Investigator Fired For Not Covering Up Police Shootings In Chicago

Lorenzo Davis was fired for refusing to change reports that found that cops were at fault for shooting and killing black civilians.
Davis is a former supervisor at the Independent Police Review Authority (IPRA) and previously served 23 years with the Chicago Police Department. He investigated the shootings of six people in the past eight years and determined that police were not justified in any of those shootings. In three of those incidents, the people died.
“Bad shootings,” Davis said.
IPRA boss Scot Ando told Davis to reverse his findings, and when Davis refused, he was let go.
“He made it clear that supervisors there serve at his pleasure,” Davis said. “He doesn’t have to have a reason to fire us.”
IPRA was formed in 2007 after claims of corruption within the CPD and the Office of Professional Standards.
One of the shootings during Davis’ time with IPRA was the case of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald, who was shot 16 times last year. The police illegally confiscated surveillance footage and doctored dashcam audio in order to cover up the crime committed by race soldiers posing as cops.
William Hope Jr. was shot in 2010 inside his vehicle, while unarmed. The city paid $4.6 million to his family. Hope Jr. was 25 years old. In 2012, 23-year-old Jamaal Moore was unarmed and gunned down by police after his automobile was mistaken for a vehicle used in an armed robbery.
These were egregious cases that Davis didn’t even investigate, and he still found that six other shootings were unjustified. This adds to the tally. These cases show not only a pattern of corruption, but blatant targeting of young melanated people.
“I know people coming out of the training academy telling me that it’s a badge of honor to shoot somebody, particularly a gangbanger,” Davis said. “If we don’t stand back and have some skepticism, then any time some police officer says ‘I was in danger,’ that’s the end of your investigation. That’s not the way it should be.”
Davis contends that this is the way it is in Chicago, but as we have seen all across the nation, this is the way of several police departments. They target melanated citizens and use their resources within the system of white supremacy to evade justice.
The cops pay the victims’ families in order for the details and officers’ names not to be released. They are using tax payer dollars to murder unarmed black citizens. They also use the court system to protect their identities and families from retaliation.
It is time melanated people garner our money to attain the same resources they use and fight for justice.
By Ken Woods
You can read the entire article at the link below.

187 thoughts on “Investigator Fired For Not Covering Up Police Shootings In Chicago

  1. Hassan Jones says:

    Good information ! We got to empower ourselves!

    1. Tony says:

      You can count me in.

      1. Wayne says:

        Count me in ✊

        1. Sylvia says:

          We must document instances such as these into a Data Base.

          Then after presenting documentation to the dept of justice, begin a CIVIL RIGHTS ACTION in behalf of ALL AFRICAN AMERICANS DESCENDANTS OF SLAVES IN THE USA for starters.

          We always have the option to petition to international courts as well.

          Follow the PROCESS that paid JAPANESE HEIRS FOR THEIR

          1. Shirley Syrus says:

            You did the right thing,stand for something or just lay down and let people walk all over you.

    2. G says:

      this is A WORLD WIDE SYSTEM

      1. Kenny says:

        The problem is bigger than you think. We should be getting the judges and the DA’s disbarred for letting Criminal police officers. They do that because they can know they get away with it. Because that KKK and their superiors is KKK I mean think about it. We should look at the judges and district attorneys. That’s letting these murderers go and get rid of them.

        1. Rikia says:

          You are Absolutely right

        2. Cassandra says:

          Exactly 💯! They areurdering our people! The World is Wtching! Just like they have There AGENDA! So DOES THE MOST HIGH! THEY WILL BE JUDGED AND CAST INTO HELL!

        3. Cassandra says:

          EXACTLY 💯

        4. David says:


          1. Ralph Maver says:

            They just want slaves for their private prisons.

          2. Andre says:

            Well ill be dam.nothin new

        5. Ralph Maver says:

          Who’s going to do the letting go? The police departments won’t do it.

