How Suspected White Supremacists Are Rewarded For Killing Unarmed Black People


The decision by the grand jury in the Ferguson MO. area to not indict officer Darren Wilson for the murder of unarmed Melanoid teen Mike Brown has  gained international attention. After the decision,there were several uprisings by young Melanoid freedom fighters in the Ferguson area.

We cannot ignore the message that is being sent with the decision to not charge Darren Wilson with a crime. The message is, not only will a white supremacist (particularly a suspected white supremacist police officer) not go to jail for killing an unarmed Black person,they will be rewarded for doing so.

Darren Wilson raised well over a half million dollars from white supremacist supporters for killing Mike Brown. There was a GoFundMe page dedicated to collecting donations for officer Wilson. The page quickly raised over $500,000 and the white supremacists in the comment section were very specific as to why they donated the money to Darren Wilson. Most of the comment were extremely vile and racist epithets that repeatedly praised officer Wilson for killing a Black person. The comments became so racist that the page was taken down (after the money was collected). Wilson has collected more donation money from other sources as well.

So the fact that Darren Wilson will not be charged with murdering a Black teen, and he will walk away with close to a million dollars in reward money collected primarily from  blatant white supremacists, sends a very disturbing message in a society that is supposed to be civilized.

This is giving every other suspected white supremacist who is pretending to be an officer of the law, an incentive and a green light to kill any random Black person they encounter.

This is why Wilson killed Mike Brown. This is why the police killed Eric Garner. This is why the police killed Tamir Rice: Because these officers fully understand that  they live in a white supremacist society where they can get away with killing an unarmed Black person.

This is not a police issue. This is not a media issue. This is not an “elitist” issue. This is a white supremacy issue. Because all of these entities work together under the banner of white supremacy as a way to maintain dominance over Melanese people.


The question Melanoid people should be asking each other right now  is how are we going to empower ourselves and protect ourselves from the white supremacists?

22 thoughts on “How Suspected White Supremacists Are Rewarded For Killing Unarmed Black People

  1. io says:

    Another great article and you pose a very good question.

  2. Kevin Lavaughn says:

    It’s a brutal reality but I think blacks, particularly YBM have to strategically prepare for encounters with WS cops and vigilantes.

    Self defense lessons, law lessons, police etiquette etc. Just like the article said, anytime people are rewarded for killing black teens, it creates a whole different atmosphere.

  3. Michael2608 says:

    Most definitely. Common sense is a powerful thing. Half a million dollars speaks volumes. If one of our brothers decide to take justice in his own hands. We should set up a Go Fund Me page for his children as well. I don’t want this to happen, but we are being put in a position that we are not asking for. Everytime this country is going in a downward direction. They want to take their frustrating out on us. As if it’s our fault.* We refuse to be your personal punching bag.*

  4. ejay says:

    It’s time for us to build for Self. It’s only going to get worse from here. They already went through the guilt phase. At this point there is no integration experiment they have seen all they have wanted to see and have done what they planned to do. All that’s left is genocide. Any day. We shouldn’t let our selves live like this.

    1. Jay says:

      You are right. All the evidence points to this being the equivalent to the run up to Nazi Germany’s ‘final solution’ for the Jews. We’ll see if we’re that stupid to believe it can’t happen here. We’ve already been told about the FEMA camps and all of these govt agencies stockpiling massive amounts of ammunition. Black people better arm yourselves. If you can get a gun, get one & take your fam to the shooting range and make sure EVERYBODY can handle a weapon. They got to bring some ass to get some.

  5. BKNAZDAQ says:

    If it was jewish people this wouldnt happen…. we must unite

  6. Jermaine Guthrie says:

    Why is it that our most preciouse resource is taken out (our children) then we are told to calm down. Our actions are judged, and we are made to look like we’re crazy. Most people believe the purpose of life is to procreate, and that family along with too many others have hade their purpose of life taken away. We are being shown all of this so called evidence that it was justified, but let’s really look at the situation. When you make yourself eligible for college, you obviously are making what you hope to be a strong investment in your future, so with all of that in mind why would you attack a police officer for asking you to get out of the street. Do they think we’re idiots, who would do that and ruine their investment like that.

  7. tabF says:

    Black people your gonna have to stop spending your money with non blacks. Keep your money circulating amongst your brothers n sisters build “your own” economics. The lynching of African people has been going on in this country for over 500 yrs.. I don’t see why everyone seems so surprised now. I do read the comment sections on these major news networks n the comments coming from the white supremacist is past disturbing. these are your coworkers teachers neighbors associates strangers in the streets that walk past you everyday that sit behind the keyboard n wishes to harm n kill you n your kids just because of your skin color.

  8. JayBay says:

    For anyone who wants to defend white supremacists and say “not all white people are like that!” you need to wake up too. At this point you’re better off just assuming that they could potentially be a white supremacist in hiding and be safe rather than sorry. The field has become that dangerous. Those same people who might have never done anything to directly harm a black person will spend their hard earned money in the millions to protect someone who does. This is the proof. Meanwhile, white people are pushing to legalize weed and they’re SHOWING you where their priorities lie. An organization like PETA will pay millions to buy an ad telling people not to harm innocent cows before they make one about not harming innocent blacks. You’re not important to them. Hopefully this will be the bucket of ice water to the face that wakes people up.

  9. Geechiedan says:

    We need to stop spending our money with those who are in the dominant society…

  10. Dessalines says:

    At a certain point when are we going to start taking revenge. I’m not for killing all Police Officers or an all out race War. That would be what they call the horseshoe effect where a person becomes so extreme they begin to emulate what they hate. But I am definitely down for hunting down all these pigs and lone wolf psychopaths like Zimmerman who think they can just get away with killing some unarmed Black Person (specifically Black males).

