Former SAE Frat Member “Apologizes” for Racist Remarks


Levi Pettit, former student of Oklahoma University and member of the infamous Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, stood in front of gathered members of the press to issue “apologetic” statements. His expulsion from the university came after being caught on video chanting hate-filled remarks that were aimed toward Blacks.

Although we realize that Pettit’s statements were far from sincere, the biggest disappointment delivered to Melanoid people all over the country was that he was flanked by the Oklahoma Black Caucus, after their meeting with Pettit and other Black figures in the local establishment as an attempt to  show “reconciliation” between Blacks and whites.

Check out footage of Pettit’s statement.

The removal of the SAE could stem from a bigger issue than just race: Oklahoma University boasts some of the most respectable athletic programs in the country, and the university also receives major funding from major television deals. Football and basketball are the two sports in the United States that are dominated by Black athletes. In hindsight, the SAE incident was one which could have possibly hurt the university financially and the recruitment of prospective Black athletes as a result of bad press.

3 thoughts on “Former SAE Frat Member “Apologizes” for Racist Remarks

  1. Lamar says:

    Black athletes should boycott that school.

  2. timsomor says:

    Sad thing is every white person who hates melanoid people knows that if you say it in a church black folks will forget a lot of stuff real quick…this just some sad business here.

    Like a vampire hunter holding up a cross to a cornered vampire! In our case they burn it!

  3. kevin scaife says:

    here is the problem with my people we are to dam forgiving, here is the problem with that boy and his class mate’s they meant every word of that shit. here are some fact’s one some shit come out of your mouth you can’t reverse it. here is another dam problem racist people think they can say shit and when they are caught some ass whole coach them on getting in front of a camera, to say sorry like it all right again. No fuck head, it not all right,

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