Here Is The Last Footage Of Dr. Sebi Seen Alive

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Dr. Sebi, the world renowned holistic healer who famously treated Michael Jackson, Magic Johnson and TLC’s Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, died in his native Honduras. Sebi, 82, passed away on Aug. 6, reportedly while in custody. There are a lot of questions surrounding his death. Footage has surfaced that shows him being arrested at the Mexico/Honduras border a few weeks ago.

This is the last known footage of Dr. Sebi seen alive.


20 thoughts on “Here Is The Last Footage Of Dr. Sebi Seen Alive

  1. Gregory Pierre says:


  2. Big Earl says:

    He basically got detained/killed for “mattress money.” SMH Rest In Power Dr. Sebi

  3. The Airmen says:

    souls don’t die

  4. Dr. Sebi was murdered says:

    There is no Mexico-Honduras border. wtf? Honduras borders Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua. Yall need to do better investigative journalism and re-post with more (accurate) info.

    1. EX-Gang banger says:

      There is a Mexico-Honduras Border. I walked through it? WTF are you talking about.

      1. ReRun says:

        The only way you could have done that is by wiping Guatemala off the map. I think any Guatemalans will put you straight on this lol

  5. Tonya says:

    My ancestors. My people. My goodness.
    Rest King👑

  6. Takhim says:

    This system white supremacy is global. There is nowhere to hide from it and they will continue to attack any progress until we unite and form a system to protect us. I am happy I have learned al that I have from him. He literally changed my life in terms of introducing me to electric foods and the reality that Health is Wealth! Peace to Dr. Sebi our elder and ancestor.

  7. Not4HISPANICS says:

    What a shock? Mexicans.Didn’t Malcolm x grandson die by the hands of Mexicans?

    1. MindMuscle says:

      Latinos/Hispanics as well as Asians and so called native Americans are nothing but white supremacist wannabe conspirators against Melanoid people globally. They all call us niggers, just in different languages.

      Rest peacefully good Doctor. You’re gone but not and never will be forgotten.

      1. Jerome Tidwell says:

        Mexicans did no do this, he wasnt even in mexico. Where he was it is controlled by rich white people. These poor areas are controlled by greed because there is no inrastructiure there that is lucrative so they are ran by greed. You have to look at who the one here has really alot to loose. Well if you watched some of his last videos you will see that our brother was on something revolutionary something big. Just like the feds watching MLK and was involved in it somehow to excalate confusion where there is major order. They wanted him dead, his new venture threatened the AMA (american medical association – just look in to this organization alone and view its origins so you can see europeans got there hand in our country making us free slaves to our own destruction) and all entities attached. That means all healthcare, big pharma, doctors… Dr.Sebi proved there philosiphy to be flawed many times, but you dont hear about it, he reached out to many black leaders but did any make moves? no, why? because they are scared to what will follow if they do.

        This has nothing to do with latinos, but everything to do with big money aka secret power that runs this country.

        The richest people in the world run these corporations that are poisoning us all slowly and Dr. Sebi is and was working on a big plan to stop it all. I hope this vision continues without his presence.

        We all need to wake up and see how 95% of products in stores are secretly poisoned, and the vegetables and fruits are not getting compromised as well laced with chemicals and genetically modified organisms.

        This is major..

        1. I would like to stay in touch with you. Please look me up. I am a stand up comedian. My email is

          I enjoy your conversation.

      2. Luke says:

        When will you folks realize that it is not about hating your skin color….it’s about hating your behavior. The kind of behavior that has 6.5% of our country (Black males) committing 54% of the murders every year in this country. Or the behavior that has turned most Black majority cities into ruined communities.

        1. Naoka Foreman says:

          It all stems from racial animosity. All those blacks you referenced are poor. Blacks are very poor in this country due to slavery, black codes and the slaughtering of blacks and their businesses. Poverty breeds crimes. Get a clue. As u see here, blacks are killed for organizing still til this very day. The behavior that kills a massive about of people is from rich whites, yet u reference poor people.

        2. Naoka Foreman says:

          And you referenced where the hate comes in at and we’re talking about a black leader that healed people. Ur creepy!

  8. miss k says:

    poor Dr Sebi. May he rest in peace.. Where are his family.. friends supporters? smh

  9. A man with a Master Plan. He has planted many seeds. They will flourish. Now or later.

  10. Donovan Hall says:

    Seriously, though. There is no Mexican/Honduras border….what are they talking about?

  11. BlksBdumb says:

    Good riddance!!!!!

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