If America Is A Civilized Nation,Why Are People Rewarded Money For Killing Black Citizens?


In  wake of the protests from the recent events in Ferguson,the shame and embarrassment of systematic white supremacy is on center stage for the world to see. As usual,the dialog has become deflective and evasive of the real problem. In media outlets,people are discussing the problem with the “looters” in Ferguson. People are discussing “bad cops”. And people are regurgitating the same tired disingenuous and deflective “what about Black on black crime” talking point.

All of these narratives are red herrings to divert the public from the real issue: Systematic white supremacy. The only dialog that Black people-and the nation for that matter- should be discussing is how are we going to replace the system of white supremacy with justice. And Melanoid people should be asking,  how are we going to protect ourselves to minimize the adverse effects of white supremacy if this system is to remain?

With all of the recent events where unarmed Black  people have been legally murdered by suspected white supremacists all throughout the United States, no one is really discussing one particular factor:

Many of the killers who are  murdering Black people are being rewarded cash money from other white supremacists nationwide.

In Florida when Michael  Dunn murdered Black teen Jordan Davis, there we donations sent to him by supporters online.

Also in Florida,when George Zimmerman murdered Black teen Trayvon Martin, not only was Zimmerman rewarded with donations that many people estimate exceeded the million dollar mark, Zimmerman is treated like a hero and celebrity around white supremacist circles. Promoters were even trying to put together a “celebrity” boxing match for Zimmerman at one point.

Even in cases where  is not murder involved, suspected white supremacists are still rewarded for harming Black people. Police officer Daniel Holtzclaw, the Oklahoma City police officer arrested in August and charged with sexually abusing eight Black women, has supporters online who have raised thousands of dollars for him.

In the recent case where Darren Wilson was given the legal right to murder unarmed Black teen Mike Brown, he has received hundreds of thousands of dollars (some estimate over a million at this point) in donations from white supremacists  supporters around the country.

While some have tried to deny the underlying racism and anti-Black hatred that is driving the support for Darren wilson, the truth always finds a way to reveal itself at some point. The GoFundMe page that was initially taking in donations for Darren Wilson (which has since been taken down) had a  section on the page where people who donated could post their comments.

And the people who were donating the money to Wilson were very clear and very specific about why they were donating. The overall consensus was that the supporters were donating because they were glad that Darren Wilson murdered a Black person.

The comments and support from the Darren Wilson GoFundMe page became so blatantly racists,the site administrators had to take the comment section down. Before they removed the comments,there were some screen shots saved and circulated around the net.


“I thank all Police. You are the “Thin Blue Line” protecting normal Americans from aggressive and entitled primitive savages” -Brad Moody $100

“I support officer Wilson and he did a great job removing an unnecessary thing from the public” -David Durant $50

“Darren and those like him are all that stand between Americans and anarchy.After 60 years of supporting the blacks I give up” -Richard Holsinger $100

“All self-respecting whites have a moral responsibility to support our growing number of martyrs to the failed experiment called diversity” -Mike Berman $100


Comments like these clearly show the support for Darren Wilson was not about justice: it was about white supremacist domination and ethnic cleansing.

With this type of mindset among us in the United States,we must understand that Melanoid people around the nation are in a state of emergency . We are literally being legally  targeted and hunted in America based on race.

And the people who are acting as “martyrs” for white supremacy are being rewarded.  In cash. That gives every white supremacist in the country the incentive to come after any one of us next.

We are not post-racial.


41 thoughts on “If America Is A Civilized Nation,Why Are People Rewarded Money For Killing Black Citizens?

  1. These comments alone let you know where the donors are coming from.
    It’s redic that these people are so against Black people getting a fair shake in society.
    Nowadays, I don’t care what they say. I am concerned about what I am gonna do as far as supporting Black people and advancing.


  2. Quincy says:

    Wow…this is one of the only sites that really talks about the suspected white supremacy saying..it is okay to kill black people. But those same people are chearing for the black athletes during the Olympic Games. I do not live in the USA, but the USA politics, foreign policies are starting to wake up. There was a time that I wanted to move to the USA..but after seeing so much killing, and police brutality against citizens esp black people, I think I am gonna take a raincheck

    1. michig911 says:

      The only site. All I see from other white washed sites are, how we are a post racial society. If you know of any others sights please post it.