    3. SBA says:

      God bless him. It seems that not everyone has courage and conviction. courage and hold your head up. I hope you sue.

    4. E says:

      The good boy system can not stand for ever and i declare it will be dead soon.

  2. Aaron D says:

    Wow, great article. These race soldiers are still hell bent on harassing, targeting and killing us. We gotta work together to stop this

    1. So if didn’t get fired we would not be hearing about this what ashamed he had all that information and it took him to get fired for it to come out

      1. Walter says:

        Why you targeting him.You was using his position to stand up to them.They are the ones keeping it in house.And I am sure his life was on the line.One to 77 odds more than likely.

    2. Donals says:

      Amen!! It’s All Out Of Jealous!! We Are A Strong Race Of People!! They Want To Be Us!! In So Many Ways!! And We Are The ( Original People!! 🌞 🌞 – That’s Why They Hate Us. PS – Facts Are Known.

      1. Eve says:

        Same reason I was NEVER a supervisor. I’m nobody’s puppet. Not kissing ass for a few extra dollars or firing someone just because someone tells me too. Knowing that PERSON did NOTHING WRONG. I would be a whistleblower. Dislike criminals and PEOPLE like Trump. They shouldn’t be kn earth.

      2. Debra Dargan says:

        A know fact and that is so true that they know who we are and the reason why they are killing us is that they don’t want us to be over them but guess what the time is coming and we as black people must start coming together and stop this

    3. Debra says:

      You are absolutely right there are so much hatred for our black that it is a damn shame that most of our black people can’t and don’t see it or they do see it but they turn a blind eye to it and it is sad that we still have ignorant black people

  3. Lawrence Mack says:

    How can we donate to this brother?he lost his job for doing the right thing, so we should look out for him

    1. Dorothy says:

      Hell he need to sue their asses too

      1. louise says:

        He should sue them!! And let all papers know that there is police officers that do this all the time!!!!

      2. Elonzo says:

        That’s how Germany Nazi started with the police force if we don’t stop this is going to get worse now only for blacks

  4. Sheldon says:

    How do we donate to this brother.

    1. So if didn’t get fired we would not be hearing about this what ashamed he had all that information and it took him to get fired for it to come out

  5. Black Power Africa Crakkka killa says:

    Black power!!! Jive Turkey

    1. Ron says:

      You must b white.

    2. CLEAR TRUTHS says:

      You gotta be a Creepy-Ass Krakkka or one Creepy-ass Koon, but ur str8 outdated.

  6. Death to all coons and crackers says:

    This brother is a real hero and a true good cop..He needs a real go fund me account poppin.

    1. Carol says:

      I will make sure I to donate. Double!!!


    The Police Gets Millions Of Dollars When They Kill Melanated People. This Ex-Cop Should Also Have A Fund. When His Fund Start, Email Me.

    Thank You.

    1. Sondra says:

      Let me know when the page is set up….he really needs to sue

      1. Beb says:

        All talk, no action! Go set the damn thing up!

    2. Laurence A. Hyde says:

      Oviously he is not white you Idiot.

  8. dc1969 says:

    There should be more brothers and sisters like this gentleman on the force. Unfortunately,most of them are too damn scared. But if he needs some financial help,he will get my support.

    1. Dorothy says:

      Amen that is so true

  9. Tena Thomas says:

    My grandson was killed 3 years ago. They who shot him but nothing has been done. The investigation was stopped because he was just another black male.

    1. Skee ball says:

      You need a private investagator. Don’t give up.

    2. Tony says:

      Fight back

  10. otto stroebler says:

    I need some financial support too, brother dc1969. Want to include me in your generous donations? Don’t use the same credit card you used to donate to the N.O.I. website, it was maxed out. Just “keeping it real” in real life, boy. And yes,
    I likes to agitate things. Later………………………………..

    1. msaint says:

      otto stroebler, you’re a coward. Now suck my black dk.

