Ebony Magazine Reaches An All Time Low By Posting An Article Praising A White Supremacist


In a system of white supremacy, oftentimes many Black people are desperate for any type of praise and accolades from those in the dominant society. And when certain people classified as white pretend to give Black people props, many Black people will lap it up without verifying the sincerity of it.

Recently Ebony Magazine posted a story on it’s website about a white male HBCU student Russell Schiller. Schiller createda hashtag entitled #BlackWomenAreGorgeous, and the Wisconsin native claimed he created the hashtag after becoming increasingly frustrated with other cultures appropriating the features and styles of African-American ladies.

“I thought it was only right to start something that all people can see where the credit belongs and how truly beautiful the culture is. It’s a true passion of mine,” he explained. He even made a video explaining his “love of Black women” campaign.


The story was originally posted on the website BeyondBlackandWhite.com -a site that is known for  Black women who specifically seek out white males to date. Many people have labeled websites like Beyond Black and White  (and the new reincarnation of Ebony magazine for that matter) as “Negro Bed Wench” forums. Negro Bed Wench is a term that describes Black women who specifically date white males and are willing to sabotage any type of Black progress in order to please white society.

Ebony picked up on the story and they were singing the praises of this white knight in shining armor who publicly professed his appreciation for Black women. But when people researched Russell Schiller and his social networking sites, it turns out that he is a blatant white supremacist. On his twitter page, he repeatedly uses the N-word. And he seems to subscribe to many of the same “selling dope” and other stereotypes attributed to Black society. Here are some of his tweets:




People have pointed out Schiller’s racist rants to the staff at Ebony, but the magazine refuses to take down the post. So this just goes to show that magazines like Ebony have reached such a low point, they are willing to praise white supremacists for giving Black women  “compliments” no matter how insincere the compliments are.


96 thoughts on “Ebony Magazine Reaches An All Time Low By Posting An Article Praising A White Supremacist

  1. J.R.M says:

    Eh. I”m not saying he’s not. Yet it’s just not enough concrete proof to just strike like that, and label this guy a full fledge white supremacist. At least put the suspected in it. He post a quote from his mother, and then a bunch of rap lyrics. I work with kids asian , latino, white they all say it. This “white supremacist” guy is still 20. He hangs out with a bunch of young blk kids who say it, and allow him to say it. That’s not enough evidence to call him a full blown white supremacist YET.

    1. KDC612 says:

      Always Black people making excuses for others phuckery.

      1. J.R.M says:

        No excuses, i’m just being tactful. Ebony should put down the article cause he post a bunch of rap lyrics?
        There’s a reason Tariq uses “suspected”, it should of been applied here as well, but it wasn’t. I don’t see anything so overtly “white supremacist” in those tweets, except for the tweets he’s quoting his momma. Which i find ironic, he claim he was raised in a black neighborhood, yet his mom is an o.d racist. It probably trickle down to him too, yet there’s no concrete evidence that outright proves that to demand ebony to take down their article about this guy.
        My qualm is due to a lack of proof, the article should of had suspected white supremacist in it, instead of the latter.

        1. Akilah says:

          So this isn’t an angry comment or anything, just wanted to shed some true light on who Russell Schiller is. I met Russell when he was 15 or 16 years old. He was a student of my mother’s and had a strong interest of going to Howard University. Since he had such a strong desire I made it my business to do whatever I could to help him with the application process and he got accepted. He was so filled with joy that he would be able to go but only if he could find a way to afford tuition. Russell is a very hard worker and has had the cards stacked against him for a while. Because of systematic poverty, yes he did grow up in all black neighborhoods and schools where naturally he befriended all black kids. His parents, well can you change your parents and their thoughts and actions especially when they assume because you’re the child they automatically know better than you? Of course not. They did not want him to attend Howard. When it came to freshman move on I specifically remember that day they drove him to his dorm, dropped him off as soon as he got his key and drove home. He uses his Twitter at times to vent this frustration and if anything that shows his mentality does not match his mother’s. Like I said , this may not sway anyone’s opinion. It’s easy to judge others over the Internet when you don’t know them personally I fall victim to it all the time. Just wanted to shed some light for anyone interested

          1. gigi says:

            Logic at it’s finest. ..Thank You

          2. Deluxe says:

            Thanks Akilah, reading his tweets , I thought he sounded more like a young man trying to fit in. They sound no different from a black urban tough kid!