  3. Shabazz Mooney says:

    Stop focusing on the negative.. Focus on the positive and more will come our way.

    White Folks just raised over 240K to help this Black Woman rebuild her business that black looters burnt to the ground.


    1. JayBay says:

      How do you know it was ALL white people? Also, WTF are you talking about? Focus on the positive? So let’s just ignore all the other police brutality incidents that have been occurring all over the country and the white people that support it and focus on this one act of kindness. And then what? All of a sudden white supremacy will stop? I’m not saying we should say fuck you to all the people that supported her but in the GRAND scheme of things I’m way more concerned that a white person can kill an unarmed black person and get paid off it.

    2. MindMuscle says:

      A business that was burned to the ground because of unjust systematic white supremacy. It all could have been prevented if they would have just simply indicted the devil for what he did…

    3. meeksda says:

      Thanks for the link, I just donated.

    4. emory says:

      Motherfucker take that SHANAZZ OUT IF YOUR NAME! I support the looters just because of ppl like you, because if they can keep it up this will get so much international attention that none of you CONSTANT pretenders on this race issue won’t matter even in the least

    5. tony says:

      Man luck that we at war what’s wrong with y’all….there is no positive they kill and help at the same time ..in most cases they help in order to kill …these people raped took babies from mothers stomachs hung the baby raped the birthing mother while the father watched and then he too was raped then they were both beat and hung ….don’t you dare defend them

    6. michig911 says:

      How about murder of a young black man? I didn’t see any white people raising money for him. Stop deflecting.

  4. Danny says:

    This article is spot on correct. Soon the killer of 12 year old child Tamir Rice will receive donations and support. The media keeps saying Rice was “brandishing” the toy gun but he was actually “playing” with it like any kid does. They are trying to use code words so the public will heap blame on this kid who played with a gun the same way all kids play with guns by pointing them and pretending to fire them. They also will say to wait for the facts to come out but when we wait they then say “why are you bringing up the past lets move forward.” It is a disgusting game by these people in charge to control all of us by fear, misdirection and confusion.

    1. MindMuscle says:

      Exactly, and whats interesting is there have been two killings in the state of Ohio just this year alone of Melanoid men with bb guns and Ohio is an OPEN CARRY state. You got whites walking around with high powered military rifles and shotguns on their side with law enforcement turning a blind eye but these brothas didn’t even have real guns and were killed. How much more blatant can white supremacy get?…They’re getting kind of sloppy…

  5. Knighthonor says:

    I want to share this that I learned. Because we have people both black and white claiming that this isn’t about race…

  6. tabF says:

    A war has been declared on blacks in this country

  7. Hotep Sa Ra says:

    Excellent piece Tariq!

  8. Trep says:

    A race war has been started in the US. What the black community doesn’t get is this, ALL races are tired of your shit worldwide. Keep pushing. You will be pushed back.

    1. JayBay says:

      Nope. I’ve traveled throughout Asia and they hate white people more. Actually, if you go to certain parts of Thailand there’s been multiple incidents of white tourists being poisoned by the locals. Same with Japan. If you’re black and have your shit together you get a lot of respect outside the US. Don’t get me wrong, there’s coons in every nationality. But overall, white people are not the shit like they think they are. It’s only coons and other nationalities that identify as white that kiss ass.

      1. emory says:


    2. emory says:

      What you don’t get us this isn’t about all races, our only real threat of racism,is you whites and you stay saying you tired of our shot but then you show up here just to start shit and we are tired of that, along with other races, ALONG WITH OTHER COUNTRIES.You evil albinos tell yourself whatever you want but it will be easily disputed because there is no truth in you.

  9. andrae young says:

    I’m so glad this is happening now we have true evidence that these spineless wimps are literally rewarding murderers! That’s a damn crime This should be recorded every time this happens. These peoples identity should be exposed to the world for what they are. No one should feel safe enough In this country to openly reward racisum and murder we can’t allow this to happen! Next thing you know these rich whimps will be financing a damn purge of us!

  10. Frufflo says:

    “Zimmerman is treated like a hero and celebrity around white supremacist circles”

    No he isn’t.

    White supremacists aren’t going to make a hero out of a hispanic guy.

    Come on, who are you trying to kid?

