Getting The Help We Need: Advocacy Of Sound Mental Health For Black People

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Written by B. Clark

What do the new presidential administration, violent race soldiers, gentrification, slavery, systematic discrimination in every industry imaginable, and unnecessary infighting among Melanoid people (to name just a few things) all have in common?

There is no particular one-worded answer to that question, but what’s for certain is that the lingering effects of these things are enough to make anyone go insane, let alone the people who suffer from them the worst–and longest. A case can be made for therapy being a key factor in the reversal of Black people’s 400+ year plight. While the dominant society readily acknowledges war veterans’ battles with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Black Society have been unofficially diagnosed with the same thing.

In fact, the psychological damage that Melanoid people have carried for centuries can be scientifically verified. Research has revealed that the Ancestors took on such an overwhelming amount of trauma, that much of it has been carried on down to ensuing generations, as shown in the video below.


One of the byproducts of our collective PTSD is the very stigma that surrounds seeking out counseling. For years, getting therapy was viewed as a sign of weakness, or it made us the target of ridicule and jokes from our family and friends. Much of this ridiculous way of thinking has triggered a heightened rate of suicides among Melanoid people–mainly our youth. There is, however, a changing outlook on our need for better mental health.

Perhaps the greatest trauma victims in history, Melanoid people in this country are unsurprisingly far behind in contrast to other racial groups when it comes to many categories, but in order for true progress to be made, the mind has to be sound first and foremost. If and when reparations are finally given to Black people, therapy and/or counseling should be a complimentary service included in the reparations package, as a means of working to deprogram and rebuild the minds and spirits of countless Black souls who are suffering in silence.

5 thoughts on “Getting The Help We Need: Advocacy Of Sound Mental Health For Black People

  1. Rique says:

    Very true statements, but I’d add also that we need more Melanoid mental health professionals who are well trained in Melanoid people’s specific mental-emotional makeup and social issues and can implement the findings that the great Black thinkers like Franz Fanon and others have found out about what happens to the mental state under racial oppression.

    1. Demetrius says:

      I’m currently writing a memoir about mental health in Black men and my personal battle with it. Check out my Facebook page: In The Shadows 2017

  2. Wodesan says:

    This is definitely a slept on issue that we don’t discuss enough. Mental health issues has a lot to do with how we treat eachother. Having to deal with the BS daily in White institutions has a lot to do with it too……

  3. Bill Payer says:

    I hope no one gets upset, but the psyche game considers itself in competition with the spiritual game. Spiritual is natural and Africans have always been spiritual. Psychology is white supremacy mind control and is one of the few remaining tricks blacks haven’t caught onto yet.

    1. Kchucc says:

      Interesting 🤔

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