Former U.S. President Slated To Give Eulogy At Muhammad Ali’s Memorial Service


As the world celebrates the life of one of the most famous men to ever walk the face of the earth, one unlikely individual has been chosen to give the eulogy at the memorial service of the Late, Great Muhammad Ali. That speaker is none other than former U.S. president Bill Clinton, whose wife Hillary is currently on the campaign trail as a Democratic Party  candidate to become the nation’s first female president, if she is selected later this fall in the election.

Bill Clinton, who has come under much-deserved scrutiny as of late because of the heinous crime bill he signed into law back in 1994 during his first term as president, has seen his long-time good standing with many Melanoid people take hits because of the disproportionately discriminatory (towards Black people) provisions of the crime bill–railroading many Black men and young teenage boys through the prison system like cattle led to slaughter. Given such a notorious track record with countless innocent Melanoid people (along with everything Ali stood for), Clinton’s eulogy speech at this weekend’s service will certainly come as a surprise to many in Black Society.

Muhammad Ali on the other hand, created a legacy that is a stark contrast from Clinton’s. Ali’s legacy was built on the premise of righteousness and an unapologetic embrace of his Blackness–even if it cost him a large fortune to do so. Because of his bold stance against the evils of systematic white supremacy, Ali sacrificed many opportunities to be ‘bought and paid for’ via the guise of substantial monetary gain, which in many instances left his estate up for grabs when a white businessman by the name of Robert F.X. Sillerman purchased a staggering 80 percent of Ali’s name and likeness over a decade ago.

The 42nd president of the United States isn’t alone in delivering the eulogy for the People’s Champ. Comedian Billy Crystal and television host Bryant Gumbel will also contribute parting words at the memorial service held for the public, which will be held in Ali’s hometown of Louisville, Kentucky this upcoming Friday.

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6 thoughts on “Former U.S. President Slated To Give Eulogy At Muhammad Ali’s Memorial Service

  1. MagnumBoom says:

    Having Bill speak at Ali’s eulogy is a blatant campaign nod to Bill’s wife Hillary. This has little to do with the legacy of Ali and more to do with an attempt to parlay Ali’s passing into some sort of political points grab with the Melanoid community.

    If Ali’s family is responsible for the arrangements made for Ali’s funeral, can’t they see this obvious ploy? Who green lit this? With less than a week remaining before the services, we must take to social media and put pressure on the family to put the kibosh on this shameless attempt to capitalize off of one of the most beloved heroes of our time.

    Louis Farrakhan should be the man delivering Ali’s eulogy. That would make more sense and would be closer to what I believe Ali would have preferred. Obama would have been a better choice as well, if we’re picking presidents…he’s a lame duck, his speech would resonate more genuinely as he has nothing to gain.

    1. David says:

      Actually both Bill and Farrakhan would be terrible people for a eulogy. Remember Ali left the Nation of Islam and Bill Clinton is just campaigning.

    2. Paul Walker says:

      I totally agree 100%on your comment!!

  2. Jerome says:

    Bryant gumbel may do him SOME justice hopefully, IMO isn’t this kinda on the family WHY would THEY ALLOW them to speak?

  3. str8_talk says:

    We should only have strong black men who emulate Muhhamad Ali speak on his behalf..
    But the pasty zombies will always try to latch on to anything great black people has achieved or straight up jack it..

  4. Mickey Hero says:

    Not only is it a political ploy for Hillary’s campaign, it’s a white supremacist tactic…They couldn’t let a black celebrity eulogize someone like Ali. Because of who he was and what he stood for, they had to let one of their own eulogize him so that they could control the potential galvanizing effect Ali’s legacy might leave in the minds and hearts of African-Americans…By having Clinton eulogize him they can use that white supremacist rhetoric and control the narrative which is to subtly dissolve any form of African-American solidarity….As time goes by when they talk about Ali, they can always add, oh he was eulogized by Bill Clinton, softening the blow from many of Clinton’s discrepancies that stood out compared to the life Ali lived. To me its an attempt or somewhat of a ideological pairing of the two men’s ideologies and personas….All in all they’re just trying to get a seat at our table…..Just my thoughts

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