Four White Men Expected To Pay Restitution For Murdering Black Man Back In 2011


JACKSON, MS — Four white men were involved with the brutal killing of an innocent Black man on the evening of June 26, 2011. James Craig Anderson, the victim of the senseless attacks, met his fate in the parking lot of Metro Inn, a motel located in the Mississippi state capital.

The adult white males, whose ages ranged from their late teens through their early twenties, took it upon themselves to regularly terrorize innocent Melanoid people who were defenseless (such as disabled individuals) or innocent Melanoid people who didn’t have the voice or resources to speak up for themselves in court (such as homeless individuals, or people suffering from alcoholism).

The premise of their forays into the streets of Jackson was known as going to “Jafrica”–a word play combination of “Jackson”, the city in which they would commit the crimes, and “Africa”–a reference to the city’s large population of Melanoid people. Earlier in the evening of June 26, the men, led by Deryl Dedmon, Jr., went to Jackson so that they could (in the words of Dedmon), “go fuck with some niggers”.

After confronting Mr. Anderson in the motel’s parking lot that night, the four white men severely beat him, chanting “white power” in the process, then appearing to leave the man bloodied and barely able to walk. Dedmon gets in his Ford F-250 truck, accelerates the gas, and crushes James Craig Anderson with the vehicle.

As a result of the damages done by the men, a federal judge has ordered that they pay the late Mr. Anderson’s family $840,000 in restitutions.

For more on this story, follow this link.

B. Clark

16 thoughts on “Four White Men Expected To Pay Restitution For Murdering Black Man Back In 2011

  1. What says:

    And there most likely poor trailer trash them selves, with no money….
    And probably still in jail….
    Which means the deceaseds family gets about $30 or $40 bucks a month…..😕

    1. ebi says:

      eugh! disgusting!

      1. MOD says:

        take the white girl out of your thumbnail

    2. Michael Cooper says:

      Why do whites have to be poor and trashy to commit a crime? In fact, most whites who commit crime (e.g., white collar crime, cyber crime, environmental crime, crime against children, child pornography, pedophilia, pederasty, etc.) are the wealthy and well-to-do white folks. Unfortunately, the vast majority of wealthy and well-to-do whites get away with it. Don’t get me wrong, poor whites commit their shame crime too, they’re the dumb ones that get caught (compared to rich white folks). White crime is a part of white culture. If there was a book on global crime, whites would be on every page of the book.

  2. Stringer says:

    I hope those fucking bastard’s rot in jail until they die then rot in hell for eternity

  3. Melanoid Scholar says:

    Every penny that these in bred cave dwellers make should go to his family and I would also sue their families. Just line those trailers and old trucks up and their victim’s family can sell it for scrap.

  4. Chad says:

    Um no jail time??

  5. Nik says:

    Barbaric behavior I must say

  6. Nik says:

    Barbaric savage behavior I must say

  7. Debra says:


    1. MagnumBoom says:

      Oh they’re in prison for life many of them, however they were spared the death penalty.

  8. dc1969 says:

    I hope they get that bad black karma while locked up in the cooler. For those of us Melanoid,African,black people who think we have euro,”white”friends,think again.stop being naive and realize that is a big lie. Those rednecks need their skulls smashed.hopefully,that will happen in lockup.

  9. Brother Tom says:

    Hope Fleece Johnson and the homies get hold to those pink recessive devils on the yard

  10. keefe says:

    Not to change the subject but I think we’ve run out of time and must unite now as a symbol of solidarity we Should embrace the Melanoid flag as our own I no longer see the other flag that used to represent us because every ethnic group has a flag that represent them to let the world know they are here and United we must do the same and let the melanoid flag hang all over This not so great nation to let the world know we have finally awakened

  11. Larry says:

    They should pay restitution and life in jail. Fuck these white supremacist, no passes given and no forgiveness may all four of them burn in hell. It’s time for our people to realize we DO NOT live in a post racial America…it’s the same United States from decades past. Thank you Melanoid Nation for posting this article. God bless the JamesCraig Anderson and his family.

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