How White Supremacists Use BLM As a Code For All Black People

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One of the major advantages the white supremacists have had over their victims in order to maintain the system of racism, is their ability to quickly codify their messages. Whites supremacists have perfected the art of being about to pick up and understand different code words from other white supremacists, almost through osmosis.

The latest code of the white supremacists is to use the Black Lives Matter movement as a code word for all Black people. Black Lives Matter is not a real “organization” in the traditional sense. It is basically a hashtag. And publicity for this movement and hashtag was funded by white philanthropists like George Soros. So the white supremacists will arbitrarily label any Black person a member of “BLM” so they can disguise their racist view behind a perceived political criticism.

But the fact that the white supremacists can randomly associate any Black person with Black Lives Matter show the “I’m white and I say so” policy that is the very foundation and driving force for white supremacist injustice.

Now there are several white supremacists using the BLM code word to label all Black people terrorists. And when white supremacists start labeling marginalized groups as terrorists, they use this to justify violent, nazi-esque solutions.

For example, this week, suspected white supremacist Jim Stachowiak posted a video online of him urging other “patriots” (another code word for white supremacists) to openly shoot “Black Lives Matter Members” (i.e.. Black citizens). Here is the video below.

This wasn’t the first time Jim Stachowiak has made terroristic threats against Black citizens. He made headlines this past June encouraging people to openly fire on Black people at Donald trump rallies. And he tried to use the same coded “Black lives Matter” language to disguise the racist motivations.

Last year a similar suspected white supremacist named Nathan Ener made similar terroristic threats towards Black people using the Black Lives Matter code word.

Nathan Ener

Suspected White Supremacist Nathan Ener


It’s not surprising that law enforcement allows violent white supremacists like Stachowiak, Ener, and many others to openly and repeatedly make terrorist threats online while brandishing weapons. Yet Black people are immediately arrested if the even hint at making a threat online.



30 thoughts on “How White Supremacists Use BLM As a Code For All Black People

  1. Jonny j says:

    This guy should be in prison getting gang rapped

    1. Los says:

      Has Thing Guy Lost His GodDamn Mind

      1. Sandy Greenleaf says:

        My first thought watching this is this guy and his ilk are Freaks, but not really, because America has the stain of Slavery and Jim Crow, and the attitudes that encouraged and enabled racism here. I’ve read a little bit about this, and it turns out to be the case that right after Reconstruction, when black folk started traveling and exercising their new found freedom to go where they wanted, and of necessity, looking for employment, the White Establishment (in this case business owners who routinely exploited their workers of all stripes because THEY COULD) started noticing that the working class was starting to band together, regardless of race, as a common force, and they had to nip this in the bud, so they went out of their way to denigrate black people and tell poor white people that no matter how miserable and poor they were, they were STILL better than ANY black person, and the two had nothing in common, thus stopping any nascent “unity” the different classes and races might have forged otherwise from their shared exploitation at the hands of Big Business. The Establishment was horrified at the prospect of this type of collaboration because it might lead to *gasp* Revolt, Revolution or worse if the workers realized they were in the same boat and united together as a block, regardless of color, and the powers that be couldn’t have THAT happening!

  2. Heather says:

    👀Why is it that Everytime someone goes on youtube ranting about black lives matter they just so happen to be pissy drunk and spitting everywhere…speech slurred looking like a mommy doesn’t love anymore …i need attention. …reject from the movie “Rosewood” or ” Mississippi Burning”??? 😧

    1. Sandy Greenleaf says:

      Maybe because they require a little “Liquid Courage” to appear and say the things they do, and then later some of them make excuses like “I was drunk” lol

  3. chuquestaquenumber1 says:

    However these same white supremacist suspects have no outrage when a cop is killed by a white cop killer.