          3. C says:

            Thank you for your insight. It’s always good to see both sides

          4. Omarie says:

            Black woman is just str8 bed wench plain simple fuck slave for the white man

        2. Uriah Sharp says:

          First of all, when is the last time ebony has gone out its way to appreciate the many black men who go out their way to praise the beauty of black women? Oh no, when we do it, it’s a ploy to get pussy, but when a white boy does it, it’s a revelation from God.

          Second, the proof he’s a white supremacist is in his repeated use of the N word. BLACK people have a different relationship with that word than other races of people, ESPECIALLY white people. If I see a man smack his girl on the ass and call her babe, can I walk behind him and do the same thing and say to her “well you let him do it, why not me?” Niggas like yall love losing all consciousness of relationships and demanding respect when it comes to white people and are exactly the type of negros that made him feel ok to use the word in the first place.

          1. J.R.M says:

            We live in a system of white supremacy. So of course the opinion of white ppl will trump that of blks. Whats more prestigious a NACCP award or a Grammy, AMA/ MTV or BET?
            going to a HBCU sports prog, or a Div 1 wht school?
            We all do it, blk men just get emotional when they get burnt by it. All this knowledge and understanding but y’all don’t under stand sheit.

          2. @DforVendetta1 says:

            Him saying nigga doesn’t mean he’s a white supremacist. It seems to me he’s a black supremacist. Kids of all races say use nigga as a term of endearment, especially white kids raised poor and around black people. Also, me smacking my girl’s ass has nothing to do anything. That’s a weak comparison. Yeah, Ebony is suspect but so is this Tariq dude. Using the little influence they have taking cheap shots at each other….weak.

          3. Edith says:

            Can you seriously blame him for who Ebony chose to put on their cover?

          4. Jerome says:

            Tell them

          5. C says:

            No one should bem using the “N” -that includes us. If you walk up and ” smack” a female on the a$$- she better be your wife and you both have that type of understanding. Both statements question a lack of respect. If you truly love our people- show it with respect. That is something we have really gotten away from. Peace.

        3. Uriah Sharp says:

          when is the last time ebony has gone out its way to appreciate the many black men who go out their way to praise the beauty of black women? Oh no, when we do it, it’s a ploy to get pussy, but when a white boy does it, it’s a revelation from God.

          Second, the proof he’s a white supremacist is he use of the N word. Black people have a different relationship with that word amongst each other than any other race of people.

          If I have sex with my spouse, I still have the right to get mad if anyone else does. Because the relationship is different. If I use the N word amongst my people, I still have the right to get mad if anyone else does, because the relationship with the word is different.

        4. ShanitaB says:

          Please stop saying “should of.” There is no such thing. The word is “should’ve.” It is the contraction for “should have.”

          1. IICE says:

            Stop English so seriously, it’s called communication.

        5. Rushie Denise says:


      2. fnevels says:

        Your comment hits it dead on the head. We don’t have consistent community standards to set higher expectations for ourselves. As a group we are too ambivalent about what to demand from ourselves 1st. then DEMAND from others.

      3. Steve says:

        Its Black women leading the charge on this, as always they write articles trying to destroy the legacy of black man like bill cosby, who just so happened to donate millions to HBCU’s. but when a dude looks like he is down with swirling, BW jump at the chance to defend whatever he does. Don’t believe me, it has gotten to a point where you know have Black mothers taking their daughters to set of Ghetto Gaggers., its that bad!!!

        1. J.R.M says:

          Dude, Bill Cosby was the one with the squeaky clean holier than thou image, throwing salt on ppl, but was living contrary to that fact. Bill destroyed his own legacy.
          You to busy going at blk women, instead of your slave massa, You weak.

          1. Brother Tom says:

            I believe you are either a undercover white supremacists, cointelpro, a Sambo, a simp, or a LBGT/feminist sympathizer.
            Either way your comments are NOT appreciated.

