“In-The-Hood” YouTube Prankster Exposed as a Suspected Racist Fraud


By Aleem Williams



Throughout history, one of the major tools in the spread of white supremacist ideology was, is and has always will be deception.

In the digital age this is not any different.

Over the course of the last month, several YouTube videos which perpetuate dangerous racist stereotypes about black people quickly became popular all over the internet, all published by proclaimed sociologist “Joey Salads”.

His latest video was of a group of black men supposedly destroying a Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump supporter’s car. He ends the video claiming that black people are violent and destructive which quickly went viral after being picked up by right wing media, including Drudge, Daily Mail and Fox News, who invited Joey Salads to their studios. The video received over 1 million times in 24 hours.






However, a second video from Ethan Klein from H3H3 productions which was recorded from the same location showed that the group of alleged“vandals” waiting nearby as he was filming his intro:







Click here to watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkvwKDTS3Bo

After being exposed Joey Salads, whose real name is Joey Saladino makes a second video where he is interviewed by H3H3 productions, he tries to provide an explanation of what occurred and why he claims he is the victim.

He eventually admits to more of his “in-the-hood” videos being fake:
Click here to watch interview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Q23t41UnZk
Black Lives Matter vs All Lives Matter, which received over 40 million views on Facebook.







and Open Trunk – Bait Car Experiment





Despite admitting to being a racist fraud, Joey Salads has not removed these YouTube videos. The videos have been just been set to private, and his bait car experiment video still remains active on Facebook and YouTube.

To make matters worse, it appears that profits from his racism are still being made. According to the website Social Blade, Salads’ annual salary from his YouTube page is estimated to be anywhere from $42,500 – $679,800 a year.

12 thoughts on ““In-The-Hood” YouTube Prankster Exposed as a Suspected Racist Fraud

  1. Diesel says:

    My question is why are black people even involved in this nonsense? Cats Gotta be more awake in the game.

    1. StaySleepDumbNigguh says:

      Dumb niggas will do anything for money these days. Next they will buck dance on a table for a rap deal.

      1. goblin says:

        get yo weak ass out of here go back to the cave bitch. did you know you come from a negus.

  2. AKSourGod says:

    I always knew this type of guys were funny style, cause you never see the “criminal” jokes/pranks in their own neighborhood. Fucking clowns.

  3. BlksBdumb says:

    Why take it down when they not only do shit like is in the videos but much much worse. Just showing how niggers truly are savage animals.

    1. Jango says:

      How ignorant can you be but looking at your name tells me all I needed to know racist bastard

  4. Darryl says:

    If it was the way he and other subhuman racist scum say it is, why is he able to walk through. He parks his car, uses all this expensive camera gear sets up circumstances tapes them. He then leaves unharmed with all his possessions and money. Gets on YouTube and tells millions of people how violent and destructive Black people are. How we will rob steal and attack anyone or anything.
    What he doesn’t explain is how they don’t seem to bother him. What do he have some type of secret power of Black people. He is shit, all his followers are mentally challenged. Had he said it was for humor only, that would be one thing. However to try and pass this off as real, that’s something entirely different. The next time he goes into a Black Area SHOULD BE HIS LAST. Same for anyone like him.
    Black people are far more than entertainment for you.

    1. goblin says:

      right darryl that cave man can bring his ass to the west of the lou and get his ass put in the dirt

  5. ismail Chris says:

    Black folks need to be smart and desist from videos that portray us as vile and lack of manners
    Money aint nothin’ character is everything

  6. Samantha Scott says:

    Why on earth are ypu calling him a ‘suspected racist’? Clearly he is one. I’ve only just today discovered about this revolting phenomenon of so-called ‘hood pranks’ & I’m heartbroken that Black colluded with this vile wanker. Hopefully, with the coming threat of The Donald they mau wake up & realise that you & everyone else that isn’t rich or male or white, will have to join together. Of course, if the world is even here beyond a few months time.

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