  11. Wayne williams says:

    My son Mario Johnson was killed by the Chicago police in 2009 ,shot while sitting in his car. They said he used the car as a weapon and opened fire .shooting into his car 20 times, he was hit by 6 times.

    1. loski says:

      God rest his soul

  12. Wanda says:

    Wow, similar to when some folks about ready to retire or got some years in and they find away to get rid of you, But God!

  13. Just Sayin says:

    Does he have a gofundme page?

    1. Abcd says:

      The article says he was a police officer for 23 years so he has pension.

  14. Ricardo Pittman jr. says:

    We the People..!🇺🇸 That a Real Man , he need to be Embraced by All ! Thank u, thank u, thanks

    1. Beb says:

      While this is a terrible thing for this cop to go through, I really wish the Black movement would focus their energy on stopping the genocide of their own race….by their own people. More Blacks are getting killed on the streets by their own brothers than the few bad cops. Focus your anger on the person or persons killing Tyshawn. Those killing your brothers, your mothers, your sisters. Clean up your neighborhoods. The bad cop problem will then also eventually change.

      1. LilF says:

        Bad cops no matter the color are bad cops. You can’t change a Pshyco killers don’t stop killing. Wait till it’s one of your kids.. Always got something to say. But we have right to carry guns or not and not get killed by the police… Don’t change subjects. So go find the page on black on black crime and post that where. Then come back after they kill someone you know to be innocent lives. Most cereal Killers are white but they all make it to jail. Yet we are killed because of fear in our on streets while you so tea. Now let me go to the black on black crime page to continue to help support. While you a take a killers side (Killer, Cop, Lover).

      2. Not necessary says:

        More whites are getting killed by whites. Who is keeping control of pall of the white crime? In fact more Americans in general pare killed by whites. Every race of human in being is killed more rampantly by whites, yet somehow no one seems to care about that. Maybe if we focused on crime in general and stop race baiting like Blacks are the only ones who commit crimes, we can actually get something done.

      3. Earl Easterling says:

        U devil’s will always interfere, & murder any one of us whenever we try to do exactly what ur saying.
        Y’all talk that bullshit, but remember Martin, Malcolm, Marcus, medgar, Tulsa ok, 1922 black Wall Street.
        The move movement outta Philly.
        Every time we build ourselves up, YALL come & tare is back down.
        Y’all will never change, rape everything, & everybody, & then blame them.

      4. Sista Cynthia says:

        Stop it. Stop blaming black people for the results of systems designed for our destruction. Poverty and hopelessness are what create crime. Racist cope kill non-threatening black people. These are two entirely separate issues and can be dealt with simultaneously. It’s not an either/or solution. And, while you’re at it, why don’t you call out the whites who kill each other at far higher rates than we do? Shut this racist narrative, created to deflect attention from the racist, murderous COPS killing us, and the racially biased courts incarcerating us, UP.

  15. Tracy Lloyd says:

    This is atrociously wrong and its a violation of our Constitional rights. The role of a police officers is to protect and serve…not to murdered innocent citizens. We as black people have to unite and fight this corrupt system that has been going on for far too long. On another note…the violence in our urban communities must stop now. The black-on-black crime in states across the United States is assisting their agendas to execute black males unjustifiable. Regardless of those unforunately facts, these police officers are committing the act of murder which is creating a negative view of the role in which they serve. I personally wouldn’t call a police officers only under dire circumstances. The police department and justice system are also tainted. They are using the very justice system to carry out their acts of murder against individuals they judge to be problematic in society. These officers are no better then the perpetrators who execute their own brothers and sisters in the streets or the terrorist group ISIS. Both groups are basically terrorists and should serve lengthy sentences behind bars. The corrupted individuals at the very top in the police force need to be weened out. I salute the investigator in this article who went against the business of usual and took up to his moral convictions. We definitely need more good will people like him willing to do what’s right. My heartfelt condolences goes out to all the families of innocent murdered victims. A change must come and your loved ones didn’t die in vain. What’s done in the dark must come to light. I pray you all find peace because this is a pain I don’t wish on my worst enemy.