        2. Angel says:

          Bill Cosby was raping and/or sleeping with a lot of white women, cheating on his black wife, Camille. Also, Cosby belittled black people in general. Stop blaming his downfall on black women. It’s mostly white women tearing him a new butthole because they’ve the platforms to do so..There were black male celebrities still sucking up to Paris Hilton although it was caught on tape she used the n-word. Many black men was still up the ass of Jennifer Lopez although she used the n-word in a song of hers. Tariq, where’s all the articles about them being coons? Black men you want to hold black women highly accountable when you going to do it for other black men?

    2. estevez says:

      stop making excuses….

    3. Marcel Lucien says:

      Dillan roof hung out with black kids. But managed to find time to go to church with them and blow their brains out. Always making excuses for these folks .

      1. fnevels says:


    4. Kitti says:

      True, I agree with you.

    5. Thea says:

      Lol, he saying nigga like we say nigga… He says his mom says nigger and complains of him being too much like us. Obviously his mom is the racist. I like this guy.

    6. Roland says:

      I don’t think That’s the issue.

    7. KR says:

      i completely agree. I see nothing where he’s saying that whites are better than blacks. Just that hes using the n-word a lot and since he’s grown up in a mostly black neighborhood thats the talk. Thats the slang. I feel like this is all wrong and people are taking it out of hand. Something isnt adding up.
      Plus i went to school with the guy, this isnt how he was or how he acts at all (like he’s a white supremacist). So again, it doesn’t add up and people are trying to make something out of nothing.

    8. DellBD says:

      Agreed. Exactly what I thought while reading this.

    9. Quizenotes says:

      Of course don’t be surprised that they stick up for people like this, that is all coons know, let them coon in peace lol they will make an excuses if a white sepremeist shot their mother, how you ask? They would say “well she is black… It’s not our job to help coons stop being coons, it’s a coons job to stop being a coon. When they come in here with that coon nonsense, it’s your job to laugh at them that is all, do not engage a coon in a real conversation or try to convince them of anything, but stay alert since a coon is dangerous to your black health, laugh when it’s time to laugh at them and Knuckle up when they pose a real threat, that is your only obligation to coons.

    10. dc1969 says:

      No suspected norhing…..he is what he is,caucsian supremacist. Damn,stop defending this pale,slick tongued piece of shit.

    11. Tanya Stanfield says:

      I agree. It just sounds like he’s a uncalsified white dude. That has a lot of “black swag”. I think he is kinda young and probably doesn’t understand how it might offend some black ppl. I don’t think he’s a white supermisist at all.

      1. andre says:

        dumb negroes willing ti let anything slide for a white dude

    12. Ejaye says:

      Well now he’s taken the anti-white suprematist bullshit pill – aka a #blackTwitter smack down – he’ll be alright. His condition was caught early, still in his 20s, over the next few years while he recovers, regains humbleness and takes a a few lighter less potent #BlackTwitterReUps, he’ll be ok by 30. For now he can reflect on what he wants and what he has said. And if he wants to love blk women, he’ll need to learn to love back men also – since they are needed to create them. ✌🏿️

  2. Mohammed says:

    He uses “suspected” in order to avoid legality, not to let a blatant piece of shit of the hook:

    1. TMR says:

      Exactly. Libel n slander. Suspected gives you protection. Some white supremacist are so blatant that the “suspected” is dropped.

      1. J.R.M says:

        That was my point. The evidence presented was a reach. And not potent enough for the guy to be considered a full fledge White Supremacist. A lil Wigga posting rap lyrics “omg he’s David Dukkes”, stop it.
        Suspected would of gave validity to this article, instead at this point, this is just a false outrage article.

    2. Brother Tom says:


      1. Brother Tom says:

        I disagree completely with J.R.M.

  3. NoFool says:

    I suspect a group of deranged slaves will be in route to defend this saltine and regale us with tales of how all their non-black frenemies call them Nigga and it’s okay. As for Ebony they found another white dick to jaw, …so what’s the news?