  4. Smackumdown says:

    Dude more lost than ALL of us ,he the real problem with this country

  5. JayBay says:

    Another dopey white supremacist shit talking. I didn’t even bother to watch the whole video because I could feel myself getting dumber as this guy droned on. His whole video is white code but please believe if a white person has anything concerning our race coming out of their mouth that the end result is the same; destruction. This is why no matter what the subject is, if someone’s talking about my people I know that there’s always some sort of endgame or message thats trying to be spread. It’s all chess. White people fund and start BLM to give whites a specific target and then guys like this do the rest.

    1. Harry pecker says:

      Yeh Jaybay we need to beat off the whites and beat em off good and hard,I bet you know how to beat off a white dude👳🏾👳🏾🔫🔫

      1. JayBay says:

        I’ve said this in previous posts and I’ll say it again. Once white people start resorting to dick/gay jokes they’ve already lost the argument. Your goofy ass didn’t even TRY to argue a point. You just started talking about dicks. But then again I shouldn’t expect a coherent argument from a guy named “Harry Pecker” now should I?
        Love your emojis also. So 2 muslims and guns right? You do realize that ISIS is coming for WHITE people right? Here’s hoping some guy in a truck runs down Harry and 100 of his family members.

        1. JayBay says:

          Hey Harry. How does it feel to come in all tough and the best you could come up with is “beat off a white dude”? How does it feel to know your empire of uncivilized savages is getting what’s coming to them and the best they can do is shitpost on sites like this and youtube? How does it feel to know that at the end of the day that YOU’RE the minority in the world and that between suicides and being killed all over the globe and being bred out of existence that all your people made will seem like a bad dream? Waiting for your reply.

          1. Harry pecker says:

            @jaybay do you have any facts to back up your rambling rant,your is it all in your diseased brain,but never mind you’ll have 72 virgins waiting for you when you dissolve back into a puddle of slime.

          2. JayBay says:

            Nope, not Muslim! Never read the Quaran because I think it’s bs. But try again. I love how when white people find a black person who doesn’t like them the automatic assumption is that they must be muslim. Like they didn’t do anything over hundreds of years to deserve it. How do I know you’re the minority? That’s a quick google search plus common sense if you look at the populations of other nations. Suicides? The BBC reported that white suicides are on the rise. Plus white scientists have proven that the further you get away from the continent of Africa (although my people’s home is Jerusalem) the weaker you become genetically. Being killed? ISIS attacks plus a lot of tornadoes and floods we’ve had lately in mainly white communities. Let’s be honest. The simple fact that you’re even on this website for a race that claims to have everything in control speaks volumes. You white supremacists always come on here acting tough and saying things like “we don’t care or think about black people and we’ll fuck you up if you don’t do what we say” but as soon as someone paints your global situation in plain words you shut up. That’s how I know you’re scared. The thing is you’re just too arrogant (#stupid) to admit it. So please continue! Continue to troll black websites like this and think that it’ll make a difference. Ignore your dwindling population and the news reports that prove that anytime in any place on the globe you or your racist police can be killed (hopefully not by my own people). Plus, I don’t go on and on for you. I do it to let my people know that they should stay strong and be patient because the end of white domination will come. It might not be today, but as long as sites like this exist to inform the people then it will be sped up.
            Your move.

          3. Harry pecker says:

            What about sperm banks??theres plenty of whites waiting to hatch and come and get you Jaybay,I’m there every day getting my army ready.

          4. JayBay says:

            And once again, Harry with the dick jokes! It’s like clockwork with white people. Black person makes a logical point. White person makes a dick/gay joke in order to divert attention or try to seem witty. Rinse and repeat till infinity. Come on, is talking about your dick (or in this case sperm) the only comeback you can think of? Surely the “superior” race can think of better comebacks than just talking about how they’ll jizz in a tube and send their minions after me. With a name like “Harry Pecker” I’m sure you send your white supremacist buddies to the hospital with all your witty jokes. So come on, boy. Keep in mind you’ve already used your “dirty muslim” and “sperm” shots so let’s see if you can come up with a halfway intelligent response.