    1. Kenyatta Smith says:

      Excellent post. The police have been killing us for decades and hiding behind that badge.

    2. Leroy says:

      Anybody can Read my Facebook page: Leroy junior Ratliff

  16. The Founder says:

    Ay look I support this blog… But you can’t be starting up a rebellion against the Gov.., there’s nothing we can do about these White peoples ok… They Control everything, we control nothing we are pawns… We are puppets… We don’t have a mind of our own… Those who do get recognized for it get scooped up by White, and all the oppression and inequality will be erased… If you attempt to stand up you will be excuted… If you attempt to speak up excuted… If you attempt to lead excution will be nigh… Please understand this… History proves it…. Ghaddafi was the last one I believe he was excuted… And exiled by his own… We called him a Terrorist, a dictator, a Tyrant… Look let me cut it short… We can’t win we only can Lose but whose to say Losing is Losing and vice versa… We are not ready to FIGHT…

    1. JD says:

      If you’re not down to fight that’s cool, but don’t try to demotivate others. We already have issues to deal with and the last thing we need are cowards telling us to lie down and give in. If you don’t want to fight, fine, just go into a dark corner and shrink away while the rest of us fight for your cowardly ass. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were actually an infiltrator and not actually one of US.

      1. Ericka says:


    2. CB says:

      MMen stand for what they believe in. You can’t live forever. Fight for what it is that will make a better tomorrow for your children. You and I know you gotta die some day. Never let anyone walk on you

    3. Glemm says:

      God bless and protest all of us rhee are the same who murder the native Americans.

  17. Evelyn says:

    There needs to be skin in the game for these officers who break the law. If their pensions were on the line and not the taxpayers money to settle these suits I bet they would stop this behavior . Corruption must stop. Heads need to roll in Chicago and anywhere else that breaks the law . It’s getting so the public can’t tell the difference and who’s really legit the cops or The criminals .

    1. Leroy says:

      In 2001 Illinois Maywood ccourthouse, cook county.. My ex- girlfriend false accused me of false Rape accusation less then 14hours after the Rape claim.. No false Rape should above any law and Refused to take a DNA examination Rape kit test after 24hour of false Rape accusation claim and innocent person charged with a Rape crime.. DNA Rape kit testing is 99.99 percent accurate.. Wake-up American people and stand-up against injustice.. You Read my Facebook page: Leroy junior Ratliff

  18. We allow ourselves to be had. We roll with punches. We fight and continue but on our own dealing with life’s ups and downs. We deal with abuse coming from all directions. We go to bed with our mates knowing that the couch is better. We remain married but thinking…why not create a spare room for retreating to an observing much better. Mr. Davis. Here in Cincinnati, Ohio cheif if police BLACKWELL was just fired. His timeline of achievement includes what information? They say that the mayors life was threatened by a person who drove their car up on his lawn. What? How much attention the CPD paid to that I do not know. MR. DAVIS. My dad was not fired after a claimant swore at him over being turned down for a disability claim. Why? He pulled rank. Not only that his dad, his brother, my adopted uncle all served time in US armed forces and no US citizen working for any government agency should have to bear the marks of civilian decision making and implentung decision without due process to the law. Especially if innocent. WHAT IS EMPLOYMENT AT WILL? WHY AND AS IT USED WHEN IT COMES TO YOU? WHO IS YOUR CITY INTERESTED IN? WHO WILL BE YOUR CITY HIRE AS IS DELIVERER OF THE GOOD IN THE POSITION YOU WERE JUST OUSTED OUT OF? WHAT COACHING WILL YOU HIRE? Jesus.

    Mr. Davis. Here in Cincinnati, Ohio Cheif of Police BLACKWELL was just fired.