  4. Faye Quinnie says:

    Sometimes we go too far with stuff. Is the magazine some literary foolishness for even thinking this was a story or something we should appreciate reading? Yes. Is he a wanna be down @$$ white boy? Yes. Is he a racist? Weeeeeell, I’m not so sure. He said “nigg-a”. He only time he mentioned “nigg-er”, was to repeat what his mom said. We all know there’s a difference. We give the most unimportant foolishness too much credit and attention. If the “right” person says it, we jump on the bandwagon. Before some “fake activists” attempt to come for me, check my stats before you accuse me of anything. I love my people just the same, but this whole little situation is foolishness.

    1. Uriah Sharp says:

      I don’t care about your “stats” stop trying to make a difference between nigga aND nigger, especially from a white person. If your man slaps you on the ass, can I do so also because you let him do it?

      It’s the same with black people and the N word. Just because we say it to each other don’t make it gravy for other races to say it, because the relationship is different. We understand this in all parts of life until it comes to demanding racial respect.

  5. J.B. says:

    So just because he is quoting a couple of songs justifies him using the n-word??? The fact that he is quoting rappers is suspect alone. Most rappers are used as pawns to help promote the White Superiority/Black Inferiority complex. He’s obviously using a few lyrics to illustrate what he really wants to say.

    1. Brother Tom says:

      Great point

  6. Antoinette Walker says:

    But Ebony magazine had the audacity to publish the cover of the shattered picture of the Cosby family! This is a magazine that helps the white supremacist society. I am so disgusted with Ebony I will never ever subscribe to it.

  7. Niki says:

    I see both sides. As a black woman who is conscious and wide awake I’m offended that a magazine that WAS for us is representing this dude in a good way.
    As a realist, we have failed as parents. Or should I say y’all have.. #teamnokids
    And I’m saying this because since I was growing up kids are not raised with the same respect. For themselves and let alone others. Back in the day I would fight any man who called me a bitch. (Im 36) Nowadays that’s how the kids greet each other. We have to demand the respect that we deserve and that starts with loving yourself first!! And then teach the babies to love themselves. I could go on….

  8. Jerome Davis says:

    This is a stretch. This dude is just a nigga in white skin. I don’t think hes a white supremacist, just a kid thats picked up on the culture hes obviously been around most of his life. How is his twitter timeline any different than that of similarly aged black male? I can think of 20 articles that would have been more relevant to this site than hating on some white dude that hangs around black people and oddly enough, seems to bother people by talking just like you do…

    1. Uriah Sharp says:

      Yes, so if I smack your girl on the ass, I’m gonna say “bro you ain’t got a problem with me interacting with her just like you do right?”

      Black people have a different relationship with the word and each other than other races do, especially white people. How we choose to use the word amongst each other does not justify other races using that same word.

      It’s clowns like you that created this white boy and gave him the free license to talk as crazy as he does.

  9. Big Dazz says:

    He doesn’t sound like a white supremacist he sounds like a good ole fashion wigger… Too bad no one is around to check him.on it.

  10. What says:

    Butter Bisket for Ebony….
    No research, no back ground check….
    Just judge the book by its cover!!!

  11. Cheryl says:

    People should really stop thinking there’s a difference between the spelling of nigga/nigger when it’s the same when a person of another ethnicity speaks to you as such. Making an excuse by using his upbringing, befriending blacks, and going to an HBCU doesn’t give him a pass at all. Did someone say, don’t judge based on social media because that’s exactly where they use their platform to showcase their real feelings. A slavemaster dipped and dabbed in a black woman all the time and that didn’t make him a poster kid for Black Love!

    1. Brother Tom says:

      Great point sis

    2. Timsomor says:

      Your comments are so real, they would go over the average person head!

      You are 100% correct, those words are the same and mean the same thing!

      The cover for this dude and other dudes like him have moved far beyond capes. A lot of Black Women have built them Iron Man armor, and a surprising amount of Black men are helping him get into it! Literally nut sack first!

  12. BC says:

    And we’ve finally hit the point where the white defense coons have found this site too.

  13. AMaze says:

    This is egg in the face for those negro bedwenches at ebony, beyond black and white and all the ones cogsigning this guys fetish for black women. This also should be a lesson to black folks who think just because someone have a fetish for you they can’t be a racist. Often times white supremacist and racist non blacks will excuse their racism by saying how they date or sexually use black people. Don’t get it twisted fetish, infatuation does not mean love they will date you, sex you even marry you and still call you a nigga and justify racism being practiced against you.