          5. JayBay says:

            Heat that? That’s the sound of your ego getting deflated by a nigga online. A nigga who you wouldn’t have the balls to say anything to unless you were a a Trump (or Clinton. Who are we kidding?) rally.

          6. Harry pecker says:

            it’s impossible to take you seriously because your so bitter and twisted snd I’m sure all black people don’t share your view .

          7. JayBay says:

            Not bitter. I was calm and collected as I wrote those posts. I just understand that my people have enemies and I’m willing to call them out when I see them obviously trolling on this site. Remember, no one forces you white supremacist trolls to come here and talk shit. And then when one of us calls you out on your bs in an intelligent manner we’re just “bitter” or “angry” or “muslim”. Plus I never called for any of my people to commit any acts of violence (unless it’s in self defense) while white people in the video above write BLM on bullets in order to send a message. And you’re right, not all blacks share my point of view of preserving our race and creating our own economy. And they will be the worst off when shit hits the fan. Those who don’t learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.

  6. Miles Brooks says:

    Throughout the entire period of slavery and slave insurrections…..this bulls— has been the proposed answer, of the masters, to those who were crippling their masters infrastructure and economics,…….killing them to make an example for the rest of the slaves…..
    The only way to get the masters attention was by burning and looting the sugar, tobacco, rice, and cotton warehouses and storehouses…….in an effort to focus…..his masters eyes and ears their cry for their own independence……Why not HIRE THEM and PAY THEM a FAIR WAGE……Better Yet…..Consider not seeing people of African Heritage as animals…….the animal is the one who does not see the worth in others………unless it brings him personal gratification or an economical or social profit……I guess black lives only matter, to the powers that be and patriotic whites, when it comes to neighborhood crime statistics, incarceration, unemployment, and welfare……….because it makes them “feel” like they are better than us………IJS.

  7. John says:

    They have a problem go to the hood.

  8. Lashel Mika says:

    true story: my grandfather had hundred and 16 acres of land. his wish was to farm his land in order to create a stable income to support his family, my grandmother and his 12 children. So my grandfather goes to the bank to get a loan for 50 acres of land,however he was denied the loan. By this time, taxes have been put in place and my grandfather is unable to keep up with the taxes and is forced to sale 59 acres in order to pay the taxes on his remaining land. Times were very hard. My grandfather had prime land that had been in my family for generations(passed down from my “Indian” great great great grandmother. My grandfather knew who he was and they hated it. They wanted his land so badly, my granddad received death threats to leave or else. But he wasn’t going!!!!! Not without a fight, and they knew that too. That’s why they never came out there on that bull sh!+. He had 12 soldiers ready to ride for theirs. And this story holds true for damn near every ” African American, Negro, Black, Colored”, or whatever else you identify yourself as, people of color in America. They know the lies they told. Know your history.

  9. Markus Territore says:

    These devils don’t even phase me. They act like they stopped making firearms when they got theirs. Goddamn devils better know there place and don’t get out of pocket.

  10. G Johnson says:

    I think we keep missing the obvious.. You can clearly see that there is a lack of intellectual capacity. It is highly evident from the clear inablilty to overcome poor articulation. This type of attitude and lack of sense is common in inbred gene pools.

  11. Omalone1 says:

    Same way thug means niggers. Or squirrels, means niggers. Or Canadians. In this sense, faegins book is a great place to understand their code but Tommy Curry is gong beyond in his works which dismantle and deconstruct the various layers of pretence

    1. creaky says:

      F—- off, troll

      1. Omalone1 says:

        I wonder what troll Is code for

  12. We do not need the white man’s seal of approval nor his acceptance to walk in the glory that God has given. His laws and his head, mouth and heart may not agree with who and whose we are however he cannot reverse nor take away our greatness. We are defined by God and not by words of white men. No laws can diminish our true greatness.

    Let us arise and display the greatness of God’s glory that he has bestowed upon us.

  13. grand wizard says:


    1. Melanoid Soldier says:


      1. Pop says:

        Don’t forget #DinduNuffinsNsheit!

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