Hurricane Season Survival


An overview of the Terrorist Activities of the Alt-Right, focus on the Proud Boys, and Hurricane Season Survival/Rahowa Survival.


Written by Tiffany Tubman

September 1, 2017


After Hurricane Harvey touched down the first time on Saturday, August 29, 2017, the Houston Texas area became a horrific situation, much worse than Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Although this is Hurricane Season, the Trump Administration has not appointed permanent leadership over the DHS, which oversees FEMA. There is also no permanent leader of FEMA.

In addition to that, the budget for emergencies and natural disasters relief was proposed cut by 70% ($876 million) with initial cuts proposed were for $1B by Trump to help fund his border wall. Since Hurricane Harvey, there has been no mention of changing the proposed cuts submitted to Congress for approval later this month.


With Hurricane Harvey, there has been many people needing food, shelter, rescue, and medical attention. In response to the immediate need for help, many have volunteered time, money, and resources to help. More specifically, Black people have needed the most help. To ensure the help is received, Melanoid Nation has been directly helping those requested our assistance affected by Hurricane Harvey. Please continue making your donations through our website to support these efforts.


In response, there have been people creating GoFundMe accounts for malicious purposes under the false pretense of helping victims of Hurricane Harvey. One group in particular has been “The Proud Boys”, which is an alt-right domestic terrorist/white nationalist group operating in the United States. Founder Gavin McInnes posted this request for funds on Twitter to get this group to the Texas area.













Leaders like Gavin and Richard Spencer continue to beg for funding from their supporters despite the fact they are millionaires who still benefit from slavery to present day. Last year, Richard received over $2 million from the government for a farming land payment his family owned during slavery that remains unkempt and unattended to present day. However, because he owns the acres, he still receives an annual payment.


The goal set by Gavin was $1000 and to date he has raised $1938 in 3 days from 38 people. Note, many of his donors have Hispanic last names. ( Shown below is a group of “Proud Boys” arriving in the Houston, TX area yesterday to terrorize Black citizens.


The “Proud Boys” of Columbus also posted to Facebook bragging of the terror they plan to inflict in Texas this weekend.

















Antifa is monitoring the situation, however, the picture above clearly shows these terrorists armed with weapons. They do not have water, food, or supplies to rescue anyone and many are displaying the white power/white nationalist gang related hand signals in the photo.


Even other national news sites are covering these events and noting that the white nationalist groups are operating with impunity and face no criminal charges. These domestic terrorists should be considered armed and dangerous. Please keep in mind that the term looters only refer to Black people. If they see any Black person, they will be shot on site and the response will be they were looting and your murder will go unpunished.





















Please stay in groups and be armed at all times in Houston, Texas family. The domestic terrorist group is also planning more hate rallies and have the support of Trump and those in his inner circle. They will be in Berkeley on September 14, 2017.



















Additional hurricanes are pending. Hurricane Irma is about 3-5 days from landfall and is expected to touch down in Florida and travel the coast line to parts of Georgia, South Carolina and possibly North Carolina. Hurricane Irma is expected to be a Category 5 Hurricane, like Hurricane Harvey. Even with these facts in mind, Trump wants to cut the FEMA budget before the next major hurricane touches the USA.


We are at a point in the battle for survival that we must all stay ready. Every person should have a “Go Bag for Survival” ready so that in 5 minutes you can grab it and leave your home. Your “Go Bag for Survival” should at a minimum have the following items:


  • Gun-Loaded with additional ammunition
  • A change of clothes for you and your loved ones traveling with you
  • A jacket/coat for you and your loved ones
  • Blanket
  • Water
  • First aid kit
  • Non-perishable food and/or protein drinks
  • Hydralyte Oral Electrolyte Solution (1 bottle for each person traveling with you)
  • Any medication needed for survival (1-week supply)
  • Knife, pepper spray, and mace
  • $100 cash
  • An emergency credit card with full available credit
  • Binder with all ID docs (create a binder or folder with Passports, Birth certificates, any records and keep in central area so if you have 5 minutes to leave, you can grab it and go.
  • Any item you deem irreplaceable that you cannot part with
  • Your written plan (
  • If you have a car, make sure you keep at least a half tank of gas


In scrolling through Twitter, the following tweet was observed:














Let us remember that racism is a team sport. Even when two Lakers players are angry with one another, neither of them will work with the Cavs in the Finals to throw the game. We are in the Finals family. There is no great white hope coming to save us. We must demand on ourselves and help ourselves and each other as best we can.


We must understand that your Melanin (or lack of) determines your team and there is nothing you can do about that. There may be a white person who will help you, you may even be married to that person. However, groups will stick together. Look at the fire ant family during Hurricane Harvey, or any natural disaster. They stick together. You will not see a few fire ants hanging with the bees or even the roaches. We must look to nature and learn so that we can return to a more natural state and survive.

A Liberating Black People’s Prayer


Written by Dr. Frances Cress-Welsing

The Isis Papers Copyright 1996

10/5/96 Year of Change


(For Justice and Peace)

To say and envision when in prayer


THOU who are Blacker

Than a trillion midnights

Whose eyes shine brighter

Than a billion suns.


THOU whose hair doth

Coil tighter than a

Million springs, radiating

All energy throughout

The universe,


We beseech THEE, ONE


To give us total

Strength, to carry out

THY will for the universe!

To establish JUSTICE on

Planet Earth and live in PEACE.




We are asking all Melanoid Nation family to stay safe, stay on code, and get your Second Amendment game strong. We have the right to protect ourselves. Family, it does not matter if you take the Martin non-violent approach or the Malcolm by any means necessary approach. You will still be a nigga. Try not to be a dead nigga. I am not saying start anything, simply finish everything. Melanoid Nation is not condoning or supporting violence, merely survival.



Tiffany Tubman

Twitter: @montswife16


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  3. Hurricane from Africa = hurricane whit AIDS.

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