    1. Brother Tom says:

      That’s because most Black folks don’t truly understand what racism is and they are either to cowardly to research it and face it directly or enjoy the crumbs and “butter biscuits” too much to replace it with justice. We thinks it’s about feelings when it ain’t and we’re so goddamn emotional we get confused anytime a devil winks and smiles at us.

    2. C says:

      What, specifically do you call Black Men who sleep with white women? Is there some cute little derogatory term for that? There seems to be a double standard for that and the use of the “N”- word. Will we EVER come together and work toward positive goals for Our People?

  14. BGeezy says:

    Question. Is he quoting rap lyrics in his posts?

  15. Ally says:

    I hate the n-word, like hate it, but I’m not sure this kid is a white supremacist. His mother may be, but he’s a white kid playing at black. His tweets make me think, that he thinks he’s a hard dude. Also, I don’t think a white supremacist would, take flattering photos of black female students, I don’t think they could spend more than a week at a university full of minority students.
    Is he stupid, yes, racist…I doubt it.

  16. Katy says:

    I grew up in an all Black neighborhood and the few white people here who befriended Blacks and listened to hip never used the N word ever. The N word is literally flying off his tongue like its nothing. He also refers to BW as bitches and hoes and love reposting IR porn on his instagram. Hes definitely racist. He hasnt issued an apology and is now in hiding while his black coon ass friends defend him.

  17. @BroussardBeats says:

    He’s definitely a suspect WS but i don’t like how ebony let that slide, he should get checked in a serious way. Just because he’s benevolent towards black women doesn’t mean he should get some type of pass. Ebony mag is looking real thristy for white acceptance.

  18. ThatNegus says:

    If you don’t understand white supremacy / racism everything else you think you understand will only serve to confuse you. Most of the defenders of the white supremacist need to step back and let him defend himself. These are his comments and he should stand on his own feet and defend himself. He does not need your help.

  19. Michael Graved says:

    Ebony sold out a long time ago in my opinion.

  20. Michael Graves says:

    Ebony sold out years ago.

  21. brothaman says:

    There are black women take to heart sexual compliments from other races of men, even if they are classified as stereotypical and/or degrading-more so than they do black men. It appears to give them a warmer feeling. Oh, don’t get me wrong, they will appreciate black men doing the same (giving them compliments)-but it doesn’t make them feel as whole, nor-dare I say-is it as appreciated and validating…

  22. brothaman says:

    Black women will seem to want to defend white supremacist men, if they claim to have a fetish for black women. It’s as if they (black women) are being touched by God, while making them feel “like a virgin; touched for the very first time.” The irony lies in the fact that if black men had some of the very same fetishes as these White supremacists, you will have certain black women-and their black men lapdogs-accuse these black men of having misogynist and sexually degrading views of black women. But again, let it be a non-black man with the same fetish views about black women, and their non-blackness will automatically “filter” out any of the “impurities” contained within their desires, and potentially perverted fantasies: especially if it’s stemming from the white man.

    1. Brother Tom says:


  23. nole says:

    Ebony isn’t black owned anymore for those who may not know.

  24. Trevor Muhammad says:

    Ebony Magazine is no longer Black owned. The magazine is majority CONTROLLED AND OWNED by non-Blacks.


  25. Rae says:

    LMAO..Ebony Magazine is no longer Black owned, so why so surprised?

  26. Angel says:

    He shouldn’t have used the n-word or any form of it. He’s a jerk for doing it. But he’s not a white supremacist if he went to an HBCU and went out of his way to praise the beauty of black women. In other words, he’s not all bad.

  27. Angel says:

    Btw, I intend on marrying a black man because I do believe in black love. I think the true black family is important. I just don’t rule out the possibility of marrying outside of my race. Because black men sure don’t. If black men pledge their total solidarity to black women is the only time I will feel the need to pledge it to them. I would never date a non-black guy that used any form of the n-word. I almost at the point that I don’t want to date a black guy that does, either. Black men should’ve more respect for themselves and black women and children to ever make that word acceptable in black communities.