    I can’t speak for anyone else and I’m not trying too. But I know that I and plenty of you other Brothers served in the Military. If one of these racist killed my son there wouldn’t be a rock on Earth he could hide under. I would spend the rest of my life hunting that mofo until I got him. The only problem with implementing this is most of our people with the training to carry it out are just brainwashed as the people doing it so you can’t even bring it up in most company.

    Then for years we have been saying the same thing. Boycott Black Friday, Boycott Christmas, hit them in the pocket. That would work if 90% of our people were not a bunch of butter biscuit eating coons. You are not about to convince some big boned sister or some porkchop preacher to give up Christmas let alone see white people as their open enemy. How the hell you gone train your Black child to be wary around the same man you have posted on your wall for him to worship.

    Even the few Black People that aren’t brainwashed love sharing their genitalia with these white people so much you are never going to get their support when half these sambo’s and jezebelle’s have kids by white people. If we don’t start straight up killing those who kill us back it’s over for Black People because brothers like Claude Anderson have been telling Black folks for years the solution and no one listened 20 – 30 years ago so you know these hard head buck dancing fools ain’t gonna listen today.

    If there was a group out there willing, with the financing that formed to Drop Squad all these assholes like a Black version of ISIS I would join them in a heartbeat. What’s the point of living in this Country where any day you can be killed by these animals or your son. There is no point in building anything if you can’t be free. I’m so sick and tired of this country right and raging mad. How the hell is Hobama going to extend the War in Afghanistan when we have a War going on here.

    The same rappers who can make record after record talking about killing niggas, niggas ain’t shit and looking ass niggas were as quiet as church mouses today which tells you everything you want to know about most of these hoes. I got more tweets in sympathy and defiance from strippers and even white people then any rapper you can name. If anything they are encouraging you to go out and buy their new bullshit records over boycotting anything. It feels like we already lost this War and are just waiting in the hospital to die from our wounds.

    1. Jay says:

      Brotha, not all military vets are brainwashed. Remember people like Geronimo Pratt & Mark Essex. But I believe they are targeted. Ever wonder why so many Nam vets ended up on drugs and homeless? The stuff they saw over there. The Viet Cong knew how to drive a wedge based on their knowledge of the racism in the US. I have a relative who was over there & he said that the Viet Cong would come in and kill all the white boys in the unit and spare the black ones. You know this had to be common knowledge back then. Can you imagine how that affected the morale & cohesion of the troops? They would also blanket the countryside with leaflets directed at the blacks, with things like: This is not your fight. Go Home. White people LOVE to use divide & conquer. It’s their one trick pony. We need to start working that angle. They are not united, trust. Look at what they were doing before they migrated here. They are fragmented & cliquish too. We just never view it that way.

  11. Aaron D says:

    After the release of those pictures, I was done. He clearly had no serious injuries whatsoever and so it comes down to his word vs ours. The grand jury didn’t give a shot about the eyewitnesses or anything or the facts from this case. They chose him becuz he’s white plain and simple. Black America just received a Nigger WAKE UP CALL and they lets us know how they view us. Empowerment is our only option from here on out

  12. Tim says:

    Way to kill the thanksgiving mood America! Hell, I’m not looking forward for Christmas either. Im pretty sure 20 more black men will be killed by cops by the end of year.

    My family(especially my grandmother) is going too have alot of racist rants during thanksgiving dinner. I can’t help but cry because a few years ago these get togethers was pleasant and wasn’t to depressing.

  13. MoorMauri says:

    This is so true. The dominant society understands that we are economically weak and that there is really nothing we can do about it. We need to redirect all of this energy into something that will bring us benefits.

  14. Abs says:

    I suspect much of the hate comes from penis envy. Visit Twitter and have a look at all those memes posted by white women who grind with black folk. Penis envy breeds anger and hate.

  15. emory says:

    I mean I am making plans to Ghana

    1. Jay says:

      That’s really what we should be looking at. We will never get any peace here. These freaks cannot have any peace and they will never allow us to have any either. Not here. Although they are posted up in Africa too but inside this country, on the same land mass as them…ain’t gonna happen.

  16. Queen Annes Revenge says:

    Life for a life, soldier for a soldier, tooth for a tooth… Every ethnicity understands this but… off with this murderer’s head!

  17. RR says:

    There is something else going on here. I don’t recall any black person getting this much publicity in the media. The usual suspects are up to something far more than whats on the surface. Since when do the white supremacist care about black lives to this magnitude. Unless he/she is or was a public figure. We gotta start looking beyond the surface not just what’s up front in the news, which they air what they want us to see. America has a long history of kicking, lynching, shooting and harming black people all over this country and other parts of the world. We should stop thinking that one day they’re going to wake-up and stop doing what they do best and that’s keeping their foot up the black people rear end. Replace the system of white supremacy with a #SystemOfJustice

  18. Hildegard says:

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  19. Jay says:

    I think this is as amerikkkan as apple pie. In the same way that the supposed civilized ‘white citizen council’ in the days of old allowed their good ol’ boys (kkk & the bull connors of the day) go out and lynch one or two nigras every now & again to release some tension; is the same thing they are doing now with cops. They allow them to commit state-sponsored lynchings & murders & then circle the wagons to protect them. No different than when those 2 degenerates in Mississippi murdered Emmett Till & the town rallied to their defense. And in the same way that Life magazine, I think it was, paid Emmett Till’s murderers to tell their story; NBC or whatever network Pig Wilson was on, did the same thing. 60+ years of this shit and we are just going in circles, passing the same landmarks over and over again.

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