Farrakhan Banned From Giving Speech In Charleston SC


When white supremacist terrorist Dylan Roof  murdered nine Melanoid people in a church in Charleston SC a few months ago, Black “church members” from all over that city lined up to proclaim their “forgiveness” of Roof for his dispicable actions. Well it doesn’t seem like these people have the same level of empathy towards The Honorable Minister Louis Farakhan.

When the Nation of Islam leader tried to organize a speech in Charleston to promote the upcoming Justice Or a Else event slated for October 10th in Washington DC, there was a consistent denial of use of facilities from schools, churches and other places normally open for public events and speakers.

Last week, Trident Technical College posted an announcement to its Facebook page that said “the agreement to rent space to the MMM20 [Million Man March 20th Anniversary] for its event on Sept. 15 with speaker Louis Farrakhan has been cancelled. This event was not planned, sponsored, or endorsed by Trident Technical College.

“I was supposed to speak at Mother Emanuel, but they rejected me. And then we went to another church to speak and they rejected me as well. Went to three churches and then one church was willing to let me come, but they said, ‘You got to sign a paper that you not gonna say nothing controversial. See, if God calls you, what do you gotta go to the white man and get a license for? ”
– Louis Farrakhan

28 thoughts on “Farrakhan Banned From Giving Speech In Charleston SC

  1. Rev Brown says:

    They are depending on white folks to pay their bills. (A slave)

    Slavery has not ended.

    1. David says:

      That’s right.

  2. Shedrick Roy Jr. says:

    It’s a shame of the role of the Pastor today here in 2015. Where they are NOT able God’s Mission let alone concerned about his people!!! The Church is not in it’s rightful place & has LITTLE credibility in the hoods around Black America. Black people are so forgiving to other races of people BUT hard on one another!!!

    1. Lakim Shabazz says:

      I bet u any amount of money if dat white boy who killed dem people in the church wanted to speak they would let him speak we are a sad race of people at times smh the Minister has a good message to deliver bootlicking ass

      1. Zaire says:

        Why not the Masjid? Muslims has to start building more like the churches. You would not be comfortable in the house of the Lord!

        1. Sherry says:

          There are more brainwashed black Christians than there are moslems. They need to wake up that is why he needs to speak there They would not come to a mosque to hear him speak.

          1. dj says:

            Nah, I think Farrakhan should of had a mosque as a back up plan but I understand why he went to the churches though. A lot of Black Southerners are Christian so I think that is why he went to the churches, to reach the masses of blacks. Unfortunately, those churches may be 501C-3 churches so that means that some of their funding may come from the govt (as long as they continue to push the agenda of the govt., that is).

            Judging from this article it seems the blacks in that town don’t care for Farrakhan to be there. They like the way things are for them there…smh. They will continue welcome an armed Dylan Roof who is filled with hate against them before they will welcome someone of the likes of Farrakhan. Now how backwards is that? They are not fighters…except only when it comes down to fighting their own (this article is a perfect example of that).


            Like I said and will continue to say until I am proven wrong, 99.9999% of blacks are still stuck on zombie like stupidity and slaveholm syndrome. The 0.0001% that are ready to usher in a new wave of consciousness and ACTION for the masses(the 99.9999%) of black people and the future generations are outnumbered and are spread thin from one another. It is frustrating!

            The handful of blacks that are about something have to stop trying to make the masses drink from the cup of collective common sense and just rock with those that are already on board with the plan. I know it’s sad to do this but they won’t be able to move any further carrying all of that dead weight.

            Maybe Farrakhan would have had a better receiving if he would have went to the neighborhoods to speak ONLY with the young people. The old blacks sold out themselves, their children, and future generations by clinging to the bilble and stubbornly as well as stupidly insisting upon waiting for Jesus and the afterlife to take care of their current situation. NO OTHER RACE OF PEOPLE IN AMERICA DOES THAT…

            Slavery still has its effects on black people to this day, fuck what white people say. The effects of psychological slavery (which also encompasses bible brainwashing) has been cycled through each generation and that is one of the reasons why blacks are stuck on stupid. We are being taught this self destructive nonsense from our elders and we have to break this cycle in order to survive and began to effectively compete as a race here in America.