  28. Howard Student From Milwaukee says:

    Russell is cool people, He was raised in the same hoods of Milwaukee as me, as he grew up attending public school where his Friends used the word in a non derogatory way why wouldn’t he. As long as we accept the use of the word in our own community he won’t be in the wrong. But that’s not what his movement is about, so don’t focus on it. He wants the world to know how beautiful black women are. A lot of black men don’t even do that. And he’s not doing it from a privileged prospective. Talk to Russell and find out for yourself if he’s racist. Don’t prejudge my bro.

  29. brothaman says:

    I remember a black woman telling me of how she gets tired of black men always coming onto her, and complimenting her on her looks and build, and that she’s more than just “ass and tits.” Well, this same black woman, who gave black men grief for highlighting their attraction for her physical frame, tries to preach to me the virtues of a white man who complimented her, on the very same thing: her physical frame (i.e. build). She tells me that this was evidence, as well as an indictment, against black men who don’t compliment black women for their physical beauty. Do you see where I’m going with this? Black women tend to view compliments from white men as more flattering and holistic, than they do black men-even if the white man’s attraction for the black woman is totally sexual and physical-with a border line perverted streak. This female friend of mine was no longer on her moral high horse with the white man who specifically mentioned her “cakes” as an oblect of sexual desire. She was heartened by the fact that he even noticed, but again, black men had been noticing her all along (especially her “cakes”)-but she found “justifiable” reasons to view them as mysoginist, sexist, simple, contemptible and animal like. So when black women say that black men don’t compliment them on their looks: THEY ARE LYING! Black men compliment women all the time (especially those that are truly attractive)-it’s just not taken to heart as deeply, compared to when a white man, or non-black man does it. Black man: know your woman

  30. Tyblack says:

    This is exactly why I don’t donate. Made up bullshit is made up bullshit

  31. brothaman says:

    I meant to say in the above: “black men compliment BLACK women all the time.”

    1. C says:

      Sorry, but that was the only part I agreed with ” Black Men know your Woman”.Why not take the time to know the whole woman- as a person, not just the parts ” cakes”- I also disagree with you generalizing “all Black Women”. There maybe a few who behave in the manner you describe, but not all- you need a larger circle of women friends.

  32. Blkmagus says:

    Ok wait hold up. Isn’t this site called melanoidnation and some people are in here defending this guy? The definition of cooning! We can progress as a people because our people would rather see and help others to progress. All you coons need to go find your slave master and go suck on what ever hangs from that gender’s body because it’s obvious you’re lost.

  33. S.Yarbrough says:

    I know Russell Schiller, he goes to school with me at Howard and I have personally been a part of his life. He is a sincere and genuine person & he is, for a fact, not the person this article makes him out to be. He does love and care for Black Women and respects and praises them rightfully so. His movement is about celebrating the traits that make Black Women beautiful that other cultures are appropriating and stealing as their own. Can we just praise that and stop trying to find faults in him?

    1. Blkmagus says:

      The day we need acknowledgement and or recognition from the enemy is the day we give up who we are. These are the same people who implemented the plans and actions that caused the pain and suffering of our people worldwide. We’re so lost now that these words that i type will only be met with idiotic responses by people so lost that they think integration is the greatest thing that ever happened in America.

    2. 7MileBamm says:

      Thank you!

  34. brothaman says:

    When black men say they love certain “traits” about black women, especially physical, many black women-and those of the conscious crew-will claim that black men are objectifying black women. Some will even try to get deep and “put too much on it” when it comes to their critique of black men physically desiring black women. They will say things about how the butt is designed for sitting and bowel movements, or how that the breasts are designed for nutrition of the babies that will lead the black nation to godhood, etc. BUT A WHITE MAN can live down to the worst stereotypes of black men, sling the word “nigga” around, take and post a picture with a black woman’s tit in his mouth, and many black women-including those conscious “mother earth godess divine” types-will get wet, hot and bothered. Again, black man: know your woman.

