very day. That being stated, Those who are pro-reparations often debate what we in Black America should receive as stipulations of what is due to us. Here are a few suggestions, listed below:

1. Counseling/Therapy

As previously mentioned, slavery “did a number” on us in Black Society, and because of the system of racism/white supremacy that exists to this very day, our overall morale is severely wounded, despite recent attempts to recover from the lingering effects of systematic white supremacy. Because of this, counselors of our sorts should be at our disposal to aid us in our attempts to recoup our historic greatness as a people.

2. Money

This is hands down the most popular–and obvious–proposed provision of reparations due to Black America. With non-Black groups in America such as the Japanese already having received financial compensation for their own collective mistreatment, reparations in the form of cash payments could definitely serve as a direct path to empowerment for Black America.

3. Real Estate

The supposed “American Dream” includes home/land ownership. With groups such as the Native American Indians having received land allotments in the form of reservations which include wealth-generating businesses such as casinos and hotels, Melanoid people in this country deserve similar compensation. With gentrification posing as one of the primary factors for Melanoid people being shut out of neighborhoods and cities across the country, the right to own our own shares of real estate shouldn’t be in question. After all, the same people who cultivated the land of America  (Black people working under free slave labor) are entitled to the land as well.

4. Instant Credit Repair

Although the United States as a corporate entity recently saw a reduction in its credit rating, its individual citizens are still encouraged–and in many cases required–to maintain excellent credit. For Black America, credit repair for those in dire need of it would enable us to do anything from buying a home to starting our own businesses, thus putting us back in the race to be competitive with our counterparts in the dominant American society.

5. Business Start-up Initiatives

In order for Melanoid people to protect ourselves from a recently heightened level of racism/white supremacy here in the States, it has been widely recognized and agreed that building an economic base isn’t a luxury, it is necessary. With other racial groups setting up shop with their businesses in the States going through little or no red tape involved, every other group has a leg up on Black America when it comes to creating the necessary businesses that constitute a viable economy in their respective communities.

6. True Rehabilitation of Blacks Returning to Society 

Melanoid people in this country are by far the most affected group of people who suffer from mass incarceration. There are an overwhelming number of Blacks who are contrite about their former lives on the “other side of the law”, and seek to start new chapters in their lives as productive and beneficial members to society upon their return from the prisons. It is wrongfully assumed that the countless institutions across the country “rehabilitate” criminals, when we in fact know this to be false. The numerous Brothers and Sisters who return home from incarceration often find themselves entrapped in the same vicious cycle that saw them get “locked up” before. The solution? Provide sustainable options for these unfortunate victims of mass-incarceration in the form of an extensive (and accredited) college educations, an abundance of trade programs, job placement services, in addition to a host of other legitimate incentives for true rehabilitation….BEFORE their release from prison. This properly prepares them for society, and enables them to avoid the pitfalls that polluted the environments they were brought up in.

7. Protection From Race Soldiers

Since the long-standing problem of law enforcement officials murdering Melanoid people en masse has garnered global exposure, it is only fitting that policies be implemented to specifically eliminate the unjust killings of innocent Melanoid people. If animals such as the bald eagle are protected by law, then it is only fitting that human beings in danger of being eradicated–such as Melanoid people in this country–be protected as well.

The items listed above are a few scenarios of Melanoid receiving our well-deserved reparation compensation as a result of centuries of subjugation under such an unjust and murderous system of racism/white supremacy. A consensus has been reached in Black Society that we were by far the most mistreated group of people to ever reach the shores of the U.S. To further state our claim, this country was built off of our blood, sweat, tears, and intellect. It’s time to pay up, America.



 B. Clark

8 thoughts on “Just Due: Possible Reparation Provision Scenarios for Black America

  1. dj says:

    These devils would rather nuke America before they would ever think about righting their wrongs when it comes down to melanated people.
    On another note I heard Dr. Claude Anderson say if we are going to campaign hard for reparations from the whites we better also do the same concerning the Arabs.

  2. I approved this message

  3. Camille Coley says:

    I don’t think they’ll ever give us our justice due. And Dave Chappelle might be right. If they give us cash, most of us will run out and buy Jordans and Cadillacs.

  4. Lauren says:

    No man can save them no reparations No Martin Luther King Marcus Garvey Malcolm X Farrakhan or Elijah Muhammad because it’s written and we may fulfill prophecy only one can save and that is our Creator. Our Creator come back for the chosen few and all land will be returned and those who have enslaved will be enslaved it was his prophecy and not till he comes back all land will be returned to the Lost tribes of Israel

    1. Karlin Carney says:

      Blacks dont need prayer (or Hebrew Israelite ideology) we need action.

  5. Paul A. says:

    ..there’s a new form of technique being utilized … it’s called the ‘black celebrity’ (singer/actor) ..being on twitter for about 9 months .. i’ve observed a variety of “interesting” characteristics … particularly the use of the status to bring embarassment or shame to individuals of their own race … those are the people who need to buy land, build business, hire other minorities … we dont here of any of that stuff going on … not sure if they’re covertly restricted from doing so or if it’s a ‘get rich/stay rich’ scenario ..im still continuing to observe and analyze this issue …

  6. Michael Cooper says:

    Three options of reparations for the descendants of antebellum slavery/victims of jim crow (succession of antebellum slavery).

    1. Monetary reparations for Blacks who believe in and practice group economics. 1 million dollars to each individual. An easy way to creat jobs for other Blacks – especially for young and ambitious Blacks.

    2. Tax exemption reparations for Blacks who are employed in the American workforce.

    3. Land allotments/real-estate for Blacks who want to own land and/or property.

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