    They say that the mayors life was threatened by a person who drove car up on his lawn.

    MR. DAVIS. My dad took action. Not only that – my dad’s dad, his brother and my adopted uncle all served time in US armed forces. In light of his suffering reflection says tha no US citizen working for any government agency should have to bear the marks of civilian decision making let alone civilian implention of their own decision without due process to the law.


    I suspect Cincinnati, Ohio is a cintributor to the degredation going on now blazing in communities 2015 today. Jesus. My home town. Riddled with decision makers disqualified life as free thinking mature human beings. The undertaking is much easier to see after shrinking kids!

  20. Action reaction. What happens after one asks questions, makes comments and passes out homework to do before discussion? Who eaves drops? Who must be responsible for them? Irresponsible…where can primarys go but to the Lord, counsel and thrones for grace??? May our judicial systems be shod with peace and enthroned with grace. My daddy!

  21. Who has disturbed our peace? We may sue starting with the arrivals in peace and slander. We may seek for work that comes with union leadership and or civilian contract. Period. By angering God in heaven the peoples have warrented discussion, question and action.

  22. mack carter says:

    Good. Now when it’s time for the trial, guess who’s going to be droppin the dime.

    1. muhjah rashada says:


  23. Anthony Bowens says:

    The only way for people of color to get any kind of justice is to boycott Black Friday straight through xmas..if your serious about receiving justice and redistributing the pain, go to

  24. Salaam says:

    Have brother set up a Fund Me page so we all can pitch in a couple dollars.

  25. anthony says:

    When we as Black people stand together and defy the business as usual shootings that have taken place against our young black kids, shut down the economic system, stop buying in major stores, and contributing to their economic wealth, only then will we be heard. It has gotten out of hand. We are the only ones that can change the system, and stop this on slaughter of executions.

  26. dee says:

    What is our world coming to? for speaking the truth he lost his job and everyone is quiet! he should be highly compensated and given a medal. He did what needed to be done, black people open up your eyes and help this man get his job back, he did it for us whether we believe or not. I tell u in the name of JESUS CHRIST our LORD and SAVOUR u will get an even better job, just trust HIM no matter what.

  27. I think the investigator should gather up good lawyers and sue the ppl that fired him. And he’s right these Crackers are out there killing African American men because they made we’re making something out of ourselves. And since those Crackers are pussies they hide behind a gun n a badge because they know we can beat their asses anytime of da day. I hate White Crackers I wish they all burn in hell. One thing they forgot is God is watching n He sees everything.

  28. Kathy Wiley says:

    He should be the First person put on a Independent Police Review board voted by the people of Chicago

  29. artis suitt says:

    these are the kind of people we need in office to protect and serve.for to long it has been the other way some police are bad as the crooks on the street and the one”s that”s in office protecting them they all need to be weeded out,when will all race of people stand up for there rights and stop being told what to do by these groups that mean us no good.

  30. mary says:

    This guy is a hero . He calls them like he sees them. He should not be fired he should get a promotion for telling the truth under dangerous scrutiny.

  31. SEEMS to me he should be protected under the OSHA’s Whistleblower Protection Program enforces the whistleblower provisions of more than twenty whistleblower statutes protecting employees who report violations of various workplace safety and health, airline, commercial motor carrier, consumer product, environmental, financial reform, food safety, health insurance reform, motor vehicle safety, nuclear, pipeline, public transportation agency, railroad, maritime, and securities laws. Rights afforded by these whistleblower protection laws include, but are not limited to, worker participation in safety and health activities, reporting a work-related injury, illness or fatality, or reporting a violation of the statutes herein.!!??

  32. Eddie Donahoo says:

    Sad Gotta find a way to aid stand up persons like this.
    Let the community know what we can do to help.

