Jason Stockley and The Government Sanctioned Genocide of Black Americans


A review of the Jason Stockley Race Soldier Case.


Written by Tiffany Tubman

September 15, 2017


Today was another marking of the federally and state sanctioned genocide of Black Americans carried out by the race soldiers posing as police officers paid by our tax dollars. These race soldiers murder us with impunity and are rewarded socially and financially for Black executions.


We are not surprised that Jason Stockley gets to walk free. But the murder of Anthony Lamar Smith was particularly egregious. According to a citizen’s watch group, the Advancement Project, here’s why:


Stockley first approached Smith after claiming to witness a drug transaction. Race Solider Stockley was carrying an unauthorized AK-47. When Smith fled the scene, Stockley fired on Smith’s car – a direct violation of police department policy. Stockley and his partner then pursued Smith’s car. They claimed “shots fired” even though the only shots fired were their own.


During the pursuit, Stockley tells his partner, Brian Bianchi, “We’re killing this motherfucker, don’t you know.” – CLEAR premeditation. Stockley orders Bianchi to “hit him now” w/ vehicle. Bianchi exits the vehicle, approaches smith with hand on his firearm and re-holsters his weapon.


Stockley then approaches Smith with his AK-47 in dominant hand, service pistol in the other. He shoots Smith 5 times. Smith likely had to switch service pistol to his dominant hand, this seems to negate the claim that there was clear and present danger. Stockley claims that Smith was reaching for a gun – a fact that none of the videos – dash cam and street surveillance – can corroborate.


Stockley returns to his vehicle to access his service bag. He positions his body to block body cam and appears to adjust his waistband. After video shows Anthony Lamar Smith’s body removed from the vehicle, Stockley appears to climb inside. He then “finds” a .38 revolver. The weapon retrieved from the vehicle—alleged to be Smith’s—the weapon did not contain a shred of DNA from Smith. It contained DNA from Stockley only.



Police in St. Louis, MO  continue to kill Black Americans with impunity. There have been roughly 10-11 police killings this year in the area, only 2 of the killings received national coverage. It took more than 4 years for charges to be filed against Stockley. Today when police and city officials call for peace, having already called in the national guard, remember these facts.


The militarized response to the community’s outrage is an attempt to chill or silence first amendment activity. This is directly in line with the federal agenda to use military personnel & weapons against civilians – particularly Black communities under the Trump administration lead by suspected former Klansman and white supremacist Jeff Sessions.


This case is following the pattern of so many others. The trials for 22 high profile Black executions by race soldiers have been followed since 2016. High Profile Executions


Of those cases, the following states have had serious race issues and executions have been carried out by race soldiers with impunity: Missouri, Texas, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Louisiana, Mississippi, Delaware, Ohio, Virginia, Maryland, South Carolina, Illinois, and New York.


Missouri, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Illinois and New York have had 2 high profile executions of unarmed Black people. Ohio has experienced three of the high-profile executions of Black Americans with NO consequence. There has been no justice in any of these cases and the race soldiers remain at large, financially well off, ready to kill again.


Here’s a look at the Race Soldier/Police response in the United States:


Not only was Jason Stockley acquitted of the premeditated murder of a Black American, Anthony Lamar Smith, Trump’s Department of Justice headed by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, announced that ending a program developed under the Obama administration aimed at advising and reforming police units around the country and now will only focus on helping cops fight crimes like gang activities and drug trafficking. (DOJ Policy Change Report)



This means the DOJ will now focus on helping the police departments infiltrated with white supremacist race soldiers’ carryout the genocide of Black Americans.


Meanwhile, another Black mother mourns the premature loss of her child.


In response to these events, Black Americans in Missouri were witnessed taking to the streets and marching in protest. Here’s a clip: Missouri Protest for Justice Clip


We are reminded that global system of white supremacy effects and dominates every area of our existence and has governed the judicial system with no exception. Here’s a look at the flow and relation within the criminal “justice” system in the US designed to maintain injustice and white supremacy:



Anti-racism strategist and US Constitutional advocate, Tariq Nasheed, has made these remarks and cautioned all people, especially Black people:


“[Marching]”Protesting” in front of city hall is completely pointless at this stage of white supremacist terrorism. Who are we protesting to? No one is going to help Black Americans against this state sanctioned racial terrorism. We must get on code to remedy this ourselves. There is no “flaw” in the system. The entire system is SET UP to allow white supremacist terrorism against Black American citizens.

Always be aware that race soldiers have a green light and financial incentives to execute Black Americans with complete impunity. Don’t let people waste your time citing laws and policies. We are under ONE LAW. And that’s the “I’m white and I say so” law. Do NOT let non-Black people come around to pacify you. Unfortunately, no non-Black people are going to help Black Americans against this.

Unfortunately, Black people making submissive gestures is not going to save us. The white supremacists are on an extermination campaign. Being emotional and crying to non-Black people to get them to understand our pain is pointless. No one cares and the ones who do cannot help. Black people are going to have to stop wasting time and energy on symbolic actions that do not bring justice. [We] Must be more strategic.”         -Tariq Nasheed


There is a Race War going on known as the Rahowa. We must remember racism is a group phenomenon and the groups are in a contest to acquire and control wealth and resources. Unfortunately, Black people have unknowingly dropped out of the race and we are not building wealth. That is a part of the race. White people control everything and black people get nothing, not even justice. This is how the system of white supremacy works.


Racism is not about discrimination or bigotry. There is no equality in a race. Can you imagine Olympic racers complaining to Usain Bolt about losing, wanting a fair race, or equality? Well he would not hear them anyway because he would be busy WINNING!  The purpose of a race is to separate winners from losers and this is economic based.


Black power is equivalent to the Black dollar. Currently, Blacks do not have power or wealth. Therefore, it is not possible for any Black person to be racist. At this point in the game, we need to be on code, practicing our second amendment, and protecting ourselves and each other.


Hold on to every dollar you can. Shop black, buy black. Do not spend a penny of unnecessary money, especially with anyone who is not Black. We need to be quietly building and preparing at this point for our next move, especially our Missouri family who are under a relentless attack from the leaders who refuse to be puppets of white supremacy like Maria Chappelle Nadal to the everyday citizens like Anthony Lamar Smith and Philando Castille.



Come together, build business, create a home school network and teach our children, and use our muscle to police our own communities so that race soldiers do not have to come into our communities. #NoMoreMarching #TrueBlackPower



Tiffany Tubman

Twitter: @montswife16

Email: TubmanFights@gmail.com



5 thoughts on “Jason Stockley and The Government Sanctioned Genocide of Black Americans

  1. KANG OF KANGS says:

    This the best piece written ever! Keep it up. You really told the truth on this one.

  2. grand wizard says:

    wow tariq you at least should haved tried to push your ridiculous hidden color videos in this nonsense

  3. Fuck You Tariq says:

    look at the bottom picture and just IMAGINE if the word BLACK was replaced with WHITE. All fucking hell would break lose, yet we’ve learned to just shrug it off our shoulders… hmmm god the definition for racist and race supremacists sure have changed since last time i checked the dictionary… or tariq is just a non sensible big pile of fucking garbage

    1. grand wizard says:

      tariq is a con artist he writes all these articles under fake names…he believes none of this racist crap but has figured out he can make a good living off of racial divides

  4. Clarence says:

    Awesome article!! Mexican and Asians are our enemies so I stopped going to their restaurants. If I feel like tacos or Chinese food, I get the recipe from Youtube, buy ingredients from Krogers then go home and make it myself. Fuck those other races! HOLD YOU OWN NUTS!

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