Is The Terrorist Website Daily Stormer Being Hosted In Russia?


Written by Tiffany Tubman

August 16, 2017


Russia (Putin) and Trump have many weird connections that have yet to be conclusively proved. We have heard Putin wanted to help Trump win to have control over the US. We know about money, emails, and the collusion with Russia involving many members of the Trump Cabinet and Crime Family. They have been named as being involved with these Russian meetings and events.


We have since learned that Trump and every person he has on his cabinet and surrounds himself with is a white supremacist with strong KKK/alt-right or tokenized Black collaborator. Why and how does this impact the Daily Stormer?


Despite current violent racially charged attacks, Trumps allegiance to the Alt-right group have stopped Trump from standing up to the Alt-Right and white supremacy during their most recent attempt to start a Race War. Trump refuses to stand up to Putin and Russia despite how much they harm the US citizens and democracy. Trump also refuses to cast blame or negative light on the activities and behavior of the alt-right terrorist activity, although they have resulted in assault, vehicular manslaughter, death and violence as recently as Charlottesville, VA incident August 11 and 12.


This lead to a complete uproar in all US Citizens that were not members of the Alt-right group. An online social media campaign was started to eliminate the online propaganda and presence of the DailyStormer, operated by Andrew Anglin.



Prior to this initiative to shut down the DailyStormer, the website was hosted by GoDaddy and Google. However, due to many contacts to both service providers, the domains were shut down. The Alt-Right gets their American Website banned and Russia saves the day. Daily Stormer, the Neo-Nazi website that was kicked off GoDaddy and Google, had found a new home in Russia:


But hours later, the site was shut down by an Antifa, an antifascism group that vehemently opposes hatred and the views of the Alt-right.


In the image below, Andrew Auernheimer (German name) represents the Alt-right and Jester Actual, represents the Antifa computer expert working to bring down the DailyStormer from any internet safe haven it may find.














The groups essentially played cat and mouse all day. As of now, they are still at chasing each other.

Let’s just say, the Daily Stormer had a rough day. Our thoughts and prayers should be with them that they get their site back up because they are so incredibly stupid, we gain a wealth of knowledge from the online leaks. After all, we did discover the wild sex ring disguised as book club and so much more.



Understand that country names and organizations have changed, but Continents have not. Russia contains most of Western Europe, which was under Hitler Nazi Germany control. Nazis are Russians. Facts.





November 9, 1938 under the control of Hitler, Germany Nazi forces took control of government and initiated the beginning of the comprehensive program to eliminate Jews and Melanoid people. This night is called “Crystal Night” where all Jews and non-white people were arrested and all synagogues were burned.


September 1, 1939 World War 2 starts with the invasion of Poland by Nazi Germany to control Poland and exterminate every human essentially without blonde hair and blue eyes. Initially, all “genetically inferior” people were placed in ghettos. This would include Jews and Melanoid people.


However, due to the low number of Melanoid People present, the focus of the Holocaust became the Jews. The belief was that certain genetics would lead to a master race. Nazi Germany was successful in defeating Poland and as history records the story (accounts from Wannsee Conference) by June of 1941 Nazi Germany was in control of Germany, Poland, various parts of  Europe (including Russia), Netherlands, and Amsterdam.

In fact, an entire Russian generation (of Jews and non-white people), villages, families, all wiped from the face of the Earth, buried in mass graves all around the former Soviet Union. Most of the Jews killed by Adolf Hitler were killed in the USSR. Because Europe is not a legitimate Continent like Asia and Africa, many historians and Nazi soldiers who later testified in the Wannsee Conference documentary struggled with exact places and locations for certain events.


Now the other details are not important for this story but I will close by saying other countries going involved due to humanity, financial, and political reasons and defeat Nazi Germany. The war ended September 2, 1945 lasting 6 years and 1 day.


We may never know all the real reasons, but a sane person can surmise that the Nazis were never able to extinguish as many non-white people as they wanted for geographical reasons. However, today we have the same white supremacist plot in motion with the same feelings and goals of  those white supremacist Nazis from Germany. They suffer from the incorrect notion that  they are genetically superior and cannot get any good jobs or opportunities because of  the Jews and non-white people. Because of this delusion, they lack the total ability to accept responsibility for their actions.


Their response? Ban the immigrants, deport the illegals, contain the ghettos, wrongfully imprison non-white people and start a race war. Very original I know.


We might not have all the details but there is enough there to know, we have way more than a Nothing Burger and we must now find out conclusively why Russia is aiding and abetting the alt-right to continue to circulate hateful propaganda and enact domestic terrorism on US citizens.


We will also monitor whether Russia continues to host the site for the Alt-right. As the cat mouse game progressed, all future sightings were via Russian domain but none of them lasted long enough to report.


For these reasons alone, white supremacy is governed by many principles including the need to be ahistorical. White supremacist will immediately tell you to get over, deny, or ignore the past. The distractions are endless so you are unable to put any pieces together. But this is certainly a story worth following. Melanoid Nation stay tuned.


We must stay ready, stay woke and on Code.



Keep that second amendment game strong and protect the children. Let them know how to be safe and who to trust.



Tiffany Tubman


Article updated 8/17/17 to correct Andrew Anglin and Russia’s location in Europe.

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    Ask anyone familiar with the New York Prison system about why certain Puerto Rican inmates are called Germans. Obviously this clown is either a heroine addict, pill head or both.

  2. Laine Downs says:

    First comment is in response to Alex Ramos’ youtube video about his participation in assaulting Deandre Harris.

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    The grammar in this article seems around the 4th grade level @get whitey #wewuzkangsnshiiiit

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