How White Supremacists Use Trolling And Racialized Jokes As Weapons


In a system of white supremacy, the people who want to maintain the status quo understand that they have to weaponize everything in order to use it against the victims of white supremacy. This includes the use of  racialized jokes and trolling.

It is very difficult for a person who believes in white supremacy to have an honest, open and intellectual conversation about race. Because the contradictions and hypocrisy of white supremacy can be easily pointed out. And once those discrepancies are acknowledged, any refusal to rectify the injustices will make a person appear to be actively complicit in the non-justice of racism.

So most white supremacists (and suspected white supremacists) will utilize the tactic of deflecting away from a serious dialog about race by engaging in jokes and trolling behavior. This tactic will excuse them from acknowledging the injustices of systematic white supremacy, and assist them in the maintenance of that system without admitting any wrongdoing.


Also the white supremacists use  racialized jokes as a way to lower the defenses of their victims. When the white supremacists pass off their behavior as just “jokes” and “clowning around”, this causes people to dismiss their behavior and not take it as seriously as they should. This has proven to be a major mistake on behalf of the victims of white supremacy. Because most white supremacist policies and institutions started off a “jokes” at first.

The Ku Klux Klan started off as a joke and a prank. A few former Confederate officers in Pulaski, TN. thought it would be a funny prank to dress up as ghosts and scare the Black people in town.  In 1907, author Albert Stevens wrote this about the Ku Klux Klan: “ludicrous initiations, the baffling of public curiosity, and the amusement for members were the only objects of the Klan”.  And now the KKK is one of the mosts dangerous terroristic organizations in the United States.

In the 1800’s a white actor named Thomas D. Rice used to perform a derogatory African American caricature in blackface. He would perform around the country doing the Jim Crow dance in this comedy routine. His Jim Crow character was a “joke” at first. And then states all over the country started to create Jim Crow laws that terrorized the lives of Black Americans openly until the 1960’s.


Recently the website Vox did an interview with author Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, who explained how people searching for  racists jokes on google, helped some experts predict the election of Trump. The article states:

As a barometer of our national consciousness, Google is as accurate (and predictive) as it gets. In 2016, when the Republican primaries were just beginning, most pundits and pollsters did not believe Trump could win. After all, he had insulted veterans, women, minorities, and countless other constituencies.

But Stephens-Davidowitz saw clues in his Google research that suggested Trump was far more serious than many supposed. Searches containing racist epithets and jokes were spiking across the country during Trump’s primary run, and not merely in the South but in upstate New York, Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio, rural Illinois, West Virginia, and industrial Michigan.

Stephens-Davidowitz is the author the best-selling book “Everybody Lies”, an inside look at how mining data from the internet can give a better understanding on the public psyche. According to Stephens-Davidowitz:

“People tell Google things that they don’t tell to possibly anybody else, things they might not tell to family members, friends, anonymous surveys, doctors. People feel very comfortable confessing things to Google. In general, Google tells us that people are different than they present themselves. One way they’re different, I have to say, is that they’re nastier and meaner than they often present themselves.

I’ve done a lot of research on racism, for example, and I was shocked by how frequently people make racist searches, particularly for jokes mocking African Americans. This concealed ugliness can predict a lot of behaviors, particularly in the political realm.”


So Melanoid people must understand, no matter how much the white supremacists try to get you to lower your defenses and dismiss them when they pass off their dangerous rhetoric as “jokes”, you must always take them seriously. Because white supremacists will joke and troll one day, and then commit cold blooded murder the next.

13 thoughts on “How White Supremacists Use Trolling And Racialized Jokes As Weapons

  1. Rick H. says:

    Never waste your time getting into those message board/twitter games of one-ups with a white supremacist. In the end you’re just wasting your time from doing something else productive. No amount of knowledge you drop on them will flip a switch in their brain and make them stop trolling or stop being a white supremacist. They will just fall back to the usual name calling, copy-pasted FBI statistics, “what about Chicago?”, “what about black-on-black crime?”. Ignore the trolls until they start making legit threats against you then take them serious afterwards.

    1. David H says:

      This article is only about arming Melanoid peoples with the wherewithal to stop dismissing white supremacists when they troll and “joke” around.

  2. Bill says:

    Right wing politics has always been about deception, racist propaganda and violence. From Fox News to Lee Atwaters Southern Strategy to Goebbels etc. Thats all they know.

    1. Jomo Basoga says:

      People need to see “Boogeyman: The Lee Atwater Story” it explains in full the racist GOP strategy of winning elections via appealing to southern whites’ fear of the Black people becoming prosperous and powerful a la the original “Birth of a Nation.”

  3. Naomi Klein says:

    Don’t forget that Mr Nasheed said his book “The Art of Mackin” was written tongue in cheek.

    Misogynists always say they’re just “joking”.

    Yet Mr Nasheed made his name promoting dysfunctional relationship behavior between black men and black women.

    Mrs Nasheed looks as scared as Melania Trump.

    1. Montenegro says:

      Many people grow with age and become more mature. The KKK, Jim Crowe, and other white supremacy groups continue to grow in numbers and keep the same values.

    2. manani says:

      so what brings you here? why do white females to act like they and black females are sisters? lol. oh now tariq is a misoynist huh? thats easier said then proven.

      1. Pop says:

        There are misogynists in EVERY race of people.

  4. Noam Chomsky says:

    Tariq needs to go back to English class.

    Either that or pay someone to fix his ghetto grammar.

    Degradation of the English language is unacceptable for an English speaking and reading audience.

    1. Montenegro says:

      Most blacks do not care about speaking proper English. Tariq is doing great things. He is a great communicator & I’m happy that all of you supremacists are mad that he is exposing you! I love my ghetto grammar!!

  5. Jomo Basoga says:

    This muscle head white supremacist sounds exactly like Mel Gibson about a decade ago when he told his Russian fiance, girlfriend or whatever she was to him how she’d probably get raped by “niggers.” And of course it was explained away by him being so called drunk. I believe he apologized to Jewish groups but never Black people. Obviously not because of his friendship with the progressive Danny Glover.

  6. manani says:

    micah xavier johnson was our modern day nat turner. now that brother was really feed up with these proven white supremist and did something about it. if just one black man with a rifle can shake up this modern day nazi country called amerikkka, then imagine what a nation of feed up black people as a unified force would do.

  7. Demarcus Mitchell says:

    Well, that was some ignorant antiwhite garbage by and for low-IQ morons.

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