          2. Wylma Harmon says:

            I resent the accusation that we blacks who are Christians are misguided. It is because of whites mistreating blacks that we have black denominations. So to those of you who say we are misguided you are in error.

          3. dj says:

            @Wylma Harmon I am sorry to hear that you resent that accusation. Hopefully, our black churches can prove that they are not misguided but indeed conscious of their people’s social and economic condition and are actively taking steps to come up with some viable solutions to defeat white supremacy other than the usual “let us all just pray” answer. Thanks for understanding.

        2. Hadj says:

          Takbir … I concur

  3. Shedrick Roy Jr. says:


  4. Where's my check says:

    why the fuck you lying Tariq stop fucking lying umm omg stop fucking lying


    1. dc1969 says:

      Damn,damn.damn. this is the main reason why i could never be with any religion when i was coming up,especially christianity. These scared,tired assed coons and coonettes can forgive that little punk,moptopped,piece of euro,white caucasian filth back in june ,but will not allow farrakhan to speak for fear of he may say something truthful about their “massa”(s). Pathetic. While all organized religion,including islam,have their shortcomings,christianity in particular ,is a bad crutch for african,black,melanoid people. No matter what denomination it is. Catholism is fucked up,too. These people are in every african,black and melanoid people’s family. Mine’s included. Always fucking forgiving other groups of people,but hard on our own.post traumatic slavery syndrome is what most of us suffer from but will not acknowlegde this and may not even have heard. Of it. I am trying to not to put a lot of my own people in the catergory as other groups that i avoid or try to avoid at most times,but it seems that have to at this point. I hate scared ass people who will not stand for what is right. Always cowtowing to these euro,caucasian”white” savages,even when wronged. Nat turner would be turning in his grave,as the old saying goes.

  6. Nik says:

    Black pastors be like lawds i forgives forgives forgives!!! But only to white massa now dont u go messin roun gettin dose good oles whites ppl mads now be a good negro boy

  7. Zaire says:

    He is a powerful speaker. Why don’t the Masjid provide? Why go to a church when they really don’t believe in churches? Their has to be a Muslium base in that city. Churches don’t want to take a chance on his message & language.

  8. sam says:


  9. The penile gland says:

    Our people are mentally Ill as a result of 100 of years of surviving in a system that is not designed for our progress. We can’t just say don’t be mentally ill any longer, it’s going to take some work. Join the LOC in Charleston and re-educate, agitate, 10-10-15 and beyond. JUSTICEORELSE.COM 1

  10. hunglikejesus says:

    These negroes will kiss cracka ass day in and day out but reject the minister. That’s okay though that same ass they kiss wouldn’t spit down their throats if they were thirsty.

  11. Hadj says:

    I say this as a Muslim in the Al-Islam community : while enough of us may not agree with Farrakhan’s past teachings altogether , or even with the foundation of the NOI Movement per se, as of right now the reality Is that Farrakhan is the Only Leader who is even somewhat advocating for taking a stance (which we ought to be doing as a people)… its saddening that our ethnic peoples in the Christian fold aren’t welcoming to that , as incumbent as its gotten in this time… Insh’allah(GODwilling), something may come of what Farrakhan is going to express in October. As Brotha EL Hajj Malik Shabazz’s OAUU would have sought to do, may we come together as a people (proactively) to a means of effective results for the benefit to our rite to survive & beyond ! Ameen

  12. I’m trying to figure out why people would expect for the church to invite Farrakhan to come and speak that which is contrary to their faith. This should not be a suprise. Based on the condescending remarks even listed above. I don’t know why muslims would want to go to churches instead of mosques and then not agree to the terms that are laid out. How can two walk together unless they agree?

  13. Nick says:

    Maybe conscious black Americans should start ostracizing and shunning black Christians publicly when they do they do the whole “pray/forgive/march” thing”? As some of the comment mentioned above, black pastors do not want to give up their positions of “power” as they are dominant society-funded. Maybe it’s time to start calling them out.

  14. lissen_up says:

    These coon ass kissing cowardly gullible fool Christians will be the death of black people. We need to exterminate religion from black people’s minds before it completely brings us down to a groveling & begging race..

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