  33. muhjah rashada says:

    Honest person may life be kind to him

  34. black moon says:

    The CPD are the biggest gang in Chicago, hell i look at them as the mob. Many melanted ppl in Chicago and across the country have to understand that our egos are slowing us up with trying to make the changes that many of us know have to happen. Many of our young men are lost, fucked up due a cycle that obviously is working and not in their favor, but I firmly believe that many of our men can be saved and letting anyone outside OUR family, the melanted family tell them different would only let them win again.

  35. Thank you for taking a stand and not coveting it up there Is a God that sit high and look low they will pay

  36. kimmccoy says:

    Wow I’am you are standing up.You got my support.

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  118. Mk says:

    As I’ve stated in the past, this country’s on the verge of a race war and until this idiot in the oval office is removed that’s where we’re headed.I feel strongly for the ‘gentleman’ that refused to cover up these atrocities, no person in their right state of mind would do such…I commend him.This isn’t new to us ‘black’ folk we’ve been there done that and still nothing has changed but time but I will say this,there is a higher power than man and it’s watching so be careful you demons your days are numbered!! Shalom

  119. Carnell Washington says:


  120. Yolanda says:

    Thank u sir for standing for righteousness. Your courage will not go in vain. God has a blessing in store for u the same way u have been a blessing to others. God bless.

  121. Elonzo h says:

    That’s how Germany Nazi started with the police force if we don’t stop this is going to get worse now only for blacks

    1. Elonzo h says:

      Not only blacks all other

  122. Y. Evans-Warren says:

    WE need to develop a fund for people like this who stand their ground in the face of retaliation. They should receive money to invest in case of financially loss, because this is the fear that prevents them from standing their ground in many cases.

  123. Greg says:

    In the seats where the families were compensated I would say that those are some very expensive bullets that we the citizens are paying for. WOW!!!!! If someone is shot 10 times and we pay 4.6 million that equates to 460,000 per bullet and then you have court costs, legal fees, etc.

  124. Terry Jordan says:

    It doesn’t help when families of victims accept settlement money. Rather than have it all covered up many families of victims could actually win the same or more money in Civil Court actions (although lawyers would advise theme to take the money since few lawyers are actually good at litigating cases in Court). I doubt that families will turn down a multi-million dollar settlement but then if the police and City aren’t afraid to go to court they’d never offer to settle. That being said corruption and blatant disregard for People of Color continues onward.

  125. Cassandra says:


  126. Scott Simmons says:

    After being a police officer for 27 years, I feel that investigating officer involved shootings should not be laid on one office vets shoulders. I have always felt this way. Maybe 2 or 3 investigators. I feel this may get rid of bias, favoritisms, or dislikes of the officers in question. I.feel this would be more fair to the officer in question and the victim in question. This is just my humble opinion. Thank you for your time.

  127. Leola says:

    I’m am Sick of the Racist System in America, and staying in a job where you know Blacks are being Murdered is definitely Wrong, so I am Glad that this man had enough guts to forget about money and stand up for what is Right! Also, Blacks need to Stop Killing each other! Unite or we are Doomed!!!

  128. Kevin Haynes says:

    Hear is a idea! Stop gang banging! Stay out of trouble, follow all laws, and let the justice system go broke, we the people control this world, we keep it moving, if we the people all stop and set still for 1 day, government would be begging us to come back to work and keep the system moving, but we have no leaders no more for a movement like this.

  129. Rev. Kirkland Aitkens says:

    We as people of color have been liberated in the 60’s without being educated and instructed how to keep our manhood, without falling for everything that appears to be free for us to do. We will never be free until we are educated in the area of relationship 1st with God then with each other. Man can not restore us to the point of happiness, joy, peace and Love. We need a Oneness Movement among ourselves Now! Are we will never have a chance of moving from where we are Now! Power Up People. Power Up. God Bless us all.

  130. BRIAN says:

    So, we hear all this, an we see all this, wat are we going to do, fuck marching, I want them to suffer just like they have made us suffer.

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