  35. 7MileBamm says:

    Turn away from social media for a day & most wouldn’t give a fuck what’s going on at Howard or Clark or BYU… The media winning! Self perseverance should be the focus! Understand that we as black people have the ability to Swing this this Nation in our direction! NOW, which way do we swing? What I mean is cultrally we have the ability to make shit happen, yet we can’t see past the dollar sign! Rock & Roll started with us & Elvis took that shit! Hip-Hop started with us & my East side Dresden street Homie Marshall… TOOK THAT SHIT! Somebody came from the joint Saggin’ their pants & it spilled over to the hood, then to the suburbs! Dreads, haircuts, etc. Why Errbody buggin?

  36. pisha05 says:

    He used the dreaded “n” word. Well black people use it all the time. If it is so offensive then it should be offensive all the time, not just when whites to use it… No black people do not have a different “relationship” the word, that’s ridiculous… It’s the same word! If blacks stop using it and claiming it is a term of endearment between blacks then maybe this young man wouldn’t have felt so comfortable using it… The word is offensive no matter who uses it and the sooner it is removed from people’s daily vocabulary, the better…

  37. brothaman says:

    Let me put it this way: if this white guy was black, with the same type of speech, disposition and demeanor, black woman fetish/sexual lusts, along with gestures and mannerisms (not to mention the photo of his mouth in the tit of the black woman)-many of the black women attempting to go under every nook and cranny so as to defend this white guy: would excoriate the black guy for objectifying the black woman. This includes the so-called “conscious soul sistah,” as well. Again, almost all black women become warmed, heartened, and overly flattered and apppreciative-when non-black men, especially white men, especially sexual and physical attraction for the black woman. They (black women) will not be as appreciative of a black man who does the same thing, or expresses the same sentiments. If a black man says he likes Serena Williams chocolate skin, and round butt, then he may be accused of, at the very least, of being shallow; but let that be a white man: the paradise lost, will become paradise found. Black women will not accuse the white man of being shallow, but appreciative of black women’s beauty. Some will even throw out the line, “Well at least he likes black women,” and that, “black men ought to feel the same way. The thing is, many black do feel the same way and express it more, it’s just not taken to heart as deeply. t’s all a psychological scam that’s being ran on the psyches of black men.

  38. brothaman says:

    Excuse the typos and grammatical mistakes in the above piece. I was in a rush, and didn’t have the time to fully edit and pace myself. Peace.

  39. MagnumBoom says:

    I see that many have run amok with this one, going way off topic. The article is not about the white guy per-se. Instead, it’s about the propaganda machine of the media and how Ebony magazine, a magazine once considered a hallmark of black current events, news and entertainment decides to publish an article that essentially praises the mocking of Black culture. This guy Russell is irrelevant. What is relevant is the choice of an article like this, now. Considering the current state of Black affairs in an environment that nary takes Black issues seriously, Ebony prints a story that if you’re leaning in the direction of White supremacy, having a White kid contaminated by “nigga” think is all the more reason to continue to turn a blind eye to Black problems. This is Chess. We have to stop being so literal and anticipate that the bullshit will be layered and understand that the genius of White supremacy is its attention to detail and its appreciation for subtlety.

    1. RiddleMeThis says:

      Agreed! Look beyond the article itself and see the machine behind it at work. This article lays out the type of thinking at Ebony Magazine, from this we WILL see other articles from them that low-key praise suspected white supremacist, chess piece has been moved. Now other closest and suspected white supremacist will pick up on code and see that Ebony Magazine is an enemy to blacks and will embrace and promote the magazine to unsuspecting blacks and whites.

      Racism is no longer about burning a cross on your lawn or writing I hate blacks on your door, its now about moving in code and chess moves. Also a little known fact. Movies, TV Shows, Radio have always been chess pieces in play, whenever you watch any show that is highly praised by the dominant society you are watching a chess piece.

      Add to that, blacks don’t have any chess pieces, which means we don’t own TV shows (Full Networks) Media, news, and movies. BET and the OWN network etc. are owned by white conglomerates that sensor what can be televised so no those are not chess pieces. So we are expected to play chess without any chess pieces..

      Bill Cosby tried to buy a chess piece (Network) long ago and the owners of the chess board said Nope!

      To sum up the dominant society has purchased a new Chess Piece (Ebony Magazine) and they have commenced playing it on the board. Nothing new here.