    Oh, and why do black people want to attack whites for what the HISPANIC George Zimmerman did? Why don’t you black people go riot in Miami or something?

    1. Rock T says:

      Stfu dumb ass cracker his daddy was white so he’s white

    2. JayBay says:


      Found a link to a stormfront article where’s there’s multiple comments praising George Zimmerman. You’re welcome.

      1. JayBay says:

        On page 11 of the link I posted from stormfront. a guy named WeaselHead
        Providence is on this mans side. i commend and bless him. Live long and prosper George Zimmerman

        On page 13, from a guy name Vulcano
        Of course the media is trying to keep this silent. They don’t want people to know that Zman is actually a good guy.

        Sorry, what was that about white people not supporting ZImmerman?

        1. JayBay says:

          And here’s a wikipedia link explaining what a white Hispanic is. Whites love to change people who once weren’t considered white into white in order to boost their numbers. But yet when one of those people has to answer for a crime you wanna say “Nope! He’s not one of us!” You make me sick.

      2. emory says:

        I don’t know who these whites think they are fooling! First George Zimmerman father was white, see what they are trying to do is switch our attention to Hispanics so they then can recruit them even more.

  11. tmack says:

    We have to wake more of our people up so they understand that this can happen to them or their children at any time. No black person is exempt. Ask Louis Gates and then ask the president why did he really apologize to a suspected white supremacist. Now we have a 12 year old murdered. Age doesn’t matter the only criteria is are you white or not.

  12. Courtney H. says:

    This is an excellent post! Thank you for writing it!

  13. The Airmen says:

    This is why we need to start buying only black owned products an dealing with black own businesses, white supremacy knows we are funding are own genocide. Once their money is taking a hit then that’s when we get their attention… we have to bleed them dry

  14. Kareem says:

    This is why this project (“Melanoid Nation”) is very important/needed and informative. I think we need to focus on it all Shabaaz.

    But had you not posted that link to “Nathalies” Go Fund ME page, I wouldn’t have donated myself. You see my point? It because of this discussion that lead us here.

    Good points nonetheless.

  15. blackpower says:

    the dominant society wants to see all melanoid people extinct!

    1. Black Capital says:

      I dis agree to the point that, they need us to blame for the troubles of this country. If very black person vanished the dominate society would be exposed because the same problems such as crime and violence would continue.

      1. Theseventhone says:

        Exactly…..I have been saying that for years now……if it’s not the blacks, it’s the spanish people, if it’s not the spanish people, it’s the asian people, if it’s not the asian people, it’s the Italian/Greek/Persian/Arab people, if it’s not them it’s Aliens, we are dealing with irrational, paranoid, and frightened people.

  16. Kevin says:

    What’s fucked up is, white folks ain’t even “American” they from Europe, they from black people… they can’t claim any thing… Technically, and genetically! I hope niggas get enough balls here in America to bust they heads, sh*t is ridiculous… until then, I’ll talk sh*t on the net and shop with original melanated businesses…

    1. tmack says:

      We must also recognize the truth that so called black people have fought in every war to defend this society and also whites have been a part of the civil rights movement and are protesting with us today. So the evidence is there that we can live and work together if we know and understand the game. It’s all a hustle and the only winners are the elite. They don’t send their kids to war or train them to be good employees. They train them to lead and not to interact or marry outside their blood lines. So it doesn’t matter if you’re so called white or black you will never be one of them period point blank. This is a game and we all lose while the elite have private jets and 100 acre homes. You can’t pay your bills and they summer on yachts so big they come with a helicopter. So who is this cop in the grand scheme, he is only a pawn to keep the distraction going. Fight black vs. white while we control your life and your kids future not you. No matter how hard you work.

      1. GemGirl says:

        Well said, tmack.

      2. emory says:


        1. tmack says:

          This is why we all should have the hidden colors series. No one was classified as white before the fifteen hundreds and no one was Caucasian before 1790 created by Blumenbach. SeeHC3. We don’t need to infight I only want to throw out suggestions so we can find the best way that as a collective of intelligent minds we can solve this problem. I believe we can do it I just don’t have all the answers. Together on the same page we can figure it out. I respect all constructive feedback but try not too let your emotions guide you. The test of a man is how well he control’s his emotion.

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