Guadalupe Garcia and the White Supremacy Wake Up Call

Guadalupe Garcia

By Amy Lukau

Yesterday night, February 8, 2017 Guadalupe Garcia, a convicted felon was set to be deported in accordance with President Trump’s Immigration Executive Orders.

Garcia was arrested in 2008 during a raid on her workplace in Mesa Arizona and taken into custody under the suspicion of falsifying work documents. She was then charged with identity theft. Since that time, Garcia spent three months in jail and has been required to meet with a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officer every six months while still residing in Arizona.

ICE had been ordered to deport Garcia back to Mexico in May 2013. However, the Obama administration considered her a low threat. Deporting only people who were deemed threats to public or national safety, had ties to criminal gangs, or had committed serious felony offenses or a series of misdemeanor crimes.

This should be a wake up call for white Hispanics who identify with white supremacy and espouse anti blackness.

Sunday while performing in Arizona, George Lopez, made a joke saying the following:

“There are only two rules in the Latino family — don’t marry somebody black, and don’t park in front of our house.”

A black woman who found contention with the joke was then told by Lopez, “I’m talking, bitch,” Lopez shouted at the concert attendee. “You paid to see a show. Sit your ass down. You can’t take a joke, you’re in the wrong motherf*cking place. Sit your f*cking ass down or get the f*ck out of here!”

This is not the first time that white Hispanics have identified with white supremacy. As Tariq Nasheed, an Anti-Racism Strategist stated on his twitter page “The problem with the George Lopez jokes about Latinos hating Blacks, is you have “Latinos” like George Zimmerman who ACT on that hate.”

The video has since gone viral.

The joke while to humorous to many, espouses how many white Hispanics view black people and subsequently their alignment with white supremacists views and actions toward black people in general.


11 thoughts on “Guadalupe Garcia and the White Supremacy Wake Up Call

  1. Kellie Pryor says:

    Excellent article!

  2. Black Man says:

    It’s a done da da!
    Fuck the Mexican Mafia and Surenos!
    They can get the fuck out of L.A.; I’m going back to Cali (Trick the gang bangers into coming together to make money the right way (Make money legally)-Like the Jewish Mob did back in the day!

    1. darel says:

      I would like mr Garcia to know there’s no on this earth as beautiful as a black woman. It seems Hispanics and blacks are displaying more animosity toward one other now. When I was in the army during Vietnam Latinos and blacks in my airborne unit got along fine. Mostly whites were distant some would mix. I think it was do to Klan mentality whites and my counterparts. Out in the Bush we all watched each others back, perhaps the need for survival, however back at base camp whites disappeared in the own world and we did the same.

  3. Neru says:

    George’s point oftentimes is to show the hypocrisy in Hispanic culture. Disrespecting his routine like that I understand his response. I didn’t know what was said before.

  4. Yungworldz says:


  5. Sam seed says:

    What does George Lopez have to do with this article

  6. TB says:

    Can someone explain how George Lopez is aligning with white supremacy in this particular routine?

    He is essentially alluding to the “don’t marry anybody darker than you” rule.

    A LOT of different groups – including many black people, East Indians, Asians etc – believe in that under white supremacy.

    Is he not revealing truth?

    As for his rant to the woman after the joke, there’s nothing unique about a comedian telling an audience member to sit down and shut up or get out.

    I have listened to the TMZ clips a few times – am I missing something?

    He didn’t appear to go on a Michael Richards style rant.

    Tariq posted another clip of George Lopez making fun of Black hair. THAT is aligning with white supremacy.

    I don’t find George Lopez particularly funny and am not familiar with his stand up.

    Maybe he does stuff like the Black hair thing regularly.

    And clearly a lot of (white) Hispanics do align with white supremacy.

    But this particular routine – in isolation – seems like a reach.

    Perhaps I am missing something in the audio.

    1. Blkpryde says:

      You’re not missing anything…you’re just a stupid, jackass that’s blind to any type of animosity towards black people….just like whites.

  7. Executnr says:

    That woman in the audience wasn’t even all the way black she was half black half Mexican, an today She called into DL Hughley show an said she wasn’t offended, nor that she ever called it racists, Twitter fingers are the ones who jumped to conclusions. I dont detest no one who puts the preservation of their race first as long as the keep their hands to themselves. Yall acting like black folk aint have that same rule. Yall love white folk too much. Tariq man, how u talk that black stuff an get mad at another race for looking out for their own, I”m pro black but I aint gonna hate on another race for being for their own. Peace. please dont tell half truths to fit a narrative.

  8. KJ says:

    The point of the article is that mexicans wanna be racists, but whites don’t want them.

    Instead of promoting racism, George need to be watching his own ass. He get caught with some coke or accused of something, he might be next! Oh the sweet irony….

  9. Cpt Save A Soul says:

    The black brown myth was a great episode but as someone pointed out, the G Lopez incident seems to be a bit of reach in the vein of playing the race card and it’s starting to make Tariq’s relevance and validity run thin. We have rules in our home also when it comes to dating “if they can’t use our comb…” and the paper bag test for our own race. And how many bitches and hoes is the black woman in one rap song? Tariq has even gone into a rant over the black woman. Oh I get it, it’s ok for us but when we see a small clip of someone being disruptive who by chance could have been throughout the set, and he goes off and calls her a bitch.. not a “black” bitch mind you… then it’s a problem. Well seems to me alt right white supremacy and this fake black nationalism are all rowing circles in the same boat.

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