  40. Mr. Cobbler says:

    Nothing associated with ‘blackness’ can be sacred. Whites created that too and are having a field day with it! Some may refer to the perpetrators as ‘culture vultures’ but are they really? We blackened individuals have long been out of touch with our ancestors and every other group has taken blackness as their own. I mean you’ve got Chinese girls that can crunk just as hard as any brown skin girl! Maybe we should start doing the same thing – learn some Farsi, play the sitar or become the architects of the next tech revolution. We’d be pretty damn good at whatever we choose with a little focus!

  41. nana says:

    I don’t can what excuse anybody makes for a white person just because you think you know a person you never fully know them just because he has black friends if that’s what you want to call him doesn’t give him the right to use the n word and as black if we keep have excuses and toleratin everything white daddy does to be accepted by them aome.black people will never move forward expecially black women some of us need to build our self esteem you should not need a compliment for anyone because you know your a gorgeous women regardless what someone says black women need to take there strength back it’s really sad

  42. Faatimah says:

    It really makes my stomach turn to see SOME black people still fall for the bullshit, you still Need the toothless,dirty, uneducated hill billy yelling nigger from his truck with his shot gun hanging you from a tree! You still don’t realize white supremecy comes in different forms, those crackers will smile in your face, dance with you , sleep with you, and be the biggest racist! white people have that ability! You suffer from such low racial self esteem that you see the racism in your face and still defend that bastard! See that bitch in 10-20 years after he’s done playing in the nigger world, he’ll be that same bitch blocking you from your opportunities in housing, education, business, jobs, and sentencing your black ass to outrageous years in jail! STOP FALLING FOR THE MIND TRICKS IT PATHETIC!


    My issue is this: When black men confess their love for the beauty of black women, there is no public attention. In fact, black women and white supremacists find some kind of way to condemn black men for showing love to the black woman. But when a white guy says he loves black beautiful women, all of a sudden Ebony finds a pedestal to put him on. But here is the issue: No matter where you grew up and how young you are, you learn very early that the word nigga originated in America as a racial slur. So you mean to tell me that this white boy who grew up in the hood did not run into ONE black person who set his ass straight when he used the word around them? … IN THE HOOD??? It does not matter how many black people let him use the word, there is ALWAYS a black person who has a problem with white people using the word, no matter where you go. So I dont buy the bullshit that he is just using the word because he grew up around black people. Furthermore, there are too many black people making excuses when white people disrespect us. Here’s a fact: If his OWN MOTHER uses the word and puts the ER at the end of NIGGER, then how in the hell does he not know the racial history of the word?? IF HIS MOTHER IS A WHITE SUPREMACIST, WHAT MAKES HIM FEEL COMFORTABLE WITH USING THE WORD ON SOCIAL MEDIA AND AROUND COONS?? Stop making excuses for this guy. He understands all too well what he is doing and the only people who refuse to see this are suspected bed wenches and coons. Frankly there are black women out here who love massah and will do anything to get close him. But will condemn brothers when they show the same love and affection for the beauty of the black woman. The article should have been taken down by Ebony but we all know that Ebony is Negro Bed Wench headquarters. Fuck ’em. Let ’em have massuh. There are sisters out here who still ride for their black men. I have one myself. So to hell with the slave master loving ass black woman.

  44. Choctaw Soldier says:

    Well, as a Native American who has had several African Americans call me a “b!tch asz Cracker” or any other form of derogetory ending in “cracker”, all because I chose to defend and help All Americans by wearing uniforms and not just my Choctaw people….

    I find all of this nonsensical and racist. Have you ever thought that some women like men, regardless of melanin levels? Some people are attracted to security, niceness, manners, etc.

    As a member of a nationality (Choctaw) with less than 100,000 members world wide – I dont have the luxury of “progressing my race”. I just want someone who is nice. If he likes darker skin women, yay. If she likes lighter skin men, yay.

    Just because you are a miserable racist doesnt mean the entire world is.

    At the end of the day we all die, and our tan, brown, black and red skin all rots off and becomes dirt and stone in shades of tan, brown, black, and red.

    Get over yourselves.

  45. D says:

    Melanoidnation is officially being trolled by trolls. We need a filter for these confusion makers.

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